How to Get Into a Top Law School


LSAT Score or GPA?

If you are looking for a simple trick to get yourself accepted to the law school of your dreams it is out there, it is your LSAT score and GPA. There is no getting around the fact that all law schools will judge you based on your LSAT score and your GPA to some level.

Some more than others. Some will initially look at your scores and immediately throw you out if you are not in the range and some will immediately accept you if you are within a certain range. This of course depends on each school and how they decide who to accept, but there is no denying that LSAT score and GPA are very important in the application process.

Also, of the two LSAT score is generally considered the more important mark. This is because LSAT is taken by all students and is generally regarded as a fair measure of your abilities to reason and make deductions. GPA on the other hand is not a level standard, every school has its own system, and every applicant takes different courses with different professors.

Because the LSAT score is so important you should devote plenty of time preparing for it. If you want to ensure acceptance into a top law school you need an LSAT score and a GPA above their median accepted ranges. And remember that LSAT score is much more important that GPA.

Of course there are a multitude of other factors that play into getting accepted like what the specific school you are applying to likes in candidates, your experience before law school, your personal background, and your writing abilities. (All displayed through your personal statement and resume).

So the bare naked and undeniable truth is you need to focus all your energy on your LSAT preparations before you even think about a personal statement or other parts of your applications.

Prepare well for the LSAT and do not take it until you are ready because at most schools when you take it more than once and score a high score the second time the first poor LSAT score will still reflect poorly on you as an applicant. Some schools simply calculate the average of scores and take that as your score, either way just try to take it once and score well.

Personal Statement

After taking the LSAT and scoring well the next step is to prepare an excellent personal statement. I am not going to get into how to write a good personal statement here because that is an article in its own.

The important thing to understand about a personal statement is that it is the admission committee's window into who you are and how you think. It displays your ability to write and it highlights what you think is important about your self.

You may want to research about what the specific school you would like to attend likes in a candidate, but be aware that your goal should be to stand out as a candidate not fit into the simple mold of what they are looking for.

Also be aware that often the ways you think that make you stand out do not, remember you are applying to schools with candidates who have amazing qualifications and skills. Think long and hard about what you want to convey and maybe even spend time learning to write. Review the book elements of style before you write you personal statement to help you write a clean and concise statement.


Learn What Admission Committees Want

There is so much that shapes your application but remember there are only a few mediums through which it can be displayed so study tediously the application process and what admission deans are looking for. Some admissions offices even have blogs that may be helpful.

But even after you know what committees may be looking for in candidates you must know what sets you apart, you must think about your strengths that make you different and find a way to convey that through your application, which for some is tougher than doing well on the LSAT.

What type of law school are you hoping to get accepted into?

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