How to Say an Effective Extempore Speech and Topics


Ok friends, i will now share my experiences with you as an effective speech maker,yes especially when it comes to delivering extempore ones.Well for many people the very thought of delivering a speech sends a shrill down their spines but what they don't realise is that it is this very thought that lets them down..I have won prizes at many events at both school and college level and I would like to share my experiences with those of you who would like to make good speeches...

Well basically its about projecting confidence and telling what you know in a short span of time..

Firstly your body language should convey the fact that you are not shaky about coming to stage .One should feel the confidence within oneself

Secondly you should know a few facts about the topic you are going to talk about.For this it's a good idea if you go through the daily newspapers and have a general understanding about things.Then its all about talking effectively without stuttering and good posture.Your body language should project good confidence.At the same time you also shouldn't appear smug.

Well, when it comes to content,its better if you organize your points and tell them in a systematic manner.Its good if you mention most of the points without going much deep in to any of them.

Its always better to limit your speech to the time allotted for one speech,especially if its a competition.

Ok friends,now a little detail in to the body language you are going to need to get it right.

Well, if its a competition,you will have to walk up to the stage.Now the judges are going to notice you.

You should appear extremely confident(not smug ) as you walk up the podium.

Adjust the mike to your setting and make eye contact with the judges and the audience.

Now its time to start.Start slowly but confidently,that's the point.

Now it is better if you keep your head slightly raised because this makes you feel confident.

Its good if you use hand gestures while stressing important points but don't overdo it.


Its always good if you start your speech with a quote or by describing a scene

Select the quote which suits your topic{obviously},but some quotes go with a number of topics.

Now ,its always good if you have a couple of good quotes in your arsenal.

About describing a scene,what i mean is to describe a dramatic a running commentary.

Now when it comes to the body,you need to first define what you are going to mainly speak about.But if its topics like terrorism which all people understand,then you don't have to.

After this you elaborate depending on your topic and based on how much time you have.

Finally you conclude by telling about how we should all try to achieve a common goal and things like that.

Now the topics that might come for a competition greatly depends upon what level of school or college you are.

Competitions conducted at interschool or intercollege festivals especially in arts and humanities colleges will be of higher standard and more specific.

The more specific a topic is,the more difficult it is likely to become.For example,take a topic like "CHANDRAYAAN-INDIA'S MOON MISSION" is more likely to benefit competitors who know about the topic.This again stresses the importance of general knowledge in tackling such competitions.Whereas a topic like "INDIA IN THE 21st CENTURY" will be an easy topic on which all competitors will have points to highlight.

Well normally for most competitions a short time of up to 5 minutes would be allotted to each candidate before his/her speech.

Its wise to carry a paper and pen with you to write down points during this time.

This will help you organise what you are about to say and also gives you some confidence which has a boosting effect on your performance

You just need to jot down the main points on paper,but remember never look at this paper in front of the judges even if you forget the points.

.I wish all readers the best of luck!


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HARSH (INDIA) 6 years ago

Thanks a lot. Its very useful. How to introduce? Can one give personal opinions in an extempore?

kinley tenzin bhutan 6 years ago

hi i m recently participating in extempore speech and this is the first aid

avi 6 years ago


Mayank 6 years ago

Hey thnks fr ur suggestion. Now i start apply on it and hope it wrk fr me

akash 6 years ago

thanks dats gonna help me a lot

harsh sandhu 6 years ago

thanku very much

anna 6 years ago

thanz..a lot...its really helpful...

dheeraj singh 6 years ago

thanks it has helped memuch in the competition that i had faced after reading this article

kurien george 6 years ago

Thanks buddy......Seems like a lot of research has gone into it from your end ....

parul gupta 6 years ago

it was really nice.As for the first time i'm going to deliever a speech in school.It really boosted up confidence in me.

mathew 5 years ago

Thanks a lot mate.Now that's what i call real TIPS.

aparna 5 years ago

its really vry helpful in facng extempories....thnks

amy 5 years ago

it's really helpful!!!

Jeet 5 years ago

thanks yaar..this gave an initiation to extempore.:-)

Ranjeet kumar 5 years ago


It was highly motivating and inspiring material and thaught that you shared with masses.


shaina sheikh 5 years ago

Thanks sir .these are the points , who makes the speaker effective & attractive .

i achieved many of good point for making my speech effective.

sonal jain 5 years ago

Thanks for share your experience.I am sure,I will win the comptetion.

