How To Market To Teenagers

Like all people, teenagers are none other. All have different ways of marketing to a select group of people. Old people you put your at on coupons or cans of pruns. Kids you may want to put it on Disney Channel or a Pixar film. But teenagers are a little different. Every year it seems that the generation changes. Teenagers are hard to reach to if you dont know how to get to them. But there are ways

The Social Market

  • Facebook - its true! Probably 78% of all people between 13 and 23 own a facebook. Each person then has at least 50 friends (AT LEAST). Its the perfect way the communicate with everyone at once. Making a banner or ads on the side are very successful, because each person probably spends a half an hour each day on Facebook alone. If your a company or a small business, start making a Facebook that represents your product or company. The important thing is if someone asks you to be their must confirm yes.
  • Myspace - basically the same thing as facebook. Facebook sets it up for you but Myspace you have to make your own, a personalized site. But still almost everyone has a myspace. A great way to get your product into the heads of teenagers.

The Television Era

  • The N - The N is a television channel that only has teenage based shows such as "what i like about you" "degrassi" and "that 70s show." While probably 18 or 19 year olds may not watch as much anymore, kids from 12-17 watch the channel all the time. Advertisements on this channel would help
  • The Movies - Teenagers stopped liking Disney a long time ago, but teenagers still love the movies. The more action the better. Such movies as G.I Joe, Wolverine, Transformers 2 or Harry Potter. Getting a way to incorporate these top selling movies with your product would rocket you up.
  • XBOX, PS3, Wii - Every guy with a pulse under 24 loves games. Zelda, Halo, Gears of War. The magazines that specialize in games or the websites that show nothing but games would be great way to reach to men of this age.
  • The Gangster Shows- The N isnt the only show teenagers like as they get older towards 18, kids start liking shows such as Miami Ink, Ice Road Truckers, Family Guy or Most Deadliest Catch. These channels would be great.

The Hot Spots

Places where teenagers hang out are the best for advertising.

  • Food - Fast food, and the alternative fast food industries such as Chipotle or Qdoba
  • Hookah Bars - Only 18 and up
  • Malls - Not all the mall! Just places like PacSun, Buckle or American Eagle
  • iTunes - Yes a lot of people hang out there and if you can hit up front page...WOW

Good Marketers

  • Monster Energy Drink - Monster Energy Drink does a great job of advertising! They work with big hitters that teenagers love such as Motocross, WakeBoarding and Teenage Magazines¬†
  • 5 Gum - 5 Gum is not that great of gum but they sell more than everyone! They are able to make ridiculous commercials that involve satire and comedy on a large number of channels targeted to teenagers.

So Why Do Graffiti To Relate? Just Follow These Tips!

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