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This article provides a synopsis of the possible implications of the 10/10/10 date singularity, and of the number ten; followed by a quick metaphysics experiment. It is for people interested in the numbers aspect of this unusual date. And it is for people with birthdays and anniversaries on 10/10/xxxx.



101010 (base two (binary)) equals 42 (base ten). Oddly enough, this is evenly divisible by the number of days in a week (7 (lucky)); and equally oddly, is also evenly divisible by the number 6 (which is generally designated as being unlucky). Both a Ying and Yang situation seem to be incorporated into this date.

10 (base ten) = 1010 (base two)

(base ten): 10 x 10 = 100

(base two): 10 x 10 = 100

The binary attributes of 101010 lends itself to use by the sciences of fractals (recursive geometric shapes) and chaos theory (the butterfly effect).

NASA deep space photo demonstrating fractals and chaos theory.



The number ten seems to give people that warm, fuzzy feeling:

“I won TEN thousand dollars!”

“I got TEN things done today.”

Then of course, there are the ever ubiquitous Top Ten lists. The top Top-Ten lists are (in no particular order):

  • Top 10 To Do
  • Top 10 Reasons
  • Top 10 Jokes
  • Top 10 Links/Websites
  • Top 10 Music/Songs
  • Top 10 Movies
  • Top 10 Headlines
  • Top 10 Mistakes
  • Late Show Top 10
  • Top 10 Reviews/Lists.

10/10/10; Sunday, October 10, 2010: Historical

Even when taking into account the differences between the Gregorian and Julian calendars:

  • Nothing significant appears to have happened a thousand years ago during the year 1010.
  • Nothing significant appears to have happened two thousand years ago during the year 10.

The Dark Ages spanned the 5th to 15th centuries (approximately 450 -1450).

10/10/10; Sunday, October 10, 2010: Singularity Summary

Most predictions and opinions concerning 10/10/10 are based on or are rooted in its mathematical uniqueness as a number.

10-10-10: There are three possible outcomes:

1. Something good happens — There is absolutely no scientific basis for this belief. There are no known logical premises for this belief. The belief something good will happen is based solely on spiritualism, faith, and/or innate optimism. This belief is not necessarily a bad thing; we don’t know everything; the probability is not zero.

2. Nothing happens — This is the most likely scenario. Just because an unusual date number sequence occurs doe not mean something will happen. Usually it’s a non-event.

3. Something bad happens — There is absolutely no scientific basis for this belief. There are no known logical premises for this belief. The belief something bad will happen is based solely on pessimism of reality. This belief is not necessarily false; after all, things are generally/usually a mess. The probability is not zero.

10/10/10; Sunday, October 10, 2010: Survey One:

What do you believe will happen on 10/10/10?

  • 37% Something good will happen on a global scale.
  • 57% Nothing will happen (just another day in the neighborhood).
  • 6% Something bad will happen on a global scale.
12325 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

This Poll Is Still Open

The experiment continues...

10/10/10; Sunday, October 10, 2010: The Metaphysics Experiment: Survey Two:

Do you feel lucky today?

  • Yes.
  • No.
See results without voting

Archive of Diary of Day 10/10/10

Day 10.10.10 Updates

Welcome to Day 10/10/10!

Here are the Survey One results as of 1:10 AM U.S EDT:

5248 votes

The Good: 45%

The Neutral: 47%

The Ugly: 9%

It has been decided, for no particular reason, to leave this poll online and active indefinitely.

The Survey Two results have remained at 70:30 for days, if not weeks. However, as of 1:10 AM U.S. EDT, the percentages are now 69:31.

Here are the Survey One results as of 10:10 AM U.S EDT:

7039 votes

The Good: 43%

The Neutral: 49%

The Ugly: 7%

Nothing untoward has been reported in the media.

The Survey Two results (6091 votes) have remained at 70:30 for days, if not weeks. However, as of 10:10 AM U.S EDT, the percentages have dropped again and are now 67:33.

Here are the Survey One results as of 10:10 AM U.S PDT:

8474 votes

The Good: 41%

The Neutral: 52%

The Ugly: 7%

There are California media reports of flying saucers over the cities of… No, just kidding.

The Survey Two results (7437 votes) have remained at 70:30 for days, if not weeks. However, as of 10:10 AM U.S PDT, the percentages have dropped yet again and are now 65:35.

Here are the Survey One results as of 5:10 PM U.S EDT:

10,007 votes

The Good: 40%

The Neutral: 54%

The Ugly: 6%

No untoward media reports. The neutral category continues to increase as expected. It does, however, look like the hospitals are going to be very busy 9 months from now… (The weddings frenzy continues…)

The Survey Two results (8932 votes) are now 63:37.

Here are the Survey One results as of 5:10 PM U.S PDT:

10,706 votes

The Good: 39%

The Neutral: 55%

The Ugly: 6%

The Survey Two results (9606 votes) are now 62:38.

Here are the Survey One results as of 10:10 PM U.S EDT:

11,156 votes

The Good: 38%

The Neutral: 56%

The Ugly: 6%

The Survey Two results (10,035 votes) are now 61:39.

This concludes today’s updates. We will see what the remainder of the day brings…

Here are the Results for Post 10/10/10:

Survey One:

11,898 votes

The Good: 37%

The Neutral: 57%

The Ugly: 6%

Survey one remains open as a control.

Survey Two

Yes: 60%

No: 40%

The experiment continues. Survey two will remain open and alive and well, as will the comments section.

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Ali 6 years ago

On 10th of the 10th 2010 - it will be 10 years since I became single again. 4 sets f 10! Just interested in whether this number had any significance ... I guess I will know on Oct 10th this year.

Christerity  6 years ago

Who knows what will happen that day. It's my b-day so I'm happy since it's 10/10/10 at 2:22 pm, so my dad thinks I'll be lucky:D

Shell 6 years ago

On 10.10.10 my husband and I will have been married for 10 years. Love that date!

SmileyT 6 years ago

It's my Birthday, so I feel it will a very special date in my world and for others who share 10-10-10! I'm trying to come up with a name for my party, maybe "perfect ten" any suggestions?

Zack 6 years ago

I'm turning 18 on 10-10-10. Hopefully that's a good sign.

Carolynn Elder 6 years ago

My husband's 62nd birthday is 101010. He has an incurable illness. We are requesting prayer and fasting for his healing on that day.

Ben 6 years ago

I will be 33 on 101010. I am planning a trip to the coordinates 101010 on the globe just to make it an interesting birthday. Africa, here I come

Beall Center for Art + Technology 6 years ago

The Beall Center for Art + Technology at UC Irvine will celebrate their 10 year anniversary on 10.10.10 with an experimental media art festival, and it's free!!

EmGee 6 years ago

My birthday is 10/10/1986. I was born on the 10th day of the 10nth month in the 10th year of the zodiac. My birthday this year will fall on 10/10/10. Two sets of three 10's. What's the significance here?

Deepak 6 years ago

i will be turning 18 on 10/10/10

i will very lucky

Emilio 6 years ago

My wife Irma is going t

o delivered our baby Emily on 10/10/10 by cesary

...trnin 14 on 101010 6 years ago

my b-day

Leah 6 years ago

I have a friend that was born at 10:10 on 10-10! Crazy beautiful!

Brook 6 years ago

I was just explaining yesterday how 42 is the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything to my girlfriend, and one of my employees brought up that its going to be 101010 this year when i realized that 101010 in binary equals 42( in base 10 of course).

Dan 6 years ago

10/10/10 is my 46th birthday (4 plus 6 is 10) I was born in '64 (6 plus 4 is 10) I was born at 10:10PM, and my twin sister was born at 10PM!

Reinhardt 6 years ago

Whatever is going to happen, someone already had put somenthing related on Internet


(Please, that´s not Spam ^^U)

Jen 6 years ago

On 10/10/10 I turn 40!! I think it will be a very wonderful day. I'm so excited.

Dee 6 years ago

I will be 42 on 10/10/2010, i suppose that will be very lucky ^_^ (hopefully)

TEN STRONG calendar 6 years ago

On this date a group of people in perth western australia will officially recognise a new decimalised calendar system as their primary sourse of reference for time. It is called the ten strong calendar. The calendar is aligned with the cyclical nature of numbers.hence creating a 10 day living cycle for a new world.

beej 6 years ago

we are getting married on 10.10.10...

as far as i'm concerned, that's "something good on a global scale" indeed ; )

Rebecca 6 years ago

My 34th bday is 101010...this has by far been the worst year of my life. I certainly hope it's not an indication of what will happen on that day!

Jet 6 years ago

I'll become 26 on the 10th of oct 2010 on 01:10.

Everything is in harmony, so maybe if i'm in harmony at that moment, I will truly believe in the power of numbers. My number is 6, and 6 is also my birth number, explenation: 10+10+1+9+8+4=15 1+5=6 (the zero doesn't count). And the 6 is in 26 and the 2 in 2010. Coincidence?

Rishy Rich profile image

Rishy Rich 6 years ago from Bangladesh

I had studied Chiro's Numerology before but this one is a bit different. Very interesting hub. Thank You.

anoyomous 6 years ago

Me & my fiancia are getting married on 10/10/10. I believe it is a very LUCKY day.

Patty Swisher 6 years ago

My son will be 10 on 10-10-2010. Its nice to know others will be celebrating this special day.

Dave 6 years ago

I will turn 50 yrs old.Half of my life will be behind me.

The next 50 will be awesome!

Jack 6 years ago

i will be 48 on this day and one of my grand or great nieces will be be 10 on 10/10/10

Jack 6 years ago

I tried to lose 10 years there, i will be 58

Robert 6 years ago

Wow so many birthdays and its my 44th on what i hope will be a special day.

About the darkness comment lighten up. Evil is a choice I choose not to join. walk the line between and life is real, venture either side and it becomes an illusion, so keep paying your electricity bills or buy some candles and you'll always be in the light.

xx Rob

Amber 6 years ago

We will get married on 10.10.10 - pretty monumental day!