Shegha V S 5 years ago

thanks sir!

it was so useful or me

preethee.v 5 years ago

It il b very useful if v follow these steps...wel am goin to follow it for my extempore....

ash 5 years ago

thanks sir

mansi 5 years ago

Thank's for giving me information.It helped me.

mini 5 years ago

it was totally awesome,thankyou soooooooooooooo much

sidharth 5 years ago

thanks for all these information

bhawna  5 years ago

thanks dude

saranyadevi 5 years ago

thaks for ur information.its very helped me

Nikita bajaj 5 years ago

Thanks a lot. I hope that i will surely win this compitition on my ptc vadodara.

dr jacob shaji 5 years ago

thank u frnds...i am really happy that its helping u

sathak 5 years ago

thanx for helping me school level it helps to gain lots of confidence........:)

JYOTI 5 years ago



PLZ HELP ME...........

drjacobshaji profile image

drjacobshaji 5 years ago Author

u can find me here

i can help all of u prepare speeches...just make sure u find me..happy to help!!

suzen sen 5 years ago

thanx u so much

it is really wonderfull.!!!!!!!!

miheer phatak 5 years ago

very informative and helpful.........

also few tricks that are given are key factors......

thanks for the info..

drjacobshaji profile image

drjacobshaji 5 years ago Author

indeed happy that its useful for u folks!!!

sarah 5 years ago

its my first tyme at extempore...hope it helps me:)

leanna 5 years ago

thanx 4 de hlp buddy

muskan 5 years ago

thnxx a lot for ur proved to be very wise for me

preethi 5 years ago

i hope these tips will definitely going to work in my interview....

Divyansh Joshi 5 years ago

it relly helped me

Jason 5 years ago

thanks a lot was really helpful.

ann 5 years ago

extremely useful ! thanks

Apoorva Anand 5 years ago

Really this page seems to be brilliant.....this is really helpful....

thanx a lot......

thank u...

drjacobshaji profile image

drjacobshaji 5 years ago Author

thanks..thanks..and thanks

Nandu 5 years ago

thanx sir.

brightspark 5 years ago

thnkyuu so much!!!will definetly put these points to good use

amrita priya 5 years ago


tanay shende 5 years ago

thanks for this information i think that i would surely win the competition

aman sirari 5 years ago

this was extremely helpful to me and i proposed my hmmm

Hasmukh Gamot 5 years ago

I am a teacher and I thank you very much for his information. It will really help my students to win the competition. Thanks

siddharth 5 years ago


drjacobshaji profile image

drjacobshaji 5 years ago Author

your welcome..!! :-)

jahnvi sharma 5 years ago

thanks sir for giving us tese useful tips........

VINAM 5 years ago


Alan Alexander 5 years ago

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! This would help me a lot.

Shruti Dixit 5 years ago

It WaS ReAlLy UsEfUlL AnD FaScInAtInG....I ReAlLy GoT InSpIrEd....ThAnKs A LoT.....

Jahnavi 5 years ago

thanks a lot .......... :)

deborah 5 years ago

it was very useful.thanxxxx a lotttt!!!tommmorrow is my speech.hope it would be good.could you just tell how to overcome fear during speaking?

aishwarya 5 years ago

thiz wrk'z..!!!

smiley miley 5 years ago

thanks ! it really made me confident.....:)!

vinayak 5 years ago


kiran kumar 5 years ago

Thanks... very helpful suggessions

vel 4 years ago

thank u so much

Nabila 4 years ago

thanx 4 dis advise... :D

sweety jain 4 years ago

Thnx for the information

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Prashant 4 years ago

Thanx sir these are very useful 4 me

thank u very very much....:)

Ankusha Mittal 4 years ago

thanks a lot sir!

this raised up my confidence as well as my knowledge.

Harshita paliwal 4 years ago

THANXXXXX... a lot sir...

hvng maah ist extempo 2mrw...

fingers crossd... but definitely ur points boosted up my confidence n made me cleared of vt i hv 2 do...

ty ... :) so much!!!!

ANNY GIRL 4 years ago


kinley tenzin 4 years ago

thank u very much

NIDHI TAYAL 4 years ago


it helped me a lot

Jessia Rahman 4 years ago

thanks a lot.

ayaz rahman 4 years ago

thanks it helped very much

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Chusrang 4 years ago

Thanks a lot

Rajashree Hazarika 4 years ago

before it is making me very nervous but now confident.

plese make it useful send me more at

Jelin Raphael 4 years ago

Thanks a lot, sir! By following your methods, i was selected to be a representative of my school to tell speeches in another school!!

Bhuraj 4 years ago

I have never got such nice suggestions before.HOpe,it works.

