Getting rid of laptop ants

A laptop ants solution.

Have you got laptop ants? Here's a simple, bait free solution. Do this and the ants will simply leave by themselves. I've had the same problem and this fixed it.

Ants in a laptop can be scary. What are they eating? Microchips? Don't panic, just follow these steps and the laptop ants will be gone by morning.

Laptop ants.
Laptop ants.

What you'll need to remove laptop ants.

Step 1.

  1. You'll need a tray which can hold water.
  2. You'll need something stable which can sit in the water. If you use a bowl it needs to be heavy or it will float.
  3. You'll need a stick or wooden cooking spoon or something about that length which will not slip if you lean it.
  4. You'll need a laptop infested with ants. This solution is for serious laptop ants. If you've only got one or two, just brush them off.

Assembling your laptop ants solution.

Assembling your laptop ants solution.
Assembling your laptop ants solution.
  • Now fill the tray with water. It doesn't need to be full. Just enough to cover the bottom. Put it somewhere where it will not be disturbed.
  • Place your stand in the center of the tray.
  • Making sure the laptop is off and unplugged, place it carefully on the stand. Be sure that nothing but the stand underneath is touching the laptop.
  • Lean the spoon or stick so that it touches the laptop and the surface that the tray is sitting on.
  • Leave the set-up overnight.

Why it works.

Why would the laptop ants leave via your spoon bridge?

Ants have powerful survival instincts. Either the ants are in the laptop eating food you've dropped there or they've moved in. In either case they scout the area at all times. Once they realize the chemical trail which got them there (following other ants) no longer leads home they'll look for an alternative. The spoon will eventually be found and they will eventually all follow it. One trail over water is not acceptable and they will not use it to return.

I grew up in India and my father told me (panicky as I was - I had work to do) of this solution. I didn't believe it would work but it was risk free so I did it. The next morning all the ants were gone.

If you've got laptop ants to get rid of, try it. It works.

If you've tried this solution, you are an entomologist in outrage or have any comments or questions, please leave one below. If you've got a friend with ants everywhere and a laptop tell them about this laptop ants solution!

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jdavis88 profile image

jdavis88 5 years ago from Twitter @jdavis88hub

Ants in a laptop?? lol.. stop eating and blogging!!! funny hub.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks jdavis88!

Laugh all you will. When laptop ants strike you, you'll be back!

Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah Demander 5 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

I've yet to encounter this problem with my computer, thankfully. I will keep it in mind. What a great solution.


Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks Deborah. It sure helped me.

libby101a profile image

libby101a 5 years ago from KY

Wow! People actually get ants in their laptops? I've never heard of that before!!! I've had laptops for years and geeze if I had ants I'd really start wondering what is the deal! Maybe folks should not be eating sweets around their laptop---and if they do, maybe they should wipe it off every now and then!!! LOL!!! Voting up!

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Cool thanks libby101a.

Yes, I think ants do often head there for the food. If you've got little kids using your laptop it can be hard to keep the crumbling munchers away (meaning kids). I have no solution for removing kids from laptops.

When I had a serious ant invasion they were looking to move in. I was in India and ants there are always on the look out for new housing opportunities.

If you google it there's a surprising number of people freaking, saying "help! ants are attacking my laptop!"

DoTheMath profile image

DoTheMath 5 years ago

Wow, this is a first for me. I must say I'm surprised it hasn't happened to me with my "crummy" kids Google chatting and chomping. Anyway, sounds like a good solution for my future problem. Nicely done... Rated UP and all that.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thank you DoTheMath, I appreciate it. All comments are gold to me as I'm starting out and need all the feedback I can find. Thanks for the follow too.

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

First of your hubs that I've read... thanks for the smile. :)

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thank you for the comment!

pao 5 years ago

OMG! this actually works. (i'm not really sure if my mac's going to be ant-free but the ants are marching out as I type this from my other pc. XD) rated this awesome. :))

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Fantastic! So glad I could help. Thanks for the follow up. Take that ants!

Hottub 5 years ago

The reason why the ants nest in your laptop is not only because there might be (not a requirement!) morsels of food on/around the laptop, but because it is nice and warm inside the laptop - a fertile breeding ground and ideal place for their nest. Once settled inside, it does not matter if the laptop is switched on or not - they stay if all their requirements are met.

dzeyd 5 years ago

hey...i just read your ant really having problems with these ants...when i first saw them crawling out of my keyboard n everywhere..1...2...3...then 20..or more... i hope this will really help...thanks

Fertile Forest 5 years ago

I wish you luck. Let us know how it goes.

Debsjocassee profile image

Debsjocassee 5 years ago

I am an Entomologist and I enjoyed this post.

Andy 5 years ago

I am currently living in Vietnam and suddenly I had a massive influx of ants into my laptop. After some searching I found this page and greatly appreciated the ingenuity of the proposed solution.

I tried it and found it to be a qualified success. At first I noticed that the ants had no problem going both ways on the spoon, so I tried to narrow the bridge by using a stick of incense instead. Again, they seemed to have no problem going either way. In the meantime however, scores of ants had somehow entered into the moat and lost their lives their. I decided to just remove the bridge and let the ants lose the war by attrition. This took a couple days but seems to have worked. My girlfriend, who is a local, noticed my contraption and told me to just put the laptop outside in direct sunlight, and the ants will leave it. So, if you have a safe place during the day-time to do this, it might be a quicker way to solve the problem.

Maybe the ants knew something was up and were moving assets out of the laptop when I let them have their bridge- I don't know.

My setup was a food carrying tray with a cm or 2 of water and three small glasses the same size upside down in the water. I placed the laptop on these "legs".

ashok ghimire 5 years ago

It is troublesome to have ants eating inside your laptop. I think they are eating your chips..brain!!! Thanks for solution from India...!!!

Idan 5 years ago

Haha looks like it actually worked for me! amazing!!

antsinmylaptop 5 years ago

2 ants so far, if i see too many more i'll try this

Ferdin 5 years ago

See 4. Of things you'll need "You'll need a laptop infested with ants. This solution is for serious laptop ants. If you've only got one or two, just brush them off."

