Hollywod and the Rainforest


Proving that many of Hollywood's leading stars are committed in their efforts to save the rainforest, top film actor Channing Tatum has admitted to voluntarily getting lost in the Guyana rainforest with his friends, in a bid to ascertain how long they could survive without help in the rainforest!

The star of Magic Mike was supported in his venture by famous survival expert Bear Grylls, who arranged for Tatum and his friends to experience their epic adventure in South America - and Channing admitted that he found the dangerous habitat, 'thrilling'.

A Wild Adventure

He explained, on David Letterman's famous Late Show, that he and ten others decided to venture out into the rainforest with two native Indians, learning as they went and discovering real beauty within the rainforest. He explained too that the experience had really stripped back his understanding about what was truly necessary for life.

The group carried just hatchets and hammocks and were amazed at the variety of wildlife they saw, including crocodiles swimming across the same river they were obliged to! He also commented on being surprised at the incredibly loud noise or all the animals out there - particularly the monkeys! The star entertained Letterman and his audience by regaling them with tales of everything they'd seen and experienced - from the natural beauty of the forest, to the challenges that came with surviving in a truly wild environment.

Positive action.

It's stories like this that do fantastic work in spreading the news of the rainforest preservation campaign and encourage more young people to be inspired to come together and work to save the rainforest, so we applaud Channing for his experiences and awareness raising of our world's greatest rainforests. The more people who spread the news the better - particularly high profile people with the power to get messages to large audiences and inspire new people to learn about what's happening to our planet's most vital resources.


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