HAARP What you don't know, Can Kill you.

HAARP The Deadly Aurora




HAARP Is a unique antenna, most antennas used for radioscopy measure in the low 35-40 watt range. Haarp, however uses gigawatt’s otherwise Billions and billions of watt’s or high frequency electricity.

It is said to be used as a tool for radioscopy, however it is being aimed at the ionosphere, causing the ionosphere to bulge (the ionosphere is that thin layer protecting earth from radiation from our Sun)

Considering the plates and layers deep in the earth are in a state of constant vibration, when this high powered energy passes through them (same as radioscopy) it causes those layer of the earth to become unstable and the earths plates then shift with the new settled earth.



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 This is said to cause EarthQuakes, due to the rapid vibrations. Also HAARP can be used to halt, or change the direction of the global jet streams which are used to carry billions of tons of water across the globe. The Soviet Union had a similar Machine running over America which ended in 1995, and so did the American drout... (Google it)

HAARP is classified as an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).[1] Its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance purposes (such as missile detection) The HAARP program operates a major Arctic facility, known as the HAARP Research Station, on an Air Force owned site near Gakona, Alaska.

But Wait, I thought it was classified as a Radioscopy Device? Or is it used to change direction of the global jet streams?

HAARP currently opperates on 170 antenna measuring 72 feet in hight and 48 feet across. it is being expanded to over 300 antenna by 12.21.12....

What does this mean for you?

HAARP Poses a threat if it rips through the ionosphere, a hole would form and everything under that hole would be open to solar winds and radiation.

HAARP Poses a threat if it is used for radioscopy as it has a high frequency pulse of billions of watts. this will cause the earths plates to shift causing an earth quake.


The argument: Top Federal scientinst's argue that the energy being placed into the earth by HAARP would have to have a constant output, and that the energy moving into the earth would create double the energy moving throught the earth. And there for cause said mass disruption. This was proved wrong by Telsa (don't know who he is? Google it) as high frequency electricity is already double the matter, unless it was an alternating current. (which HAARP is not) high frequency electricity is equal to mass, as they both cannot be in the same place at the same time (einstiens theory)

What To take from this article:

Whatever you wish, do some research for yourself, make up your own mind. This is not my opinion, this is fact gathered from various trusted sources. Watch the 10 minute video included in this post. remember it never hurts to learn something new, and remember what you don't know, can kill you.

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JeniferD profile image

JeniferD 5 years ago from Sin City Nevada

You're absolutely right about this; the U.S. government is like a kid with a new, fun toy. Using that toy to hurt people, and the very planet we live on. This is truly a deliberate venture into global suicide. No wonder NASA has been directed to find a new planet to inhabit; do you honestly think this is the first planet mankind has destroyed with his ignorance and selfishness?

Pierre Savoie profile image

Pierre Savoie 5 years ago from Canada

Think a bit. Don't you think anything emitting "billions of watts" would melt the metal antennae long before any signal could be transmitted?

Even billions of watts of radio will go through your body doing absolutely NOTHING, since the energy goes along in quanta, tiny packets, none of which can have any chemical effect on you no matter how many billions stream by. To win the high-jump at the Olympics, you need to get a guy who can jump 7 feet, not 7 guys who can jump one foot. It's much the same with chemistry, you need a minimum activation energy to get a chemical reaction going, and none of the radio quanta can do it. Or another analogy: you can feed a vending-machine millions of pennies, but you won't get anything: vending-machines take quarters.


FaceThe Facts profile image

FaceThe Facts 5 years ago from Vancouver, BC Author

dude, Haarp does not use radio waves, but high frequency electricity. And unstablelizing the earths plates has nothing to do with a chemical reaction. Again study some science not chemistry.

And fyi elecrticity doesn't melt things, do television towers just melt? Seriously where do you get these crazy ideas?

FaceThe Facts profile image

FaceThe Facts 5 years ago from Vancouver, BC Author

And im sure if i put an electric charge through your body you are the only person in the world who wouldn't die, because "Electricity doesn't have a chemical effect"

stick a knife into one of your wall outlets and let me what kind of chemical reaction happens there, buddy.

Pierre Savoie profile image

Pierre Savoie 5 years ago from Canada

But radio waves are not electricity. Again, why are you trying to run everything together? A billion watts of radio waves has about the same effect on things as a billion pennies through a vending-machine. Vending-machines only react if you put QUARTERS in them.

FaceThe Facts profile image

FaceThe Facts 5 years ago from Vancouver, BC Author

again, haarp does not use radio waves..

this article has nothing to do with radio waves.

FaceThe Facts profile image

FaceThe Facts 5 years ago from Vancouver, BC Author

comments deleted because i don't get my info from wikipedia...

Pierre Savoie profile image

Pierre Savoie 5 years ago from Canada

What do you mean, comments deleted? If you think somehow HAARP generates other than radio waves, and their power is anything more than 30 megawatts and that only for brief bursts, as faithfully reported in Wikipedia, you're going to have to present some actual evidence for that and REAL citation.

Do you ADMIT that radio antenna can't "zap" electricity through the air? Are you not too far gone to admit the difference between electricity and radio waves? How can you contest this basic high-school stuff?

FaceThe Facts profile image

FaceThe Facts 5 years ago from Vancouver, BC Author

Well its says the facts right here in my article, also says so in the video, every single video and scientist repoting on haarp has the same data that is presented in this article. Wikipedia is not a valid source of info on anything good sir, i suggest you not quote it as real scientists don't take it seriously. Wikipedia is moderated by college kids with nothing better to do, the information availible is from a "point of view" and not facts. Read the "about us" section.