Brandon Harrison 6 years ago

I was born on 10-10-88 at 2:15pm. I will be 22. I am a firm believer in superstition and zodiac-based phenomena so I am really looking forward to my birthday this year.

Odd 6 years ago

I am also getting married on 10.10.10 - Congrats to all the others getting married on the same day!

Roro 6 years ago

Ayee! my birth date is on 10-10-2010! and I'm turning 17

TRACY 6 years ago


evee 6 years ago

mine is 10-10-10 too and i will 17 too wow!!

Ellie 6 years ago

I'll be turning 18 on 10/10/10 as well. And, according to Douglas Adams, 42 is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything :) (since 101010 is 42 in binary)

Sooo happy 6 years ago

my daughter will be turning 10 on 10-10-10. happy birthday to those who have the same birthday as my daughter!

James 6 years ago

My nephew is turning 10 on 101010 and my neice will be turning 12 on 101010 and yes they are brother and sister exactly two years apart. and to make things just a little more starnge their mother's birthday is also on the 10th of october. I SWEAR that this is true.

tiffany 6 years ago

I will be turning 30 on 10.10.10!!!

Mohammad Ali 6 years ago



Jet 6 years ago

I heard that 10/10/10 is the beginning of a new period till 2012.

Jet 6 years ago

I mean 21/12/2012.

Jet 6 years ago

From 21/12/2012 will be a total new world,the world will be enlighten and there will only be love,peace and harmony;how the worlds ment to be!

kylek 6 years ago

it's my bday as well...which may account for me feeling optimistic about it...it's still pretty cool and cosmic any way you look at it! :-)

chrissy 6 years ago

i'll be getting married on 10-10-10!! yay for me!! ?

Roy Williams 6 years ago

Kieran Agard the Everton Strike will be turning 21 on that day good luck kieran 101010

giz 6 years ago

its my b-day too...congratz 2 all that av the same b-day and the ppl who r getting married on that day...

rosie 6 years ago

i turn 15 on 10-10-10

beth 6 years ago

my bday on 10/10/10..i want to do something outrageous...skydiving?

Anil 6 years ago

we have choosen to get married on 10-10-10.

francis kelvin 6 years ago

My prayers of having a girlfriend will come 2tru and it is my sixteenth B-DAY.

Jess Biondich 6 years ago

It will Be my 25th Birthday and 4 year aniversary :) Congrats to those getting married having babies and turning one year older on this day :)

Terri 6 years ago

October 10th 2010 at 10:10AM I will be marring the man of my dreams. Seems like a pretty lucky to me.

Tyquan 6 years ago

i'll be turning 16 on 10/10/10.

IvanXp 6 years ago

This Year in 10 October 2010 i will be 40 years old, i'm waiting a strong global changement

Shan 6 years ago

My daughter will also be turning 10 on 10/10/10!

...kim.. 6 years ago

.......10-10-10....is my 16th bday...........

Sade 6 years ago

on 10/10/10 i'll be turning 21 ~

pamela lea=lambert 6 years ago

I will be 51-derful on 10/10/2010. Looking forward to the day and how great to have a "GOLDEN" birthday!!!!!

Leticia 6 years ago

I feel it will be something happening in NYC on this date! Just a feeling and a notion! I hope not but I feel it will be something bad !

Deborah Stonley 6 years ago

I'll be 36 on 10/10/10. Pretty good day to have a party! Happy Birthday to all the 10 10's out there!

Denise B 6 years ago

I will be 47 on 10.10.10, and am having a mimosa brunch at 10:10 am on the beach. What DO we call ourselves???

A Force 4 Good 6 years ago

I'll be 61 on 10/10/10. Let's call ourselves 101010

Ellie Whitney 6 years ago

The members of 350.org are planning global demonstrations and work parties hoping to persuade our elected representatives to get serious about global warming. We need to get our planet's atmospheric CO2 concentration back down to 350 ppm, which is where it now.

Patti in Chattanooga 6 years ago

It is my 'Golden Birthday' as well. (or so my son says. ) I will be 45 on 10-10-10 I like the idea of going to the coordinates for the day! Africa, huh?

Happy Birthday to all the 10-10 'ers out there! United we stand!

Candice 6 years ago

That's my wedding day! Of course it's gonna be lucky....and he'll always know how long we've been married...that's why he picked it!! haha!

Rmiller 6 years ago

I had a colapsed lung on 10/10/09 and it killed me. Tension pneumothorax they call it. So The doctors had to do a Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) pleurodesis for pneumothorax to fix the holes in the top of my left lung.

So 10/10/10 will be the date of my resurrection (second chance) and the day I stoped smoking for ever so its all good for me.


julio 6 years ago

my b'day too and I'm throwing a BIG party on 10/10/10 @10:10:10 PM... in Curitiba, Brazil.

CHris 6 years ago

I'm turning 26 better get lucky lol

Sean 6 years ago

US government will stage some sort of event on 10/10/10 im guessing. And it wont be good

Jay 6 years ago

My twin sister and I will turn 23 on 10/10/10. happy early bday to all =)

karlo 6 years ago

10 10 2010 will be my first wedding anniversary! get ready for 10 10 10, the beginning of a big consciousness shift on planet earth, then 11 11 11 will follow, 12 12 12 for ending. enjoy the ride people, peace

j rehak 6 years ago

i turn 21 on 10/10/10

=D super golden tequila birthday

if i had the money to go to vegas i bet id win it back

trstnlnd 6 years ago

... its my 14th bday on 10/10/10 nd one I'd my close friends has her bday on the same day and she's turning 14 too...(hope somethin awesome happens for all the 101010 birthdays out there....:)

Sarah 6 years ago

My son will be 10 on 10-10-10. If that's not enough 10's for you. He was exactly 10 pounds when he was born. Love the 10's!!

Cathy O. - Roermond N.L. 6 years ago

No wedding, no birthday but definitely a party on 10-10-10 at 10 o'clock to celebrate what we have. Good friends, healthy parents(88+),happy families and that my husband didn't die.(was very possible).


roverr 6 years ago

that day i will have 24 years!!, 24=42, the meaning of life!!!...=DDDD

ccowner 6 years ago

My father was born on 10-10-10; obviously, he would have been 100 years old this year, so it's an auspicious date to me!

NIck 6 years ago

YAY, I'm turning 21 on this date..

Michelle 6 years ago

its my 44th birthday!!

Toma 6 years ago

Let's hope the Globalist Cabal that engineers all the World Crises does not decide to perform another state sponsored terrorist event on this day. The globalists love numerology as many people around the world are beginning to discover

Toma 6 years ago

@Tunasupreme (from 26 hours before) I would imagine the probability would be 1 in 365 or 0.27% chance

Heidi 6 years ago

Looking for party ideas to use 10's in some way. My daughter will be 10 on 10/10/10. Thinking maybe bowling (ten pins)

Jack 6 years ago


Gigi 6 years ago

I will be a nice round number:84 on 10/10/10. Having fits for other -days, I will welcome this combo this year and resign myself to the future.

Mark 6 years ago

I really like sequences of numbers such as this one.

I believe we could all choose to look forward to having a great day and just see what happens.

Expect the best and Hey!! it could very easily happen.

Most importantly "follow your bliss"

Karla 6 years ago

My birthday is 10.10.10 i was born at 10:10pm and I'll be 30 :)

marialee76@gmail.com 6 years ago

On 10/10/10 I will be officially starting my new job. Yay! So I think it's an auspiciously good day.

Suzanne 6 years ago

I will be turning 40 on 10/10/10...

Brittany 6 years ago

My 10th birthday will be on 10/10 2010 as we say in the northern states golden birthday.

TheSmileyChick 6 years ago

My Birthday Is On 10-10-10 =)

Jamil 6 years ago

I will be 30 on 10/10/10 at 10:37pm

jfer 6 years ago

It is not possible that nothing will happen. Even if the world comes to an end the day before, something will still happen. That's just what happens. Something.

Marla 6 years ago

Hi, My 47th birthday is 10/10/1963

101010 Is there a name for this?

If there is anyone who has the same birthday please don't be shy and send me an email glazmar@hotmail.com



dr650twotimes 6 years ago

what's missing from 9/11? 10! beware.

Josh McLauchlan 6 years ago

Well it will be my 35th birthday, I guess another cool thing about it is that I'll be a couple months shy of being a single father for 10 years. I'll have to take my kid out and thank her for being such a great kid.

Barkley Pontree 6 years ago

Gee, anything special happen on all the other 10/10/10's? You know, 1910, 1810, 1710, etc etc etc.

New babies born, people die, lose some jobs, get some bad news, get some good news.

Just a normal day, as Supertramp use to sing.

Clifford Mosinoh 6 years ago

I was born at 10.00am (according to my mum's hospital record)on the 10.10.73. And im turning 37 (7+3 or 3+7 = 10), on this Oct 10th 2010. To make things more interesting, i convert my name 'CLIFFORD' into numbers...and this is the total i got .. '73'

Elisabeth 6 years ago

On October 10th 2010, 40th week will be my 40th anniversary !

It is definitely a "Butterfly Effect" day.

Happy Birthday to everyone !

Ginger 6 years ago

Hey, it'sa MY birthday too!!!

born in '55, I'll be 55!! 5 + 5 = TEN

My cousin Gwenn will be 60 that day... we try to be together on our B'day every 5 yrs. She is flying to Calif. from N.Z. for this one!!

so it is a GOOD day. (we will, of coarse, celebrate 10-10-10 on the N.Z. date as well (10-09 here)

Ginger 6 years ago


Kim Stephenson 6 years ago

My son will be 10 on 10 10 10! How exciting!!!

Luluweezie 6 years ago

It's my son's 4th birthday also. Can anyone suggest something fabulous that we can do at 10:10am???

