Home Schooling: Teaching Your Child How To Find Answers:

Children Always Ask Questions

Since Children always ask questions, we decided to put together some information, to help those whom are new to home schooling, find projects for their kids to research and write about. We have became so busy with everyday core requirements, that we failed to realize that all of the information, our children are finding could be good projects, for them to write about.

Our oldest told me, this morning that writing is boring. I laughed at that comment, and she knew she was in the rough, and deep. She tried so hard, to get out of it but then found later that she actually found herself in the sand trap. Let me briefly explain. About an hour after she made the comment, she came back and asked me what made the leaves on the trees change color. I cleared my throat, and she shrank in her chair and let out a hard breathe of "Oh, Crap!"

I told her to get her notebook, and pen and get ready to write for me. I told her to find out the name and type of sugar based chemical, that trees produce. Then told her to find out what causes the plants/trees to produce this chemical. Then added, for her to find out what causes the tree leaves to change color with the seasons. She sighed until I added that she had to write an essay, and put it all together. Again, a resounding "oh Crap!" slipped out from under her breathe.

So My Request Brought The Writing Of This

So, with my request to her, I decided that maybe it would help home schooling parents, to design projects for their child students. So, With That all out in the open I will begin to drive this hub, towards helping you find projects that will enhance your child's home schooling, experiences. Who knows, maybe it will teach you some things, as well.

At home, kids appear to be at a disadvantage to those whom go to public school. Why? Well because the resources available to the home schooling parent, are limited in that the parent can not rely on the school district to allocate supplies or funds for researching projects or field trips. However, with the great arrival of the Internet, the playing field has been leveled out some. Also, public school students can not go on field trips, at the whimsical desires of a teacher without a bunch of formalities. This is where the table and scales lay to the advantages of the home school student.

Finding Resources For A Writing Project

 Well, We sat down and brain stormed, while we drew a "mind map" for her to begin.  What the heck is a "mind map?"  Okay, we started with fructose, the sugar that is produced by the plants, for food and processing enzymes which help the plant eat and grow. (Don't tell my daughter that this chemical and photo-synthisis causes leaves to change color, but she will find this out later._)  

Well a "Mind Map' for those of you whom are not familiar with them, it is a process where you use one phrase, or "keyword set" and place it in the center of a piece of blank paper.  Then you take that word and draw six or more lines away from the word(s) set, like the word is a beaming light, and the rays are reaching away from it.     Okay, It is easier to show, than to describe..  However, once the first set of spikes have another word which is associated with the centered word, you draw beams off of the six new words or phrases and do it again.  (See the diagram, at the upper right hand side of this section, maybe the example will help you understand better.)

Okay, we have key phrases or words to start with.  Let's go to Google, Yahoo and maybe ehow search engines and see what those words and phrases might bring about.  If you are stuck, then maybe a "keyword search" tool with google will assist you in finding variables on the terms you have written down in your "mind map".    Hey, this sounds like one method that will help in writing hubs, too... Yes, you are right!!!  This is a very good method of pulling apart a subject and organizing materials..   Oh, it is also a good way for you to find key words for your optimization keywords, for hubs and blogs, as well.

Okay, Putting It All Together

Taking whole pieces of paper, you can organize the words in categories or stages, which you are wishing to bring your project or subject to life. But single words or phrases can not build an entire paper.. Yes, it can, but normally unless you are all to familiar with the subject, you are going to have to put some reading and searching, for material to fill in the "gaps" which will lay between the key word and key phrases.

Internet here we come! Allow your student to get on the internet and bring one of the search engines, which will bring the materials to your key word/phrases. Well the Keyword phrases, will bring a sense or as I call it a "flavor or style" of writing, to the project. Looking for materials which either will complement your keyword phrases, thus acting like "putty" filling in the cracks in tile or between drywall panels.

By Following these simple starter steps, one should be able to teach their child how to research and write unique materials, with out issues of plagerism. Of course you will want the child to note, all sources of the materials, so you can check it for copied materials. Well, I normally will have my daughter save the page link, to the desktop, in a new folder with the given article or material titles. Then I have her click and drag it, in to a folder named the same as the title of her project. This keeps all aspects of research available, and in a neat folder; instead of being scattered all over the desk top of the computer...

Hope this helps you, and your kids in research and writing materials for essays and projects. I know by doing this, you as the parent/teacher and the child whom is researching will both benefit from this exercise. .

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