Free Educational Stuff for Preschool and Elementary Kids

It's great to find free stuff to help teach your kids. The following is a list of some great educational online resources. These include downloadable grammar books, science books and magazines. There are free phonics websites to teach reading. You will find history and geography books to cover Social Studies. There is even a free software program that teaches kids the basics of computer programming and design. You will find some great educational resources that you don't have to pay for.

Free Grammar Books

The following websites have complete free grammar books for multiple grade levels. Books are downloadable in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

National Treasures Workbooks are for grade k through 6. They offer free spelling and grammar books.

Scott Foresman Reading has grammar books for 1st through 6th grade.

KISS Grammar has free grammar books for 1st grade through high school.

Free Learning to Read Websites

Progressive Phonics is a completely free and complete phonics program. Materials are available in PDF format. The books go from beginning to advanced. The website also has sight words and handwriting pages. You must register to download materials. and are two excellent learning to read websites. Starfall teaches the phonetic sound of each letter and has many interactive books and games that make learning to read a lot of fun. The website is colorful with excellent animation. Reading Bear has multiple presentations that sound out large numbers of words. This is a perfect website for kids who struggle with the concept of blending phonetic sounds to make words.

Free Spelling Words has free spelling worksheets for grades 1 through 5. Each sheet is a 36 week program. The website also offer dictation sheets to practice spelling words and Dolch lists of sight words.

Free Children's Online Books

Oxford Owl has several level type books that are ideal for reading practice. You can narrow down the options by age.

Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets has reading comprehension worksheets for grades 1 through 5. Each grade is a 36 week program. The topics cover earth science, physical science, history, the social sciences, math and the life sciences.

Free Life Science Textbook for Elementary Students offers a free Life Science textbook for elementary age students. This is a complete book and includes a complete parent guide as well. The book is available in PDF format. Other books are available for purchase. They were written by a high school science teacher.

Khan Academy is also on YouTube

Free Math Resources

Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP) is a free 9 year math program. It can be used alone or as a supplement to another math curriculum. The workbooks are in PDF format and include answer guides. Lesson plans are included. This is a good option for a homeschool math curriculum. has hundreds of online math tutorials that cover arithmetic, geometry, algebra, calculus and much more. has free math workbooks for grades 1 through 6.

Oxford Owl has free online math books for 3 to 7 year olds.

Free Educational Magazine

Early Knowledge for Kids has a free downloadable PDF magazine for preschool and elementary age kids. The magazine covers many topics for several months to help readers build up better knowledge and understanding.

Free Online History Books has a free online world history book. The book isn't downloadable but it is well laid out and easy to follow. It is very comprehensive covering early humans to the French Revolution.

The Story of Mankind, originally published in 1921, could be used with older elementary age children. It is available at

Learn about Classical Music for Free is a free website provided by a classical radio station in Cincinnati. The website has large numbers of podcast teaching about the lives and works of many different composers.

Free Geography Book has a free geography book that teaches about the Earth. The book is appropriate for 3rd grade and up. This book has to be read online. It covers many topics including the Earth's rotation, solstices and equinoxes, the atmosphere, temperature and biomes.

Computer Programming

Scratch is a free open source downloadable software that teaches kids the basics of computer programming. It was developed by MIT's Lifelong Kindergarten Group. Kids can learn about computer programming without having to write code. It is appropriate for all elementary age kids.

As young people create and share Scratch projects, they learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.

The Scratch website has a Getting Started Guide and video tutorials.

Make homeschooling easier with free online materials to learn reading, grammar, science, history and music
Make homeschooling easier with free online materials to learn reading, grammar, science, history and music

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ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 5 years ago from Midwest

What a great list of free learning resources - thanks so much. Voted up and bookmarked for future reference!

cluense profile image

cluense 5 years ago from Cartersville, GA

AWESOME Hub! Thank you soooo much! This hub is so helpful! Rated up! Following you, and bookmarked!

Wise fool profile image

Wise fool 4 years ago from Colorado

Thanks for the link to Scratch. My kids have wanted to design games, but their computer geek father could only find expensive game making programs so they lost hope.

Londonlady profile image

Londonlady 4 years ago

I'm sure this is a for older kids than the resources mentioned here but I know all throughout high school (even now I reference to it) I used the OWL, the Online Writing Lab. It has great tips!

This is a very detailed hub, nicely written. Voted up!

Learn Things Web profile image

Learn Things Web 4 years ago from California Author


I hadn't heard of OWL. It looks like a great resource:

celeste inscribed profile image

celeste inscribed 4 years ago

Hi there, I haven't read through the entire hub yet but just glancing at the grammar options I am so impressed with the list you put together. My son attends a virtual academy so school is done at home. Any resources we can glean are always explored and appreciated.

Learn Things Web profile image

Learn Things Web 4 years ago from California Author


It really is great that there are so many free options available to supplement what kids learn through more formal means. I love these resources.

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