Thank you,


drjacobshaji profile image

drjacobshaji 4 years ago Author

i am happy for u..jelin raphael..:-)

Lilit 4 years ago

Very nice and useful's very important to know all this in order to feel confident during your speech. Thanks for the good and literate information :)

vaibhav 4 years ago


jigyasa 4 years ago

awesome thnku sooooooooooooooooooooooo mchhhhhhhhhhhh.....................................................:)

drjacobshaji profile image

drjacobshaji 4 years ago Author

its always a pleasure!!

suresh rai 4 years ago

thnx im really greatful

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Haritha 4 years ago

thank you soooooooooomuch. now i got a confident that i get first .and plz give some experiences of yours.

Kajal 4 years ago

Thank you so much it really helped a lot.

Kajal 4 years ago

Thanks.It really helped me a lot.

kunjika:-D 4 years ago

Thanxxx..!! Dat ws such a gr8 help..:-)

Nw m jus bossted up fr 2moro z competition..:-):-):-

sana 4 years ago

thanks..your blog is easy to understand and very informative.

vanraj 4 years ago

its is realy gud.

sara 4 years ago

thank youy very much!

siddharth 4 years ago

best tips... thnkss...

unknown...... 4 years ago

it is very useful, awesome, all its fabulous!!

Taylor S 4 years ago

Tnku so much tommorow is my compeition n this is very helpful.

nikita 4 years ago

thanks a lot sir ...very effective and upto the point..i hope i ll able 2 clear this stage of extempore by keeping ur trick s in my mind so dt i can achieve my next stage of my placement.....

harsha 4 years ago

its a very persuating thing which would everyone kow before an extempore or debate thanks for telling us and it is a great help for my compeition which is held tomorrow..........................

Saloni 4 years ago

Thanks a lot sir... I am recently preparing for an extempore has given me a great confidence and knowledge to compete....

Sreehari G. Varma 4 years ago


it was so helpful.......

Pranjali 4 years ago


gfjjrttrtjj 4 years ago

you helped me a lot....i am gonna have a extempore comp on 17....and i think that the points u wrote will help me a lot

viren tak 4 years ago

hey thank u so much my extempore is on 3 and ur points will help me a lot

thanks again

bhumika 4 years ago

nic attempt 2 adress others i lik this and offcourse thanks

amair 4 years ago

it is very useful ................

syed bilal 4 years ago

thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hope ur tips be usefull

ananya kannan 3 years ago

it was very useful

slva 3 years ago

thanxx 4 da beutifull explanatinn i hab took part in extempoo... m rely nervoss btt ur wrdzz hab boost me up tqueueue

aditya awasthi 3 years ago

well i am glad that today i am able to speak on the varios topics but like for some higher level topics like diversity so some of the students even sometimes i am also not able to speak so how to tackle this problem

VinodKumar 3 years ago

Thank you sir. Really helpful

Abhijit Das 3 years ago

Thanks s lot sir!!!!

geeta 3 years ago

mind-blowing,fantastic,awesome,marvellous...oops words got finished

shritama 3 years ago

thank you soo much sir . its osem to have on stage and to remembere your points ...... thanks ............great

roxanne 3 years ago

can you list some quotes that are applicable to a number of topics ??

nasir shaikh 3 years ago

Thank you very much. It is always wonderful opportunity to give extempory speech. thank you agin.

charu singh 8 a DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL NIGAHI 3 years ago



amal 3 years ago

this is cool .it may help me a lot i am happy once more thankz a lot

Adee 3 years ago

thanx sir i think it would provide me a lot of confidence and i think i would do a bit better in my up coming extempore competition

Saumya 3 years ago

thank you so much! It will help me a lot...............

gracy prakriti 3 years ago

these common rules for extempore helped me a lot...thanxx a lot thia is the first time i had taken part in english extempore...again thanxx a lot.

Gabrial 3 years ago

thank you

rtis 3 years ago

thanks for help sir........

Gowri 3 years ago

in a competition chest numbers are provided,so,is there any need of self introduction.

Nebin 3 years ago


itz very very helpfull.......

Arshpreet Singh 3 years ago

its very beneficial for me.............thanx a lot...........

Anna 3 years ago

It is really really helpful,, Thanks a lot

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its so fabilious,awesoomee.

it help me a lot


enakshie 3 years ago

its a really helpful blog for beginners ......

thnx a lot

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yeahh i m going to win tommorow's copetetion.......thanxx a lot

Sandeep 3 years ago

itz gr8 nd helpful.........................thnxx :)

maisha 3 years ago

its realy good.thanks SIR.

Ayush 3 years ago really helping one.

vibha 3 years ago

thankz a lot for this i wished to get an advice for preparing my extempore competition thankx a lot sir and hats off to you!!!!!!!!

