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Post 11 11 11 (An older update)

What does it all mean...?

This is a living archive of Pre 11/11/11 and Day 11/11/11. The original article, statistics, and comments follow. A survey and the comments section remain open for karma reasons. The metaphysics experiments continues. More information is available in the update stream further down the page.

This page is for those with 11/11/xxxx birthdays. And for those interested in the 11/11/11 date singularity.

The original title of this article was, "11/11/11 - How to Interpret 11.11.11; Friday, November 11, 2011."

Other statistics. This page has received over 600,000 visitors during its 4 years of publication. And over 7,000 Facebook likes during this time. The number of comments were originally well over a 1000; unfortunately, many had to be deleted for various reasons. The whole experience has been and continues to be quite amazing actually. May all who have the numbers 1 and 11 in their lives continue to live long and prosper.

Date 11/11/11 Original Article


This article provides a synopsis of the possible implications of the 11/11/11 date singularity and of the numbers one and eleven; followed by a quick metaphysics experiment.



The number eleven is the fifth prime number (contrary to popular belief, the number one ( 1 ) is not a prime number).

Base numbering systems lend themselves to some interesting peculiarities as relates to the number eleven.

Base 10 for example:

(2 digits) 11 x 11 = 121

(6 digits) 111111 x 111111 = 12345654321

(9 digits) 111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321

Base 16 (hexadecimal) for example:

(2 digits) 11 x 11 = 121

(6 digits) 111111 x 111111 = 12345654321

(9 digits) 111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321

Games of Chance

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 | Source

Blackjack players love the number eleven. It usually means time to double down, but not always.

Dice players love the number eleven. On the come-out roll, it’s as good as the number seven. Do not ask the crap dealers how to bet 11 the hardway.

The number eleven is a popular lottery number. This results in the per-person payouts being a little below average when eleven is one of the winning numbers.

The number eleven is a popular keno number. One wonders if the casinos and slot machine manufacturers make use of that fact…

Veterans Day

Formerly known as Armistice Day

November 11. President Eisenhower signing HR7786, changing Armistice Day to Veterans Day.
November 11. President Eisenhower signing HR7786, changing Armistice Day to Veterans Day. | Source

(Source: United States Department of Veterans Affairs):


World War I – known at the time as “The Great War” - officially ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, in the Palace of Versailles outside the town of Versailles, France.

However, fighting ceased seven months earlier when an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

For that reason, November 11, 1918, is generally regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars.”


It is very likely that Veterans Day will be remembered/observed/celebrated much more than usual on November 11th, 2011.


The Great Blue Norther of 11/11/1911

"One-hundred years ago, November 11th, 1911: The Great Blue Norther descended upon America. The day started fine; there were even record highs for that time of year. Then it all changed; temperatures began to drop. Within the space of ten minutes, there were temperature drops of 40 to 50 degrees; by midnight a 66 degree temperature drop was recorded. There were dust storms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and blizzards. Over 300 deaths were reported."

In the interests of full disclosure: NOAA.gov reports that sudden 50 degree temperature drops, though unusual, are not that rare. See chart below.

The Great Blue Norther acquired its name not from the extreme temperature changes, but from the accompanying destructive weather phenomena.


More Historical


Even when taking into account the differences between the Gregorian and Julian calendars:

Nothing significant appears to have happened nine-hundred years ago during the year 1111.

Nothing significant appears to have happened a thousand years ago during the year 1011.

Nothing significant appears to have happened two thousand years ago during the year 11.

The Dark Ages spanned the 5th to 15th centuries (approximately 450 -1450).

This article does not address the numbers one or eleven as they relate to numerology, astrology, tarot cards, etc. Websites that specialize in these subjects are your best resource for those areas of interest.

Schedule of Solar and Lunar Eclipses for Year 2011

Partial Solar Eclipse: Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Partial Solar Eclipse: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse: Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Partial Solar Eclipse: Friday, July 1, 2011

Partial Solar Eclipse: Friday, November 25, 2011

Depending on your location, your results may vary.

Singularity Summary

Most predictions and opinions concerning 11/11/11 are based on or rooted in its mathematical uniqueness as a number.

11-11-11 : There are three possible scenarios:

1. Something good happens — There is absolutely no scientific basis for this belief. There are no known logical premises for this belief. The belief that something good will happen is based solely on faith and/or innate optimism. This belief is not necessarily false; we don’t know everything; the probability is not zero.

2. Nothing happens — This is the most likely scenario. Just because an unusual date number sequence occurs doesn’t mean that something extraordinary will happen. Usually it’s a non-event.

3. Something bad happens — There is absolutely no scientific basis for this belief. There are no known logical premises for this belief. The belief that something bad will happen is based solely on faith and/or pessimism of reality. This belief is not necessarily false; after all, things are generally/usually a mess. The probability is not zero.

11/11/11; Friday, November 11, 2011: Survey One:

What do you believe will happen on 11/11/11?

  • 45% Something good will happen on a global scale.
  • 46% Nothing will happen (just another day in the Land of Nod).
  • 9% Something bad will happen on a global scale.
27280 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

This Poll Still Open

The experiment continues...

11/11/11; Friday, November 11, 2011: The Metaphysics Experiment: Survey Two:

Do you feel lucky today?

See results without voting

Archive of Day 11.11.11

The Diary/Journal/Log of the Day 11/11/11 Event

Here is where the Day 11/11/11 updates will be; time, space, and bandwidth permitting. There may also be an occasional pre-11/11/11 update. Entries will be chronological rather than blog style.

Update (November 1, 2011):

Here are the survey results to-date as the month of November, year 2011 begins.

For the question, “What do you believe will happen on 11/11/11”, the survey statistics at the beginning of the day on November 1st were as follows:

47% believe something good will happen on a global scale.
40% believe nothing significant will happen on a global scale.
14% believe something bad will happen on a global scale.
7174 people have voted in this poll to date.

For the question, “Do you feel lucky today”, the cumulative results to-date (as of the end of October, year 2011) were as follows:

71% felt lucky on the day they filled out the poll.
29% said they did not feel lucky that particular day.
5811 people have voted in this poll to date.

If previous experiments are any indication, the above percentages could change significantly over the next 11 days; particularly so on day 11/11/11.

Update (November 3, 2011, end of the day):

For the question, “What do you believe will happen on 11/11/11”, we have a minor percentage change. "Something Good" has dropped a tad. "Something Bad" has dropped a tad.

46% believe something good will happen on a global scale.
40% believe nothing significant will happen on a global scale.
13% believe something bad will happen on a global scale.
8199 people have now voted in this poll to date.

The “Do you feel lucky today” percentages remain unchanged. That vote count is now 6608. There are now some media reports that courthouse clerks are bracing for all the marriage license requests of people who want to be married on 11/11/11.

Update (November 7, 2011, Monday, 2:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time, USA):

Approaching 10K on Survey One (9797).

Update (November 7, 2011, Monday, 9:04 AM, Pacific Standard Time, USA):

Survey One reaches 10,000 votes.

46% believe something good will happen on a global scale.
41% believe nothing significant will happen on a global scale.
13% believe something bad will happen on a global scale.

Survey Two remains consistent at 8000+ votes.
71% felt lucky on the day they filled out the poll.
29% said they did not feel lucky that particular day.

Approximately 1:20 PM, For the first time in a long time the Survey Two percentages have changed.

70% felt lucky on the day they filled out the poll.
30% said they did not feel lucky that particular day.
8222 people have now voted.

The media reports have started about wedding chapels being booked solid for day 11/11/11.

As of 2:30 PM today (Monday, November 7, 2011), this page has had 10,969 visits via 147 countries/territories in the last 14-and-a-half hours.

For the month of November (as of 2:30 PM today, Monday, November 7, 2011), this page has had 66,233 visits via 180 countries/territories.

For this same month-to-date time frame here are some random country stats:

32,776 USA
3,681 Canada
1 Greenland (I guess they're not that interested...)
381 Brazil
125 Russia
2,713 Australia
6,752 UK
3,139 India
100 China
1 Afghanistan (understandable, they're kind of busy over there...)
354 Spain
1,537 The Continent of Africa

There are media reports that businesses around the world are having 11-11-11 sales, discounts, and deals this Friday. And no doubt some will probably extend through the weekend.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Well, today is the day that Asteroid 2005 YU55 will give us its regards. It will zip by earth inside the moon's orbit this afternoon in the USA and close to midnight in parts of Europe. Fortunately, the asteroid is scheduled to just give us a friendly wave, as opposed to a high-five.

As of 8:50 AM PST USA, the Survey Two results are back to 71% Yes and 29% No. Vote count at 8,712.

As of 9:30 AM, PST USA, November 8, 2011; the paradigmsearch.hubpages.com site has had 89,186 month-to-date page views.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

There will be a National Emergency Alert Test in the U.S. today at 2:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time. Every TV broadcast, cable channel, satellite, and radio station is supposed to be a part of it.