WillSteinmetz profile image

WillSteinmetz 5 years ago

Great information.

Laura 5 years ago

Thanks! I never eat or drink at the computer and my laptop is pretty new, but still I have this problem. I'll try it!

gabz 5 years ago

this just happened today

i guess its my sister who eats on my laptop...

rossyrossross 5 years ago

Wow! What a creative solution :) I left my laptop on my bed and when i came home today, I saw a trail of ants coming from the window to my laptop! Too freaky! I was able to brush off some of them with a keyboard brush. I even put my laptop upside-down and tried to shake it but still a lot of ants remain! I will try this ASAP.. hope it works.. thanks :)

Lily 4 years ago

What do you think is the problem if the ants don't go down the spoon bridge? I'm really worried that they won't go down and they would stay in my pc. Please tell me what to do. thank you

Karen Yeo 4 years ago

this is funny cause i don't think i ever eat in front of my macbook pro. but just now i saw some ants crawling out from my backlighted keyboard. it freaks me out. Im worried if these ants will eat or disturb my mac -.- why is they fucking going inside the keyboards anyways? is there any specific reason why the ants going inside keyboards? except food dropped in or finding new shelter. This is so disgusting.

hani 4 years ago

gosh! i never thought it's as easy as this. thanks dear!

Kalaivani 4 years ago

Thank you it more antz..

OMGWTFBBQ 4 years ago

THIS WORKED!! wow! i'm so suprised. I also learned some intresting science too.

WTF 4 years ago


BTW Great idea I'm goimg to try it :)

whoa, 4 years ago

i panicked after i saw bunch of ants crawling into my laptop, and they are coming from the inside too! i was worried. glad that i find this page. it WORKED! no more ants.

thank you! :)

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

It's great to see so many people successfully getting rid of laptop ants with this solution.

Jtak 4 years ago

I stumbled upon this yesterday after killing close to 30 ants that had crawled out from under my keyboard. They just kept coming and the last thing I wanted to do was spray stuff all through my computer. And who could be arsed setting up CO2 bombs like other sites suggested? I set this up over night last night. I've been playing on my computer now for around an hour and haven't seen a single ant. I'm telling you now people, THIS WORKS. Thanks Luke. F___ing awesome!!!!!!

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Nice Jtak. Thanks for the comment.

hp 4 years ago

thanks a lot!!! i was facing this led me here i will see if it works out!!!!

Erik 4 years ago

I just moved to india (mumbai) and ants are in my macbook pro. This is a creative idea and it got me thinking how to solve my problem. I don't have a bowl, but I moved it to a high shelf and turned it upside down. They are slowly leaving, and I left the ethernet cable so they have a path to go down. Also, from readings forums, indian ants seem to like eating mac computers.

Ants Army 4 years ago

I'm an ant and I found this offensive.

Sarath 4 years ago

I shall try this solution. It looks like the Electromagnetic fields inside the laptop caused by the components if the laptop are the reason why ants end up inside the laptop. They simply seem to love Electromagnetic fields, the reason for which is still unknown and puzzling many researchers and entomologists.

Koustubh 4 years ago

Thank You so much. I've had ants just now, and I was searching for a solution. Ingenious!

Avinash Ravindran 4 years ago

Thank you very much.. I have this problem for months.. Probably people from Asia (due to that small ants population/ climate) will encounter this. Gonna try this today.

mahi 4 years ago

i too faced with same problem......some how ants came out after keeping in sunlight for half hour and some keys are not working 5 keys total....what should i do now n how much it cost to repair

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

I can't tell you how delighted I am that my solution for computer ants is helping people wherever the problem strikes. The more people who know about this, the fewer tears and anxious laptop users there will be. Tell your friends! The answer to computer ants is here!

Also, thanks to those who have added information to the comments,and thanks to all who have commented. If you've tried this, let us know how you go!

sunny 4 years ago

These micro ants are everywhere in Africa. I've already lost one laptop because of them and now they've entered the new one as well.

Will try your trick, hopefully should work.

raj 4 years ago

My brand new HP DV7 laptop is infested with ants. First they laid eggs inside the harddisk and it stopped working. As it was under warranty, I replaced it and thought the problem is solved. But wherever I keep my laptop now, overnight new ants manage to infest it again.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of them permanently ?

And in your trick, what will happen if I don't keep the spoon or stick ? Will they die by going through water or die inside the laptop ?

Yves 4 years ago

Thanks you so much for this.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical but got rid of ants overnight.

Most importantly, without any chemical product, and with no harm done to the ants.

Genocide 4 years ago

What happens if they have laid eggs already

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

I think you'll find that as long as they leave of their own accord they will take their eggs with them.

layan 4 years ago

i have a mini laptop and whenever i get a stick its either tooo short or tooo tallll what do i do ??

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Doesn't matter if the stick is too long and sticks up a bit. As long as there's contact with just the laptop and the table and no other way past the water, they will use it to exit in an orderly fashion.

Nadia 4 years ago

How many hours will it take for the ants to be gone?

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

I'd set it up and leave it overnight if I were you. Ants do different things at different times of the day. They may need the early morning hours to take stock of their new home and realize it's not appropriate for their continued residence.

Rea 4 years ago

Ok. I have lost 2 broken keyboards and an ant-infested laptop. The new keyboard I'm using now has ants too by the hundreds. I'm going to try this.

Linh 4 years ago

When we are facing with this problem, we easily feel panic. It's very helpful this post. This post calm us very well. Thanks for sharing.

I'm living in Vietnam. I just recognized this problem happening today 1 day ago !

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Sorry to hear that Ch. It doesn't happen straight away. I think leaving them over night is key.

catherine 4 years ago

I tried this yesterday but the tray i used had a small hole in the bottom and when i checked today.... there was only a bit of water left. around 5 dead ants in the water which confirmed theres more of these pesky lil things inside my laptop.

sure enough, i waited a few minutes and viola 5-7 more ants coming out

so @fertile forest- can i use a tray that is deeper but is as big as my mac book pro? or i really need a tray that is bigger than my laptop by a few inches on all sides?