GINA 6 years ago

I will be 44 on 10/10/10@ 10:10 am this is my Golden year too!! I will be spending the day at the Happiest Place on Earth with my 4 yr old! Happy Birthday everyone!! I hope it is a Magical day for you!!

Marklar 6 years ago

10/10/10 wash dc Colbert Stewart restore America can't wait for tomorrow's big announcement!

Karp Adrian 6 years ago

Hi all... My name is Karp Adrian (10 letters) ...i`m born on 10.10.1994 at 10:00am ... I live in Romania .. In city Caransebes(10 letters) street Traian Doda (10 letters) at number 10 ... I went to a school named Traian Doda (10 letters) now I am at CEBM Resita (10 letters) now I`m in tenth grade at school ... my nickname is MicBreaker (10 letters) but i reallise this after i choose it... now I wait to see what will happen on 10.10.2010 my birthday :)...(sorry for my bad english)

bologna 6 years ago

I think it will be a fantastic day.

I'm going to ask my girlfriend to marry me.

Ashwini Dilip 6 years ago

i am so excited 10/10/10 is my birthday god atleast from now onwards fill happines in my family

i am too excited ....

Connie Machado 6 years ago


I will be 45.This will be the only birthday day I celebrate in my life. I don`t like to celebrate the day I get older and older but this time I don`t care about the age. It is just a special date.

Hemendra 6 years ago

Born on 10/10/1974 , Hopefully things will be good and fun filled day!

caterina 6 years ago

it's my birthday too!

ms winter 6 years ago

I be turning 30 on 10/10/10.. its amazing because 10+10+10= you guessed it 30

Piperon 6 years ago

This is a very IMPORTANCE DAY, the alignment of the crystal tempra posers since the fall of Atlantis. The awakening of the light energies alignment around the planet EARTH. You will feel lots of love energies flowing on that day, embrace it and be at love always.

James 6 years ago

Piperon- Got to love the love :) galactic federation of light

ajamestaylorfan 6 years ago

My name is Ginger. I see there is another Ginger having a Bday on 10/10/10, I'm in CA too! I'll be 53. Cool. I have 2 wishes. One is x-rated and the other is... I hope my planet sends a rescue craft to finally take me home. I'll let you know if either or anything at all happens. hee hee

mary 6 years ago

something bad will happen

Spud 6 years ago

On 10/10/09 I had a colapsed Lung that lead to a cardiac arrest. Some how the ER room got me back alive. I had a bad hole in my lung and spend a month getting better after some real ruff surgery. I never smoked again after that day. 10/10/10 and I will be 1 year old and 1 year without smoking.

Ashley 6 years ago

It's my 24th Birthday on 10-10-10! 24=42 meaning of life

It will be a very special day and the start to another wonderful year :)

Ali 6 years ago

I turned 26 at Oct 10, 2010

I'm shocked to know how ppl care want to celebrate my birthday at Oct 10, 2010

Thank you all


6 years ago

October 10th, 2010 (101010) is 42 in binary. I have a feeling this day will be significant. (your ref is Hitchhikers Guide)

Inna 6 years ago

My husband's B-day on 10/10.

It will be a special day 10/10/10!

Liz 6 years ago

i was born on the 10th of october - so this year im celebrating my birthday on 10/10/10

LEGIN 6 years ago


Ana 6 years ago

We will have our first Bon Odori in my city, Cordoba (Argentina)!!! That'll be lucky :-) Good food, fun & friends.

Crookahh 6 years ago

My 21st bday is 10/10/10 dont really kno wat to think about it.. all i kno is im gunna get hammered cuz money is a holiday.. Rep Hood!! Lowell MA

laura 6 years ago

MY BIRTHDAYS ON 10/10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!! im not sure what it means but i just know im going to go out and have fun:)

Heather  6 years ago

Getting hitched as well! 10/10/10 will have great weather too! Peak Fall foliage time, and all of us getting married on this date will always enjoy the long Columbus day weekend. :)

Darka 6 years ago

On 10/10/2010, I will turn 55 (5+5= 10). I want to believe that the day will carry some significance for me. Significance may mean that my dad's dimentia will not cloud his memory that the sun shined all day on the day I was born. He has reminded me of this for the past 54 years. I want to hear it atleast one more time.

Rae 6 years ago

I'm going to be 20 in 2010 on 10/10/10... i'll be making a special wish at 10:10:10am on that day. I think its going to be an amazing day! woohoo!

refat 6 years ago

i am going to be 15 years old.

i am very bad in nature.

so,my friends say 10 october is "local pollution day."

Simon 6 years ago

See how long it is to 10/10/10 10:10am and 10 seconds.

Carolyn 6 years ago

My son will turn 9 on 10/10/10! We are camping that wkend with the boy scouts..and that Sunday morning @ 10:10 am of course they are having something special done with geo-cacheing (I'm still trying to figure it out myself but will by that day) to commemorate the event. Glad they are doing something special...cause I was drawing a blank...lol Happy birthday to the rest of you 10's...and congrats to those getting married that day!

Philly 6 years ago

I complete my 35 year cycle and look forward to the second half of my life on this day. God be with you all!

cathi 6 years ago

i will be 44 on 10-10-2010

lanos 6 years ago

well my grandpa's b'day

Penny 6 years ago

Happy Birthday all 10.10.10 ers. Me too at 60

Vicki 6 years ago

I was born on 10-10-55 and I will be 55years old on 10-10-10. That cannot be a coincidence! What does it mean? Any ideas?

darl brean 6 years ago

i'm very excited in that day coz i'll be turning 20..

Kuuipo 6 years ago

I had a dream of this number. Googled it and this is what came up I am not sure if its a good dream or what.

Ema 6 years ago

My daughter will be 10 on 10/10/10 and my local paper are doing a story about her and she is very excited

Tanya 6 years ago

I am getting marrried on 10.10.10 at 10am so very lucky for us!!

Its my partners lucky number too!

Dwain 6 years ago

Unfortuantely my grand daughter's bithday is 10/10/10, but she only turns 8...

Mary Ann 6 years ago

I will be 55 on 10 10 10.

I was born on 10 10 55.

Is this lucky?

paul 6 years ago

23 on the 10/10/10 carnt wait to check the lottery sunday morning!!

sofos 6 years ago

01/01/01 the begining...10/10/10 the end...

sofos 6 years ago

01/01/01 first day (monday), first month ,first year,

10/10/10 last day (sunday),last month, last year...

kabiite 6 years ago

it will be our first wedding anniversary 10/10/10 so excited

Carlosasaur 6 years ago

My birthday is oct 10 ill be 15 but wow i cant wait to see what will happen knowing that im a balance

gusty 6 years ago

Crystals will be activated to expand counciousness and give off electromagnectic energy

Kerry 6 years ago

My son will be "10" on Oct.10, 2010! He was born emergency c-section on October 10, 2000 weighing in at 10lbs in operating room:10 (daddy got a picture of the operating room door before he headed in...) Our house address is also "10" Our special child who was born on 10/10/2000 was diagnosed at 2yrs with autism. He is such a happy, beautiful boy and we feel very special to be his parents :-)

tina 6 years ago

I'll be 38 on 10-10-10, Happy Birthday to all u other libras!!!

BobC 6 years ago

Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything in binary

martha 6 years ago

Ill be 24 years old. hoping for a very good lucky day

Norman 5 years ago

Check this out! October 10 is 10 days prior to 10 days prior to the end of the 10th month of the tenth year in this century, which is 100 years which is 10 x 10!!!!!!!!! Coinkydink? I think not!!!! :>O

nashR. 5 years ago

My visa will expire on 09.10.10.. Means that 10.10.10 is a date of the month before my visa expires the following month here in the states..!!

Lauana 5 years ago

I'm turning 18 on 10/10/10...I'm hoping for a awesome lucky day :)

jerryk 5 years ago

10/10/10 is also my birthday

Rebecca NJ 5 years ago

On 10/10/10 I will turn 37 years old. I think will be a very special day!

Norah 5 years ago

10/10/10 would have been my anniversary to my abuser. So the fact that I will not be celebrating an anniversary with him on that day makes it a good day.

Colleen 5 years ago

Having my 49th birthday on 10/10/10; this will be the last one I count.

3 cool things happening to celebrate "our" birthday; join us if you're in the 'hood:

350.org - as a long time advocate for climate protection, I'll celebrate the earth in lovely Sebastopol, CA - the true center of the universe!

zonemusic.com - the last Zone Love concert - bittersweet, will set new plans to save the world with music.

burningman.com - Decompression 2010 San Francisco - wild fun

Tlana 5 years ago

When u r far away from understanding the concept of trinumeral, and when the day occur in sunday when u can not treat urself as the market closed........

some people are living lucky.... to be amidst in those..

sr 5 years ago

some of the comments in the article are Western-centric. take for example the lucky/unlucky numbers. in china, 4 is unlucky and 8 is very lucky, which do not play into 101010 - stick with the math, not the superstition

REESE'SCUP 5 years ago

Why do some people say that the world's going to end in 2102? Is that good or not?

10/10/10 is good luck.

P.S. ReesesCup from Philadelphia!

Ciara 5 years ago

I will stick with it.

carol 5 years ago

my bday is 10/10/10 and i was born at 10 to 10 in the evening i will be 36 lets hope it is a good one happy bday all you people out there sharing this speacial day with me

Haley 5 years ago

On 10/10/10 I will turn 18 years old. Hopefully it will be a good day for the world and this odd arrangement of numbers will bring me luck! (Bad things normally occur on my birthday, lets hope 10/10/10 will break the cycle)

Jonathan 5 years ago

I'm marrying the best thing that could happen to me on 10/10/10 at 11:30 that morning! I call that a very good day and a lucky one at that!

And... I just calculated my birth number for 6-19-1983...

It's 1!

Aniket Biswas 5 years ago

I wil b turning 18 on 10/10/10.....cul..!!

