How Learning has Helped Me

Me, Staying with my friend whilst homeless

Discussion with Shannon, Craig and Tanja

Discussion with Shannon, Craig and Tanja

This is a record of a discussion with three of the staff here at Trinity court about what I got from completing outside in and get from learning in general. I said basically the following.

Although many young people see studying or going to school as a chore and a rather boring thing that  unfortunately must be done  or in some cases pointless; I have to say I have never really shared that attitude. As a young child I was brutally bullied and beaten everyday at school behind the teachers’ backs and in turn it got to the stage where I was too terrified to speak, went into my own little isolated world that almost no one could penetrate. The only person that heard my voice for over a year was my sister. So, my teacher assumed that I had learning difficulties or possible autism because of my incessant day dreams and lack of speech and he put me on learning support. I hated it, it was incredibly easy and I would finish the entire booklet before the rest of my group were past the third or fourth page. After a month or two I got so frustrated with this level of work that I used to avoid the bullies after class and sneak into my classroom and steal the textbooks that the rest of the class were doing. I would listen to what pages they had to do for homework and watch what they had done that day and hide in the toilets at breaks to complete the necessary pages to stay up to date. I was determined to learn and I felt privileged, I then returned the textbooks as and when I was done. I eventually beat the bully back quite seriously and I never had much trouble in that school after that, I then slowly but surely started getting my confidence back and began talking again. Then when I was eight we moved out to Huntly, a small town in Aberdeenshire. The previous school obviously had recommended me for the learning support program but only six weeks in, the Learning support teacher said that it really was not necessary and she was confident that I could catch up because I was very dedicated to learning and always gave it 100%. I have never felt so proud in all my life, I was finally being recognised as the same as all the other pupils my age.

I really enjoyed doing Outside In because it pushed me back into learning and gave me something constructive to do with my time. I didn’t find it exceedingly difficult but beneficial just the same. It’s not just the sense of achievement I get after finishing a learning course but it’s all the work you put in during the learning process. It really gives you something to get your teeth into. I can’t really describe what I get out of learning; it’s almost like an academic version of an adrenaline rush if you know what I mean.

I’ve always been the type of person that enjoys researching a topic fully and then taking what I’ve learned from that and writing it in my own words, so this was a good experience. I found the Human rights and responsibilities particularly interesting as I have not studied such a topic since school really, or at least not so in-depth.

In my own time I research religion and belief systems from around the world and write articles about them on a book page on ‘bebo’. I’ve always been a spiritual person and find all religions intriguing, particularly the ancient ones that date back to pre-Islamic and pre- Christian time like the ancient Egyptians, Celtic beliefs systems such as Wicca and the ancient Hawaiians. The pleasure I get from this type of learning is that as I come from a mixed religious background (Islamic and Christian) and I have friends that are part of totally different backgrounds I find it useful to really be able to understand where they are all coming from without being personally involved with one particular religion. This way, I can see things from all angles which I prefer as I am a rather philosophical person in a way and I am always searching for knowledge and the answers to infinite unanswerable questions.

To summarise, I have always enjoyed learning and gained pleasure from it and doing Outside In has reminded me exactly how much I do enjoy learning completely new things and furthering my current knowledge on any given topic.

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paul walker 6 years ago

we never stop learning, growing a hoping, knoledge is power remember

paul walker 6 years ago

i couldnt find a way

to live anoyer day

every one has to have thier say

i cant believe the truth

but i must believe my eyes

and i cant say im surprised

then you came in

danced into my mind

what a beatiful way to save me

you dont need a gun

just to blow my mind

you look at me an smile

thought i'd try writing a poem instead and send you lyrics later, not as good as yours but we must start somewhere write?

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