How does the moon shine?

How does the Moon Shine?

Moon was worshipped as Goddess who rules the night, but it was only in ancient times. Man has since then learnt a great deal about the moon. Apollo moon landings, the space flights of Soviet Union and United States have enabled astronauts to collect and study moon-soil and moon-rock.

We know now, the reason, why moon shine. Moon is a satellite of the earth.  It is a small body that revolves around it, like the earth revolves around the sun.

We see moon from earth or it “shines”, because the sunlight strikes its surface and is thus reflected to us.  We can see only one side of the moon from the earth.  The reason being it rotates on its axis and it takes the same lengthof time to make its journey around the earth.  Man has already seen the side, in photographs.  It was while instruments landed on the other side of the moon.

Moon does not have atmosphere of its own.  It is has no air. The light from the sun hits it and thus creates an interesting effect.  For about 14 days the moon’s surface is heated by rays of the sun.  It attains temperature well above that of boiling water.  The balance half month it is wide exposed to the cold of a dark night.

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