Hindi Words And Phrases for Travelers To India

The Hindi language

Hindi is one of the many languages that is spoken in India. Although there are more than 200 languages in India; Hindi and English happens to be the most common of which Hindi is the most popular of all Indian languages.

Hindi came into being from a language called “Khari Boli” that was spoken in North and Central India derived directly from Sanskrit. In its earlier form, Hindi was called “Hindustani”. It then acquired a few words from Arabic and Person during the Islamic rule of India. Urdu also emerged from similar roots but took a different root as compared to Hindi by it utilizing Arabic scripts for writing as opposed to Devanagari script for Hindi. Interesting to note that, Hindi does not have capital letters and has a line on top.It’s a phonetic language meaning that it is spoken as it is written.

The main areas of India where Hindi is spoken are Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh¸ Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh – all together known as the Hindi belt of India. It is estimated that about 40% of India’s population has Hindi as their mother tongue. However, today most areas of India speak Hindi except the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Learning Hindi words and phrases

Although, most people in the travel industry in India know English, the trouble is that when a traveler starts speaking English or any other foreign language then most of the problem starts. For example; the rates of most items would go up, some will try to take undue advantage; it is then when most shopkeepers, beggars, touts and others try to take advantage of the language barrier and so on. So in order to protect oneself; they can carry a list of essential Hindi words and phrases and the occasional Hindi conversation with them. However, a local person or a foreigner to India who knows Hindi can get away with it with speaking Hindi. And that is when this book comes in handy.

A traveler to India will be fine if they stick to using English. However they must be prepared to pay slightly more than the locals and often taken for a ride if they don’t communicate in Hindi. Learning to speak Hindi can be a difficult task however there is no harm in learning some words and phrases that are most commonly in day to day life.

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Some Hindi words and phrases

Here are some common Hindi words and phrases that can be used when in India in addition to “Essential Hindi Words And Phrases For Travelers To India”.

Hello – Namaste

You – Aap

Me – Mai

Yours – Aap ka

Mine - Hamara

What is your name – App ka kya naam hai

My name is Bob – Mera naam Bob hai

Where are you from – App kaha se hai

I am from USA – Mai USA se hu

Where are you going – Aap kaha jaa rahe hai

Is your taxi free – Kya app ka taxi khali hai

What is the fare – Kitna bhara hua

Where is the railway station – Railway station kidhar hai

Learn Hindi Verb,Words and Sentence

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