How to Find a Good Lawyer

Find Lawyer.

 Lawyers are one of the most significant figures in our lives who will deal with all the aspects of our legal requirements. The toughest decision to make when hiring a lawyer is “which one?” Most times a lawyer referral will come from a family member or a close friend. The choices are more limited when you try to find lawyer behaviors, and practice ethics. Just like any other trade, business, organization...etc there are good and excellent but, there are also the bad ones that shouldn’t be there taking our money when they don’t know what they’re doing.

Should I Find Lawyer Services From Out of Town?

 Should I Find Lawyer Services From Out of Town?

This is a preference of the individual who is in the need for legal services. Realistically all business practices know or are acquainted with personnel from other companies and in some cases are friends. Lawyers however have taken an oath to protect your rights and to provide you with professional services, confidentially. This is after you retained their services. Take proper care and consideration when you prepare to find lawyer services in your area.

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Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

You can learn more about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In the links posted below you will find information and resources relating to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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Kdban101 profile image

Kdban101 6 years ago

good hub , quite helpful .

Phil Dapple profile image

Phil Dapple 6 years ago from Ontario,Canada Author

Thanks for your comment.

richtwf profile image

richtwf 6 years ago

My wife and I recently employed a lawyer to assist us in a visa application and I am terribly disappointed with his professionalism. He has been acting as a visa consultant and in some instances he has shown carelessness in his written work, has also acted with social impropriety and shown lack of organisation. Our case is ongoing and I am in two minds whether to report his conduct. It could be forgivable if one were to admit to making mistakes but when one doesn't wish to admit the error of their ways then it's just a sign of pure arrogance as far as I'm concerned. Being a professional, it's expected that you don't make mistakes, one maybe but a series of them is totally unacceptable.

Do you plan on writing a hub on, 'How to make a complaint against a lawyer or solicitor?' That would be useful for me. lol Cheers for your hub.

Phil Dapple profile image

Phil Dapple 6 years ago from Ontario,Canada Author

Thanks for your comment. That's unsettling when you are not happy with your legal services. I can only stress that knowing your rights is critical to any litigation. I’ve had to fire a lawyer one time for telling me to “get off my high horse” all because I knew my “rights” (or was quite aware of them) only to go off and win my case with another attorney.

Thanks for stopping by.

Earl 5 years ago

Nice article. I agree. Another option is legal matching, like JDFinder. It is a free service.

Phil Dapple profile image

Phil Dapple 5 years ago from Ontario,Canada Author

Great, Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed this article.

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