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Hi Catherine, thanks for commenting. To answer your question I'd say that the size of the tray is not the important thing. Just ensure that the only way off your computer is the bridge. All other pathways eventually lead to water. A simple way to achieve this is a tray but you could solve the problem in many other ways. You could for instance perch your laptop on four cups sitting in four saucers of water.

Best of luck!



Csue 4 years ago

I also lived in Viet Nam and acquired the ant problem. But I think it is the electronic vibration or the warmth because they invested my water boiler too, in the assembly of the lid. Go figure.

Chozz 3 years ago

I'm currently in Thailand and have quickly begun housing ants in my new laptop. I'm gonna have to try this technique out. I'll report back with the results. Fingers crossed...

Posidyn 3 years ago

How long does it take for the ants to completely leave? I have the bridge set up for 3 days now and still see heavy activity. I do not know if they are leaving or entering. I also made the bridge partially submerged.

Are there any other tips?

lyn 3 years ago

I live in a humid area of Australia and I NEVER eat near my laptop, but I still have the ant problem.

cren4o 3 years ago

This is the best and funniest practical tip I've ever found on the internet. It worked in first overnight attempt. I put a few inches of water in a bathtub, and placed the computer on an overturned wastebasket in the bathtub after first making sure that I didn't trap and compress air under the wastebasket. (No sense in floating my computer on an unstable raft!)

I used a long piece of heavy paper for the bridge, folding it several times to increase its thickness so it was like a long straw. I closed the laptop lid on one end of it and anchored the other end to the rim of the bathtub with a shampoo bottle.

Then I left the bathroom until the morning, just in case the ants needed the cover of darkness for their escape.

That was it. I made sure there wasn't a 2nd route to the computer, and I made sure the bridge wasn't unsafe, as I imagine it would be if partially submerged, damp, or flimsy. They'd been in the computer for several days, but if they'd been there a long time then maybe it would have taken a couple of nights to ferry their eggs to a new location. By the way, the bridge ran uphill from the computer.

Daniel 3 years ago

This is not the first time I have had ants in my laptop. This is however the first time I have looked for a solution I can not believe this is working its both fascinating to watch as well as a little disgusting !

crazyparrot 3 years ago

must the bridge be made out of wood? or is it okay to use a plastic spoon?

dsguyneedshelp 3 years ago

might this work on my ds lite? i have no idea why they're in there but i did it anyway, hopefully it works as i am FREAKED OUT

Chawen 3 years ago

Ooo My Gosh. this good not bad..ant bad of foud eeting laptop..thanx ant no one..thanx help me!

Hayley 3 years ago

Thanks I'll try this I don't have heaps of ants but I've killed about 10 already, I don't eat when I'm on the computer the only reason I can think I have them is because this house seems to have a major ant problem, I hope this doesn't mean they will eventually come back.

Amy 3 years ago

WOW...... at 1st I was disgusted that they were in our laptop. Now relieved we are not alone. Going to try this tonight....

Bok 3 years ago

oh my god.

independence day! my macbook have been invaded by hips of ant army for almost a month. I tried to put it in the fridge or make it hot... however, it didn't work.

I found this page out last night and I put the little wooden peace bridge for the ants and it worked.

Finally it's freed!!!!!!!

thank you so much for your lovely, beautiful and peaceful method!

RIP for those that i killed before getting to know this page..

Kaneko 3 years ago

Thank heavens for this tip. I tried it y'day....a few minutes after i set up my contraption a whole horde of ants came rushing out and gathered at the water line. However, I didn't leave the "bridge" for them to run to safety, I made the other end of the bridge submerge in the water...unfortunately when I woke up this morning, not a single ant died in the moat...sigh....I guess I'll have to wait them out. I pray they leave my laptop even if the bridge goes nowhere. Sigh...anyone know how long I gotta wait out the damn critters without the bridge?

Amber 3 years ago

Is it possible for me to use this method for my iMac? My iMac is also facing an ant infestation problem... :(

sharan 3 years ago

hey i tried this for two days i didnt work....and then with the same above aparatus i dint ut spoon as a bridge.....and left for some time ants stopped coming to laptop..and then i kept it on pillow and run full applications so that laptop gets heated then all d rest laptop also ran away...thats my simple solution..anyways thank u

Jess 3 years ago

So is the stick supposed to go from the laptop to the water so they drown? Or to the edge of the tray, not touching the water, so they can march off somewhere else?

Susanne 3 years ago

This doesn't work - they used the spoon to march into my computer. Use a plastic bag and seal them in.

b.govardhan reddy 3 years ago

yet i haven't tried but it is very interesting i 'll do it tonight

mysak 3 years ago

I live in USA and this is first time I have ant problem with my laptop. I clean up my laptop regularly, the keyboard is always clean, yet, ants keep coming to the laptop. I had different laptops before, and never had such problems. Now I got this new one, and it is like a magnet to the ants.

AK 3 years ago

What I did was put my laptop outside in the sun for a bit and opened up every single programme on there. Soon enough the heat drove the ants out and they were gone within half an hour.

Derpderpderp 3 years ago

You should just take a couple of bags and put your laptop in them. Also put it in your carrying case and place it in a new place. Wait a day or so ...

Then get some compressed air and blow them out :3

Sup` 3 years ago

Oh thank you for this ^^

my laptop recently got infested

so i'm gonna try this out later....

Bee 3 years ago

Trying this now. I'm not quite sur how many are in there but I know I was killing quite a few earlier x.x

Just my luck, right as my workload doubled.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Ants can sense panic and always move in when you least need it. Like relatives.

Sudhir 3 years ago

Thanks a lot Ants in my laptop were settled in it. I hope this works. Me too from india and my mother told about hiding food items using this kind of strategy.