Meanwhile, at ~ 7:40 AM PST, the Surveys One & Two percentages remain essentially unchanged to within one percentage point..

The U.S. stock market is unhappy with Italy. The DOW closed down ~390 points and the NASDAQ closed down 100+ points.

Survey percentages remain constant. Survey Two turnout approaching 10K (9,860).

It should be noted that it is already November 10th in Asia, Australia, Philippines, etc. In other words, 11.11.11 is already less than 24 hours away for many people.

4:00 PM PST USA (Nov. 9th ), Survey Two reaches 10,019 votes. Results remain steadfast.

71% felt lucky on the day they filled out the poll.
29% said they did not feel lucky that particular day.

Day 11.11.11 ~~ November 11, 2011

Day 11.11.11 has already begun in certain parts of the world. A good very early morning to New Zealand and Eastern Russia.

As 11.11.11 begins its march across the planet, here is the first of many Survey One and Survey Two month-to-date results for archival purposes.

46% believe something good will happen on a global scale.
41% believe nothing significant will happen on a global scale.
12% believe something bad will happen on a global scale.
13,547 people have voted in this poll to date.

71% felt lucky on the day they filled out the poll.
29% said they did not feel lucky that particular day.
10,894 people have voted in this poll to date.

Meanwhile, in the U.S it is the morning of November 10th; in Europe it is the afternoon; in Asia it is night. It is interesting to note that Russia has 11 time zones.

Nerd Year will be celebrated this Friday in the U.S. Ones and zeros is where it's at.

Stock markets have just closed across Europe for November 10th. Nothing drastic happened.

More and more Day 11.11.11 sales are being announced worldwide.

Australia, the Philippines, Japan, China, and many others have now entered Day 11.11.11.

For the first 9 hours of Nov. 10th in the U.S., this page has had in excess of 25,000 page views worldwide.

India has now joined Day 11.11.11.

For the first 12 hours of Nov. 10th in the U.S., this page is now in excess of 40,000 page views worldwide.

U.S. Stock markets have just closed for November 10th. Nothing drastic happened.

Moscow, Russia is now Day 11.11.11.

There are media reports about gamblers and the number 11. The casinos worldwide are going to get fat on Friday. As will the various lotteries.

There are now predictions being made that day 11.11.11 will break birth records around the world. Apparently many soon-to-be parents are scheduling cesarean sections and inductions to be done on this date.

Middle and Eastern Europe are now Day 11.11.11.

Middle and Eastern Africa are now Day 11.11.11.

The survey stats continue to remain amazingly consistent, 2:30 PM PST USA, Nov.10th.

46% believe something good will happen on a global scale.
42% believe nothing significant will happen on a global scale.
12% believe something bad will happen on a global scale.
15,816 people have voted in this poll to date.

71% felt lucky on the day they filled out the poll.
29% said they did not feel lucky that particular day.
12,745 people have voted in this poll to date.

UTC - Universal Time / GMT is now Day 11.11.11.

The jaunt across the Atlantic Oceans' begins.

Day 11.11.11 has unambiguously landed on the eastern shores of South America, 3:00 AM UTC.

Day 11.11.11 has unambiguously landed on the eastern shores of North America, 5:00 AM UTC.

As Day 11.11.11 begins in the United States, here are the latest stats.

46% believe something good will happen on a global scale.
43% believe nothing significant will happen on a global scale.
11% believe something bad will happen on a global scale.
17,700 people have voted in this poll to date.

71% felt lucky on the day they filled out the poll.
29% said they did not feel lucky that particular day.
14,352 people have voted in this poll to date.

Millions participated in remembrance ceremonies of Armistice Day in the U.K starting at 11:00 AM UTC.

The failure to have reported earlier on the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Australia is regretted. A belated well-wishes.

China marked Day 11.11.11 Super Singles Day with thousands of get-togethers and thousands of couples getting married.

There are media reports that the Egyptian government closed one or more pyramids to thwart planned 11.11.11 spiritual ceremonies.

More media reports that lottery ticket sales are skyrocketing.

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada.

Today is Veterans Day in the United States.

Here are the Survey stats as of ~3:00 PM UTC.

46% believe something good will happen on a global scale.
44% believe nothing significant will happen on a global scale.
10% believe something bad will happen on a global scale.
21,348 people have voted in this poll to date.

71% felt lucky on the day they filled out the poll.
29% said they did not feel lucky that particular day.
17,811 people have voted in this poll to date.

The month-to-date views for this page is now 319,129 at ~3:00 PM UTC.

It is a well-known fact that terrorists pay attention to numbers. That has no doubt been in the back of some people's minds today. The Homeland Security website has just been checked and all is well: What is the current NTAS level? The Secretary of Homeland Security has not issued an elevated or imminent alert at this time. and Current Alerts, There are no current alerts. Expired Alerts, There are no expired alerts., 3:30 PM UTC.

More media reports as to the deluge of weddings today. Hospitals expected to be a little extra busy 9 months from now.

New York Stock Exchange observes moment of silence, 11:00 AM EST.

Veterans honored at Arlington. President Obama about to speak, 11:15 AM EST.

Although there are lots of media articles about the date 11/11/11 being a bad, doomsday scenario type event; they are probably outnumbered 11 to 1 by media articles that feel positive about the whole thing.

Looks like there are going to be, and already have been, many New Years Eve like parties to celebrate the uniqueness of this day. California will probably take the top state spot in this regard. However, New York, Texas, Florida, and Nevada might have something to say about that.

Here are the Survey stats as of ~8:00 PM UTC (Noon, local). Percentages have deviated a lot less than expected.

46% believe something good will happen on a global scale.
45% believe nothing significant will happen on a global scale.
 9% believe something bad will happen on a global scale.
24,205 people have voted in this poll to date.

71% felt lucky on the day they filled out the poll.
29% said they did not feel lucky that particular day.
20,583 people have voted in this poll to date.

No unexpected or untoward 11/11/11-related media reports in the last few hours. There was a film review of the 11.11.11 move; the reviewer was not thrilled; however, one opinion does not a consensus make.

Here are the Survey stats as of 6:00 PM PST USA

45% believe something good will happen on a global scale.
46% believe nothing significant will happen on a global scale.
 9% believe something bad will happen on a global scale.
25,807 people have voted in this poll to date.

70% felt lucky on the day they filled out the poll.
30% said they did not feel lucky that particular day.
22,179 people have voted in this poll to date.

November month-to-date page views are now 400,000+, 6:00 PM PST USA.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Notations: 45-46-9-26,556 ~ 70-30-22,910 ~ 6:45 am pst.

Survey data and other information have been archived. For courtesy, karma, and other reasons, the Survey One question remains live. Survey Two and the metaphysics experiment are likewise still in progress, as is the Comments Section.

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Comments 866 comments

iggypuck 6 years ago

I see 111 and 1111 on clocks, microwave ovens, television, store receipts. Sometimes, if I'm busy, people will ask me the time to ensure I see it. I've gone through feelings of curiosity, to concern, to dread (now I just accept that it is part of me).

Gail 6 years ago

Planning to get married 11/11/11 at 11:11am Party will end at 11:11pm...

What fun!

JLO 6 years ago

Gail: That's great! Eleven is a spiritual number & I, too, want to get married 11.11.11, Also, I was born at 11:11pm.

tony 6 years ago

For a few years now i keep seeing 11 11 . Glance to see a clock or cell the same.randomly look at a mailbox or a reciept .its crazy.

Maggie 6 years ago

There had better not be some great catastrophe on 11/11/11.

Its my 21st birthday then, so I expect nothing crazier than my friends and I having just a tad too much to drink.

Danny 6 years ago

I will be 60 on 11 11 11 and plan to have my 1st shot at 11 11 am and still be going strong @ 11 11 pm. I also see 11 11 on clocks, address' etc. more than any other #

A.Hart 6 years ago

11.11 has always surrounded me i was born on 11/11/1990 at 11:21 am

and shall turn 21 on the 11/11/2011

so at 11:21am i will be 21 on the 11th

i have always made small wishes whenever i see 11:11 just because it's nice to have hope that maybe something good will come out of it . If i dont have a wish I just say Thank you to the universe for everything i have .

11/11 is special to notice it is a gift.

jaydee 6 years ago

I was born on 11/11 at 11 minutes after 11am. Next year I will be 56 which of course adds to 11. I look forward to what the new year will bring.

NeverABride 6 years ago

This was supposed to be my wedding date. That would have been cool. Oh well. Maybe I'll meet someone in time to get married on 12/12/12...but that just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Seven11 6 years ago

I will be 56 about 11/11 and 5 + 6 = 11. Shortly thereafter, as predicted by the Mayans (closer to Christmas, 12/24/11), just before the prophetic year 2012 arrives, it suppose to be a cyclical end type of world event (not necessarily the end of the world). Although, I like the numbers/date 12/24/12 better (12x2 = 24)- then again, who knows what will happen!

adie 6 years ago

keep seeing 11.11 everytime i look at a clock eg. getting abit worried as i know this is no coinsadace any more as it happens every day. help

brad 6 years ago

I was born on this date....but it is also going to be crazy for me because i was born 11/11/1977...hope this day is good for me...eating at a restaurant called 11/11 on that day as well....

