Home Schooling: Crossing the Line Between Teacher and Parent

Being A Parent And A Teacher, To Your Child

 Home Schooling, is becoming more and more popular.  There is no real way to pinpoint the reasons.  Increasingly,  parents are bringing their children home away from public schooling, to take on their educational needs.  Some of the reasons given, is the child is not learning and falling farther behind, Teacher/parent disagreements on methods of teaching, drugs, gangs and also because of program cuts.  Although these are only a few of the individual reasons, they are very sound reasoning for home schooling your own child.

In short order, the parent assumes the role of both parent and teacher.  The child(ren) are looking to the parent for direction of what is expected from them.  They are looking with wonderment, as to where this is going to take them.  Now it is up to you, the parent to decide what topics/subjects to start with and what the standards are, which they are going to be made accountable for. 

Doing All Things Right, So Far!

Well, you looked into private schools which offer satellite courses, and all you are required to do, is wait until you receive the materials and then be sure your child(ren) keep up with their work and testing dates. Easy? Well yes it can be if you are going to leave your kid(S), to their own vices. Fun? Yes, it can be if you participate, in your child's new learning environment. Challenging? Yes it can be challenging. But this depends on how much you decide to participate in your child's educational goals and learning with them.

Then, the night before you receive materials; or should I say the materials for the kids are due. You toss and turn, no rest for you as you worry about crossing the line, or establishing the definite line between being a parent and that of being a teacher. You start worrying about whether or not you made a good choice. You certainly do not wish to make any mistakes.

Is There Two Roles Being Played?

 Well, to put your mind at ease, There is no pre-defined lines, only those lines established by you.  Let us consider this:

You, as a parent, was the first teacher your child ever had!  That is right !  When you took your child and enrolled them into the school you did so for two reasons; most likely.  First, you were forced to enroll  your child in public school by law.  Secondly, you probably felt that it was time to get back to work, and the family needed the added income.

No one told you that you could side step public education, by simply home schooling, nor did they assist you in looking for ways to home school your kids.  All you knew, most likely, was that by some state law, the kids had to be in school and that the neighborhood kids went to public school.

Back to your being your kid's first teacher.  you single handily taught your kids to talk, to listen, towards knowing his/her ABC's, towards keeping safe, you taught manners and moral right and wrongs (hopefully), how to color etc.....  Who could have taught your children better than you, the parent?  No one!  If you look back on this, you also taught your child that if he/she does not follow rules, they will be punished.  

A Quick Question:

Okay, Where is the Proverbial Line that you are so worried about crossing?  Honestly, I do not see any lines in the sand, saying that you have to wear two seperate hats, or hold down two roles.

A Contrasting Look At Public Schools

 If you consider when you dropped off the kids off, at school, you left them with a person you first only met for five minutes. You entrusted this acquaintance with your child's development and welfare.  It must have been okay, all the parents have done this, and had no issues. 

 As time went on, you find that your child now distrusts your judgement and argues that you are too old, to understand.  But Mr. Jones at school understands.  Why would someone who only developed contact with your child, a few months ago, out rank your judgment? How could he understan more than you can?  How this came to be?  Long process to explain, but in a nutshell, if you did not know him enough to say you trust him, Then why leave your child with him?

If you are wondering why your child begins questioning your choices, this might be a starting point. 

This Child Depended on You, To Make Good Choices

Well, in the context of this article, You are some what being bullied. However, in all fairness, you were bullied into sending your child to public schools. You are being minipulated in a sort of way, your child gets minipulated at public schools by peers and by teachers, alike. However, before you make this decision, it must be sid that Home schooling is not for every family.

There are factors that will be best addressed by researching your options. I have several articles, in my posting that may be of assistance, in assessing whether or not this is a good choice, for you and your child. But, you should neer discount your ability to control the environment of your child's education. You should never think of parents and teachers have an intersecting line that can not be crossed.   There is no such lines in the sand, when it pertains to teacher and parent.

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