Nanie 3 years ago

I came home from work last night to find my laptop crowded with ants after using it for a while. It might be the heat causing them to come out. So I googled and found this!

Who would've thought? The same thing I would do to prevent ants from attacking my teapot (placing it on a flat surface with water) could help get rid of ants from my laptop too. It worked tremendously. I am currently typing this comment using my now ant-free laptop after leaving it overnight :D thanks for the tip!

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Nicely done Nanie. Thanks for the comment.

Eugene 3 years ago

can i just use a chopstick as a bridge? also, do I need to open my laptop as shown in the picture or can I keep it closed? I'm scared to leave my laptop open coz i little wind my knock it into the water. :O

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Yes, use whichever type of bridge works. Also, leave it shut, the ants will find a way.

But don't balance your laptop in such a way that wind will blow it at all.

iLoled 3 years ago

omg at the so many retarded comments here! "I submerged the bridge" LOL! good one ! "must the bridge be made out of wood?" Yes! Yes, it must! Ahahahaha, my tummy hurts ;D

sundar 3 years ago

Thx a lot..let me try

joymanglani profile image

joymanglani 3 years ago from Mumbai, India

Seems to be Great and simple Solution. Shall try it tonight. I live in Mumbai.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Along with 673,878,346,235,567 ants. Good luck!

joymanglani profile image

joymanglani 3 years ago from Mumbai, India

thanks, forest

hemadri 3 years ago

Good. I will tray to clean in hot water my friends laptop soon

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

What? Wait!

Clean your friend's laptop in hot water?

You are not doing it right.

Naseem 3 years ago

the other tab i had opened was this:

just googled to know if others faced this problem too. And wow!! A solution i never expectted.

joymanglani profile image

joymanglani 3 years ago from Mumbai, India

Thanks a lot Fertile, It worked.

I had kept it in the sun and breeze before that. Some ants were still there. I kept it in the sun and breeze again. Some ants were still there. I always put it in the sleeve at night. Last night i kept it open. Some ants were still there. I again kept in the sun and breeze. I seems they are gone now.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Ok then, great that's excellent. Although I'm not sure how the sun and the breeze helped. My experience is ants love the sun. Not sure about the breeze.

Mahin 3 years ago

sigh! wat a relief i gt dis site! awesome!!! tnx a ton Fertile Forest XD

lithium26 3 years ago

Im trying it now, I hope that this will do the trick.. ;-)

Makhao 3 years ago

Sad enough I found this page too late, the ants destroyed my graphic card already while eating some synthetic inside. I tried many solutions before, like heating up the notebook or make it very cold, but they declined to move out.

Next time I will try this one, sounds logical and animal-friendly, too.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Ryuzuken 3 years ago

Is silver spoon okay for using as a bridge?

max 3 years ago

really laptop ants r eating me...I frequently watch porn videos n I think they like it too..

rithu 3 years ago dis ant problem...I am going to try it tonight..thank you...

Jon 2 years ago

Darwin, Australia during the monsoon is ant heaven. My macbook was infested with ants. Stumbled upon this page while looking for a solution to the problem and hey presto! It worked! Not an ant in sight. Thank you

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

@Ryuzuken, Yes, any spoon is fine.

@Jon, that's excellent, thanks for the follow up!

Piggyphant 2 years ago

WOW! The TINY Costa Rican ants had moved in to my macbook and were spreading all over the table from it and this completely freed the computer and table from the ants in such a nice thoughtful way that didnt even hurt the ants.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Piggyphant, I'm delighted to hear the technique works on Costa Rican ants. One could be forgiven for thinking that once they'd moved in to party, nothing would shift them. I think the 'no one gets hurt' policy is a great one to achieve success with. Dead ants are an issue too, being filled with formic acid, as they are. It's also great to find solutions which can respect, and even employ that natural instincts of the noble ant.

briebrie16 2 years ago

thank you i was wondering we

here all these ants cam from and thin it came to me they might be in my computer and started to panic. Im going to try this, wish me luck.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Indeed, best of luck!

Bulwark 2 years ago

Fertile Forest is right about ants in laptop. But one thing,yet, not all of you will experience this because of the place. Yes, the location is one of the biggest factor, so freaks and non-believers. you're lucky enough from not experiencing this one. But I tell you. Fertile's solution is great :) cheers!!

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks Bulwark. Do you mean ants only move into laptops on masse in hot conditions? My experience of the tropics was that ants are generally highly specialised and will only eat one type of food you leave out, ie: meat eating ants, sugar eating ants, oil eating ants. However there were several species which would move into suitcases, drawers and boxes with their whole nest. Not looking for food, but rather shelter. This was particularly the case during wet weather. However, having said that, the ants which moved into my laptop may well have been circuit eating ants!

er na 2 years ago

i never had it when i use toshiba, but now is only 3 days using lenovo, and i face this problem. not sure why

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

The Lennovo runs hotter than the Toshiba (which has only one CPU chip). The extra heat might make it more attractive to the ants.

Donna Deming 2 years ago

I don't have a laptop. The ants moved into my mac mini. A compact Desktop computer by Apple. There is no eating going on inside my mac mini. They had also moved into the base unit of our cordless phones. A couple were in the base of the separate computer monitor, and a couple found in the keyboard. I first noticed the ants on my window sill behind the computer table... the ants going up and down to get water from some plant cuttings that have been rooting in jars all winter. I shook the ants out of the computer and all the other electronics. It seems they liked the idea of a heated home in the winter. I put out all kinds of ant poison along the window sill, every crevice, inside & outside the house... but I'm seeing them on the window sill again. None come out of the computer when I disconnect cords.. but it's worrisome.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Well if you see them in your devices again, try the above detailed method if removing computer ants. Poison is likely to leave your device full of sticky, acid filled dead ants.

DoobyAntKiller 2 years ago

Thank you much for this insight. I have no idea why ants are living in my laptop, it's an entertainment center laptop and we never eat at it. There are literally thousands of ants inside a tiny netbook sized laptop. Trying this out tonight!