J C 6 years ago

I've been sseeing the number 11 on the clock nearly every day for the past two years. Doesn't matter what time of the day - it always seems to end with 11. I told my husband and a few friends about it, and feel that God is warning us to prepare - that we are in the 11th hour and there are very bad times ahead. If this happenening to other people, I don't believe that it is something to take lightly.

Archangel888 6 years ago

I always see 11:11, 1:11, etc on clocks micros etc. Then again, 23 pops up a lot as well as 33; 3:33, 2:23, so who knows. I will be 55 on 11/12/11, or could be 11/11 depending on what part of the world it is! I'm with you Neth. " No weapon formed against us shall prosper."

jeremy1111 6 years ago

1111 is a wake up call. Those of the spiritual realm use many electronic devices to get messages of this nature through. This race, on such a biodiverse planet, has been for the past 12000 years been blinded in a galactic experiment of sorts. It is up to us to pass the test, to make our light shine into the darkest corners with unconditional love. Mother Earth and all of us with her are changing. Our atoms are spinning faster with each day. We are a new race being born. Birthing pains are to be expected but the end result will be that of great joy and harmony.

alex 6 years ago

I see this number as well, I don't know what to make out of it, but for me I take it as a good thing. I am deeply faithful in God, and now he will protect me and my love ones and in that day, I think something good will happen to me.

Will 6 years ago

I too see 11's everywhere. The address of the house I grew up in was 1111 S 11th and phone # with the last four digits of 1111. It seems to follow me around. Not sure if it's good or bad.

anthony 6 years ago

i think its being in sync , and when you see 1110 its about to make that decision and 1112 when you're too late to sync

in that case i'm out of sync

i guess i cant really bea golfer Ater all

HELEN RIDLEY 6 years ago

i too am 56 this year which rounds to 11. i follow spiritual guidance when it comes to numbers. 808 818 888 are very significant in my life... this year is a 3 year for me which means spiritual growth, personal achievement and much more. thanks for the opportunity.

mga 6 years ago

on my post was this

when i refresh the page

mga 1 second ago

mga 1 minute ago

ooo come on please

Kat 6 years ago

I was born on Nov. 11, too, in 1956. I will try to be some place lucky, spiritual and safe.

watch out!!! 6 years ago

i want somtin' unusual to happen 2 me! unusual by da sense--a gud thing!! :) :) 11/11/11

drew abbe 6 years ago

Ive seen 9/11 on the clock ever since it happened. I dont take this as a good sign, considering I started seeing it after such a tragic event. 9-11=Emergency. Is it just a random coincidence? Or is the higher power trying to catch my attention before its too late? Were on the brink of WWIII and world socialization (unifying as one), is it time to wake up and really live according to my purpose before its too late?

h r 6 years ago

been seeing the ones and elevens for at least 8 or 9 years. it's beyond coincidence. after all this time i still don't know what it means. i thought maybe it was a positive sign reaffirming decisions i was making in my life, and then i started to wonder if it wasn't more of a warning sign. no idea. looking for answers i guess...

Steph 6 years ago

I plan to get married on 11/11/11, it's my birthday today (10/10/10) which would have been very cool to be married on but sadly we couldn't arrange a wedding that quick!

I also always see 11:11 on clocks etc and people always text me at that time too.. Also Rufus Wainwright has an awesome song called 11:11 too.. Check it out!

guardian 11:11 6 years ago

i will be 36 on 11 11 11..

...would be great to share it with other 11 11's!

kjs 6 years ago

I have been seeing 11:11 since I was 15 yrs old or so. I've always wondered what it meant. My life has not been spectacular thus far, so I hold out the hope that something great will happen that day. I've wanted to get married 11 11 11 but since a billion other people probably do, too, and since I have no soulmate on the horizon, I'm guessing my good thing will either have to be a bigger miracle than even I expect or else I will have to choose 12 12 12 instead.

leslie K 6 years ago

it's all good if we want it to be good...


it's all about interpreting "synchronicity" as a sign of alignment...

"patterns" provide "peace"

"comfort" amid "chaos"

it's all good if we want it to be good...

...as far as noticing the "numbers"..."Pay" attention...It's FREE!

...thank G'd, today...so are WE...if you want it to be a "good thing"...IT IS.

Rita 6 years ago

I agree . Ni9cely said

doobeedoobee 6 years ago

i was born 11.11.at 7:11 my c/c expires on the 11/2011.I have seen 11;11 on clocks since i was young out of the blue i check the time and its 11;11 either am or pm

Ronnie 6 years ago

My birthdate is November 11,1989..

On 11/11/11 i'll be turning 22, still divisible by 11...^^

Jill 6 years ago

On 11/11/11 I'll be 33 -- 11+11+11=33. Thanks everyone for your posts. I find the wake up call ideas insightful and look forward to reading more about it.

rubystar 6 years ago

I also was born on 11-11. And also see 11-11 when I look at a clock all the time. But I see this as a good thing. My life has had alot of downs in it. So I beleive that it's telling me that it's going to be a very good year for me finnaly. With the help of the good Lord.

Brian 6 years ago

I wll also be 33 on the 11-11-11. I had wanted to get marry then but need to find a new girl for that to happen. I am still hoping that i will be able to make it possible. lol

Kevin 6 years ago

I also have been seeing this number for six years. I was actually given 111 $1 dollars bills via a third party from someone I dont even know who lives 3 hours away.

Matt B 6 years ago

Ronnie you will be 23! I was born on 11/11/1988 - 22 this year!

Maggie 6 years ago

Wow! When my boyfriend & I first met, just talking, getting to know each other, we realized we both see 11's everywhere. It's like it stands out. We both feel the # 11 is a very special #. Each day I will notice 11:11a of 1:11p 11:11p. It never fails! It is just weird but a good weird. I get goose bumps when we notice it at the same time! It's a good thing!! It is our #! We have felt this way for as long as we can remember about #11!

Luana 6 years ago

my birthday!

6 years ago

I was born on 2/21/1975 in base 10 11 is 21 as they mention above. I graduated from two different Universities and it was on a 21th, the honors night was on a 21th as well, my banks routing number is 21000021,my husband's date of birth 10/01/1972 adds 21,I had a bad car accident on Oct 11th which adds 21 , my husband's accident was on 07/21/10 which adds 11, my bank account's serial number added is 11, i had my only child when i was 21 years old, i got married on Aug 30 = 11 , I always see the 1111 on clocks as well, on plates, at work...

Lisa 6 years ago

I was born 11/11 in 1983... 8+3=11. At 11:11am in room 11.

I've always found this occurrence odd, even had strange crazy people ringing me saying i'm a chosen one, haha

Always look at the clock at 11:11... i have to have some weird connection to the number... but is the world gonna end... well...no.

ABCDEFEDCBA 6 years ago

1-11-66 here now /be rdy, look to the sky divert with faith, love all

lindsayr702 6 years ago

i was born on 11/11/91, at 11:00...i will be 20 next year and im hoping this is a very lucky day

randy 6 years ago

well i will turn a young 50 years old on this day......should be interesting....your all invited to the party!!!

Brad Lewis 6 years ago

On the date 11/11/11 I will turn 33. 11+11+11?? odd coincidence I think.

Bhushan 6 years ago

my 18th birthday is on 11/11/2011

Lisa Johnson 6 years ago

My first license plate number I requested was my initials and the number 1. I received my initials and 111..... I started seeing 11:11 in 2003 for 3 years then it changed to 1;11, 2:11, 5:11, etc and 5:17, 8:17 and 11:17...... The number I saw before my father died was 911....Dec. 31, 2009 my balance on my starbucks card was $11.11..

For the last 3 months I am seeing 11:11 as well as 2:22 and 3:33. Last week I saw 4:44. I am waiting to see 5:55 then I will know I am going home soon!

Nowhereman 6 years ago

11.11 is a powerful spiritual signal given to the people who will be involved in bringing mankind back to spirituality.

It is the spiritual alarm clock so to speak.

Those that see this number throughout their lives are getting a reminder to get ready.

If you see this in your life, be thankful you have been chosen to help.

Lisa 6 years ago

Happy Birthday fellow 11/11ers!!

Jessen 6 years ago

Happy Birthday 11/11s! Borned 11-11-1985

Angela 6 years ago

NC: I totally feel your words. I have experienced similar phemomenon and realizations. 11s have brought my back to a place of stability and love after a time of being lost and almost losing everything. somehow, everything keeps getting better the more I see the 11's. My boyfriend suggested we get married on 11/11/11, since the number has seemed to have brought us together. my life has deeper meaning, purpose and direction now, however it happened.

