History of coins-Half dollars

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One of the first coins minted in the United States is the half dollar. The first one was minted in 1794. Primarily, they were and still are used in casinos.

The one at the right top is a 1795 flowing hair half dollar. Ones like this go for $1500-2000. The flowing hair was only made 2 years, and then the draped bust was next.

The draped bust was minted from 1796-1807. Again as in other hubs past, the base metal in these coins was silver. Our money was on a standard at that time. What I mean by that is:the amount of silver was worth fifty cents. Now in all reality our money isn't worth squat. The metal used in most coins is much cheaper than the value of it.

The next half-dollar that was put out was the capped bust 1807-1839. We then had the seated liberty from 1831-1839.

I don't have any of these in my collection yet; I will in due time. The next half dollars will be ones from my collection that I am very proud of....

Barber half

These next coins are ones from my collection; first is the Barber half. It was named after the designer. It's also called a Liberty head. They were minted from 1892-1915.

Walking Liberty

Minted from 1916-1947 was the Walking Liberty half. The one shown here is a 1946 S. It is my favorite design. The new Silver dollar commemorative coins are designed in much the same way.

Franklin Half

The third picture is the Franklin Half. It was minted from 1948-1963. The one shown here is a beautiful coin; the back has full-bell lines on the Liberty bell. I wouldn't sell it for less than $900.

From 1964 until now we have had the Kennedy Half. 1964 is the last year with the coins being mostly silver.


The last picture here is a commemorative half dollar. Our mint makes many different Commemorative coins{both halves and dollars}.

The one pictured here is an example of the very first one; an 1893 Colombian Expo from the World's fair in Chicago. These are highly collectable.

Hope you enjoyed this hub. Next will be dollars!!

© 2008 Greg Boudonck

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Iðunn 8 years ago

I love half dollars although I've never personally seen an older one than JFK. Just rather odd and neat when you get one in change or something.

Froggy213 profile image

Froggy213 8 years ago from On A Mountain In Puerto Rico Author

They are neat and they are going up in value!!

Iðunn 8 years ago

see, I didn't know that. I think I have a batch of them somewhere. I always keep them, never spend them. Nice thing to know.

Froggy213 profile image

Froggy213 8 years ago from On A Mountain In Puerto Rico Author

Maybe you're rich!!

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 8 years ago from London UK

Another great hub to remind me of my coin collecting days;) thanks;)

Iðunn Good luck and hope you find a huge batch;)

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