Home Schooling and Bringing Parents Closer to Children

Children and Parents Learning Together:


As children grow and mature, they are constantly looking for ways to bond with their parents. However, due to our schedules and obligations, we sometimes get side tracked away from our child. Unfortunately, with life getting in the way and the kids start drifting away from us. Building and maintaining a relationship with you children, is much like maintaining the relationship with your significant “other”.

Home Schooling can be made to accomplish the relationships, you wish to have with your child. By bringing both of you to various levels of interaction, it shows your child that you are not afraid to learn, as well as to take charge, when it is needed. It also allows your child and you to interact on a daily basis, potentially bringing both of you closer.

Take Firm Control, Without Alienating Your Child

Home Schooling or teaching your child, can blur the proverbial “lines” between parental roles and educator roles, if you are not careful. Setting guidelines for both you and your child, then maintaining those guidelines, will make things easier once both of you get used to the new relationship interactions.

Throughout your Home Schooling experience, you must set defined goals, that you will hold your child accountable. Assigned materials must be accomplished in so many days, and at the end of the week, you may wish to check their progress, and review materials completed. However, leaving yourself open to learning problem areas, with your child will go a long way in developing educational respect.

Don’t Be Afraid To Learn With Your Child


It is all to common a child will blurt out, something like: “I don’t understand, You don’t understand, I am stupid, the materials are stupid or lame. “I can’t get this therefore I must be dumb!” All of these are simple ways for your child to tell you, “I don’t understand and for me to become interested, I have to be shown how to do what is expected.” By taking the hint and stopping them, you should consider finding a good way of taking a subject to a level the child can comprehend.

By taking a day, out of your busy schedule and planning time at the library or on a field trip, or maybe just sitting down with the child and showing them what is expected. Be patient, because the chances are, the child will rebel at first. However, if you can disarm them by asking questions as to what is confusing or not clear to them, you may find a simple way of re-engaging them in the subject.

Are you Looking For Home Schooling Materials?

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