6 Ways to Save Money on College

Making College Affordable

There are ways to cut colleges expenses, while making sure your child gets college education. Sending your child to college can be an exciting adventure. It can also be one of the expensive investments you make in their lives. If you are wealthy, this is not a concern for you. If you have a college fund that you have set aside, this will not be a problem for you.

Most people hope child is brilliant enough to get a scholarship, but if they are not, you will have to find creative ways to make sure, they get through college. You will have to take advantage of, Pell or other college grants, and look for ways to cut cost. Cutting college expenses can be anything from applying for scholarships to getting an on campus job, or buying used text books.

Go to College for Free
Go to College for Free

Grants, Scholarships and Financial Aid

Grants: When looking for grants, you need to consider, subject, degree level and minority. The three sources for grant funding are Federal and state, college and universities and public and private organization.

Some minority grants are available to Hispanic, Asian, Afro-American and Native American students. Sallie Mae and Coca Cola,, offer grants for students who are the first in their family to go to college. There are also woman's grants, non-traditional students grants and military grants. If you are considering a grant, go online and research the grants available.

College Scholarships

Many colleges offer scholarships for freshmen students. Go to your financial aid department for a full list of all grants and scholarships available for students.

Go to College for Free

Used Books

College text books are extremely expensive and are usually outdated withing a year or two. The best approach is to find a student selling college textbooks.

Buying used text books is a great way to cut college costs. Keep in mind, used text books go fast, so start to advertise the books you need before the end of the semester.

Post a message on the college boards or websites stating the books you are looking to purchase.


Much of your college expense will be housing. If you every visit a college town you will find all available housing rents by college students.

If you can find a house or an apartment to share with one or two other students, you will cut your costs considerably. Shop for groceries and prepare meals as a group.

Keep in mind when living with other students, it is best to room with someone you know, you can get along with and are as serious about their education as your are.

How to Post an Online Textbook Request

Food Stamps

 Apply for Food Stamps: Most students are not aware that as an emancipated minor with virtually no income, when living off campus, you may be eligible to apply for food stamps. This also can help, by allowing you to prepare your own meals at home and help college to be more affordable.

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act allows young adults to stay on their parents plan until 26. After 26 you can still purchase cheaper health care and receive cost-assistance through their State's health insurance marketplace.

Young adults are eligible for affordable coverage through Medicaid or subsidies paid by the government. Find out how young adults can save money due and no longer be denied treatment or coverage for being sick.

ll Americans can now get health insurance by going to the government exchange. If you opt out, there may be a small fine. You must sign up by March 31st 2014. The next enrollment period is November 2014. Sign up by going to:

Affordable Care or call 800-712-3041

Free Medical/Dental

At Free Medical Clinics, you can receive dental care for free or almost free anywhere in the US. FMC has locations in every state in the US. Free Medical Clinics has an extensive dental directory. Go to you state and then look for the town or city nearest to you. You will find a list of several dentist in you area, who will treat your for free of for a minimum payment of $20. If you or your family needs dental care.

Free Medical Clinics (FMC)

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