The Not-So-Simple Story of How Youngsville, NC Got Its Name

Even an uneducated guess on how Youngsville got its name would probably be close: Youngsville is named after a man named Young who was influential in the town's formation.

And that is about the truth. Youngsville was named for John "Jack" Young who donated a plot of land for a new depot to be built in 1873.

"A bit of railroad geography marks the center of town," writes R.E. Cheatham in Sketches of Youngsville and Pacific. "In days of old that spot was definitely the center of interest. For the depot was located there."

But as the title of Cheatham's book indicates, Youngsville was not the first name of the area.

"When the Post Office was established in 1848 the community went on record as Pacific. When township lines were drawn Pacific was in Freeman's Township," writes Cheatham. But the Jack Young deed which transferred the land to the railroad for the depot indicated the site was in Timberlake Township.

Cheatham found that local legend regarded a settlement west of the railroad as Pacific and land on the east side as Atlantic.

After Young's land donation, the Town of Youngsville was incorporated March 17, 1875. To the U.S. Postal Service, however, the communicty remained Pacific for twelve more years. Businesses had to have bills mailed to Pacific and inventory shipped to Youngsville.

Further complicating matters, for years the depot's sign read Youngville without an 's'. Cheatham writes, "It appears that the community had name problems for quite a number of years. If it troubled townspeople, we wonder about the extent of confusion caused to outsiders."

Youngsville, NC

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