How to Become Smarter


There are three things that will get you ahead in life; good looks, smarts, and being perceived as being smart.  The first is god given and unfortunately, most of us are not great looking.  Some people are also naturally smarter than others while most of us have to work at it.  Perception is everything as they say, and just being perceived as being smart will really help out in life.  In this article we explore some different ways to become smarter.


The first ways of becoming smarter are obvious.  If possible, go to school, meaning college, and get an education.  College does not automatically mean you will be smarter, just educated.  I can honestly say that while I was in college, I did not feel very smart at all.  My brain was a collect-all for ideas that had nowhere to go and no filing system.  It was chaos.  I never really appreciated or absorbed what I had learned until I had graduated.  Being a college graduate means that you will have been exposed to many different ideas and hopefully you will have learned how to think.  Being able to think outside the box and for your self are two traits that smart people possess. 


Secondly, read books.  Preferably not fiction, but not all fictional books are bad.  The De Vinci Code is a fictional book I read which really made me think.  Thought promotes ideas.  I believe non-fiction such as biographies are goof for becoming smarter.  There were some really fascinating people that have walked this earth and there is much to be learned from them.  Not all were good people, but nevertheless, there is something to be learned.  Reading books triggers thought and ideas and works the brain out more than viewing television.  If you do watch television, try watching something where you can learn such as the History Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery, etc.  The programs actually provide you with information you can use.


Third, expand your vocabulary.  Try to learn one new word a week.  It does not seem like much, but adding 52 new words to your vocabulary will really make you appear much smarter.  You will notice people look at you with confusion when using bigger words.  That’s okay though. Just rephrase using a simpler word and you will have automatically jumped ahead of them on the smart perception meter.  Try subscribing to and you will have a new word sent to your email address daily.  This way you are actually getting 365 words a year but that is usually more than most people can absorb.


Lastly, and this is one most people overlook.  Do not repeat, I repeat, do not repeat everything that people tell you until you know that it is true.  Uneducated people and people not perceived as being smart are notorious for doing this.  They hear an outrageous claim and they repeat it to the nearest ear.  Ever heard the expression “consider the source”?  That is my exact point.  You can do much harm to your quest for being smart if you are known for giving bad information.  Always remember to question everything.  Don’t automatically accept everything your hear.  Here is an example:  I have always heard the old people say that a daddy long-legs is the most poisonous spider, but due to its tiny fangs it cannot inject its poison to humans.  I had heard this my entire life and decided one day to research the truth.  Not only did I discover that this allegation was completely false, I also found that the proper term would have been venomous, not poisonous.  Poisonous and venomous are two different terms.  You can look that up later on your new found thirst for knowledge.

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