Rod 6 years ago

I was born on the 29th in '65. I always chose the number 11 when I participated on sports teams and now am planning to marry the love of my life on 11/11/11! I don't think I should have trouble remembering my anniversary!

IDOOG!! 6 years ago

Oh no! I am seeing 11 everywhere too...I lookat my computer and the month is 11...everday for the past 16 days. If you add the year...2010...20+10=30/2=15-4=11...yeah

Now I think 11/11/11 will be a day that we should remember the soldiers of the war and not worry about the hype. As with 10.10.10, nothing extrodinary happened, but it was probably a little bit more special for those people who had something on that day. I have to agree with the above poster.

Nyla 6 years ago

I am 56. I am having a birthday party on 11.11.11

What do you call this birthday? I know, if I was turning 11, it would be my Golden, but what is this...when month day and year are all the same?

D2 6 years ago

I'm getting married on 11-11-11!

L11 6 years ago

I was born on 11-11-1991 which can be written as 11-11-11 because 1+9 = 1+0 = 1, therefore equals 11-11-11 and next year I'm turning 20 on 11-11-11. I'm also always seeing 11:11 or 1:11 on clock and always make a small wish when I see those numbers. I find the number 11 to be special and very spiritual.

Ryan 6 years ago

All of this is very interesting to hear. I was just researching the date for a potential wedding date, but I just thought it would be a cool day to get married and nice and easy to remember. This is the fist I've heard about 11:11 having such a significant spiritual meaning.

Gaby 6 years ago

I wanna get married on 11-11 too, it's a special day for me... :)

Driemegirl 6 years ago

Wow?! I thought I was the only one who saw 11-11 all the time...My daughter was born at 11:11pm. Even before her birth those numbers would always appear to me. Now every time I glance at a clock it just happens to be 11:11?!! I too thought of getting married on 11/11/11?! I guess a proposal from the BF would have to come first though!?

Cyndi 6 years ago

For years, I have seen 11:11 and other "wake up calls" such as 1:11, 9:11, 2:22, 3:33, 12:34. A group of Celestials known as the Planetary Helpers, Secondary Midwayers or 'lower angels' are sending these time prompts to millions of people all over the world because they want us to live a more spiritual life during this "Correcting Time." There is nothing to fear. They wish you to meditate and to grow spiritually. When you see a time prompt, you should verbally acknowledge them and meditate to connect with God. Go to The 11:11 Progress Group at www.1111AkashicConstruct.com if you want to know more or to receive emails. Haha, 11:11 just came up on the clock while I am typing!

Daryl 6 years ago

I haven't seen anyone point out the fact that the Freemasons are fond of both 3s and 11s - 11, 11, 11 - In other words, three 11s. Given the Freemasons' fondness for both 3s and 11s it's been a concern of mine. Live it up now for if I'm right - well, let's just say the die is cast and knowing it won't change a thing.

Charles 6 years ago

I too see number 11 few times every day. I never believed in strange phenomena but now I am very convinced that it is not a coincidence as someone had suggested. very strange!

Ysgramor 6 years ago

You should have acted.

They're already here.

The Elder Scrolls told of their return.

Their defeat was merely delay

Til the time after Oblivion opened,

When the sons of Skyrim would spill their own blood.

But no-one wanted to believe.

Believe they even existed.

And when the truth finally dawns:

It dawns in fire.


There's one they fear.

In their tongue, he's Dovahkiin:

Dragon Born!

anonymous 6 years ago

11/11/11 The release date of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!

Sonia 6 years ago

my Birthday is 11/11 So this is gonna be my lucky year:))

keenan 6 years ago

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim comes out on 11 11 11 so i hope nothing happens

keenan 6 years ago

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim comes out on 11 11 11 so i hope nothing happens

kimberly 6 years ago

It will be my 51st birthday and it will be very lucky.

neil 6 years ago

well i will be 33 on 11/11/11 like you all 11/11 pops up just think this is our year.

John 6 years ago

Guess what? My house insurance is due on 11/11/11. OOOOH what do you think that means?

Hannah 6 years ago

I don't think there is any inherent magical properties about 11:11. BUT I do believe that there is power in looking forward, and knowing what you want out of life -- what you want out of each minute and going after it. It's not so much magic as it is empowerment. A wish is a moment to tie yourself to hope.

If we LET 11:11 11/11/11 be the biggest moment of HOPE in the century what else could come of it but good?

Dee 6 years ago

My Mom's birthday is on 11/11 and I hope to give her a grandchild on that day. I know it is almost impossible to try and have a child on a very specific day, but we are going to try. Here is hoping the hospitals will be somewhat empty around that time lol...

Christel 6 years ago

I was born 11-11. My sister was born 1-1 they are the only two national holidays of the year that have the number of the day and the month the same. Now my boyfriends daughter's birthday is 1-11. So this year the only people that I know in my life, have 11's in their birthday's are the three of us. Oh and I met Jim, my boyfriend on 07-07-07.

Halena 6 years ago

I will be getting married on this date as it is our 11th dating anniversary (11/11/00)!

Jackson 6 years ago

I hope i die on 11:11:11 don't want to live here no more :D too much suffering in this realm.

Gina  6 years ago

My daughter was born on 11-11-98. Everything around her is the number 11. She weighed 9#2oz= 11. The hospital room I delivered her in added up to 11. Her head measurement added up to 11. Her chest measurement added up to 11. The time she was born added up to 11. She is the 11th grandchild. The list goes on. I always felt something special will happen to her one day. I hope this proves right and she has a wonderful long life!!

rox 6 years ago

I was born on 11.11.88..

2G2GAN 6 years ago

I have no connection at number 11 at all but when this day comes and since it will be a US holiday I will do something to remember this date like summit a mountain or watch a major event and maybe take my special someone with me.

RichBoy 6 years ago

Looking forward to 11/11/11, This will be my date of birth! I will be 26 years old on this day! This is a very noteworthy day in my book of life! Hopefullly it will be filled with good memories and happenings.

Einnor 6 years ago

11/11/11 11:11pm I predict the united states will fall under attack by china.

yakardeb 6 years ago

I started seeing 1:11 and 11:11 in the mid-1970's, and personally I believe it is intimately connected to the legalizing of abortion in America. Perhaps, the angels who getting our attention via 111's are the innocent souls who never got a chance to be born. It's like they are saying, "Remember me."

mike ftw-dta3111 6 years ago

I was born 11/11/77 & my brother was born 10/10/70 always thought that was strange.not sure what to make of it could mean something could mean nothing but maybe 11/11/11 will have a significant meaning to the world from that day til the end of the world. Needless to say I will be getting a new tattoo on this day at 11:11am to have a constant reminder of this day.(still tryin 2 figure out what 2 get done though)

David2012 6 years ago

On September 11, 2001, I lived at 254 North Eureka Avenue. 2+5+4=11....“North Eureka” has 11 letters....11:11... Also, before 9/11/01, I would frequently look at my watch and see “9:11”....Also, the Twin Towers looked like an “11”.

Roderick Williams U.S.NAVY 6 years ago

I'm in the military. My will Nov,11 2011 this year. Or 11-11-11. I've been feeling weird the last few weeks. Seeing the number 11 everywhere on everything. It's crazy I've always felt special being that it vet day on Nov 11 and I'm a vet now. Been one since the year 2000. This year starts the 11th year of service for me. I think I'm just thinking to much into it but I do feel special but weird.. I hope the negative thoughts are just that...thoughts


Roderick Williams U.S.NAVY 6 years ago

I meant to say my birthday is Nov,11 2011 This year. My grammar is all messed up on my previous post. That's what happens when you type from a smart phone. Happy Birthday to all my 11-11-11 friends. I hope it will be a great day.

john 6 years ago

i will celebrate my b-day on 11/11.. i was born in 88 so i'll be 23, add both together and you get 111 :)

Allison 6 years ago

People are writing the same things, and I just never knew that it happened to other people, too. It's weird, it really is. And the 11s seem to just show up in droves, go away for awhile, and then I can't get rid of them. I am amazed that so many people share the same experiences, and the same feelings toward it. I'm also planning to get married on 11/11/11. Just seemed like the thing to do.

tampan bangetz 5 years ago

i have a plan to say my feeeling to the woman whom I love

Libra 5 years ago

Take the last 2 digits of the year you were born and add that to the age you will be turning this year, is it 111?

Does anyone know what to make of this?

CMac 5 years ago

This will be the day of the ONE, whom every that may be.

Marcus 5 years ago

Myself and wife were married on 11/11/78 and god willing we are looking forward to celebrating our 33rd anniversary on 11/11/11 which adds up to 33. It is both intriguing and fascinating.

