Great Advice Can Change Your Life

How Great Advice Helped Hollywood Stars and Other Famous People


Can great advice change your life?

Yes, it can.

It helped Hollywood stars.and other famous people.

Danielle Steel

Best-selling author Danielle Steel recalled, "Someone told me, ‘If you take a rock and hit it ten times it may take ten times to crack it open, and you don't want to quit on the ninth time."

Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal said, "My manager Jack Rollins told me, ‘Don't be afraid to bomb. That's the way you grow as a comedian.'"

Carol Burnett

Carol Burnett recalled, "When I was starting out as an actress, and not quite making it, I really needed money. I received two offers. The first was to play in a Las Vegas lounge act for $1,500 a week. The other was to work in an off-Broadway play at $65 a week. Almost everyone encouraged me to take the Las Vegas job and money. Only one man, my manager Arthur Willis, agreed with my feelings that I should take the $65 a week job. He wasn't thinking just in terms of money but in terms of my career. I had a deep down feeling that the part in that play was right for me.

"I followed Arthur's advice and took the off-Broadway job in the play "Once Upon a Mattress", and it launched me as a star.

Englebert Humperdinck

Singer Engelbert Humperdinck said, "My wife told me early in my career never to stop singing, even when everyone else told me to quit show business."

Bob Hope

Advice Bob Hope was given saved his life. He said, "I'd just finished doing a show for the GI's during the Viet Nam War, and my troupe and myself were at an airport preparing to head for a hotel in Saigon."

The stand holding his cue cards collapsed. And as the cue card man Barney started picking up the cards someone called out to him to hurry. Barney yelled back, "Hey, wait a minute. A few minutes now can save us a lot of time later." He had no idea how prophetic his words were.

They were late ten minutes late reaching their hotel. Shortly before they got there a bomb went off killing and injuring hundreds of people.

Bob said, "We later learned the bomb was meant to kill me and my troupe."

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