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There is an interesting history that goes along with the Panama flag. It was originally made by a woman named Maria Ossa de Amador. She secretly began making the flag on November 1st in the year of 1903. All of her work had to be done in secret so the Colombian army would not find out the flag was being made. She worked carefully and skillfully as she made three separate Panama flags. The flag design that was made by Maria Ossa de Amador has since been adopted officially by the “ley 4 de 1925”.

The sketch of this flag was given to Amador by the son of a very skilled drawer named Manuel Amador Guerrero. When Panama declared its independence on the 3rd of November, all three flags were raised in Panama City to represent the independence of this country. Flag Day in Panama is celebrated on November 4th of every year. This is the day after Panama declared its independence from Colombia.

The Panama flag is a rectangle that is divided into four quarters. When you are facing the flag as it is laid out, this is what it would look like:

The top left hand quarter of the flag has a five pointed blue star in the middle of a solid white background.

The bottom left hand quarter is solid blue.

The top right hand quarter of the flag is solid red.

The bottom right hand quarter has a five pointed red star in the middle of a solid white background.

The design of the flag reflected the political situation that was happening in Panama at this time. Each section of the flag has a special meaning. For instance, blue represented the Conservative Party while the red represented the Liberal Party. The white sections of the flag stand for both purity and peace.

The two stars combined stood for the new republic while individually they both have a special meaning of their own. The five pointed blue star stands for the purity and honesty - expected for the life of the country, while the five pointed red star stands for the Panama's authority and law. For pictures and to learn more about the Panama Flag visit LearnAboutPanama.com

Panama Flag

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Ciara 9 years ago


maricarbo profile image

maricarbo 9 years ago

This is very interesting. I did not know that Manuel Amador Guerrero had done the design of the flag. To me it is a simple but beautifully balanced design. I'm glad to see there is another Panama Buff here. What did the other two flags look like?

PAMark profile image

PAMark 9 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada & Boquete, Panama Author

Hi Mari - if you take the link at the end of the article (above) it will take you to a page which shows the other flag entry. Thanks for your comment! I'm off to San Blas in two weeks and will be posting lots of photos and some video of my trip at my blog - blog.learnaboutpanama.com if you want to follow along.

Jordan 8 years ago

~Thanks i had to write a report for spanish on the panamanian flag and this website was very helpful! LOTZ of LOVE!

PAMark profile image

PAMark 8 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada & Boquete, Panama Author

Hey Jordan, that is so cool! I'm really glad you found the information helpful.

Taylor 8 years ago

I had to write a report on the Panama flag, and this gave me the information I needed in a short and simple way! Thanks!

PAMark profile image

PAMark 8 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada & Boquete, Panama Author

Hey Taylor, I'm really gald this information helped with your project. Thanks for letting me know and best of luck at school!

Risti 8 years ago

I had to research any country in the world and i picked Panama. I have friends that i call family that are from there. I could barly find any information on the flag. Thank God your site came up. Thank you so much for your help. Hopefully i will get an A. Wish me luck

Thanks Again


Risti 8 years ago

I had to research any country in the world and i picked Panama. I have friends that i call family that are from there. I could barly find any information on the flag. Thank God your site came up. Thank you so much for your help. Hopefully i will get an A. Wish me luck

Thanks Again


PAMark profile image

PAMark 8 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada & Boquete, Panama Author

Hey Risti, I'm so glad you found my hub helpful. I hope you get an A too - Best of luck! By the way not sure if this is of interest but I do have a blog and free newsletter with lots of info about Panama. You can check them out at http://www.LearnAboutPanama.com and http://blog.learnaboutpanama.com

rachel 8 years ago

thanks for the info

Jo Shmoe 7 years ago

thankyou that helped me for my project

Gilly 7 years ago

I really appeiciate your Panamanesss it helped me through the toughest of times in my life... I have gone through many triles and tribulations and i feel that this is the only site i can turn to... I love your knowledgability and awsomness, thank you

coturegirl 7 years ago

LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV it thanks u know this is good info on Pamana"s flag. i am doing a year long report on panama and is it one of the many reports include in the SUPER BIG one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kase 7 years ago

Thanks tons!

Tere Bianchi 7 years ago

My great great grand father was Manuel Amador Guerrero. His wife Dona Maria De la Ossa Amador-Guerrero made the 3 flags mentioned above. My parents still have one of them in mint condition.

PAMark profile image

PAMark 6 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada & Boquete, Panama Author

Tere, wow! That is awesome. I'm sure it is a wonderful feeling to know your family is part of Panama's history.

PartyPlannerDeb profile image

PartyPlannerDeb 6 years ago

Interesting. I love history and I think the stories behind how a country comes up with their flag and the meaning behind the Panama Flag is fascinating.

PanamaPaul profile image

PanamaPaul 6 years ago from Toronto

Interest history. It's also nice to see some student on here being able to use this information on the Panama Flag. I'm enjoying your other HUBS on Panama too. Keep writing - I want to learn more about Panama!