Pat Parrinello 5 years ago

I had noticed many times seeing 11:11 and wondered at the fact this number kept coming up visually. When my Mom died on leaving the building at her funeral walked outside and noticed the big clock on the bank next door to the funeral home, it read: "11:11 AM 65 degrees"

Later on I learned of the '11' phenomena going around. I think my Mom plainly told me to watch for 11/11/11 So whatever will be will be. My intuition tells me it concern's the sun because of other things I have experienced.

Justin Polland 5 years ago

My b-day is nov 11 (11-11-11) I am also a veteran of the US Marine Corps, Veterans day is also 11-11 and the marine corps b-day is 11-10 the day before my birthday so I have two birthdays in a row one my marine corps b-day the next a dual day veteran and the anniversary of the day of my birth... am I going to be lucky or die? either way it's a Friday so i'll go out with a bang!

prayingforyou 5 years ago

Jackson, God cares and loves you. Dont give up on him

Noel paul stokey 5 years ago

Releasing a multi-faith folk album called one&many on November 11th 2011. Seems appropriate. Totally disagree with interpretations of 111111 that define Obama as evil. My goodness, if LOVE is the answer then please let's not waste energies on paranoia. Love rules!

Jax 5 years ago

11/11/11 a lot of comments, there has to be more to the date, it is telling certain people something!!

I am getting married on 11/11/11

Sophie 5 years ago

born 11/11/88.


marwan 5 years ago

it is my birthday i hope nothing bad occur

Bob Sagat 5 years ago


Chloe 5 years ago

I cant stop seeing this number its driving me crazy, first started seeing it at work- was a funny coincidence now I see it everywhere on receipted anything that shows the time ill even wake up grab my phone and it will be 11:11 people say ive trained my mind now to look for when its 11;11 as I only see it in the morning but I am dreading 11/11/11 11:11am....

Jay 5 years ago

What would be some good money making ideas for 11/11/11! If its such a lucky day how can one make some money on a day that wont be seen for another 100 years!

Brian Choi 5 years ago

My birthday is 11/11 1973. What does 11/11/11 mean? It means I'm getting a year older.

Virgie 5 years ago

My 50th birthday is on 11/11/11,so I'm making this year be all about "ME"...I was also born at 11:00 in the morning. Obviously my favorite number is "11"!

Kelley 5 years ago

I am also getting married on 11.11.11 to my ex husband. We were married in 93 and were young and in mature. Been apart for 10 years, no contact. Have been happily back together now for almost 2 years and he purposed on Christmas Eve. We have always since we first met, called each other or sent text messages at 1:11 and 11:11 to say, I love you. Seemed approbate that we get married on that date. There is for sure something very special about these numbers together.

Alaskaden 5 years ago

My son was born 11-11 and he will be 22 on 11-11-11. Hmmm...

11 plus 11 equals 22!

Great numerology!

Ruth McGIll 5 years ago

My d.o.b is 11-11-80 I will be 31 this year 31+80 is 111. People born on the 11th day of the 11th month are the only people who will ever have the same numerical number (1) on the 11-11-11 so we are all special. I love the number 11.

Hon. Idopise Essien 5 years ago

I'll keep you all posted about an event planned for 11 11 11

Jesus 5 years ago

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Period.

Eric 5 years ago

Outside of the aliens coming back or an angel or the devil or whatever you people are talking about, I'm with Jesus,(above comment), and freaking stoked about Elder Scrolls V!!!!

Nonso ben 5 years ago

11/11/11 is not a usual number so i belive something unusual but +ve will happen dat day,as it marks my 28th birthday. Goodluck to all birthday mates.

Dalene 5 years ago

I will be 25 on 11/11/11 planning on spending it in vegas!! Hopefully I will win big!!

el Guappo 5 years ago

We are releasing the most exciting WEB site on 11:11:11 at 11:11 AM. Watch DOwhit....be part of it.

Carolyn 5 years ago

My baby is due on 11/11/11

maz 5 years ago

are we different to the rest of the human race. Yes, more than a coincidence, 11.11, what does this mean to us enlightened ones?

Cecilia11 5 years ago

It'll be great. It's my birthday!

11:11 man  5 years ago

i work with date events hit papers i get visions of event but its day after press get sotry out ..il explain 12.1.2010 Haiti 13.1.2010 new zeland 22.2.2011 papers 23.2.2010 .. tyranny ends Egypt 11.2.11 or 11.2.2011 japan 11.3.11 11.3.2011 in papers 12.3.2011

Merv 5 years ago

the last 2 digits of your date of birth added to the age you will turn in 2011 will equal 111. I also see this number everywhere i look. Interesting.

kitl 5 years ago

we just found out we will be expecting a baby on 11-11-11 its going to be a lucky day and a crazy convenience of he/she is borne at 11 am or pm

Elivenn 5 years ago

Why has know one mentioned seeing a golden light on the night of nov 11 2010? I did, it changed my life. I know there has to be many more out there. I saw 11 11 four different times that day. I also have been witnessing a sort of guardian angel being inside my house and has been quite verbal in the wee hours of the morning. Mainly see her when reading the Holy Bible. Although I began seeing her the day after nov 11. please if anyone else has anything close to this experience please let us know.

NAT 5 years ago

MJ is coming back...

ClaireJordan 5 years ago

I see 11:11 all the time. I'm unsure what it means. I used to think something bad will happen to me on 11:11. Now I make wishes. Still feel uneasy though.

Sarah Davis 5 years ago

Me too! I've been seeing 11:11 all over the place - usually when something strange or significant happens, and I'll look at the clock and it will be 11:11. And even weirder - I've been getting phone calls at home - sometimes 3-4 a day. There will be absolute silence on the other end, and then after exactly 11 seconds, the connection will cut. The call duration is recorded on the phone's screen, which is how I noticed. Getting a little freaky.

DrD 5 years ago

11-11-11 will be a day of great joy for all who are optomistic and hold out geat hope for our wold and solving all of our social ills.

It will be an opportunity to have 11 wishes or hopes for mankind and those you love expressed and heard by the power you most respect. I have celebrated my birthday on this day for almost 6 decades, and it has always had significance beyond my own existence. This number configuration will occur again only one more time in the lifetime of those of us celebrating 11-11-11, that is 12-12-12. This is reason enough to celebrate this day and rejoice as we pray for a future filled with hope.

wishingstar 5 years ago

11:11 is meant to be the most powerful wishing time. Any wish will come true if you wish at 11 o clock on the 11th of november 2011

Mahmood-ul-Hassan Danwer 5 years ago

Simply my 36th Birthday is on 11-11-2011 :)

Natalie 5 years ago

I did think there was something in 11:11 as I constantly would look at the clock over the last 6 months and it would be 11:11. Though now I see so many people who see the same thing, I think it is rather a case of that I tend to remember 11:11 more as it is rather easy to spot.

I did have a dream the other morning. Something happened in the dream,i can't remember what, but in my dream I was shocked - looked at my clock on the computer screen and saw it was 11:11 and NOvember the 11th 2011.

I don't know what this signifies as I haven't thought about it in months and have not seen 11:11 as frequently as I was.

Michael 5 years ago

I had a dream one month ago in which my deceased aunt came to me and told me that something significant was going to occur on 11/11/11 and that I need to prepare. She told me to watch and listen on 3/11/11 in order to better understand what will happen in November. When I awoke on 3/11/11 and heard of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the hairs on my neck stood up.

Has anyone else experienced any similar dreams?

WS1111 5 years ago

Back in November 2009 I was just going to sleep and I remember being very tired at the time, I saw images- like actual photograph's of random people flash through my mind that I didn't even know, except for one! My bestfriends ex-husband. A few days later my friend told me that he had passed away in his sleep, i've never told her of my vision to this day.

amr 5 years ago

i have been waiting on this birthday for a while now! hoping its great!

Tina 5 years ago

Me and my twinbrother will turn 40 11/11 this year. When we was born 1971 they didn´t know that I was coming. :-). SURPRISE!!!

I´m guessing at 11 pm on 11/11 we are having great fun, so I hope good things will happen.

raskolniikov 5 years ago

i'm converting to sikhism on 11/11. i have found the 11th guru.

Louise 5 years ago

My son turns 11 on 11/11/11, fortunately it's a Friday, so we'll be having a blast of a party!!!

Kayla 5 years ago

When anyone tells me to list or tell them an interesting fact about myself, I always say that I will be 21 on 11/11/11. I too constantly see 11:11 on clocks, tv sets, microwaves, receipts, and every time I do, I make a wish. For those of you who also have my birthday, the spirit guardians are watching over you! Never stop wishing or believing!

Angel Springs 5 years ago

i would feel lucky on this day and i know something good will happen and i know this date is attached to me alot cuz my birthday is 11/11/1997 and 10:45 pm means pone gharaya baje i feel lucky and now this year is giong to be turn 11/11/11 this date is always lucky for me and i hope 11/11/11 will also be lucky

Elise 5 years ago

I'm getting married on 11/11/11 at 11am. I was born on 11/1. I see 111 all the time in addition to other duplicating numbers. I believe there are messages in the numbers for us. I heard that mother crystals that are embedded in the earth will be activated on 11/11/11. All is well and all is in divine order. Fear not.