I like it..**

Jae Sabol 5 years ago

We are getting married on 10-10-10... Yay!! Picked the date for it's uniqueness and significance.

libra 5 years ago

it's also my bday... im not excited cause it's not important to me ... but i'm happy for the other people who will celebrate their bdays and to other who's getting married on that day... congrats and be happy to all :)

Le Toole 5 years ago

One day, daylight won't come. This is that day

Michael 5 years ago

I was born on 10/10/52 at 10:55AM--everything adds up to 10. Amazing! Happy birthday 10/10s!

steve 5 years ago

And I was born 10.10.51 — and I'm just happy to be here.

Jeff 5 years ago

I turn 30 on 10/10/10. in the year 2010 which adds up to 30. 20 plus 10. neat

sam haliday 5 years ago

i was born 10/10/68. i think we should start club 10/10

jimmy55 5 years ago

It's my 33rd bday and although this year has been THE hardest year of my life...I am going out with a BANG!!! And yes something good will happen to all of us who are in one way or another celebrating this day. It may not be a life changing event but something memorable that you'll be able to tell others about "OUR" special day.

LeAnna 5 years ago

I'll be 20 on 10/10/10!!!

omar 5 years ago

i will be 22 on 101010 :D

Dominic 5 years ago

I am a late-bloomer; I just realized there will be a 10,10,10.

Fiona 5 years ago

Ceremony to mark 10 10 10 strating at 10 am at Arbor Low stone circle and henge in Derbyshire, UK

We intend it to be a wonderful gathering of light workers in harmony for the earth.

Billl 5 years ago

101010 : 39'Bday...

love numbers,

love the 10 !

love this day,

sunny sunday ;-)

Dan 5 years ago

10-10-10 just one week to go. I was born at 10:10PM and my fraternal twin sister was born at 10PM. I will be 46 (4+6=10) and born in 1964 (1+9=10, 6 +4=10) I guess I'm a "Ten"! lol

Matt 5 years ago

My birthday falls on the 10th of October, so this time next week on 10-10-10 I will be celebrating my 24th birthday! Not only is that a pretty cool day to celebrate a birthday on, but also I was born on my fathers birthday to! So two members of my family share the same birthday date! So 10-10-10 will be a great day! :)

hannah 5 years ago

i also have a birthday on 10-10-10 its my 21st:)

Michael 5 years ago

I turn 38 on this wonderful day...so glad there are others out there feeling what I am...to all of you we have a unique bond...enjoy your day...to those getting married that day or enjoying another year of marriage...thanks for sharing your love that day....with all this positive thought...we will all have a great day thinking of each other...GodBless... oh..my sister and best friend are 4/4's and I have met someone of every day and month birth in my life...neat conversation piece.

Michael 5 years ago

On 10/10/77 me and my twin brother were born. Nice doubles huh. On 10/10/10 we turn 33. Think that is kinda cool myself.

dinesh 5 years ago

10-10-10 IT is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Shawn (Arkansas) 5 years ago

I will be 30 on 10-10-10, and to celebrate it i will be going skydiving for the first time, im also gonna by 10 lottery tickets at 10:10 a.m. i hope im lucky, lol!!!

Travel Goddess 5 years ago

I'm a flight attendant.. It doesn't feel like a god day to me. 10-10-10 at 1010am will be a scary time for me. But at 10-10-10 10:11am will be fine :)

Janetd 5 years ago

I will give birth for my first baby normal delivery.. due date 10/10/10

rahul thomas joseph 5 years ago

1010...himani's moms bday :-)...my favourite no. bhi hai...himani too smiles at this time every day :-)...quite strange and cute no. by the way :-)....

Facey 5 years ago

I also am getting married 10/10/10!!! It WILL be a great day! Congrats to all the other 10/10/10 couples :)

Michelle O'Dell 5 years ago

I'm getting married on 10/10/10! What a great anniversary date!!!

ZacksFitz20 5 years ago

Turning 21 can I get a whoop whoop!!!

Janine Griffin 5 years ago

My son is turning 10 on 10/10/10?

Libra girl 101010 5 years ago

I'll be 21 on 101010..... I think something good will happen because it's on a Sunday..... A day of rest.... Let's all celebrate and rejoice.... I'm happy

2nd*man 5 years ago

10 10 10 in pythagorean numbers is 6 6 6 and in Roman X X X

tromps 5 years ago

I will be 34 on 10-10-10 no matter what happens I am happy!

Darylm1958 5 years ago

I am the happiest father in the world

My son and I are both celebrating our birthdays on 10 10 10

I wonder how many other father and son birthdays are on 10 10

I will be 52 and Michael will be 12

We plan to have the best birthdays yet on this once in a lifetime event

Woody 5 years ago


I am having my birthday on 10 10 10 and I will be 60, intersting, that I was 10 on 10 10 60,

Carmelita 5 years ago

I am the 10th child born on 10:10:10 this year!!!!

Having a party and am wondering if there are any good ideas of what we can do to acknowledge this??

bob 5 years ago

i wuld suggest a birthday cake, maybe some candles, pin the tail on the donkey. how about a clown and some confetti.

Sara 5 years ago

I will turn 31 on 10-10-10....happy birthday to all the coolest Libras in the world !!! God bless you all.

beaky 5 years ago

It would have been my Dads birthday 10:10:10

I miss him.

Kaushika 5 years ago

My birthdays going 2 be 10/10/10

hannah lily brennan 5 years ago

Hi i was born on the 10/10/2000 at 6.10 so this sunday i will be 10 on the 10/10 10 at 6.10, happy birthday to anyone else that shares this great day x

Nerissa 5 years ago

I will be 26 on the 10.10.10 at 10 pm Happy birthday to my fellow Librans Balance rules the world.

Tyrone 5 years ago

10/10/10 is my Birthday... I will be turning 16 so, i believe that it should be a good day...

Jane 5 years ago

My birthdays going 2 be 10/10/10 is prefect. Make to happy it...

partypooper 5 years ago

No no no, it's 12/12/12, the culmination of whatever started on 01/01/01... 12 years in the making...

Gen 5 years ago

10.10.10 is my wedding aniversary... my merrage is not happy eversince. but still im hoping the best to happen this coming october 10, 2010

Tokidoki doki 5 years ago

While reading the comments on this page, I accidentally saw the time "10:10" on my PC's clock. I really shivered a lot when that occurred.

hgerms 5 years ago

Would have liked to get married on this day as it is my partner and my anniversary of our first date. But it did not work out as I wished. And he's not my partner anymore now. Not a happy day. :(

cutiepie 5 years ago

well guess wat im gnna have a normal day jus like other days exceptthat its the last day of the holidays and that ill be expecting school the next day!!!!!!!!!


Colin 5 years ago

I am going to see Jean Michel Jarre on 101010, and he said something strange will happen, wonder what he has planned?

Erinn 5 years ago

Wow a lot of people have this same Birthday and it's mine to! I will be 19! So Happy Birthday to everyone else who is sharing this AWESOME day! Wooooooo! Go October 10, 2010!

Serjio 5 years ago

Yeah happy bday everybody. I'll be turning 22

ck 5 years ago

i'm a 10-10-10er!!!! happy birthday to me and everyone else.

Gould 5 years ago

101010 is binary for 42 - which is known as the answer to the universe and everything. Something monumentous will happen.

mell-o 5 years ago

We will be going to the cemetery on 10-10-10 to acknowledge my mom's 1st anniversary of her passing...

stuppid 5 years ago

Im being born on 10/10/10 so celebrating my 1st birthday next year. 10/10/11 ... does it make sense

robin 5 years ago

my birthday is 10-10- 10 I think its super cool and I will be very lucky and its on a Sunday so that makes it even better

Tabitha 5 years ago

I too am turning a year older on 10/10/10 and I'm trying to find something fun to do to incorporate the number. I've been looking forward to this since I was a kid and I can't wait!

aj 5 years ago

My son turn 18th on 10-10-10. I love it.

jake 5 years ago

Born on 10-10-1990! Turning 20 on 10+10=20(10) HAHA!

Fan 5 years ago

Happy Birthday to Dale Jr#88 '74,... And Brett Favre#4 '69...they are both10-10ers!!!

wk 5 years ago

I'll be 47 on 10/10/10. My house number growing up was 101 and my DOB is 10101963. I seem to always look at the clock at 1:01 and everywhere I look I see 101. Something about 101 in my life. Its Thanksgiving here in Canada so ill be enjoying my birthday and turkey on this marvelous day! Happy Birthday to all the other 10/10/10s out there. Libra's rock!!!

Lets enjoy our special day!

Daniel Powers 5 years ago

I just randomly googled it when I saw that one of my projects was due tomorrow and I dated my paper.

wilson 5 years ago

wow its a good day un lng thank you


tluv 5 years ago

i will be turning 30 on 10-10-10!!!!

it will be a great day indeed!

10+10+10=30 yeah buddy

techyworld.uni.cc 5 years ago

Nothing will Happen..just another fine day SUNDAY :D

TOMMY T 5 years ago

10-10-10 Is my 30th birth day! Hopefully something interesting will happen

carmen 5 years ago

hey i was born octobor 10 10 1971 it wi be weird but i will wish a happy birthay to all the libtas

Robert Pool 5 years ago

Born 10.10.55 which will make me 55. 5 and 5 add to 10. My birth year, my age and the date only contains 3 number (1, 0 5) Weird, a bit like me 101 (that's meant to be LOL)

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday Dear Me-ee,Happy Birthday to Me,

Victoria 5 years ago

10-10-10, I will be celebrating my 43rd birthday. I feel it will be a great & lucky day for me! Only once in a lifetime!

Funlover 5 years ago

My best friend has chosen this day to marry! I have lost him so it's not a lucky day for me but I wish him happiness and hope it'll be lucky in the future that he will once again be my friend.

