How To Drop An Egg 100 Feet Without Breaking It

Egg Drop Project

How do you drop an egg from a 100 feet without the egg meeting a violent end? The design was created by my 14 year old daughter for a science project and we successfully tested it to confirm it works.

=== The Cockpit ===

Wrap the egg tightly with 1/4 inch bubble wrap. Insert the "astronaut suited" egg into a 3" X 3" X 3" box. That's a 3 inch square box. Ensure the egg is snug with additional bubble wrap. No seatbelt necessary, but the egg should not be loose inside the cockpit. Tape the box shut and write "Pilot Aboard" on the outside of this box.

=== The Inner Shell ===

Crinkle newspaper and line the bottom of a 9" X 9" X 9" box. Insert the "Cockpit" box into the middle of the nest. Crinkle more newspaper and stuff around the "Cockpit" until the box is snug. Tape the box shut and write "Mr Chicken Aboard" on the outside of this box.

=== The Outer Shell ===

Crinkle newspaper and (you guessed it) line the bottom of a 12" X 12" X 12" box. Insert the "Inner Shell" box into the middle of the nest. Crinkle more newspaper and stuff around the "Inner Shell" box until the box is snug. Tape the box shut and write "Watch Out Below" on the outside of this box.

=== The Launch ===

Yell "Watch Out Below" to ensure you do not hit an innocent bystander on the ground. Drop the Large Box from a 100 Foot Tower. The outer box will compress and absorb the shock. The inner box might have a dent, but "Mr Egghead" will have accomplished his glorious mission in tact.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hard boiling the egg... is cheating.
  • Freezing the egg... is not cryogenics.
  • Microwaving the egg... is a total mess. And dangerous!
  • Avoid hitting your Dad who's on the ground taking a video of the event. Mom will not be happy!


gajanis786 profile image

gajanis786 6 years ago

Interesting enough.....I wish Guinness World Recorders were present at the launch.

Tracy 5 years ago

thanks that helps a lot

Cool Story Bro 5 years ago

cool story bro.

Curtis 4 years ago

That awesome ! At my sons school they drop the egg from the second story, then throw it from the second story, then hit it with a baseball bat. The container size can not exceed 7" out side demention. Where did they come up with that rule?

5TH Grader 4 years ago

I couldn't come up with an idea for my egg drop project.And this helped me!!!Another 5th grade teacher will go on the roof and throw it.THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roblox 4 years ago


Taylor 4 years ago

This is amzing! I couldn't come up with a project... But now I have one! Our 5th Grade contest is 2 weeks from now... I hope my egg doesn't break! Thanks!

Jennica 4 years ago

I believe you so im gonnna try to do that tommorow

julia 4 years ago

thatis oooossssoommee

jake 4 years ago

thanks my egg drop project is due 2 days from now1

Maija 4 years ago

that's awesome I never thought that is possible.

ashawaay 4 years ago

yay my project id due tomorrow and i finally have an idea!!!!

matty 4 years ago

great love to hear it

Minecraft 3 years ago

can we see the picture how she dropped the egg

love 3 years ago

funny story!!!!! My project is due soon and i needed an idea. This helped me a lot!!!!!!

slimjim270 profile image

slimjim270 3 years ago Author

We have a local Fire Warden's Tower (all 120 steps) as we live in the Northeast. At the top of the tower, there is a viewing area and she tossed her double-layered box (egg tucked inside) over the edge of the railing. Then hiked back down the stairs to check out the results. Unfortunately, we didn't get a photo of her tossing the box or of her excitement when we opened it to see the egg was unbroken. It was a windy day and I was glad to be back on the ground (not too keen on heights) - though the view was great.

Polly white 3 years ago

That cool I hope it works

Six did 3 years ago


crayz steve 2 years ago

dat helped

pocko da taco 2 years ago

hope dis works I may try it

Elizabeth 2 years ago

How much did it weigh?

slimjim270 profile image

slimjim270 2 years ago Author

The entire package (egg - bubble wrap - in a box - in another box) weighed less than a pound and a half. You could probably get it under a pound if you used smaller boxes and a lighter inner box.

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