Habby 2 years ago

I'm gonna try this now. Im really panicking because Im not sure how many ants are inside my laptop. I hope this works.

RainRain 2 years ago

I just found out I had this problem. I'm gonna try it tonight and hope it works.. Thanks so much for posting this! I found another solution that I didn't want to use but this seems very ant friendly :) Just hopefullt they won't stick around my house

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Good luck! Let us know how you go.

RainRain 2 years ago

It worked! I checked the water this morning and a few ants were floating around. Didn't have any problems with ants today


Jen 2 years ago

Dear Fertile Forest,

I stumbled upon your "Laptop Ants" solution earlier today after I discovered ants in my MacBook Pro. Let me say, I was freaking out as this computer cost entirely too much serve as an ant farm. Now that I have read your post I shall try your trick. Also, I am pretty sure you must be the Zen Guru Pacifist Ninja of Non-Violent Ant Relocation. You must have a cult following and I don't mean ants! :)

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

RainRain, you went away but came again another day. Thanks for the follow up.

Jen, I'm no Guru, you can call me Swami Zen Pacifist Ninja of Non-Violent Ant somethingorother.

heya 2 years ago

Should the stick be connected from laptop to water so the ants will die? If the stick should be outside of the tray, then other ants may come back in right?

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

No. The instructions are clear. The ants will not march to their deaths. They will leave if you provide one exit only. They will not return.

heya 2 years ago

When I woke up, I saw 2 lines of ants! Going out and in. I used the spoon idea. I think a new party just walked in. :(

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Ants follow a chemical trail, two groups of different ants will not share the same trail. You need to be patient, if the laptop is over water and the only exit is via the spoon bridge, the ants will leave by themselves.

They will not all leave at once in a big parade.

heya 2 years ago

Oh so it's normal to have 2 lines of ants on a spoon(1 going in and 1 going out)? They will all eventually leave?

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

You still have ants and your laptop still sits above water some three days later? I think not.

heya 2 years ago

I actually used vacuum later on. And I thought they we're all gone. Then last night they came back. So maybe I would like to try this again.

I just woke up earlier. It seems that there are one or two ants going out of the stick I used. I can still see ants in my laptop so maybe 50% or 60% are gone now.

I think my problem is that the tray isn't that large. It's large enough that there is space between the surface and my laptop, but the space is like 1-2 inches wide. I think this is why they can still manage to get back in.

Dewi 2 years ago

Hi Fertile Forest,

I've recently discovered my mac is infested with ants. I find your solution to be quite intriguing... however one quick question,

do you put one end of the stick in the water-filled tray or do you put it outside the tray ie. on the table ?

Thanks. After reading all the comments im really worried that my mac will be ruined by this infestation! Hope you could clarify things for me

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Stick goes from laptop to table top never touching water. Think of it as a bridge over tabled water.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Heya, the method I'm describing on this page is one which requires that you don't disturb the ants. If you do their behaviour will change. Using the vacuum may have caused them to freak out and behave differently. The aim with the above technique is to get them to peacefully leave of their own accord.

Dewi 2 years ago

Thank you!

Ive tried so many things ; chucked black peppers all over my mac, shaking it huhuhu it irks me so much to think of what the ants are doing to my mac. probably too violent

I'll definitely try this tonight and update later on the results!

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Great, thanks Dewi.

Mouse 2 years ago

I'm so glad I found this! I can't wait to try it tomorrow. I was thinking that I'd have to take my computer to be stripped apart and cleaned by a computer maintenance service, spending money that I literally don't have (I'd have to borrow it; yikes!). I can't take much more of this! It's been over a YEAR now. I had no idea that they would build a nest and call my laptop home D:

Antphobic 2 years ago

Hi, Fertile Forest,

My ant problem isn't that big, I've only found three ants crawling on my screen over the last 2-4 days, but I'm still thinking of trying your solution. Only problem is I don't really have any of the materials at the moment. I'm going to have to try before I give this laptop back to my school next week and they give me a new one.

San 2 years ago

They are not getting off :( All the ants are below my laptop.

Kate 2 years ago

Hi. Do I really need to keep my laptop open?

Claudia 2 years ago

I'm not the only one!

tina 2 years ago

I just figured out today that I have ants in my MacBook, OH NOOOOO!!! Found your page, it was the first one listed when I Googled it. :)

We tried blasting all the ports and vents with compressed air. Going to try this tonight. Thank you, I hope it works.

Will let you know how it works.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

@Kate - There's nothing in the instructions about keeping it open. Perhaps you are looking at the illustrations. You can keep it closed.

@Claudia - "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one. ― C.S. Lewis"

@Tina - Good luck, be patient and put away the compressed air!

Ruthie 2 years ago

I felt a little silly searching for a solution laptop ants, figuring that very few people experience this problem. However, I am happy I'm not the only one! Thank you for this -- I am most definitely going to try this tonight! :)

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Excellent Ruthie, no shame in laptop ants, it's not food they are after.

Cheers and good luck.

Nalia 2 years ago

If only it was my laptop that was infested with ants. My AIO has ants walking around behind the glass screen and im going insane. I'll have to try this method with a few tweaks to make sure my unit doesnt fall over.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Nalia, I assume you mean All in One?

Anyhow, as you say, as long as you can place it over water with only one exit they should leave.

Nicole 2 years ago

Hi, thank you so much for posting this solution here.

I just found ants crawling out from my keyboard. I don't eat in front of my computer, but recently there was an any infestation in my room and I guess that's how they got in. I've set up the moat and the bridge like you asked, but I don't see any ants coming out. Guess we will have to wait and see. I really hope it works!

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Yes Nicole, give it some. A watched pot and all..

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Not sure exactly what you're asking but my guess is that if you only see two ants the others have left. It seems to work best overnight, something to do with their day/night cycle. A couple of confused ants wandering about is not a huge concern. The idea is to utilise their natural behaviours so killing them may interfere with what would otherwise be an average any day and they may act differently and not leave in an orderly fashion.

