Homeschooling in Texas

Learning the Rules

Wading through the legal system to win the right to teach your child can be expensive and frustrating. Thankfully, you rarely encounter that difficulty in Texas. Homeschooling in Texas is a simple process with very few hoops to jump through in order to teach your children the way you think they should be taught. Homeschooling laws in Texas provide you with flexibility and simplicity in educating your child.

When to I have to start teaching?

You must begin teaching your child no later than his sixth birthday. If the child has already attended first grade, then you may start younger. Texas requires homeschooling parents to teach reading, writing, math and citizenship. These were stipulated in section 25.085b of the Texas Educational Code.

History of Texas Homeschooling and current requirements

Homeschooling in Texas has always met with little resistance in the court, since there were no statutes that pertained directly to homeschooling.This changed in 1985 when the stated outlawed homeschooling and instituted truancy charges against any family that attempted to teach their children at home.

This lasted until 1987, when a class action suit was filed against the state of Texas. The suit was filed in Arlington, Texas but was actually against every district in the state. As a result of the suit, new legislation passed that basically gave each homeschool family private school status.

The new legislation requires a written curriculum that encompasses reading, writing, spelling, grammar and good citizenship. This is in contrast to other states that must approve the curriculum or require the teacher to be licensed in order to teach at home.

How to Prove I'm Homeschooling

Many states require the homeschooling family to provide proof of their children's education to avoid a truancy citation. Texas only requires documentation if concern has been raised about whether the children are being taught. The parent need only submit a written statement of assurance that their kids are being educated. The state has no right to request entry to the home or to see records or curriculum regardless of the circumstance.

Can I go to college?

Homeschooling in Texas has the same status as a high school diploma. This means that a college must accept the homeschooler's statement that they have completed all required classes along with their ACT or SAT scores in order to enroll in the school. The state further has no right to force standardized testing on the students.

A certain freedom is available when homeschooling in Texas that is not afforded other states. Many homeschooling families flock to Texas when looking for a place to quietly teach their children. This creates a homeschool community that is vibrant and growing within the state, which makes it easier to get information and help when you need it.

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