Michele 5 years ago

No way I was thinking I was the only one that looked at the clock when it was something 11 me and my brother were always infatuated by the number 11 I will even awake out of nowhere to see 11 on the clock ans I see it in other places also

TheKazekage 5 years ago

Mincraft is scheduled to leave BETA on 11.11.11 ^.^

Rache 5 years ago

ok this is really creepy after reading a couple hudred of these comments i keep seein 11 in the channel 113 ( my sis was turning th channel and i saw it ) yesterday this happened i noticed = "im turning 11 this year and i jst looked at the clock and its 9:11 i got on facebook and there was exactly 11 people online" and thts so weird

FirstHorseman 5 years ago

On 11, 11, 11, in the city of Justin Bieber's birth,

singers and choirs will gather from all over the world,

to sing on the shores of the Avon river. The song they will sing will send a message out to the world, that the Avatars have arrived on the earth, and they will be bringing a Renaissance of Love and Healing.

OurFather 5 years ago

In response to your Michael's comment 3 weeks ago. I had a dream also. I have a store near the New Madrid fault. I was told that I had seven days to evacuate the store on 11/4. This means that something would be happening on 11/11/11. After reading your post I would suggest preparing for a major earthquake near the New Madrid Fault. FEMA is carrying out a simulation May 16-20 next month near New Madrid Fault. Research Tesla. Most likely the current powers of this world have plans on this date. Look at what is beneath the number 1 on dice.

Markus 5 years ago

I was born on 11/11/85 there's magic in those numbers follow me on www.twitter.com/snappomatic

follow me on www.facebook.com/Aker Radell

Shadi 5 years ago

11/11/11 is the day of Unity .. day of freedom

sexyten@ten 5 years ago

hey am hoping something good will happen because i have been looking forward to this day since 11-11-94 when i turned 11, so something good is going to come of this day

Alessio 5 years ago

11/11/2011 is my 18th birthday

Cuddly 5 years ago

Something good will happen to me, I will be 44 on 11/11/11

Dillon 5 years ago


11th Muse 5 years ago

My birthday is on 11/11. on 11/11/11 i will be 33. Vegas is my plan!

ah 5 years ago

i turn 26 at 9:02 on 11/11/11.

1+1=2 1+1+2+0+1+1=6.

im thinking super powers maybe. or im reading too much into it...

Jackie 5 years ago

My birthday is 11/11/70 which means this year it is 11/11/11...I hope that it will be a lucky day. Someone told me that 11 was the number of the devil and that 11/11/11 would be an important date but not in a good way. I hope they are wrong. How many people believe this?

Emilson John 5 years ago

I've just seen a very clear dream of this 11/11/11... And someones talking to me that 12/12/12 is not the end but 11/11/11. Then I just got marked then black then new life. Walking in new earth. I am surprised also of how many this guys also seen this. I dunno...

shane 5 years ago

i see the digit 11 on the clock when ever i think of looking at the time,i was born on a 11 and its a lucky number for me,and i know this year is goingg to be a very luck and unexpected year for me....

Rain Wilber 5 years ago

I can feel it now and can feel it after. Anything to keep our minds off of having to curb our habits that are causing over-toxification of the environment.

Lincoln  5 years ago

That's my birthday 11/11/11 I was born in 1973 at 11:11AM can't wait for that day

carol 5 years ago

my son was born nov 11 77, will be an interesting day!!!!

Charlie fisher 5 years ago

For 22 years I have been seeing 11/11. I am a pastor. The Lord instructed me to pray when it would appear as I knew it wasn't a coincidence. I call it my God wink! For the last 4 years I kept getting 911 and this really concerned me! The Lord told me that the 9 represented a season of extreme difficulty but the 11 would represent a season of abundance of favor! My trust is in God! Proverbs 3

Phil 5 years ago

11 22 33 are the master numbers associated with freemasons.


ChrisK 5 years ago

I'm getting married on 11/11/11 @ 11 to the love of my life. We've been togther 12 years (although took a one year break in the middle, so I guess 11 after all). We picked the day because it sounds lucky and fun and we intend to celebrate love and life together. I hope 11/11/11 is lucky and happy for everyone else too. I know it will be magic for me.

Lu 5 years ago

Planning to get married 11/11/11 at 11:11am :D

beretta77 5 years ago

I have been seeing the numbers on clocks for the last 4 to 6 months constantly. So much that I wanted to see if it was happening to anyone else and googled it. It's kind of funny to see there are other people noticing it. I am a spiritual person and was a little paranoid that this was telling me of a bad time to come. All of these messages have given me a little hope that maybe its a special number and that God is calling me to great things. Thank you Lord for all you have done and continue to do. Protect us in this year for I think great things are to come. Prepare yourselves everyone.

Lynn 5 years ago

I born on 11 11 65 6+5= 11, at 11pm.

I wish to get maried this his on November 11th, but I have yet no lover. I was wondering if there is a special birthday party for people who born on 11 11 this year. It would be awsom!!!!

Joni 5 years ago

I've been seeing 11:11 since around 2000. It had me freaked out for several years. I finally looked it up in Google, and was shocked to see so many others with similar stories. This year I felt compelled to start my life anew on 1/1/11. I've lost 50 pounds so far, and also quit drinking. I really think something important is going to happen on 11/11/11. I feel I'm getting ready for it... but I don't think it's going to be good. I wish I could be optimistic, but the world appears to be going to hell all around us.

robin 5 years ago




18 stands for Adolf Hitler.

Maybe it means that A New World leader stands Up?

rcirinol 5 years ago

on 11-11-11 bet to horse number 11 on the 11 race may be it will end in the 11 place

cycofx 5 years ago

11/11/11, and I turn 33...yeah baby

golden1sun 5 years ago

11/11/11...the U.S. will be attacked & taken over by- (u should know by now)...our lines of transportation will be crippled & our money will become worthless. Other than that there's nothing to worry about.

p.s. this is just my best calculated guess when considering recent events on the 11's + current conditions, so of course I could be wrong :? but it wouldn't hurt to try & prepare- like store up food, medical supplies & weapons etc. & pray.

Denise 5 years ago

I'm not superstitious, but have always liked numbers. I grew up in a house with the number 711, where my mom still lives. Instead of seeing 11:11 on clocks, I'm always glancing at it (without being conscious of it, just as 7:11. Anyway, I chose 11/11/11 to get married. At 11:11 that night, I'm planning to yell out, "Hey! It's 11:11 on 11/11/11!"

pompey drew 5 years ago

as a group the human race is mad, we look for things that just are not there, so this latest, 11-11-11 then 21-12-12 come on you must have too much time on your hands! I remember everyone worrying about when the century turned, every computer was going to crash, planes would fall from the sky........ what happened... nothing. enjoy 11-11-11 and why not have a mad party!

mihai v. 5 years ago

hi all, on November 11, 2011, i marks 30 years

christy 5 years ago

My son is going to be 11 on 11-11-11. Pretty cool!

Les 5 years ago

I'll be 59 on 11/11/11. gotta be a good day!!!

GODFREY 5 years ago

I'll be 43 on the 11.11.11 and 4 minus 3 is 1,there is always 1 in between,to add cherry on top of the cake,I'll get married on the 11.11.11 hoping to be at about 11'o clock a.m.to 11h11 11.11.2011

Agnyasura 5 years ago

11.11.11 = 6, or 11x3=33, important to masons. 3+3 = 6. It will be 66 years and 6 months (666) after the end of WW2, and 93 years after the end of WW1. It will be in Scorpio (search Juri Lina). What on earth could POSSIBLY go wrong???...

Javad 5 years ago

I born in 11/11/1950 and I am looking forward to 11/11/2011. Cheers

YAY 5 years ago


rob  5 years ago

all you people who have been seeing 11:11 on clocks, microwaves, computers or just random numbers..... i have recently been getting the same thing ! for about 6 months every single day i see either 111 or 1111 ! its soo weird and my friend has started getting it too ! i hope something good not bad happens..

Alisha 5 years ago

I'm getting married on 11/11/11 as well! I am so excited because I also usually see the time when its 11:11 or pretty much any other number that matches. Sometimes its weird lol

Jonas 5 years ago

Im born on 11-11-81

Reverse thé last 2 number and you get 11-11-18.

Another Funny things is i'll be 30 on 11-11-11.

I wonder if it means something. What is 11 about.

lee 5 years ago

I think this is a sign from God talking through the spirit.This sign connect us telepathically to God-beware, prosperity a head, since we stay seventy percent of our time in the conscience mind of existence while never visualizing these signs. Some may not see it, you have, you must understand you have obeyed the laws the of life. The answer to is one father, one son, one soul-spirit, and one body.