Nicole 2 years ago

Sorry to be such a trouble with all these questions! Also I realize I wasn't very clear so:

Yesterday I found some ants crawling on my laptop/ crawling out of the keyboard and USB port. I killed all those that I saw and started to panic. Then I came across your page and set up everything.

Immediately after setting up there were no visible ants.About 10 minutes after setting up, I noticed that there were two ants crawling around but I left them alone to cross the spoon bridge. That was late afternoon yesterday.

All of last night and today I have not observed any ants. I wanted to ask if this absence was due to 1) the fact that they have all left or 2) the fact that they are hiding.

Yup I hope this is clearer, thank you for all your help!!!

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

I really can't say for sure but the point of the setup is to make the laptop an unsuitable home for them. Even a few may be the vanguard of the thousands. I think they are gone.

Anne 2 years ago

It's the next morning after I made my set up- so far no ants, but then again I've only used my laptop for ten minutes. I'll keep an update on how it goes!

Hola_Hola 2 years ago

Excellent solution !! Will try it out !

vjw 2 years ago

this method is actually mad!!!! i did this.. There were only red ants in my laptop. so i followed ur method and kept it for 12 hours. Ants were not gone and i found hundreds of black ants in my laptop.. this is not a successful method.. i had to open up my laptop and remove them..

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author


Two things.

1) Are you sure you followed the instructions? Did you leave it overnight?

2) If you are dealing with two kinds of ants in your laptop there may be another reason for their presence, such as food.

B L A 2 years ago

I wiped down my laptop with the original version of skin so soft bath oil that was found to be a bug repellant years ago by the US army. I still use it for bug repellant on my skin to this day but I have also found it to kill bird mites in my bedroom and yes my bed and now I have found them to run the ants out. I soaked paper towels with the oil and wiped it all over my laptop then I put the paper towels under the lap top and as they crawled out I squished some and just let others crawl away outside at the picnic table. I saw at least a hundred flee my lap top.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thank you for recounting your ant killing poison rampage. Maybe next you'll try the method described on this page?

CJ 2 years ago

Read BLA's post again after your last comment..I don't think he said anything about poisoning the ants, just repelling them.... they were merely forced oit of their home. Might have left their eggs in panic though. :p

Stumbled upon your page when I was actually looking for a way to rid my rented apartment of house ants that bite. They're tiny and annoying and smell of formaldehyde when you squish them. I've located a tiny nest in the drawer I barely touched for about a year. But they are still aroumd in other parts of the house. Quite desperate because I dont have much to hire an exterminator and my landlady wont give a rats ass about it.

belladona 2 years ago

Thank-you, I thought I was the only one on earth with this problem. I will be giving this a shot as soon as I finish this comment. My other solution was putting my laptop in the freezer, but wasn't sure if that could harm it. I have no ants anywhere in/around my home, it's so strange that they found their way to my laptop. I've used the keyboard spray cleaner, which did slow them down for a day or so, but then they returned. Thanks again.

Anushka S 2 years ago

Hi Fertile Forest,

Thank you so much for this suggestion. It really worked for me. I put my laptop on a tray as you have mentioned. I went for some shopping. I came back after 5 hours and amazingly all the ants just vanished. I WOULD LIKE TO TELL EVERY ONE READING THIS POST... MAN THIS REALLY WORKS.... Must give it a try, after-all it is a harmless method, no damage to your laptop....Thanks once again for this suggestion.....

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks CJ.

Hope it worked belladonna.

Thank you Anushka, looks like you followed the instructions really well.

Sanju 2 years ago

Ants in Laptop is common problem,especially in the hot region. I've noticed that ants usually be busy in the hot summer season and they tend to take full rest in the entire Winter.

The above method seems to be effective but it's not the permanent solution.I live in terai region where most of the months have the hot climate and eventually the problem of Ant is inevitable.So,i need the permanent solution. I have to follow the above methods time after time as the ants appear after few days of gap in my laptop.please any one help with permanent solution.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

You need to design a setup where your laptop sits on four little feet which sit in water. Then an external keyboard and mouse which you unplug when you are not using it, Bluetooth wireless ones would do the trick. Each foot (thimbles?) could sit in a separate dish.

Vida 2 years ago

Tried this last night, though I didn't put a stick I just let them drown (evil laugh). Surprised that it actually works, nice idea ;) But there are still a few of them crawling but not as many as before. Thanks again :)

Siempre 2 years ago

I am a missionary in the Dominican Republic. I panicked today when I picked up my poor mac book and ants were swarming on it! Thank you for the advice! I'll def try it!

ninjad 2 years ago

this solution really did work. Amazing. Now i'm a believer.

it redeemed my fury towards those ants. And got to know a little more about them.

Vinod 2 years ago

Thanks for envoirment friendly solution - need to check if this works one of these days

Kay 2 years ago

i will try it today

King 2 years ago

i tried it but after a few hours ants are crawling in and out of the spoon. is that normal? im scared of leaving it overnight because i think more would come. help pls

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Chill out King. Remember this magic phrase with three letters, T T T.

Things Take Time.

Leave it overnight.

King 2 years ago

Alright. I think ill just clean it first to make sure that food is not the reason ants are there. Will alcohol work or what?

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Either follow the instructions above or do something else. You can't do both.

faith 2 years ago

If they crawl out using the bridge , wont they move to another part of our house to create their nest? Is there a way we can kill them when they leave the laptop? Thanks so much!

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

If there are ants in your laptop there are ants in and around your house. Normally you and the ants live happily together without being aware of one another. Killing the ants in you laptop will not do anything to reduce the local or indeed global ant population. Let them leave. Other areas of your home can be ant managed by not leaving food scraps about. They are unlikely to move into your sock drawer.

Ree 2 years ago

I live in the tropics and DO not eat near my computer.. ants be crazy and just like making nests in random places.!! Had to wash my stapler this morning due to ants nesting! No Kidding!

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Stapler ants are bad for business.

