How to Attend an Interview : Tips for Success in Job interviews.

Even people who are so good in studies are sometimes not able to crack interviews, while some others who are average in studies do it all the time. You must be wondering "if he can, then why can't I?". Answer is simple, his approach to the interview was better than your preparations. Many of the firms need not all of their employees toppers in studies, they put a cut off mark for the test/interview, just to ensure that those people will be good enough to work for them. And what you need in an interview is basically to impress the interviewer than others do and make them feel that you are the right one for the job. For this there are some simple tips and tricks which you can follow easily and will help you to a greater extend in cracking interviews. I am sure that at the end of this article you will be more prepared to attend your next interview. Let's discuss the steps we should follow in an interview. You can also contribute.

Home Works before the interview

First thing you must do is to Create a fine resume. A resume must be up to date containing all relevant details and must not contain any false information. Your name, email id, Degree, College name, contact information etc should be available in the first look itself. Don’t overcrowd your resume and leave some white spaces. Try to limit the number of pages in a resume to two. Don’t use fonts that are not easy to read, and limit maximum number of fonts used also to two. Include your skills and extra curricular activities along with academic excellence. And make sure that you know every details in your resume. (eg: Career objective). You can get help from friends to make a fine resume. A model is given below.

The second thing you must do is to Research the company, surf online and make a detailed study about the company’s financial stability, Current Global status, their motto, products and services offered and about their new project etc. This will definitely help you if you have to face the question, ‘ What do you know about the company?’.

And after that, Collect some commonly asked questions and prepare answers for them, like ‘why should we hire you?’ or ‘tell me about your self’ ( the first question in most of the interviews), ‘What is your strength/weakness?’. Many helpful sites are there for preparations. Sites like has many people’s experiences shared and also a large collection of test papers of different firms.

Be prepared for the question 'Which is your favorite subject?' and prepare your favorite subject well. And Prepare with all your subject questions, mainly the subjects related to the fields in which company works, for the tech interview.

Do your home work well and you are half done.Then know the location and time of the interview well and be there at least 15 minutes before.

For the Interview

Wear Formal dresses, clean and pressed. Full sleeve light coloured shirt (preferably blue or white) with black pants will do.

A Tie in dark conservative colour will be good, but is not necessary , and if you are wearing one, be careful to avoid ‘pink’ tie.

Wear a belt and polished black shoes.

And never use perfumes with irritating smells. A nice watch (didn’t mean costly)rounds out the outfit, but make sure that it’s not a digital watch and it doesn’t beep. Remember to switch off your mobile phone as well.

During the intterview

Keep your resume, certificates and supporting documents in a file in an orderly manner so that there won’t be any confusion for you to show the interviewer any document demanded.

Before entering the interview room, ask permission, and don’t close the door hard after entering.

Greet the interviewer, and if there are more than one interviewers in the panel, greet them all.

Don’t offer a handshake until the interviewer demands it, be professional and give a firm handshake when offered. It indicates your confidence level.

Sit properly, straight and leaning a little forward and be relaxed.

Beware that the table belongs to the interviewer don’t place any of your belongings there. And let your hands rest on your lap. Don’t cross your arms or fingers or place your hands on the table. Similar is the case with legs too. Don’t cross your legs or jiggle or move them continuously.

And maintain a direct eye contact with the interviewer, most of the time. This is a sign of confidence and keeping the eyes lower will indicate low self esteem. But don’t overdo this eye contact, it may make the interviewer uncomfortable.

Speak confidently and avoid weird expressions. Never start the conversation with “Well”. And avoid “fillers” like “you know”, “ummm”.Boys have a tendency of crossing their fingers and playing with them when they get tensed, while girls start playing with their shawls. Avoid both this habits. Remember communication skill have great importance.You need to keep the flow always. But being fluent never means you should be faster than all others. Speak at a pace which is comfortable for you and maintain the flow throughout the conversation. Take time to think and answer at a moderate pace. They won't count your pace much if you are able to converse all your ideas well.

And while answering the question, answer only for the question asked. Don’t bring new details which may lead to another question that may screw you, especially in tech interviews. Remember the interview is a two way process. And try to be the one who controls it, especially in ‘HR interview’. Try to lead the conversation to your stronger areas and be polite as well. Never offense the interviewer or interrupt him while he is talking. Always hear the question understand it, and answer. If you couldn’t get the question you can ask for clarifications. Remember you are not in a hurry.

Take responsibility of your decisions, actions and mistakes. Never tell any negative comments about your teachers or previous employers or anyone else. And on completion of the interview thank the interviewer and if offered a handshake give a firm one, with a smile and leave the room once again with out closing the door hard behind.

Hope these small tips must help you in your interviews. You can post feed backs , other suggestions and new tips in the comment section. Wish you all very success in life. Thanks for reading.

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These are excellent tips for an interview! Really excellent! I've had lots of experience interviewing people and I might add too, that it's really wise to come to an interview with a list of good questions about the company you are interviewing with - 2-5 is more than enough. It shows that you did your homework, you are interested in the company, not just in getting a job, and you can follow a fluent line of reasoning. You don't want to sound like a "smarty pants," or, "know-it-all" with your questions and you certainly don't want the interviewer to feel like THEY are being interviewed or their authority is being questioned. Make sure your questions are sincere and thoughtful, not defensive or challenges. Turn negatives into positives by answering questions about your 'lesser' skills with answers that explain how you have learned from an experience and what it taught you - example, hat aspect of your last job did you like the least? I liked filing the least, but I completely understood how it affected my other team member if there were mis-filings and I worked with our office team to set up a cross filing system that guaranteed that mis-filings didn't happen - ever.

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