How To Tell If Someone Is Lieing To you

NLP Eye Movement Diagram

 Its can be a tricky business sometimes trying to work out if someone is lieing to your or not, but the big question is, can we actually tell if someone is lieing to us by using pyschology and reading their body language. The answer to this question is most certainly yes. You will never be able to get it correct in 100% of cases but perhaps 99% if you continue to practise, and learn the fine art of body language.

Above is a diagram of the NLP's findings when it comes to eye movement. The diagram shows us that when a person is looking up or sideways to the right they are using constructed visual images, or constructive auditory. When they look to the left they are in fact using remembered visual images and auditory. Therefore this can be the first step to telling if someone is lieing to you or not. You will need to notice very small eye movements and pay lots of attention, which over time becomes easier to notice. Therefore Practise means perfect.

One misconception that many people take is that when someone is avoiding eye contact with you, they must be lieing. This is very incorrect. Put yourself into a liars shoes. If you were telling a lie you would be thinking to yourself "I must keep eye contact because otherwise people will think I am lieing". Therefore somebody who does keep eye contact the whole way through is more likely to be lieing than those that do not. If you watch somebody in normal conversation you will see that they do not keep fixated on someone as they are always moving their eyes andf their head in order to find that remembered visual auditory and image. Therefore it is fair to say that just by studying someone eyes you could get a good picture of whether they are lieing or not, but you may need extra proof to convince yourself.

The next thing you should focus your attention towards should be their body language. Body language along with eye movement are the two biggest give aways for someone telling a lie. Learn How to Read Body Language

Most people would have heard of Derren Brown and David Blane. What Derren Brown does is really quite amazing. It is slightly more amazing than that of David Blane who uses more trickery and deception rather than pyschology to entertain his audience. Derren Brown brought out a book a few years ago called Tricks of the Mind. It is a fantastic book  and has some excellent passages about Reading Body Language. Why not learn from the master himself?

Other ways of telling if someone is lieing is to infact use suggestion to throw them off key and therefore leave themselves wide open to interegation and questioning. you can do this by using the power of Hypnosis and Suggestion

.You could alternatively hypnotize someone. Most people think that hypnosis is some magical power that makes people lose all control of their self actions. This is incorrect. Although hypnosis does exist, the way in which Hypnosis is done is the key to the results you can find. Everyone has probably been hypnotised at some point without even realising it. You can learn how to hypnotize someone here. Learn How to Hypnotize someone

 Does subliminal power really exist and that of advertising also? In some ways yes but how? Subliminal Power



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