How do Science and Mathematics help in real life?

I am a Maths and Science teacher and I love it when kids ask me this question!

Firstly Science....

Science teaches you to think in an objective way.. that's what investigations and experiments are all about. Looking at the evidence and making your own decisions. It also allows you to look at who is giving the evidence and perhaps depending on who and what that group or organisation is after you will believe or perhaps not believe their spiel.

Without science our lives would be immensely different. Try and name something that can not be explained with Science.... I get kids to do this and they have a great time trying...

With a good scientific understanding linked to our ethics we can make better choices ie recycling our shopping bags

Finally understanding scientific concepts theories and laws allows us to make sense of the world around us ie why is the sky blue? Why are the handles on the pot made of plastic not metal?


In our modern life we need mathematics to run our stock exchange, computers, cars.... well you get the picture..

We also need mathematics in our own live when we make enough cakes for 16 people not just 12, when we check our change at the shop, when we work out whether we can afford to buy that dress, when we count our underwear before we shut the suitcase to go on holiday, when we read a clock or a dial... well again the list is endless

So for all these reasons Maths and Science are VITAL (just in case you were wondering... I teach both Maths and Science)

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lone77star profile image

lone77star 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Don't you just love kids and their questions? I do. Simplicity and insight.

I was a math major in high school in a scholastically tough school district of Maryland, USA. Even though I was acing Advanced Algebra and Trig, I wanted to know its applicability. So far, it had been all theory and no application. The teacher was stumped. After several befuddled seconds, he said, "Oh, you'll learn that in college." Well, I never did learn it in college, though I graduated summa cum laude.

I like your style of teaching. I like the types of concepts and ideas you bring to bear on a subject's relevance. I had a world history teacher like that, and she got me hooked on history.

Education is vital for humanity's future, but doing it right is also vital. Yes, science and math are vital, but you seem to have captured another vital aspect -- making them relevant.

Thank you!

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