Want to know what haarp really does?

read my article again or look at some videos on youtube or another video website. Im sure they will all say everything but what wikipedia says.

FaceThe Facts profile image

FaceThe Facts 5 years ago from Vancouver, BC Author

AND yes we all know that radio waves cannot "zap" you, Haarp stands for High Frequency Active Aurora Reaserch Project. It uses high frequency electricity..

NOT radio waves!!!!

I've never heard of high frequency radio waves?

Get Your facts straight and maybe face the facts?

Pierre Savoie profile image

Pierre Savoie 5 years ago from Canada

Where does it say HAARP uses "high-frequency electricity"? Wikipedia clearly says it's ONLY generating radio waves. Where do you read any different? When electrons never leave the antennae, it's not electricity. If they shimmy back and forth without leaving, all they can ever generate is radio waves. This is high-school stuff, here.

FaceThe Facts profile image

FaceThe Facts 5 years ago from Vancouver, BC Author


Wikipedia will give you NO info on HAARP!

do you read my comments back or just write the same thing over and over?

There is no such thing as high frequency radio waves!

where does it say it uses high frequency electricity? right in the freaking name of HAARP!

Watch the video in this article it will tell you everything you need to know about HAARP in 60 seconds!

you keep quoting wikipedia like its your bible.

meanwhile wikipedia has no Valid information. you say your oppinion is based on fact.

your trusting a public dictionary for the basis of your argument? seriously? and you have the grapes to call me an un-degreed?

you infant!

do some reseach before you Embarass us both futher....

Pierre Savoie profile image

Pierre Savoie 5 years ago from Canada

But ANY encyclopedia will tell you reliable things about HAARP. I don't see how your videos are reliable. The "High Frequency" in the name refers to radio waves. There certainly ARE high frequency radio waves, and they verge into the microwave range which can also be used for communications. Why do you say Wikipedia has "no valid information?" Are you insane, like that guy in the movie A Beautiful Mind who imagines imaginary Pentagon friends telling him some story? You violate basic laws of physics with your talk but you fail to justify what you're talking about.

I have done actual, scientific research. What "research" are YOU talking about? Listening to some scruffy unwashed guy with tinfoil on his head named Leroy? And if electricity comes out of HAARP, that means electrons have to arc out of the antennae. Electrons need 30,000 volts to arc across ONE CENTIMETER of air. Where are the billions of volts needed to shoot lightning-bolts into the Earth?

ESCORT 5 years ago


Maybe that's why it uses billions and billions of watts?

Pierre Savoie profile image

Pierre Savoie 5 years ago from Canada

But it doesn't. I know that my city of Toronto uses 25 billion watts of power in peak air-conditioning season on a hot summer day. Are you telling me they channel even more power to some spot in Alaska? Where's the proof of that? If you use Google Earth, do you see massive cable towers leading to that place, enough to feed a whole city like the monster pylons that converge into a big city from all directions? You can see the whole Earth for yourself, so where are they?

Pierre Savoie profile image

Pierre Savoie 5 years ago from Canada

Oops, actually I'm wrong. The figure for Toronto is 26 MEGAwatts on a hot day, 1,000 times less. That's 26 million watts which is enough for a city of 3 million on a hot day needing air-conditioning. But you are saying "billions and billions of watts" which means enough power for a BILLION who live in cities. Do you get an idea of the scale involved? You would need 1,000 times the conducting cable towers going into an average city that would go into HAARP instead. Is it a forest of cables there? No.

ESCORT 5 years ago

Well maybe it uses Tesla's invention to pull electricity out of the ground?

then focus it somewhere else. could explain where they would get so much power.

also, i noticed there is a lot of false info on haarp inline you really cant trust public information go directly to the source. watch some videos on youtube link this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnRPZOUVhJ4 there are two sides to the story. would the government want you to know about some secret weapon or would there be false info all around to confuse the issue.

Like the hub publisher said, there is more to this subject then wikipedia could tell you..

Singular Investor profile image

Singular Investor 5 years ago from Oxford

How can anyone trust what is written in Wikipedia ??? I could go on to Wikipedia now and add whatever I like and I know nothing about HAARP. Wikipedia is a lazy person's encyclopedia that is easily manipulated.

Lord 4 years ago

Pierre please put your ugly face in a microwave oven

hahaha 4 years ago

What a meatball come here so I can shape that head back to human shape wee gooch

Jesse K. 4 years ago

HAARP is one big microwave oven in an easy to understand concept. Disregard any big words used, it's just to misdirect you into arguments like the ones on this site. Simply put, HAARP in a nutshell. You put a piece of foil anywhere you want in the microwave oven. It's harmless sitting in the microwave oven until you turn it on and then boom. The more minutes the worse the outcome. So there you have it, we are living in a microwave. And the Chemtrail jets lay the foil all over the microwave. Peace! "Rubber will stop the nonsense" FYI.

rouzbeh 3 years ago

yeop that`s true.to answer the guy who said it cannot cause any chemical damage I have to say:DO YOU KNOW HOW MICROWAVES WORK?!! of course it can cause chemical damage by matching the ferquence of the wave with the ferquence of the stuff in the body.

wowzuh! 21 months ago

Learned a lot today

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