Anurag 3 years ago


sampreeti 3 years ago

It really helped a lot ..............the competition is tommorow..............i am nervous as hell.............mainly with what to say.since i lack in general knowledge................though i ca speak clearly it takes time to compose the things and we are only give TWO minutes to do so..........i was thinking of quitting when i found this helped .i will participate ...........THANK YOU

Shashank 3 years ago

thank you it is really helpful !!!

palak 3 years ago

10x dude......

Amrit 3 years ago

Thankxxxx man

3 years ago

thank you so much!!!

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Md Hasib 3 years ago

Thank you so much for your valuable advice.....

Rajan kumar 3 years ago

Thak you sir, thak you so much..............!

Rohan 3 years ago

Your TIPS were Awesome

It helped me tooo much.

maynazk 3 years ago

I got bad remarks on my last extempore.. Hope your tips may helphelp

maynazk 3 years ago

I got bad remarks on my last extempore.. Hope your tips may helphelp

James Solomon- India 3 years ago

Its very useful....although I attempted extempore for the first time I cracked it leaving all behind. Its nice of u sir. I wish I could get such wordings updated daily in my gmail inbox.

bhavani 3 years ago

its my first time at extempore...hope it helps me:) tommorow

Sruthi Santhosh 3 years ago

really wonderful tips..thank you.

Ishika K. Mandal 3 years ago

Thanx a lot...actually my intra school competetion is there so i wanted some good points.....i hope it will really help me...bye...

Relsplealanot 3 years ago

Hello elect see my sites, set it if there is not then I'm sorry.

anu 3 years ago

thank u so much......

bhartibhuvvi 3 years ago


riya 2 years ago

plzzz help me to give short 1 min speech on crime n self conciousnesss plzzz itss vry vry urgent

Abhishek Ghosh (HCHS) 2 years ago

Thank u sir... you suggestions have given me confidence .... and its my first extempore.....hope.all goes fine......A.G

Abhishek Ghosh (HCHS) 2 years ago

Thank u sir... you suggestions have given me confidence .... and its my first extempore.....hope.all goes fine......A.G

sangzin 2 years ago

thank u so much sir....

Ayat H. 2 years ago

Thank you,sir.

I hope it helps me through my very first extempore speech as well.

Anurag 2 years ago

Thanx a lot. I was so much nervous. But now I am much more confident for tomorrow's extempore. Hope it helps me.

Nikhil Verma 2 years ago


I'm student and I have first prize on extempore because of these tips of this website

Thanks for tips


Liana burnett 2 years ago

Thanks a lot .......

Lisa 2 years ago

Its very awesome. i just lovd it. thanks..

nithya neeth 2 years ago

really informatv.... made me realiz few ofmy mistaks..!! tqu...

n i ll share my experc to0.....

Siddhart Malik 2 years ago

can you please help me with starting quotes for eg. quotes that can go with any extempore

ritu 2 years ago

thanx sir. Tomorrow is my competition and this will help me a lot.

ritu 2 years ago

thanx sir. Tomorrow is my competition and this will help me a lot.

Anjani 2 years ago

Thanx day after tomorrow is my extempore competition & i think it eill help me alot.......... thanx sir ☆☆☆☆☆

Thanx alot once again

anonymous 2 years ago

Very helpful thing.......thanks for your cooperation.

Poonam joshi 2 years ago

Thanx a lot for providing this first-aid as it will work as a helping hand for sure

mohit 2 years ago

Thanks for giving me confidence

terisha teli 2 years ago

Thankyou sir , that's so helpful...

Khyati Chouksey 2 years ago

its very nice and helpful and THANX for that.

it will be more beneficial if you add a list of possible topics or the category from which topics are usually given.

vipin 2 years ago

Very nice

amal 2 years ago


Syed S. Ahmed 2 years ago

Seen you entire web page and the core points which are mentioned here are very use full for a beginner, I am a member of toast mater and won many extempore competition but still some times i feel nervous and shaky when i am at podium, To remove these problems i would request for your support in order to kill my nervousness.


pooja 2 years ago

its rly vry helpful...thnks a lot

aj 2 years ago

tomoorow is my extempore very lucky man is me

nj 2 years ago

realy thankzzzz

laksh 2 years ago

Thank u sir......

