How To Teach Your Child Their Nine Times Tables

Learning your times tables is one of the most important but arduous aspects of junior school mathematics. Here are a couple of tricks to help your child gain confidence and speed in their nine times tables.

Method 1:

The first method for helping your child to learn their 9 times tables is to put their hands flat on the table in front of them palms up. Each finger represents a number 1-10.

Think of an example i.e. 4x9=36

As it is 4 times 9 bend the fourth finger from the left down. To the left of this finger are 3 fingers to the right are 6, hence 36

Try another example. 9x9=81

As it is 9 times 9 bend the 9th finger down. To the left of it are 8 fingers and to the right of it are 1. Hence 9x9=81

This provides an excellent visual illustration of the nine times tables.

Method 2

The one less, equals 9 method.

Think of an example i.e. 6x9=54

As it is 6 times nine we know that the first part of the answer is one less than 6 so 5

The answer always adds up to 9 so we know that if the first part of the answer is 5 the second part must be 4- hence 54

Another example:

8x9= so one less than 8 is 7; we know that the first part of the answer is 7

It must add up to 9 hence 7+2=9 so the answer is 72

Repetition Is The Key

I was very surprised when my daughter started to learn times tables at school that her teacher didn't require her to chant them. Instead she was given a sheet with the times table on it and told to learn them at home. This was all well and good except that without the chanting that we did as children it was very hard to get that volume of information into her brain.

Chanting times tables at home by yourself isn't much fun so I had to think of a way to make it more interesting. I did this by downloading times tables songs onto her ipod. I did it one at a time, only adding the next one when she got good enough at the one that she was on.

I also purchased a times tables dvd. This had a times table rap on it and that seemed to really help as she liked to dance around to it in front of the tv.

I also went for the saturation approach, buying a times tables poster that I stuck at a suitable level on the back of the toilet door. We had times tables dinner mats- you name it, we tried it! Thankfully it worked and my daughter is now a times tables expert.

I also used Kumon to help her. To read my full review of the Kumon Math program please click on the highlighted text. However if your child is not enrolled in Kumon math you can still buy individual Kumon workbooks on Amazon that can help your child to learn. This can provide the much needed practise and repetition. One thing that I found helpful was to use a Kumon workbook, set a specific number of pages to do. I would then time my daughter as she did the times tables questions, giving rewards for improving her times. This seemed to motivate her enormously.

time table video

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TheFont profile image

TheFont 5 years ago from Australia Author

Melson this only works for the nine times table, not all tables. This is why the page is how to teach the Nine times tables So 3x9 would be 27, which is correct!

Melson 5 years ago

i wonder how the method being used to calculated 3 x 3.

Using method 2, the answer is 27.. not correct!!!

Joy At Home profile image

Joy At Home 7 years ago from United States

Very cool method...wish I'd known about this as a young child.

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