Elizabeth 5 years ago

I had my son on 10/10/82, 3 set's of ten and he will be 28 on 10/10/10, 4 sets of tens! A very rare occurrence indeed! What a specal birthday for him and for all of YOU born on Oct. 10th. Wishing you all a very HAPPY birthday!

Be in formed 5 years ago

Venus goes retrograde 10-8-10 to 11-18-10 do thr research so you will be informed of what is going on in your life .... Can't say I did not warn y'all ...

Tyler 5 years ago

Miss Tyler Dickinson-Keen will be celebrating her 10th birthday on 10-10-10 :]

Lee 5 years ago

My baby will be born by C-Section at 10am 10/10/10

shawna & matt 5 years ago

We are getting married on this very wonderful day! Its gonna be a 10!

Terry Hitchcock 5 years ago

Apart from humans being nostalgic and happy, Nothing will happen. Counting numbers is a human concept.

Traveller2244 5 years ago


I am feeling lucky about this Sunday. I hope that something good happens for the world. If nothing else its a good feeling for everyone.

brandon 5 years ago

I was born on 101080 and will turn 30 on 101010. Kanye West 'Power' is my theme song for the day. Happy Birthday everyone!

angelofureye 5 years ago

Turning 21 on 10:10:10..

Ruth 5 years ago

I am getting married on 10/10/10 YAY !!!! No, not my 10th marriage.

Suzy Chaarles 5 years ago

My husband will be turning 55 (born in the year 55), on 10-10-10. Pretty cool. Happy Birthday, Greg!

Peter Hunter 5 years ago

I've always been obsessed with the date 10th October. Oddly, nobody really famous seems to be born on this date (Does David Lee Roth or mario Lopez count) Born 10-10-71 (1+1+7+1=10) at 5:50am (5+5=10). My birthdate is one of the few things I like about myself. Perfect 10. I'm hoping it will be a special day but suspect it will pass by without anything significant happening. Plan to buy 3 system 10 lotto entries just to test my luck.

Cheryl 5 years ago

My birthday is 10/10/10. I think it's going to be a great day!

m. connolly 5 years ago

first universal contact

teri 5 years ago

I'm turning 55 on 10-10-10 I was born in 1955 happy birthday to all of the folks born in 55 it's going to be a great day...

Elvina V. 5 years ago

10/10/10 I turn 35 on this wonderful day. I feel it will be a Great & Lucky day for me!

Jean-Basse 5 years ago

I'll be 20 on 10/10/10. And I was born at 10:10 pm maybe just a coincidence. Happy birthday to all whom anniversary is on that date!

Boris 5 years ago

It is my Birthday. I will be 41!!!!

Simon 5 years ago

I'll be turning 25 on this day!and as it has been the tradition God has alot of guddies for us in store for this day!

Lin 5 years ago

My daughter turns 21 on 10 10 10 - time was 2:06pm, weighed 6lb 2oz - coincidence. One of the first things that occurred to me after her birth was the year would be 2010 when she turned 21.

To everyone having a special day on 10 10 10 - enjoy the day and hope something special happens.

Trini 5 years ago

Yayyy!! I'll be 26 on 10/10/10, Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday on that day. I hope it's a lucky day for us! =-)

Chi 5 years ago

It is just one of the days except that people make it extraordinary because of faith. We look forward to that day with so much excitement which makes our lives happier and less stressful. There are activities organized for a good cause. And that alone makes the day, 10-10-10, worth looking forward to. It's Sunday so, let us all hear mass and thank God for such a wonderful day. God bless everyone! :)

StAnLeY 5 years ago

I was born on 10/10/2000 and will be turning 10 on 10/10/10

Bridgette  5 years ago

On 10-10-10 I will be 42

Em 5 years ago

My birthday is 10/10/10 and I will be 30.

10+10+10=30. my birthdate always adds up to my age, but this year seems particularly crazy.

Fliders 5 years ago

My favorite number is 10 and I'm launching my new website (www.fliders.com) on 10-10-10 at 10:10 am. This only happens once in our lifetimes folks, make it count!

Mike 5 years ago

I'm meeting some hot thang for some good times hehehehe ;) ;) 10/10/10!

Craig 5 years ago

Bad things will happen. Good things will happen. Not a great deal will happen. But whatever happens it is highly unlikely that it will be anything to do with this particular date in the Gregorian calendar. Unfounded superstition is ruining our species and the planet we inhabit.

emily 5 years ago

Its my 15th b'day on 10-10-10 and ten is a mutiple of 5. Happy b'day to everyone born on 10th October and anyone's who's getting married awesome date. :)

Lauren 5 years ago

I'm turning 30! 10-10-10. That's pretty epic. Happy birthday to everyone else!

Carolyn 5 years ago

I'll turn 16 ! and the funny thing is, i was born 10 minutes before midnight, hahaha (:

dude 5 years ago

turning 20 on 10/10/2010

Irene  5 years ago

I am turning 28 on 10-10-10.Happy Birthday in advance to everyone who shares this day!!!!!!!!!!

Brad 5 years ago

Like everyone else who has taken the time to write something on this website I strongly believe that 10/10/10 is going to be a VERY lucky day for me. I'm turning 40 and need a little luck right about now in my life. Happy B-Day everyone!

B-day girl! 5 years ago

My best friend and I will both turn 21 that day! So happy birthday to all of the people who share our birthday! I hope it will be a special date for all of us!

Shelly 5 years ago

Hello to all of you October 10th bdays out there. I will be turning 44. Think we should all go gambling?? :D

Mojgan 5 years ago

My birthday is 10/10/10. Happy 52 for me. So wonderful. Happy birthday to all and congratulations to newly weds. Love your life.

Leo 5 years ago

I turn 28 on the 10/10/10. 28 - 2+8=10. I was born 1010 1982 1+9 8+2. And it was a sunday the same as this one. Hopefully a very lucky sign :)

Jason 5 years ago

well next year we will have 11/11/11, however it's just another day.

Jim 5 years ago

Throwing a binary Bash on the eve of binary day ......... if you are in the neighborhood - Malta, NY...stop by.

kim 5 years ago

yahooooo!!!..im turning 25th on 10.10.10...that's my silver birthday...im feeling so special and excited on that day..=)

nonya 5 years ago

ill be 17 on sunday 10/10/10

Lherman 5 years ago

Its OUr Birthday!! :-) Happy Birthday to all of us!! Be bless!

Peach 5 years ago

I'm the 10th child born on 10th of the 10th but will be 41 this year.......happy birthday to all the other tenners out there

Bella 5 years ago

I am pregnant and a week overdue, I have just started to get some strong contractions.. so, maybe my little baby will be born tomorrow 10/10/10.

It will be a lucky wonderful day.

Romeo Jr Duano 5 years ago

On October 10 2010 that would be my 30th Birthday.. No 29th Birthday because they say its a bad luck.. So instead of my 29th Birthday, it would be as my 30th Birthday. I hope something lucky will happen that day.. I wish i could win something or anything.

Sue  5 years ago

My Son Raff will turn 10 tomorrow on 10 10 2010! What a lucky day - 5 sets of 10.

Cathy 5 years ago

I was born on 10-10-55 and I will be 55 on 10-10-10. It seems magical to me!!!!

Lindsay 5 years ago

My son will be 10 on 10/10/10. My little binary boy. !!!

Adolf Mokobane 5 years ago

i will be turning 37 on 10/10/10. i feel very good about it and feel that something good is going to happen on the day. Lastly to all those who are birthdaying tomorrow i wish you a lovely and happy birthday.

Born 10/10/1973.

Zen 5 years ago

I have recently came up with a numerological calculation as follows:

- we take four major cathastrophic events in history, that is:

30.06.1908 (Tunguska meteorite)

06.08.1945 (Hiroshima A-Bomb)

26.04.1986 (Chernobyl explosion)

11.09.2001 (destruction of the WTC)

- let's sum up the numbers now. We get 88227825.

- now let's sum up the digits in this number, we get 42.

- and, as you pointed out at the beginning, 42 in binary code is 101010, which means you better all prepare well for tommorow. :)

Pia Ganguly 5 years ago

i will be turning 51 on 10-10-10

Tom 5 years ago

I think the majority of the people coming here are here because 10/10/10 is their birthday. Like mine, i'll be turning 18. =)

RMV 5 years ago

Well everything so far for me has been going down. Today is 10/9/10 and i feel sad. Unusually sad even mad at how i am to succeed but can only see failure. I feel like i have been abandoned, i cant see my way out of my predicament. I truly believe that 10/10/10 will release me from this stress and suffering, ultimately guiding me towards success. I have been a great person , compassionate, loving and forgiving. I pray and believe all of you will be lucky on the great day of 10/10/10. Please pray for me too.

jinisha 5 years ago

my bdae on 10 10 10....n its evn more special as it iz my 21st bdae.......finally n adult.,....

Basker 5 years ago

U are Very Lucky to have this day in your own life. ELLAM NANMAIKE

Barney 5 years ago

They are coming!

garves 5 years ago

I will be 29 10/10/10. Lets hope it brings good luck

gurjeet singh 5 years ago

iam from india and i born on 10/10/1987 and now birthday comes on amazing numerical numbers like 10/10/10 hope every thing is good and calm

Hassan wajeehuseema 5 years ago

Hi, VIEWERS I will b of 12-years on 10.10.10. lets celebrate this luckiest no ever after centuries.

Rob 5 years ago

Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat 10.10 will be released... duh.

Also 101010 is 42 in binary. 42 being the Answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything.

sara 5 years ago

its just cool i guest. . 42 is the answer for life anyway. . this is really 1% coincidence for our generation

dark 5 years ago

happy 10 10 10 .. its ben 10 day..

Rhiangriff 5 years ago

I also celebrate my birthday on Sunday 10th October! Magical Date!

Nanthini 5 years ago

Its 101010 and its my bday..im turning 22 today..so lucky to be born on 1010..