Jack 2 years ago

Hey I read your post and I'm glad another aussie thought of this great idea. I have a brand new laptop and ants have moved in I think because it has been raining then humid in brisbane. oh well I hope it works for me too. thanks :)

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Good luck to you.

Zoe 24 months ago

Hi. So how many spoons or sticks am I supposed to place for the ants to get out? I'm kinda confused when i read " One trail over water is not acceptable and they will not use it to return. " . Thanks! :)

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 24 months ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Use one spoon/stick so there is only one safe way in or out of the laptop.

cren4o 24 months ago

Zoe, to recap the strategy: Ants will not nest or group in a location having only one pathway to get in and out. If there is not a 2nd pathway to use as an escape route in case the first route is blocked, they will leave before they become trapped. By eliminating all routes of escape except the one narrow bridge, they will leave as soon as their "scouts" discover the danger.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 24 months ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thank you cren40, you are a gentleman/woman and a scholar.

Thilanka 23 months ago

Thanks for the tip.

CJP 22 months ago

I got a surprise tonight while using my Nexus 7 tablet. Dozens of ants cam pouring out of the earphones hole. it was a bit embarassing as I was at a friend's house. I dropped it into a zip lock bag to bring it home.

Then I found your blog. Thank you so much!!!

It may be the coldest night we have all year here in South Florida, but I've set this up out on my porch. We will see how it goes in the morning.

I also have a Chromeboook that I tried to evict ants from by putting peppermint oil on a paper towel and sitting the computer on top of it. Sort of worked, but not completely. I wll use this on it as well.

Once again, thank you for the knder, gentler means of ant removal. I will update soon.

KelseyT 21 months ago

I've got a laptop from my school which I seldom use save for rendering things in Maya/Source Filmmaker, and I always unplug it and remove the battery when it's not being used so that ants don't find it attractive, but they still love to swarm it. Hoping this solution will work.

Carl Ingalls 20 months ago

Please remove my email address from my last comment. I did not mean for that to be public. My name is ok.

Mrs Sheila Cooper 20 months ago

Thank you so much for this suggestion I found my computer full of ants 2 days ago even though it is so early in the year. I did as you suggested and every ant has gone. It is so simple and it works - thank you.

Mr. Nitecroler 20 months ago

How about put the laptop in a plastic bag, put a moth ball in it, seal the plastic bag.

NJ 19 months ago

Help I have Toshiba windows 7 and ants are crawling in!!!Im only 12 and I don't know what to do!I am scared this won't work!Will my computer actaully break if I don't stop the ants!?

Jon 19 months ago

I'm having this same problem but with my Xbox One. Giving it a try! If it works you're my hero.

Al 19 months ago

does this work on macs?

NC 19 months ago

I own a macbook pro. And I'd just like to ask.. which part of the mac do I put the wooden spoon? At the back or in front (near the trackpad)? I'm currently setting it up and I'm not sure where to place it!

AS 19 months ago

Hi there! How long until after set-up will it take until ants start coming out?

Chandru 19 months ago

Man, you are awesome.

I did this technique by keeping the laptop in the method suggested by you. But I was not satisfied with the pace in which things were moving. So I googled up on natural ant repellant and i found many of them.

I decided to use a mixture of 3 repellents - lemon juice, pepper powder and salt to make it an absolutely disgusting smell. I put the three of them in the water and i crossed my fingers. Nobody likes to live in a stinking environment, so this technique is a slight improvement on your method. So far i have seen more than 40 come out and it's 24 hours since I started this experiment. I guess I will have to keep it for some more time to ensure they're gone.

Thanks for your idea, would also like to know your feedback on my idea - Chandru from Sri Lanka

NotAntz 18 months ago

We are a human, not antz typing from underneath keyboard. This method not working. Hail the Queen.

Wajih 18 months ago


I live in Lebanon, and I spotted a normal ant crawling around my laptop a week ago and thought nothing of it and let it be. However, I have yet to see that specific(not the exact ant, I mean worker/scout) ant again. And instead in the last two nights, only ants with wings have emerged. I decided to look for solutions in case a colony was or is going to be living in my laptop.

I have a Lenovo Y510p, the ants might not be local(from my house) since I've taken my laptop to my studio at the university where ants have been spotted on the tables before.

I'm trying out your method, however I've yet to see any activity. I'm worried I might have scared them into staying inside by killing a bunch of the winged ones (which usually go looking for mates), when they had emerged.

One more thing I'm considering is the possibility that I might have interrupted their moving in when I took my laptop home from the studio. Could that be why I'm not seeing so much activity and just reproductive ants?

Thanks for the solution,


sweetants 18 months ago

i actually used a vaccum cleaner it worked fine as well

Ruch 17 months ago

Brilliant... I have ants all over my keyboard and I'm going to try this solution tonight! I dont like to kill them, so this is perfect, thanks!

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 17 months ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thank you all for your kind comments and feedback. I really appreciate it. Sorry it took so long to reply. In answer to some questions:

Yes works on a Mac. Or any device which can be placed as the instructions lay out.

The spoon can be placed anywhere it won't move overnight and forms a bridge from device to table.

I would not suggest adding or using repellents to the water or the computer. You may confuse the ant's natural instincts to leave.

Ants in your laptop are unlikely to directly damage it, such as eat it, however they may bring dirt in to build a nest over time. This could damage it.


paulinenicole 16 months ago

Hello! I tried this last night and I observed that there were too many ants in my laptop. I left the set up overnight only to find out that the spoon was not attached to my laptop anymore. I checked the water and there were a few ants that drowned. I didn't get rid of them completely because a few were still crawling and I saw some peeking through the keyboard.

Should I just repeat the set up tonight?

paulinenicole 16 months ago

Also, should this be done only during nighttime?

chié 16 months ago

what I actually did was rub bug poison (the chalk/powder kind) on my laptop... it got rid of the ants and they didn't come back... probably died in there... but great idea tho.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 16 months ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Yes, poison is always an option. I hope your laptop isn't laptoxic for too long.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 16 months ago from Sydney, Australia Author

I recommend doing this overnight as ants exhibit different behaviours during daylight and night.

