How do we know dinosaurs walked the earth millions of years ago?

To answer this question, one has to approach it from two parts:

1. How do we know dinosaurs existed?

We know that dinosaurs (and other extinct animals and plants) existed because of the fossils they left behind. Their fossils come in many types, from preserved bones to tracks and more. Some fossils are better preserved than others and show impressions of skin and other soft tissues. Because of their remains that they have left, we know that dinosaurs existed, much like how we know the ancient Egyptians must have existed because they left the pyramids.

2. How do we know how old they were?

You may wonder how we know that these fossil remains are millions of years old! The answer is we use a method known as radiometric dating. We know that radiometric dating is reliable because it gives results which agree with nonradiometric dating methods (geography/geology, astronomical observations of the earth's rotation, relative dating methods, luminescence dating methods, etc etc etc) and because radiometric methods typically give consistent results despite using independent and different methods .

Some online resources about radiometric dating-

Radiometric Dating and the Geological Time Scale: Circular Reasoning or Reliable Tools? by Andrew MacRae --

Age of the Earth: Radiometric Dating --

United States Geological Survey -- Radiometric Time Scale --

Wikipedi article points to many many qualified sources--

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Sam Murray 7 years ago

this is a really good site

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RomerianReptile 7 years ago Author

Thanks for the compliment!

sam murray  7 years ago

if it wasn't for this site i would not have been able to complete my asinments. when i was searching all i could find were useles yahoo answer sites

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RomerianReptile 7 years ago Author

Well, I hope the links I provided gave you the information you were looking for! Feel free to sign up and post questions or to post your questions in this thread, I'll be more than happy to write new comments and hubs to answer them.

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person 6 years ago

tyvm:) i used this site for a lot of the questions on my homework.. :D

scott 6 years ago

thanks this helped with my homework ;)

Realist 4 years ago

Any young impressionable minds that might read "Minister Cantlow's" comments should take them with a grain of salt. He is part of a cult called religion. They want to brain wash you into believing some magical fairy tales, to help justify their own wasted life.

Rather, you do not need religion to be a good person. You can live a life of wealth and happiness for living NOW, not because you're lured with a reward of the "afterlife."

Afterlife false, heaven and hell is false. They're nothing more than scare tactics to force people to "be good people." You should be no more scared of afterlife than you were of before you were born. Did that hurt? Was that fun? Or was it NOTHING?!!

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Concise and very informative. Thanks.

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