Bharati 2 years ago

Thanks! This is really good advice. The most helpful tips on extempore I've found online (till now that is). :D

basudha 2 years ago

it's really amazing !!

can u help me how to begin an extempore plz..

p pillai 2 years ago

A good guidelines for all

Ayush Anand 2 years ago

how to speak if i don't know about the topic.................nt a single line

AnjAli 2 years ago

Thnx,............for this post.

anudeep 2 years ago

your views are very good and it help me lot thank u

simran 2 years ago

its really helpful

but can you give me an easy topic

i m really very much confused

fsg 2 years ago


Madhur 2 years ago

thanx a lot...its really helpful..

aman 2 years ago


parita jamne 2 years ago

thanks with this i got an idea oh how to speak..... tomorrow is my competition and i m well sure that the points which u have said will definetly make me confident

sandra 2 years ago

hope I could do well in my competitions....

thank you

noyal 2 years ago

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rajnandini 2 years ago


Rohit 2 years ago

Really helpful thnks a lot

Mayank 2 years ago

Thax a lot I am going to be school captain and I love it

Khushi vyas 2 years ago

Thanku . After reading this gorgeus page I got 1st prize in elocution. I am really bery happy & thankful to u.

surinderpal singh 2 years ago

Awsm hai sir.. .twas really really helpful.

Hope dat u share more experiences wid us so as we may be inspired by u....


nidhi 23 months ago

Thank you sir.....

Tshandamay 22 months ago

Very much useful tips.....

Akshat 22 months ago

Man u r great...thx for all your help.....

Kashiikaa 22 months ago

thankyou so much. tomorrow is my extempore competition in scool and i was sooo damn nervous. hope it goes well... :/

yogin 22 months ago

It really gives motivation !!!!

madhu.... 22 months ago

thank u sooooooooooooo much...tmr is my extempore competition..........

i hope i WIN..!!!!!

chaynika 22 months ago

thanks ...a lot it gives me so much confidence as well as remember me some steps again thank u

krishan 22 months ago

thankx a lot love it

sneha 22 months ago

very nice to improve the skills and show our talent which was hiding...........its all coz of u thanks this not only helped me but i also hope the others who read it found useful too......... i have suggested even my frndz to look up to it and build up!


niki 21 months ago


tanisha goel 21 months ago

aweasomeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i will just win a prize because first empression is the last impression:)

Lisa Judith 20 months ago

Hmm! Having a program tomorrow and hoping for the Best! (Crossed fingers)

Thank you for your Tips!

angela 19 months ago

Superb, instructions for beginners like me....

kitty 19 months ago

what are the most common topics given in extempore competitions???????

nidhi nanfan tiwari 18 months ago

i am so very thankful to you for your recommendations.that's not my show,but I'm a two time declamation winner and one time debate runner up and winner. today i just came to know that i'm going for my extempore competition,and i'm representing senior category is my biggest tension 'coz now the challenge is much more difficult. But after reading your post I've GAINED LOTS And LOTS OF CONFIDENCE.I REALLY LIKE YOUR POST AND I'M GIVING IT 10/10.WISH ME LUCK FOR TOMORROW.

dikshant 18 months ago

but this is extampore so we get yopic befor 10min so what we do

Bindu 18 months ago

It improved my confidence level a lot

Anjali 18 months ago

Can u pease tell me that what can be the questions for a 7th std. Student

me 18 months ago


tanishk 18 months ago

Thanks for the tips I have really gained confidence after reading that

federick 18 months ago

Thx these tips hve boost up my confidence hope dat by the grace of God I win.

Starfire 17 months ago

it's really very useful. my friends used to laugh at me while i speech in an extempore . but now i am grateful to this page.

it helped me alot .

thank you once mre

sajal 17 months ago

thanks man for your suggesstion i think thatb it will work for me

anuradha 16 months ago

Very informative and useful.Good for the beginners! If implemented,one is sure to improve. Thank u for such valuable tips.

Arnav 16 months ago

thank you so much sir many many thanks to you

Shashank 16 months ago

Thank you sir...

Now,I am feeling improvisation in my performance.

ashay 15 months ago

What about self it to be simple name class and topic or a phrase related to the topic would work inspite of our intro..

hetvik shah 13 months ago

i learnt a lot from this

Syed S. Ahmed 9 months ago

Dear All,

I had attempted the extempore topics on many occasion, You just need to develop the thought on a given topic while heading towards podium, This would help you a lot to build confidence.

deepa 8 months ago

thanks a lot its very useful and well uderstanding

preethi 7 months ago

hey buddy , I am recently participating for a competition. I have tried many times to win it. But I never get the words out.. help me with it please..I am so nervous ... put some more tips na...

jyoti 7 months ago

thanx soooooo... much. it really helped me.

nv 4 months ago

Kumabsimida and I have much more confidence now that I can really did well today and again thank you sir

sambit 4 months ago

i need help sir. i have a competition tomorrow on extempore and i am participating for the first time.

vidhi singh 4 months ago

that was amazing!

gonna help alot..

thank you! :)

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