So i know a lot of people have probably heard the saying "Lord's will" or "God's willing". Well in this case, It's Lord's will. We say that because we do not know what the future holds. But what we do know is who holds the future.

So Lord's will, in May of 2012 I will be a college graduate.

I am very nervous about what the future holds. I will tell you that much.

I'm considering graduate school to get my Master's in Journalism.

I would like to work in a Newsstation. I am in no way prepared to go into the work field.

What if I can't find a job? What if I have to work a part-time job at McDonalds? Those are questions that pop into my head.

Because, what if my "bachelor's" degree isn't good enough?

It's a scary thought. So basically this hub is asking for prayer.

Just pray for me. That God will direct me into the right way. I know he will. He said he would! Proverbs 3.

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ronhi profile image

ronhi 5 years ago from Kenya

God is an ever present help in the time of need...and all the best in your future plans. Yester night, i was reading Daniel 2 and it just occurred to me that a dream is greater than anything else you can ever have. Just keep your dream alive...and yes, am praying for you. Thanks for asking. May Psalm 20 be a reality in your life. Shalom

shemiahl profile image

shemiahl 5 years ago from Arkansas Author

Thank you !

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