Nanthini 5 years ago

Happy birthday to every1 who celebrating their birthday on 101010..we r lucky to be born on tis 10/10

cathi 5 years ago

My birthday tomorrow 10/10/10 will be 44, born in 66...HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to all of the libras born October 10th...be safe and have a great day

Andrew 5 years ago

Tomorrow i will be turing 14 on 10/10/10...:) this date is truly unique and i am very excited to celebrate my birthday on this incredible rare date... i wish everyone born on this day to have a happy happy birthday and hope they have a wonderful day... :)

bernadette 5 years ago

hi guys its my birthday :( but im so sad coz my wish does not come true :( im expecting dat my boyfriend will forgive me for all the things ive done :( now im crying coz i dont know if i should stil move on :( i really love him more than anyone else :(

m s chandwaria 5 years ago

it is my birth day i.e. 10-10-1962 now i am of forty still iam to know it that how it is lucky day me as well as other ple. tell me if u know iwant toknow

Lyle Dalton 5 years ago

My Birthday is 10/10/10 and I'm sick now I have the flu and my birthday is one day away uhhh..hope I felel better tomorrow cause my world premiere of my youtube channel and website launches. Youtube.com/lyledalton

Christopher C Beau 5 years ago

On 10/10/10 we wake up and we tell everyone about the Venus Project which will change everything, and we share WhiteEarth DOT org with everyone as it will give us a little more time to fix the ills of our planet and will show us how human kind treats Earthlings, the oceans and the planet in general, and that has to stop or...we don't stand a chance as a civilization and the world will be a better place without us.


Christopher Beau

Founder WhiteEarth

Sam (India), Jesus...plz bring "Global Peace"..! 5 years ago

...hope today - 10-10-10 - will be a good day for everyone!

***Jesus Christ turns life right-side-up, and heaven outside-in***


Jane 5 years ago

Without all the comments, this would be a good Facebook link. Have a great day!

Mister dumptruck 5 years ago

On 10/10/2010 Sunday..... My underpants will be the best ever. Homie Simpson's underpants will fall down when Principal Skinner has a Donut.

toni-jizzlei 5 years ago

a medium told me that something significant is going to happen and that if i believe in this i am able to accomplish great things, and she gave me her happy life talisman...so i believe in greatness from the good of my heart...PEACE LOVE AND HAPPINESS!

Keith 5 years ago

I can remember that "The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" said the answer was 42. This combined with your - 101010 (base two (binary)) equals 42 (base ten). is all the proof that I need. LOL.

I just hope that it is the start to an awakening and a better system is on its way.

I really hope so.

melany 5 years ago

10/10/10 is my 24th birthday! i am stoked :) i think GREAT things will happen... i hear its called your "golden year" when your birth day, month and current year match. which must mean something great is yet to come :)

N. Bruce 5 years ago

I'm going to get lucky today. In bed, in about 2 minutes time. Or maybe the shower............

Gavin 5 years ago

Happy Birthday to all born on the 10/10. YES! We are special.

r3mus100 5 years ago

This number ..... i was born on 10 mai 1993 , at 10:10 a clock with a 10 on my arm ..... i usually have a lot of con tact with this number , it is lucky to me even if it isn't my favorite number , why i have this strange feeling this day isn't just a day .... maybe simple paranoia ....or maybe not ?

emilybolton(bday gurl!!) 5 years ago

its ma birthday today!! 10/10/10!! :DDD XxxxxxxX

Angela 5 years ago

October 10th 2010, it's my 25th birthday! I hope it's a lucky one but it will probably be just as lucky or unlucky than any other day :D

kiwina 5 years ago

To ZEN, Ten Strong Calendar, RMV, and those announcing celestial visits who posted earlier, we share many of the intuitive and connected knowings that bond those of this date.... Personally, I am a 2012 child having arrived on this planet on 1010-57. Anniversay coming up though I'm open to the transformation and evolution to happen sooner as it may.... I'm ready....

clln 5 years ago

My daughter will be 5 tomorrow 10/10/10 @ 10to10 10 days before my birthday

Open eyes 5 years ago

10/10/10 is someones B'day whom i love madly

Jeet 5 years ago

I am excited for today.

Dave 5 years ago

16 years married to beautiful Michelle. Don't forget to pause at 10 secs past 10 mins past 10, cos that will be a real binary feast: 10:10:10 10/10/10.

frank 5 years ago

My Bday is 10/10/60 and I am not thrilled about turning the big 50. For those of you who are younger it goes so fast, it seems like it was yesterday I was turning 20. So don't call older people old because you will also get older sooner than you think.

Ebenezer 5 years ago

We are all God's perfect children, looking for the best path Home. 10/10/10 will be a great spiritual opportunity for all of us to be blessed. Please try to spend as much time as possible on 10/10/10 "in the moment". 10/10/10 is not a good day to look back to the past or worry about the future... Contemplate the present as much as possible, see the beauty in all that is and you will receive the most amazing gifts. Go outside, quiet your mental conversations and experience the Love.

Hina 5 years ago

lets see what 10 10 10 brings me...

10/10/10 5 years ago

Epic day!!!!!

Avy  5 years ago

I feel lucky about this date not sure why, it's no significants to me but happy birthday to all who celebrate today and best of luck to everyone who are getting married, I've been with my boyfriend since 8/4/05 and would love nothing more than for him to propose!! anyway hope u all have fun. Avril Ireland

FordPrefect 5 years ago

101010 is binary for 42. In Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the number 42 is the answer to Life the Universe and Everything. Due to the fact that the program was terminated five minutes early, nobody knows what the Ultimate Question is. Without it, the answer isn't any help to anyone.

Laura 5 years ago

I was born at 10:10am on 10/10... have 10 letters in my last name, the zip code of my childhood home equalled 1010, I could go on and on. It will be quite a day for many of us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELLOW 10/10ers!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be at a famous US clock tower at the HAPPY CLOCK time of 10:10am - WOO HOO!

Mark 5 years ago

today is my birthday 10-10-10

I am very happy because it`s my lucky day today.

Brittany 5 years ago

My boyfriend and I will have been together for 10 months on 10-10-10.

Melissa 5 years ago

I will be 30 on 10-10-10. 10+10+10=30; and I was born at 10:35. Four 10's kinda crazy!!

Hans 5 years ago

That;s Nice Christian, ( even with the bame as Christian with adding to it :).

here in holland it's already 10-10-10 at this moment, nothing strange here, hope it's gonna be a wonderfull day...

my neighbours parents just got back from 5,5 months stay in Hungary, they arrived this night at home at 10-10-10.

greetz Hans from holland

cHo-cHo LaTeH 5 years ago

Tody is my birthday! wish this year more better than last year! and everythings gonna be better!


Turzo 5 years ago

I will complete 19th today. End of Teen. Feel Lucky.

doobert 5 years ago

nothing weird going on yet.....time will tell

oden elvena-babiera 5 years ago

10-10-10 is very significant to my love life because we celebrates engagement anniversary every 10th of every month...Now here comes the triple ten that will mark a history of my love story...I know that I can't be able to celebrate this anymore....

Laurie 5 years ago

My special, amazing daughter is turning 10 today on 10/10/10. I hope it is a wonderful day for everyone with a connection to 10/10 in any way. I know my life changed forever when I had her 10 years ago today.

delboy 5 years ago

good day for enlightenment

Ashwin Rao 5 years ago

Haha its my birthday and i turn 20! :P

Vijaya Kumar Kantheti 5 years ago

10th October 2010 that is 10-10-10,is a great day and unique. Let us do some good to our fellowmen and also do some thing good to our planet where we live. I have planted a sapling in the morning.

Kay 5 years ago

It's my BIRTHDAY........I LOVE 10-10-10.

Sidd 5 years ago

So far its just another day, wishing a happy birthday to all those who have a birthday today! Party crazy, one for your bday, another for its 10, 10 !

October 5 years ago

I am 26 today 10 10 10 by 10 mins past 10 what a wonderful day.Contact me on colechris101@yahoo.com

JANET 5 years ago

On 10-10-10 I will be 42 years old!!! HA!!! Im having a numerologist as the special guest at my b-day party today! YAY!!

Riaz RIO 5 years ago

I dont know what will happen. but it was a great day for me 09/09/09.

Dok 5 years ago

1 hour 5mins to go. Going to play a little guitar and maybe record something.

Janet you rock.


robsis 5 years ago


Sovyda 5 years ago

Happy 10-10-10 the first time i designed the CD cover for my Boyfriend :) love that day

nibururizin 5 years ago

10/10/10 has to be an auspicious day! For me there is divinity in the number. The three ones total three; three is a divine number-the trinity. Three is also the number of the day of my birth. I believe a new world consciousness is emerging; we are more readily knowing who we are and why we are here on earth and what our birthright is, what our destiny is.I believe unity is developing and in one voice many will say we are one-no more separation by ego; more love, joy, compassion, peace and realisation of who we are! Divine love and joy x

Arjun 5 years ago

10/10/10 .. just another usual day at work .. sigh ..

Prince 5 years ago

i am now living 10/10/10.... Nothing special happened so far.... But who knows???!!

Obviously 5 years ago

I will be ejaculating on this glorious date.

sandiswa 5 years ago

lost ma virginity on dis day... Bt im feelin lucky (**,)

Max 5 years ago

It's my 45 birthday... Today 10/10/10 party with all my friends... Hi to all from Bologna, Italy!!

twolips 5 years ago

Have a happy 10/10/10.

Out day is nearly 10 hours old already and the sun is shining.

Love from South Africa.

XXX 5 years ago

XXX day!!!!



