How Best to Cure Cradle Cap

How to cure cradle cap

If you are struggling with cradle cap on your young infant don't worry because there is a way to cure it. You don't have to buy over the counter medicines to get rid of it, all you need is olive oil. Yes simple olive oil. Give it a try and see the miraculous results.

Here is what you need:

  • Half a cup of olive oil

  • Warm water

  • Clean flannel or wash cloth

  • Soft brush

  • Clean small towel


Wet your child's head with warm water and a clean flannel or wash cloth. Once you have done this, soak your child's head with half a cup of olive oil and brush it through with soft brush. This is best done at night so, place clean small towel on your child's bed or pillow and let them go to sleep. In the morning wash your child's hair with warm water. Brush through the hair with a soft brush and continue to rinse the hair until it is fully clean. Dry it with a small clean towel, most of the cradle cap should have been cured. However, if it is not then you can repeat this process again the next day. Continue to repeat the process until the cradle cap has totally gone away.

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