Has anyone ever taken the Career Step Medical Transcription Course

My experience with Career Step was awesome!

In 2000 I was working as a Hospital Unit Coordinator and hated it. I desperately wanted to work from home. While being a unit clerk, I would often come across patient’s typed reports. I’d also overhear the physicians when they’d dictate. One day I thought to myself, I can do this! Soon, I began to search for a training course in medical transcription. I didn’t want to attend college full-time nor sit in a classroom all day and work from 3-11 pm.

Somehow my search led me to a company called Career Step. Believe it or not, there weren’t that many sites online that offered distance education in transcription. After extensive review, it was a toss up between two companies. I sent off for information to both. The information packet I received from Career Step contained a contract, syllabus, enrollment form, and a cassette tape. Ha ha, I know – a cassette tape! What’s that? I popped the cassette tape in and while doing other things, I listened. Soon, I sat down and paid full attention. It was as if Andrea Anaya was in my bedroom telling me her story. After listening to the tape, I was hooked.

Now, you might be wondering, shouldn’t the course outline, the tuition, and guarantee of employment be my focus? It was! I had extensively reviewed the course, gone online to hear what fellow students had to say, and even joined the Career Step forum. But the tape helped me to know that I could trust Career Step. There was nothing sinister or dishonest in the voice I heard on the tape. I heard someone who was sincere and had an honest desire to help others learn how to become successful medical transcriptionists.

Once I signed up with Career Step, I received all of my learning materials. I still have that huge box of books and tapes. I began my course as outlined. If I had any questions, Career Step was just an e-mail away. I never encountered a problem with their website when taking tests or while on the forum. I found the training material to be refreshing due to my previous educational training to become a unit clerk, but I also learned plenty of new things. I would go around telling everyone how many bones were in the human hand. My family and friends would look at me like I was crazy. I couldn’t help it! I love learning and Career Step will help you learn! Now, if you’re wondering why other companies partner with Career Step, here’s why, there were tapes on beginning clinic notes, intermediate and advanced transcription. You’ll be typing everything from A to Z. Trust me, after typing over 500 reports, you’ll know what you’re doing!

I love Career Step and I am working to help others learn about them. They truly are an effective source of medial transcription training. I advocate their program wholeheartedly. Visit my website for more information about my experience with Career Step and the Medical Transcription training program.


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