Shaun 5 years ago

Wasup world, im a South African also celebra8n ma b-day on ths day...Me da best thng abwt it iz tht m in matric, im 17 nd i jst hd ma farewel yesterday...Pretty sweet hey...B-)

5 years ago

I'm 21 today (10/10/10) :)

Paulo 5 years ago

It is today. It is my 42 birthday. Greetings from Paulo, Portugal :-)

toxeek 5 years ago


5 years ago

Yes, something unique will happen: I'm breaking up with my bf

Prathap G 5 years ago

I am amazed at 10.10.10 which happens only in a year.

lawlllllll :P 5 years ago

cuz you're not really here....black and gold

simon gould 5 years ago

dunno why 10 10 2010 is so interesting. Personally i find 21 of Feb 2012 more interesting as a number


& 2nd Feb 2020


Bryan 5 years ago


well still here, see you 2012


10:10 - 10/10/10 ...PASSED!!!!!!!!




PEACE TO YA'LL.........................

Dawid PL 5 years ago

:) hi

Peter 5 years ago

10 out of 10, ten teners. How lucky are we to have such a unique birthdate instead of a set of random numbers?

Have they made contact yet? Is it safe to come out from under the covers and celebrate my birthday?

Olya 5 years ago

My new beginning of life without fear of myself!

DrMer 5 years ago

Peace, Light, Love! 10102010421AM

EAGLE 5 years ago

wish everybody a day full of light, even if the little one of a bright star glimmering in the distance, this night... now I'm gonna write a top 10 hopes and wishes list, and I'm gonna stick it on the wall and make everything to make it become true!!! happy 101010!!!

cope 5 years ago

hey there brothers and sisters in...numbers:)

guess i didn't realize how beautiful it sounds 10 10 10. Today is my b-day and i turn 24. All ofmy life i felt special to be born on 10th of October, and i used to say that 10 is my lucky number. Maybe it is. But today sound more interesting cause of the rarity of the event. I believe that is a good date and it carries a lucky charm:)

Happy clappy b-day to everyone celebrating ...anything today!

toxeek 5 years ago

do you know that 29th august 2011 will pass ONLY ONE TIME in the all millenium !!!and it's my birthday too!! so lucky am i !!...

whyyyyy 5 years ago


Time to change 5 years ago

well we're all waiting for something to happen but we do nothing. Maybe it's time to change ourselves, not consuming as much as we can and trying to become responsible and more natural.

saadmalik 5 years ago


luckily today is my 22nd birthday... wish me happy birthday

Elated_Lioness 5 years ago

10-10-10 is our 10th wedding anniversary. We were married at the top of a waterfall in Sapporo, Japan on 10-10-00 at 10:10 AM.

BUCKLEMUNKI 5 years ago

i feel very very lucky and blessed today.i had some major healing in tha last 24 hours,and i awoke with indescribable gratitude.i wish every being on this planet LOVE and PEACE.

BUCKLEMUNKI 5 years ago

i am also an Elated Lioness.congratulations to you and yours x

ralph vendy monteroyo 5 years ago

most probably some people come to think somethings gonna happened, coz maybe of geometric balance or the physics behind 3 parallel even numbers. but i guess only bad things gonna happened to bad society or bad person. all i can say is a nice group number posted on my calendar.

engineering 5 years ago

I just opened my new business at 10-10-10, hoping more lucks to come.

Disco.G 5 years ago

That people have put so much effort into thinking about this particular date proves that they have way too much time on their hands.

dhar 5 years ago

im pretty sure the birth of Jesus Christ was miscalculated and with 14 years and the actual year 2k takes place in 2014 .. which lead the 10.10.10 day to happen in year 2024

Sulistyo Tri 5 years ago

..that must have happened is this year's birthday on the 29th, that's for sure happening

thewelder 5 years ago

its my wifes and i 30th wedding anniversary 10/10/10

My birthday 5 years ago

Today is not my birthday yay for 10/10/10 boom beef sausage

carpote 5 years ago




Lucky Dad 5 years ago

I am very lucky today because after 7 weeks of not seeing my little boy he is with me watching a movie, today 10-10-2010 is a lucky day for me. :O)

Culture-Resto 5 years ago

Hi everybody, i am proud to announce that it is the birthday of my company "Culture Resto".

I hope this date will give me the chance to lead it to a success story !


Mark 5 years ago

Today is my birthday, 10-10-10 i was born in 1968 at 10:11pm and I am now celebrating my 42nd birthday!, If the nurse took a moment to write it down that would be 10:10pm Very cool! I think good things will happen today!

Culture-Resto 5 years ago

Hi everybody, i am proud to announce that 10/10/10 is the birthday of my company "Culture Resto".

I hope this date will give me the chance to lead it to a success story !

Special twinkle for engineering (see 7 messages before mine) that has launch his own business the same day.

Best wishes for our adventure.


steph 5 years ago

number 10 is my lucky number as my birthday is 10-10-10 i was born at 10.10am i had my son on the 10th and my partners birthday is the 10th i love the number 10

b3nd0 5 years ago

My father was born on 10/10/1955 at 10:10 am. So today he's 55(5+5=10) another ten. Wow it's so cool!101010101010 looks like he has binary DNA :P

melissa 5 years ago

today is 101010 and I'm really sick today. fever of 102 and sore throat, possibly strep. so far today is no good at all.

Crabby 5 years ago


probably you will get many presents :D

its an usual day to me btw

MIKE 5 years ago

It's my birth day as i celebrate daily when i wake up each morning. So i feel happy to be in this world and wish all the same to everybody

nima 5 years ago

today is my sister's venus birthday. wish her all the best in life.. she was born at october 10 at 10'clock p.m.

whitak3r 5 years ago

I can see I wasn't the only one to Google "10/10/2010" lol. :) Happy 10102010

Minhas Arshad 5 years ago

Today i feel very happay 10/10/10.The Tenth Month of the year changed my life.

aqua 5 years ago

T 25 on 10-10-10.She is very special

Julie Liu 5 years ago

I concur with "gsmystic". Going to test my luck, and buy the lotto! Have a nice day all, and best of wishes to all the 10-10-10 birthday people! No matter what happens today, "Be grateful for what you have right now and u will be given even more to be grateful for."

Ardith D 5 years ago

Today is my birthday! Born on 10-10-10. I am 55 years old today. I was born in '55, and I was born at 5:05! 5+5=10!

naza 5 years ago

i gave my first kiss the 10-10-10 TODAY IM SO HAPPY

julie  5 years ago

It's my birthday today - 10-10-10 - how cool

GABY 5 years ago

Today is my beautiful daughter's birthday! I see this day as a reminder of one of life's greatest blessings!

Ardith D 5 years ago

Said it wrong earlier probably due to age! Today is my birthday, 10-10-10. I was born on 10-10-55 at 5:05! I am 55 years old today. 5+5=10!

CB Rollins 5 years ago

Remember that if you're wondering what happened on this date more than 500 years ago, the change to the Gregorian calendar messed it all up...

SamiBear 5 years ago

today my nephew was born!!

Josesph Onzo 5 years ago

a memorable day... not sure why yet

Bambi Wixom 5 years ago

My son was born 10-10-2000 and today is his 10th b-day!! I figured out soon after he was born he would have a 10-10-10 b-day. I have wondered since that day what might happen? It is a very special day for him and he is a very special boy!!!!!!!!!!! I Love You DJ

ryan 5 years ago

Today is the day me and my Girlfriend are taing a. fall trip to Charleston, South Carolina the future Place we will be living. So maybe it holds some significants, I'd like to think.

aflowerchild 5 years ago

Today is my 52nd birthday,and the first day of the rest of my beautiful life. I was born at 10:00 am on 10/10 and I am married to a T.E.N. Im going out to buy a lottery ticket.

NotEvil 5 years ago

Of course, there's something beautiful in those numbers, but don't forget they have just been created by humans (calendars). Don't expect the supernatural; enjoy your day, like every other.

Frank 5 years ago

Nothing will happen today. Simply nothing important just like any other day

michelle 5 years ago

my 44th birthday is today. I was born at 11:37pm in 1966

I think its going to be a great day!

steel1943 5 years ago

10/10/10 - Since Halloween is during this month, and today has the same number repeated three times (three of the same symbol are required to win a game on a slot machine), I'm calling this day:

Jack-O'-Pot Day! :)

mia 5 years ago

I have 10 fingers and 10 toes. Everyone in my family does "too" (or, is that 2?)

I married a 10

Elizabeta 5 years ago

Well, to me, 10-10 has always been a day for me and my friend just to play pranks on this girl we hate. xD

On the tenth of every month is year (10/10) we would call each other and make jokes. Honestly, I never thought today would be something so special. It would be just another Ten/Ten Day, and she called me today at 10:10.

Personally, I don't think nothing big shall happen today. Just a huge coincidence.

TheAnswer 5 years ago

101010 being 42 in binary makes it the answer to life, the universe, and everything according to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

gerrie hugo 5 years ago

The cosmos cares not a shit about your manmade calendar.It might as well be 12/12/3456789. Zealots of Islam will plan and or perfrom an act of terror. Afghanistan will be a little bit closer to a nuclear bomb. A Catholic Priest will fondle a choir boy. The USA will somehow make an arse out of themselves and my wife will once more say "you first" when I suggest anal sex.

mahla 5 years ago

10/10/10..today is my 19th birthday.

Sofia 5 years ago

today it's my 30th Bday! 10/10/10!! Big day!!

Jose 5 years ago

Today is my 110 birthday!

Dan 5 years ago

10-10-10 My 46th birthday (4+6=10) was born at 10:10PM, twin sister born at 10PM, born 4 pound 6 ounces (10)- Supposed to be born in December- Parents were 37 (10)

Happy Birthday all!!

