How to Catch A Dragonfly

How to catch a Dragonfly

First things first, what is a dragonfly? As we all know a dragonfly is an insect that has large eyes, a pair of strong transparent wings and an elongated body. It eats almost small insects like mosquitoes, flies, bees and ants. Because their eggs or better known as larvae are aquatic, they are usually found in wetland such as lakes, ponds and streams. Dragonflies are very delicate and its wings can easily get detached from the body if you just grab it. You have to hold it gently.

Ways in Catching a dragonfly:

So catching a dragonfly can either be through the use of a soft net or your hands. But when using your hands you really have to be careful so as not to harm the dragonfly or accidentally rip off its wings, which means the dragonfly cannot fly anymore and you would not want that. So let’s go to the basics. Go near a lake or pond where most dragonflies may appear. You have to sit and wait quietly for one to appear. If you see a dragonfly, don’t just barge in, run and try to catch it. You really have to make small and quiet movements so as not to catch attention. Because if you make too much noise, the dragonfly will sense and see you and their first instinct would be to fly.

Helpful tips:

Then, there goes your dragonfly. You have to be very patient and gentle. Obviously it would be very hard to catch a dragonfly when it is flying; the best way to catch a dragonfly is when it is resting in a plant. Resting means not moving and when you see one that is resting in a plant, try to go near it, again with small and steady movements. If it flies stop moving. When you are near it, try to move your arms toward it, using only the thumb and the index finger.

Don’t make sudden movements and slowly try to hold its wings or tail. It may be hard to hold the wings since their wings are spread wide if their resting. If you get hold of the wings be very gentle as not to rip off its wings. If you get hold of the tail still be very gentle. They may try to bite, but don’t mind it. It may hurt a little bit but better not to let go for you will have to do it all over again. By the way their bites might sting, and as soon as you see that they have bitten you treat it with a topical antiseptic. Using a soft net requires the same small and steady movements. The only difference is you won’t have to use your thumb and index finger; instead what you have to do is position the soft net near the dragonfly. And as soon as you’re steady and ready you can easily whip the net and catch the dragonfly. After successfully catching the dragonfly, put it in jar if your purpose is for collection and keeping it. But if you just want to try catching it and don’t have plants of keeping it let it go and let it fly again.

How To Catch A Dragonfly

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