Indika 16 months ago

I got a Yamaha keyboard when i was young, once it crashed and I opened it, viola! ants have gone under the microprocessor with their tiny white eggs and the formic acid has corroded the pins of it. So i had to replace the processor and it took more than the keyboard itself lol :P Now i am so scared if I see an ant poping out from the keyboard from the laptop haha. I couldnt give this to service coz i need the laptop to do my work everyday sigh.... thanks for the tips !

rumaan_munnu 16 months ago

ok its fyn but ants can cm back through da same path(i.e spoon made like bridge) which we hav aranged to leave ants frm laptop

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 16 months ago from Sydney, Australia Author

yS dat c%d hpn bt Y wud dem ants cum back?. dey sed "this crib iz whack, I'm gon go"

frost_wolf 16 months ago

Hey! Currently trying this method out. The laptop is too big for the plate. Is that okay? The spoon that I'm using isn't touching the plate but the table. Not sure if that'll work too.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 16 months ago from Sydney, Australia Author

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'plate', the instructions call for a tray with a bowl in it. As long as the laptop sits above the water and doesn't touch anything but the stand (I used a bowl) underneath then that's fine. The bridge (I used a wooden spoon) should touch the laptop and the table it all sits on. The spoon shouldn't touch the water. Good luck!

Dean 16 months ago

I'm amazed by the longevity of this topic, and impressed by your dedication to helping ants and laptops coexist peacefully. The modern world is a difficult place to navigate and you, like those who follow your instructions properly, give us but one path to walk. A path that leads us (and our ant friends) to a life without laptop ants, where we (ants and laptops) can truly come to appreciate the virtues of our counterparts in this ant-nests-in-laptop world.

I shamefacedly admit that I've snuffed out the lives of several ants which have come crawling across my laptop screen, but after seeing the monk-like patience and virtue of your ministry to your fellow laptop users, I see the error of my ways. No longer must I kill to compute, and for that I thank you sincerely.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 16 months ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Dean, I forgive you. You have seen the light and chosen the true path of understanding of our six-legged friends.

As Jack Nicholson says in Mars Attacks, or was it Rodney King? Anyway, someone says, "Why can't we all just get along?"

Well, we can just get along. So git' along little doggies, (here I refer to ants), and leave them laptops alone!

Kurt 16 months ago

I tried the procedure and a few aunts (admittedly fewer than before) are still hanging around my keyboard. Can you advise something a little stronger?

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 16 months ago from Sydney, Australia Author

This solution doesn't work on aunts.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 16 months ago from Sydney, Australia Author

To answer your question Kurt, I'm afraid I don't have another stronger strategy. You might allow the ants more time. Ants need to return to their nest each day.

Maj 14 months ago

@Fertile Forest

Hello Good Day ,

I just want to let you know that it perfectly works .


I was reading all the comments on this but no offense , it made my day. Common Sense is the Key . I am LOL!! (f'or the f'reakin comments of' them)

Jeco 14 months ago

I'm going to try this tonight, best of luck to me.

I just had my laptop for 3 months, and tonight there ants all over, I'm going to do this method before I go to sleep.

And thank you Fertile Forest for your dedication in helping us with our laptop dilemma, you truly are a wonderful saint :) The world needs more people like you.

I will surely update on this. Thanks again Fertile :)

Jeco 14 months ago



Like I said, I had my laptop for 3 months, and the other night while I was using it, ants seem to came out of my laptop, usb ports, vents, keyboards etc! I was squishing them with my hands as I see them but the more I squish the more that came! I was losing hope until I stumbled upon this thread. I tried it and I thought to myself, well there's no harm in trying, and IT FREAKING WORKS.

I did the process starting 12midnight, went to sleep, went to the office in the morning, and when I checked it out the next night around 8pm, there was ONE ant on the laptop, squish it, killed it and there was no signs of ants ever since that night!

Since then, I was placing my laptop on that "MOAT" without the spoon overnight, and I'm thinking of getting an airtight food container for my laptop to keep the ants out, Ants are attracted to electricity and waves of the laptop.

Better safe than sorry, and prevention is better than cure.

Thank you again Fertile Forest for this!

I commented so that I can personally thank Fertile for the time, effort and dedication he gave us! If I can only see you personally I would shake you hand and treat to a Pint!

Thanks man! Thank you!

herbman76 13 months ago

Thanks glad to found this.

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 13 months ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Jeco, thanks a bazillion for your initial message and the follow up. Not many who say they will come back actually do. So happy it helped you. Cheers.

xmarksthespot 9 months ago

this happened to me on different devices lol never ate near them,

often they nest near the power supply/electric current.

they tried nesting on my keyboard, laptop, HDD, tv and ps4 lol

Andy 9 months ago

Hello, I live in the Seychelles and I got the ant problem (sigh) I tried your setup and left it overnight, so like 24 hours already. I am still seeing ant movement over the bridge: coming out of the laptop and into the laptop as well. I haven't seen them carry any eggs thoug. Should I do something else? How much longer should I let the setup, I am worried they just like my computer too much. T.T

Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 9 months ago from Sydney, Australia Author

T, I'm sorry to hear its not worked for you yet. Is the laptop over water? Is the bridge the only way in or off? Maybe your laptop is extra nice or the ants are stubborn. Don't bother them or disturb them, make sure the bridge is the only exit and give it one more night?

Karan Raj Kohli 6 months ago

The problem is that.... ants only come out when i turn off the lights and one more thing THEY CAN FLY (wtf) help plzzzz... :( 4 months ago

It is happening to my laptop that's how I found this site. :(

General of the Colony Armies 2 months ago

All your Laptop are belong to us!

Person who got ants on Laptop 7 weeks ago

i dunno between laugh,cry,panic......

they finally attack my laptop

i will never walk on ant again.....

they'll REVENGE 2 me......f*ck

hope this work


Fertile Forest profile image

Fertile Forest 7 weeks ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Good luck Person.

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