Dirty 5 years ago

DOB - 11/11/1976

Happy Veterans Day.

azievio 5 years ago

it's the date for a mason ceremony 11/11/11 is 33

pogiman 5 years ago

syracuse will defeat south florida 28-20 in front of 45000 fans in the carrier dome

Nessa 5 years ago

11 11 became noticable about 7 years now its everywhere and always makes itself known I have not been able to figure out exactly why?

Kaylor 5 years ago

The story was about two inches long, and said NOTHING. Then there are a MILE of comments, that say nothing!

the gate keeper 5 years ago

i stopped looking for the number 11 you start to go mad ,but it hunts me down many times a day and reminds me its there , it has had such an inpact on me over the last 3 years that am getting married on 11 11 11 . my life has changed and i never new why , its only snice number 11 came along that things feel diff in a good way . get ready for change . for those that belive in a higher power , see you when things full into place .

suva 5 years ago

i have no clue what it is, but sometimes i get often de ja'vu . often getting glimse of the future is pretty scary but who know. all we can do is thank the 'Lord Heavenly Father' for having us blessed on this day, and hopefully it brings good to us and in our lives.


Dr.TimSt.TimothyTimmons 5 years ago

I too keep seeing 11-11 popping up all over the place. Sometimes I still don't get it.

dmalmos 5 years ago

When you see or remember 111111, put forth your most desired intentions - claim them to be coming true. I have experienced immediate miraculous 180 events happen when doing this.

The metaphysically interpreted meaning of 11s is:

11, 111, or 11:11

The Gateway to all that is riding within a hair of instantaneous manifestation. Letting go of man-made manifestation and coming into Christed Creation. Doorways open doorways close and you are in-between all. Conscious creation with 13 second intervals of thought. Becoming one with the Oversoul in abundant creation of ones innate hearts desires.

NEW COME 5 years ago


THE Start of a war that will make peace on earth


there can only be one kingdome, as in the bible saids.


THE king will come. And the END will Begin, but never be scared or afraid. death is a rank to be with in the kingdome, dont give in or give up. there might be a reward if you survive.

SKYRIM 5 years ago


But yer my friend and his ex CONSTENTLY see 11.11

There scaring me :O

Raj Mysuru 5 years ago

11-11-11 will be my Wedding Date. Bless us

david pegni 5 years ago

I started to write something about a vietnam veteran who fought in the war for 11 months,11 days and 11 hours,many times I think about the strange story of this soldier,but I wrote nothing about his experience,but 11.11.11 persisted in me.Then three or four days ago I read about this numbers,.What does it means?!!!I pray the Lord something wonderful,my life is so sad.Love all of you!!!!Dave

david pegni 5 years ago

Please forgive my english, my ancestors were irish americans but I spent all my life here in Italy....I love all of you.Dave Pegni Thoma Daly

Cat 5 years ago

I was born on 11-11-1982,

so this year i will be 29

2+9=11 ...strange..hope its a good year

I love 11!!

eleoriana 5 years ago

i was born in 11.11.'94..and now my birthday will be on 11.11.2011..lool

jon 5 years ago

i always see 11 on the clocks microwave etc my baby cousin tht i love witt all my heart was born 1.11.11 no ats really funny the time right now is 9 11 pm wish luck the day of 11 11 11

bigi 5 years ago

I'll turn 28 this 11/11/2011..i don't know what to do..bt it has to be a very special day for me..still thinkin about what to do with no luck..

Sandra 5 years ago

Happy Birthday to all those who share my birthday of 11-11. I will be turning 55 that day (5 x 11) so I was born in '56 (5 + 6 = 11). My name in numerology also adds up to 11. So I'm trying to think of something quite special to do that day! I'm hoping for an extraordinary year of luck and illumination, something I wish for all of us.

Justin 5 years ago

Aha! So many people born on 11-11. I'll be turning 18 on 11-11-11. Yeaaah, I've too been victim of this whole 11:11 on clocks/microwaves/ect. deal. I just hope something great comes from all this and its not just our subconscious creating coincidental circumstances where we are just "used to" looking at the time around 11:11 so much.

zita 5 years ago

The number eleven is about an opportunity to see yourself in a better world, it is a gateway or portal. It isn't anything to be afraid of. The year 2011 is about the gateway/portal to the new earth. Every time you see the number 11 imagine yourself walking through into a better place, a peaceful and loving place. Don't underestimate the power of your visualizations to become actuality....important to keep your visualizations for the good of all concerned. Happy November 11, 2011 and every other day around it.

T-roy 5 years ago

God is very very good.

1111 5 years ago


grandma 5 years ago

My granddaughter will be 11 on 11/11/11

Dovahkiin 5 years ago

Skyrim, that's all.

Beva 5 years ago

When I also see the 11:11 and think about it it seems that as so many are aware of it more in these days who mention it, I believe its like we become united in love and understanding and causes us to feel closer to Gods love who is Number 1. and spirituality is becoming more important in out lives.

Tala 5 years ago

OMG my birthday is on november 11!!! :) :(

Mary 5 years ago

Today I had to fill out some paperwork which I had to date as expiring 90 days from now. As I wrote 11/11/11 I wondered about it and have been looking for more 11s all day.

Dovahkiin 5 years ago

On 11/11/11 approximately 75% of males aged 18-35 employed in a technology related field will cease working. These Sons of Skyrim will sever all ties, forsaking friend and family alike in pursuit of a nobler cause - a higher calling. Slowly, your world will crumble.

Fatima 5 years ago

My birthday is 11 11 11 i am turning 13? I am getting sort of scared from what i am reading online

Todd 5 years ago


YAY 5 years ago


rosalina 5 years ago

11/11/2011 ....It's not for us to thing abt,it's just for high governors who want to plan how to stay in place and eliminate others

Summer+Dan 5 years ago

We're getting married.So something good is happening.Nevertheless,if something bad happens at least we will be together..She says if something bad happens?That's bullshit!

Sally Pain 5 years ago

I think we can make 11.11.11 special with our intention and I would like to get a group of people together where I live (colchester) and create something lovely. A meditation and tune into the energy at the key time to see what opens up for us.

Summer 5 years ago

My I-phone (at&t) had the date 11/11/11 set for an hour today..?Anyone know why? They said towers were down, but what is with the date?

Kathryn Murphy 5 years ago

from what my mother remembers shes been seeing the numbers 11 11 11. for at least 34 years. my mother is 36. she dreams about it... my grandma died September 30th 2009 at 11:11. my aunt Tina's broken grandfather clock chimed at 11:11 two weeks before my great grandma's death that is when my mom wondered if she were to die in the hospital at that time. my mom believes that this 11:11 will be some great happening beyond our understanding. and dreams what may happen as a possibility.

Kathryn Murphy 5 years ago

this is a special date for sure.

amy 5 years ago

If I live to see 11/11/11 it's going to be a great day!!!!!!!!!!! 11/11/11's my b-day!

Kaye Murphy 5 years ago

things are already changing. 11;11 will sure as hell be a strange thing. i only hope and wish for the best in case it will be destruction for all. although...i'm sure well all live through it if so. were the human race!!! i don't think we can die off for long. Even so... i could be proven wrong --Kaye Murphy

Trần Trung Kiên 5 years ago

M?t s? ki?n th?t ??t bi?t! Tôi sinh ngày 16/07/1987 và b?n gái tôi sinh ngày 26/08/1988. Th? tính:

(16+7+1987+26+8+1988)/365 = 11

Ngày 11/11/2011 c?ng s? là 1 ngày ??t bi?t c?a tôi và b?n gái tôi!

Gillitts 5 years ago

My son, aged 7 (which i believe is one of God's special numbers), was admitted to hospital in 2010 for sudden onest of Epileptic seizures out of the blue after never having seizures in his life. Some say seizures are an attack from Satan - Jesus cast them out. His patient number was 311113. 3 is also a special number to God - trinity, etc.

CLClyde 5 years ago

my bday is 11/11/11 also and i was born at 11:11pm i cnt wait.... we 11'ers should stick together lol follow me @CLClyde #ILove11

ann 5 years ago

i think something bad will happen i have been having these feeling about this date for months and it scares me i feel something bad will come to earth.

Eigerk 5 years ago

I congratulate you all for being so in-touch. Noticing the obvious signs which pass others by. Be prepared. The time is nigh.

Edwin 5 years ago

If nothing happens on this date I am going to personally see the owners of this website and I will flick each of their hanging balls with my finger.

Kate 5 years ago

I can't wait. I will be 60 on 11-11-11; it is the birthday of one of my sister's; it was my mother-in-law's birthday. It will be an awesome day!

Yolanda Williamson 5 years ago

I have been seeing 11:11 everywhere and I know it represents an angelical message. But what I'm seeing now is a cross. I see a cross everywhere, on magazines, on the Internet, on tv, on papers, in the streets, even in a face wound, in a roasted red pepper... I don't know what it means...