FLEG 6 years ago

thanks mann that really helped me fer my project. i have needed this info for weeks but i couldn't find it anywhere. i am so glad you had this break through information up for all of the public to see. it is so important for everyone in the world to know about. You are saving lives! the government of the USA could learn a thing or two from you fine people!

panamama 6 years ago

i agree with you totally FLEG. without this site availible to everyone in the world, we would all be dead. this is a site beamed down directly from god. i am really surprised more people have not commented on this info, cuz it is really worth the time to spend typing. why would we get the info and just leave when we could sit and blog about how great the info is, it is not like we could find this info anywhere else. what a shame for the people that get what they want and then just leave.

pnandds 6 years ago

We arrived in Panama City and got a collectivo to the domestic airport. We had a couple of hours to spare, and the guy recommended we go to the mall instead of waiting in the teensy airport with the army boys. The mall was big and American. There were oversized, massive animal statues everywhere. If it wasn't for all the polyester fluorescent clothes and lack of any cotton, you may have been disorientated. We went on another search for almohadas de viaje (travel pillows). We have been severely putting hate on anyone we see on buses with travel pillows. Sleeping on a bus is just not enjoyable waking up every 5 minutes or so because your head is snapping forward or to the side. We found a luggage store that had them...but they had none in stock. We cruised around looking at all the things we couldn't buy, ate some Quizno´s and headed back to the airport.

The plane to Bocas del Toro is teeny, and they charge you for any luggage over 35 lbs. The guy had weighed our gear, and our backpacks were sweet, but the surfboards put it over. So she decided to charge us $20 for the boards and then their extra weight as well, double charging us. She wouldn't look us in the eye when we pointed this out. Gotta love it. On the flight over we got mini bottles of red wine and toasted to our last stop on the magical Caribbean. Next thing, I look over and Michael´s glass is in his lap, red wine and ice everywhere on his white shorts. I think he forgot to use the little indent on the tray. We arrived on the island and headed to a hotel. We cruised around for a bit before dinner...and were not too impressed. It was nothing like the white sand, crystal clear blue water of Belize and Honduras. It was more full of rubbish washed up on shore and we even saw a few diapers and unmentionables. Michaels friend had told him Bocas was beautiful, but then he remembered he´d actually said it was a good party place and all he did was drink, which might have helped with the beautiful part.

We woke up the next day and went to breakfast, where we met a Pomme guy who had been living ther for 15 yrs. He said he owned a restaurant, and was the chef there as well. What he really meant was that some guy owned it for him and he still had to leave the country every 3 months to renew his tourist visa or pay someonelse to do it for him. He was a super itchy, scratchy twitchy guy who proceeded to tell us that lotsa times bricks of coke washed up on shore of the islands. If there were any missing, the police would go full force til they found them all. He found one once. He´d had it for a couple days and ended it throwing it back to sea before it wrecked him.

Afterwards, we headed to the closest beach. The buses were broken and it was about $15 for a taxi to the beach. So we walked to one, found the spot with the least rubbish, waded in for a swim, attempted to hacky sack on the beach and started walking back. But every step we took feltl like there were little pins jabbing into our feet. You couldn't see anything, but you couldn't walk. It finally went away and we walked home, just about the time we decided to leave the next morning. The best thing about Bocas was the plantains we bought from a cart in the street, they're sliced up and mashed flatter and then fried and hers were taaasty. We got the ferry the next morning to get the bus to David. There was this skinny old guy, almost 70 I´d say, with a jean jacket vest and long white-yellow-gold hair. He never told us his name, but he said he used to be in a band and played with Deep Purple and now he´s building a hotel in Panama for other bands to come stay at. It seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, and he said he might be dead by the time it was finished.

Takota Smith 6 years ago

Panama is a great place to live if you like a tropical climate!

Takota Smith 6 years ago

For tropical climate lovers, check out Panama on google and read all about it in over 20 pages of explanations. It's great for people who like sun during the winter, because that's what your going to get if you go there and there's 8 months of rain but its a beautiful place to live so check it out if your looking for a vacation.

dallas de la cerda 6 years ago


Gladys and Taylor 6 years ago

thank you!this will def help us on our project on panama in Latin america.we can.t fail with this info

Aileen 5 years ago

Thanks! This information was very helpful, but the flag wasn't designed by Maria Ossa de Amador, it was Manuel Encarnación Amador, son of Manuel Amador Guerrero design. Maria Ossa de Amador just made it. :)

Jacques 5 years ago

Hey, I'm Panamanian by selection. Been married 6 years and my pilgrimage to Panama occurs every year around November and I'm here to tell you that when it comes to raising a family and establishing a legacy, hands down my Panamanians have their act together. Viva Panama!

Emily 4 years ago

It seems I am not the only one who found this article helpful when I was doing a report on the Panama flag in Spanish class!

Thank You


ASHELY 4 years ago

cooool article! helped me with my school project A lot

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