Dan Charette

St Pete Florida

thetenly 5 years ago

my pet raccoon was born on 04/06/00=10 i slipped on a banana peel on 05/05/10=20 20-10=10 10+0=10, i think you see where i'm going with this.

minr 5 years ago

just a great date. not any extra ordinary day. but it brings a smile, or at least makes one stop and wonder about it for a while, when we have to date something 10-10-10.

i also found that i have 3 friends celebrating birthdays on this day. two of them came into my life just a mere 10 weeks ago. One of them is now very near and dear to my heart :)

Marlene 5 years ago

Today is my 78th birthday. I have had an interesting life which continues to this day. Going out to dinner at great restaurant with great friends. Love to my wonderful family and the rest of the world. And especially to my fellow 10/10ers.



duh 5 years ago


Happy 5 years ago

Hi to everyone who's lucky day is today! Have a nice one and BE HAPPY!

Shelby 5 years ago

I'm very curious about today's events...

Great day 5 years ago

Nothing much has happened to day, but hoping for something special! Don't know what but it's a great day because it is warm!

5 years ago

everyone born in the first 2 weeks of october is a new years eve baby. nothing special here

SONSABITCHES 5 years ago

Cool its 10 10 10 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Lubas 5 years ago


HAPPY 10-10 B-DAY!

"Dan 2 months ago

10/10/10 is my 46th birthday (4 plus 6 is 10) I was born in '64 (6 plus 4 is 10) I was born at 10:10PM, and my twin sister was born at 10PM!"



snoogans460 5 years ago

Not to bring attention to this particular day, but I figure mentioning it's my "32nd B-Day" is in proper order. In fact, it feels extra special (err, sorta') with the date being '10-10-10'.

Pretty cool huh? Anyhow, my "Golden Birthday" was back in 1988, when I turned 10 years old. If I managed to turn 10 today, would it be considered a "Super Golden Birthday"? LOL.

Take care everyone, and God Bless.

samdoe 5 years ago

Our son was born at 10:00 am on 10/10 and weighed 10#'s. His doctor gave him an apgar score of 10, usually reserved for Drs babies. Lucky, no....blessed yes.

cathie 5 years ago

Thanks for all the fun and interesting postings...

Happiest day to all. I think the most important thing is to know we're all an important part of making the world a better place. Each of us can make a big difference everyday for someone. Enjoy!

Alina 5 years ago

Today is my 47th bday (10/10/63)so it WILL be lucky!! : )

Peggy 5 years ago

Today is my birthday. I also received an email at l0:10 am from a dear friend so 10/10/10 at 10:10 am.

ash 5 years ago

there are also 5 fridays, 5 saturdays, and 5 sundays in the month of october this year. it only occurs every 11 years.

Ruth 5 years ago

I am VERY excited to be born 10-10-34 AND now I am still here to celebrate 10-10-10!!!!

the real answer 5 years ago


Elaine and Peter 5 years ago

Our gorgeous twins Andrew and Emily got christened today at Kirk of Calder Church. We had a wonderful day with lots of family and friends.

edward nickus 5 years ago

101010 marks the 5th Anniversary of the beginning of chemo for me. whew...is all I have to say.

LéMèr 5 years ago

Today (10/10/10) is my BIRTHDAY! so, something good is happening to me! it would have been more beautiful if i were 10 years old (instead I'm 24) but is funny too!!

happy birthday everybody and have a nice day!!

Alex 5 years ago

10 children from 10 different countries at exacly 10 o clock will die.

DJJ 5 years ago

My Daughter was born on this day today 10-10-10 wife went into labor and admitted to Hospital at 10:10pm baby was born at 01:55AM

Theresa 5 years ago

My twins (girl & boy) are 10 on 10/10/10!!!

John 5 years ago

I was born on 10-10-1955. Today- 10-10-2010 I am 55. Double nickel or what!

Grayson 5 years ago

Happy Birthday you lucky ones!!

Esther Wood 5 years ago

I didn't vote because the neutral choice was false. Something is happening at every moment. We assign the significance to what happens because of what we feel during the occurance or after, as we think about it.

Grampa Ted 5 years ago

Our daughter just called today 10/10/10 to tell us that she found out this morning that she is PREGNANT!!!! She and her hubby are so happy. It's their first and our first so it is exciting. The circle of life has come around! Last year on 9/9/9, I retired. What's next, well 11/11/11, of course. We'll see!

bev 5 years ago

Wll today is 10-10-10 and it is my bday.. and if you add them together you have my age.. been a good day.. but wish some good luck would come my way..

luckyduck 5 years ago

my grandparents 51st anniversary is on 10/10/10! hope it's a luck day for them!

Nelitza Babooshka 5 years ago

well it's that day..and it's pretty normal..but i feel happy ..it get this good feeling somehow...

Dudemanmeister? 5 years ago

101010 (base two (binary)) equals 42 (base ten)...Do I have to point it out?42?The answer to life, the universe, and everything.This means something!

Saif 5 years ago

I found 10 Dollar on 10/10/10 at 10:09. That is weird.

Lore 5 years ago

My Bulldog(Rumer) 1yr old, birthday today.

Ken 5 years ago

Remember 101010 = 42 and that was the answer given by Deep Thought in HGTTG! Be very afraid or don't give a ****!

Ebrahim DeMorny 5 years ago

Anyone else notice that october 2010 has 5 friday's, 5 saturday's and 5 sundays? next only to happen in 823 years!

joel 5 years ago

10-10-2010 to early to say right now but will post after the day is done and see what happens...so far a lady bug made it self known to me.

Rachel 5 years ago

@JACK 4 weeks ago:

You are awesome.

Ang 5 years ago

I think it is cool 10-10-10. So far Normal day kids complaing husband not doing anything....the usual

tenager 5 years ago

I turn 10 at 10:10 on 10/10/10

as I blow my 10 candles


JIa 5 years ago

im turning 12 today on 10/10/10

brandon 5 years ago

Its my 16th birthday on 10/10/10 and im in the 10th grade woohoo

??? 5 years ago

nope, same as usual. gotta do lots of chores, getting shouted at, hardly any relaxing, facebook, games, boring, NORMAL!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( 8P

Jackie Muller 5 years ago

It's our 10 Year Anniversary. I love this date.

Mike 5 years ago

So I've been asked how "Have a nice day" can be relevant to the number 42, the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything.

Here it is: All numbers can be distilled to a single integer - a basic practice in numerology - 4 + 2 = 6

The number six means: love & empathy

One can love them self but the love of another is its meaning

2 x 6 = 12

There a 12 letter in "have a nice day" and of course the statement itself implies a wish from one to another (hence the introduction of the number 2.

I leave the veracity of this up to you, although I think D.A. would agree.

Have a nice day - especially you Jia and tenager.

Hannah 5 years ago

My nephew George was born today!

Daniel 5 years ago

10/10/10 at 10:00. Playstation 3's will rain from the magical ps3 clouds

Vicky 5 years ago

I turn 20 on 10 10 (20)10

lamapper 5 years ago

I predicted nothing would come of the year 2000 and was right. I predict nothing significant will come of 10/10/10 unless you make it so.

Its all up to each of us to make this a great day...make it so!

Thinking ahead, nothing of note will happen on either 11/11/2011 or 12/12/2012 unless you make it so....make it so!

Mike 5 years ago

Today is my birthday too. 10/10/86 was when i entered the world. I'll be 24. It's a very special day. It feels special to be celebrating your birthday on 10-10-10. Wow. Looking forward to the special day.

Jimhendrixx 5 years ago

WOW, who gives a rip?

steve 5 years ago

101010 my 30th birthday! still waiting for something lucky to happen! haven't checked my lottery ticket yet- here's hoping.

MEE 5 years ago

Happy BDAY to my friend Daniel(:

john velgus 5 years ago

i thought i saw Jesus! no that was a bum beggin for money at the stop light.. only on 10 10 10...

B~ 5 years ago

Born 10/10 at 10 minutes 'til 10 PM


Raneev 5 years ago

I bealive this is a sppoky day because there might be good things and bad things happens! Good things people like to share and we all no but bad things ...........

Eeeeeeppppp!!!!!! 5 years ago

Over a million people are getting married today!!!!!

Wonderment 5 years ago

It's my birthday. Happy birthday to all the other 10-10s out there in cyberspace.

Everybody 5 years ago

You still have 10/10/10 10:10:10PM tonight in what ever time zones are left. So there you have it.

5 years ago

I felt something weird this morning. Some kinda new aura for me. I know its weird. But i watever it is, i like. Im feeling lucky..

Cpt. Obvious Jr. 5 years ago

I don't see how this is significant in any way...Why was no one excited for yesterday or the days before? You know 10/09/10 won't come around for another 1,000 years. Calm down people it's just a date, and if any positive coincidences come out of today, good for you.

MEE 5 years ago

hes turning 12 todaii

Phil 5 years ago

10 was my jersey number back in High School football.

MEE 5 years ago


Luis Enrique 5 years ago

in my opinion today is a special day not just because its 10/10/10, its special because everyone is doing something diferent as usual and we are the ones who make this day something special =)

John Sinopoli 5 years ago

10:10:10PM October 10,2010. 10/10/10/10/10/10. AngryJohhny

LeeWayne 5 years ago


12 12 12

? ?

dorothy 5 years ago

I was born on 10/10/1973 which makes it 10/10/1010 one plus nine equals 10 and seven plus three equals 10 and 2010 I am 37 which equals 10 and my name means god's gift

that's a few in 10/10/10

harlah 5 years ago

My mom turns 68 on 10/10/10. Lucky!

I.D Drama 5 years ago

yes this site is good the person who created this should get props

but yh 101010 a day of your dna percption anything could happen just depends on what yu want to happen really!!

lok how much people have look on this site just for the name alone. haha very wel put together man behind the plan

Mike 5 years ago

It is not 9:00 PM on 10/10/10. Nothing unusual happened but it was an exceptionally nice day.

Don't forget tomorrow is binary too - 00101110 = 46

another whole day of speculation and meaning from nothing

Patty 5 years ago

Had a bit of an eye opener today...and not so pleasant a happening. Guess it was lucky though to be informed. Never good to sit in the dark. Waiting for 11/11/11!!!!

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