Lynne 5 years ago

My honey and I had been noticing 11:11 for several years. He decided we should kiss every time we saw 11:11. We had planned on getting married on 11-11-11 at 11:11 but he died this past Dec. at 12:26 (11) on 12-26 (11). Now I'm trying to plan something really special for 11-11-11!

Brett 5 years ago

Wow....this is so weird! Once again today I just happened to look at something (digital) and the time was 11:11. This happens so many times to me it is just alarming. So, what do I do? As a good Canadian internet user I do a quick google to see if others have this phenomenon as well. I am simply amazed at how frequent this occurrence is. Wow.

Denie 5 years ago

I am looking forward to this day, I will turn 51 on 11-11-11, it's all about the number 1 which I consider myself number 1. Happy Birtbday to Me.

maths 5 years ago

I just thought about how on november 11 at 11 hours with 11 minutes, will have 1 minute described as

11h 11m day 11 month 11 and that if you use the basic arithmetic functions on those numbers you get:

1+1 1-1 1*1 1/1

2 0 1 1

whatcha think?

maths 5 years ago





steven 5 years ago

i have throughout my life looked at the clock and it is 1:11 or 11:11...many many times. i see the number 1, 11,111,111,111, every day. then 20 years ago i sold my house and the woman in the house was murdered by her girlfriend. address: 1111 dunsmore.

RadaRod 5 years ago

We do not know where we come from and we do not know where we are going.

As we where born, we will pass.

11:11 is a reminder of how little we know and how much there is to know.

It is a compass in our path.

Keith 5 years ago


I've been seeing 111 or 1111 on clocks and other things for months now and I finally decided to look it up on the internet and I found this site. It's spooky to say the least. I somehow felt strange when I told people about it and now I know why. I thought I was the only one. Thanks for all the various submissions. This makes me feel much better. I do believe that something great will happen to me on that day but can't say what it is.

Al 5 years ago

I got this number, 11/1/11, by coincidence.

10/12/2000 attack on the USS Cole

09/11/2001 attack on WTC; then I just tried to follow the pattern. which is: Month is subtracted from the month of the year before, day is 2 digits more than the month, and year simply follow its predecesor. stated that pattern would be:











12/02/2010 AND

11/01/2011 WHICH IS the same as 11/1/11.

angel 5 years ago

11/11/11 is my birthday and I turn 21 any ideas angeltgonzalez11@gmail.com

joylaguda@rocketmail.com 5 years ago

i dreamed about year 1111..and i think something will happen

relieved 5 years ago

Thank goodness i am not alone , been seeing these numbers for a long time,11.11 on clocks etc,

111111111 5 years ago

11/11/11 is my 13th bday

rob stewart 5 years ago

I was born 11.11pm on the 11-11-1976 , and see 11.11 all the time , I also feel that if anything happens then canada is the best place to be ? dont know why !

McShannon 5 years ago

I had a nightmare about 11/11/2011 about this time a year ago. In my dream it involved revolution in Iran. I am not Iranian nor do I know any Iranians. I was moved by the dream but later attributed it to too much pie before bedtime for lack of explanation otherwise.

MJ ressurection 5 years ago

Based on information I currently cannot release the King Of Pop Michael Jackson returns 11-11-11....... watch and see!!!!

Robin 5 years ago

I was born on November 11th so 11/11/11 sounds like a time to do something very different like take a trip and be there that day maybe disney world!!

Aaron in Austin 5 years ago

I was born on 11/11/74 seven plus four is eleven, But to top everyone's story in these comments. My son was born last year at 7:31 AM (add it up it's 11) on 11/11/10. It was a totally natural child birth and he will be 1 on 11/11/11. 11 is for me a truly lucky and magical number.

Zee 5 years ago

I'm getting married on 11/11/11

Emilio Neris 5 years ago

It's my sixtieth birthday!!!I expects good things....

Maria Renteria 5 years ago

iam scared of what will happen i will be turning 17 7 days before 11-11-11. i found out this creepy thing it scares me i calculated the two last digits of my birth year with the the years i will be turning this year and the total was 111. i was born in 1994 and i will be turning 17 so 94+17=111 i also calculated my family members birth year and how old they will be this year and the total was 111 its the same for everyone.

Karen Davies 5 years ago

I'v seen 11.11 for many years now. I'm a true believer it means good things. We're having a party on the 11.11.11. Don't know why really, just feel it's the right thing to do!

Mirceatmc 5 years ago

interesting man iv even read a comment and i saw 11 months ago ...

Merv - Kalgoorlie Western Australia 5 years ago

A mate of mine mentioned at lunch the other day, that he has ben seeing 11:11, or 1:11 all the time. I told him that I have ben seeing them for the last 15 years or so - like so many posts here. I got to this site because I decided we should have a theme party on 11/11/11 with some form of (fun) recognition ritual at 11:11. I am looking for ideas for the theme. Any ideas??? Man I wish I started on this project earlier.

troy d 5 years ago

11-11-11 my birthday I will be 47 which adds up to be 11.Oh happy days!!!

Mayra 5 years ago

I was born on 11/11/1990. I'll be turning 21 on 11/11/11. Hope it's a good day!!!

morg 5 years ago

i was born 11/11/1990 also ill be going to vegas very excited

Judy Odenthal 5 years ago

I was born on 11/11/66 and my first child was born at 11:11pm second child at 11:22am and third child at 2:33pm

jackie ross 5 years ago

my daughter will have her 33 rd birthday on 11/11/11 any one else out there with same birthday?

francesca 5 years ago

I was married nov 11 2000, and it will be 11 years

mallen 5 years ago

I will be 50 on 11-11-11. I think it will be a good day but then I've always considered the glass to be half full instead of half empty. Happy Birthday to every one who shares this same day as their birthday.

neha shinde 5 years ago

as its ay birthday....so i m feeling very great......

kai 5 years ago

i will be 23 years old on 2011.11.11

so just wait .... everyone will see :)

wowzwez 5 years ago

i don't know what this is about but i hope it's good

jojit 5 years ago

its the day of my wedding!!! Magalong - Gatdula nuptial... ASTEEG!!!

Emma 5 years ago

Yay! My birthday is on 11 of the 11th! :D

Nicola 5 years ago

My doctor has booked my C-section for 11/11/11. Everyone I have spoken to thinks it's a great date for a birthday... Except one person who seems to think it's a doomsday, and she's giving me a complex about it. Personally, I don't think it means anything but a nice date never to be forgotten.

a boy 5 years ago

this is crazy 1st 2012 now 11/11/11 relax it will be a normal day



Jenna 5 years ago

Nice. I was born on 11/11 too. Like thousands of you lol. I'm interested in this.

Esther 5 years ago

My c section has just been booked for 11.11.11 not long now, what an amazing birthday my baby will have

Lisa 5 years ago

I always felt special being born on 11/11. This year I will be 38 which adds up to 11. I always felt this number around me and I just think it is lucky. it is great to see so many people who share this birthdate. Happy birthday to all my fellow 11/11's!

Secret 5 years ago

Great I'm rostered on for night shift or so my partner thinks, and she thinks she will be working that afternoon... That's what her boss will tell her, but on the 11-11-11 I'm going to get ready for work and leave, but will return shortly after all ready to go out for the arvo/night and will propose to my girl... Just need to organize it with her boss... Wish me luck ;-)

Paul 5 years ago

My Social Secretary number equals 1111 if I was to multiply It all together. The number has haunted me for 26 years. Nothing good has ever come for it. It surrounded my family with sorrow and death. I've come to terms that my life will end on this day. Like the rest of you it appears in my everyday events. The phone rings or something unexplained happens at the occurrence of 1111. In 1month 11days ill await my demise. This will also be the only record of my future.

Greg 5 years ago

My wife and I will celebrate our 11th anniversary 11/11/11 (at 11, surely).

Dina 5 years ago

My husband and I will celebrate our 11 anniversary on 11/11/11!!!

Mark 5 years ago

I can't help but notice all the people here who, like me, have seen 11 11 on clocks, microwaves, etc. For me, it started when I was a teenager. It seemed to fade away over the years, but more recently it has come back to visit. In the past while trying to find its meaning, I considered dates, astrology, numerology, atomic structures, Nostrodamus' quatrains and biblical chapters and verses, but could never make any sense of it. It's like we're the people in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" who feel compelled to go to the Devil's Tower!

Does anyone else get the sense of a financial collapse connected with November 11?

sarah 5 years ago

my husband & I too will be celebrating our 11 years on 11-11-11!!!!

Chrissy 5 years ago

I too have seen 11:11, 1:11, 11:01 etc for many years now and believe it's a warning. I also believe it's demonic and everyone should seek forgiveness of their sins and ask the Lord Jesus into your life/heart. He is our only protector in the times ahead. Hallelujah!!

Slien 5 years ago

when i read some of these comments, my thoughts changed and i am afraid of my birthday and this mysterious number. I felt so lucky when i saw 11s before. Now i am scared >.

atxmarks 5 years ago

How many people will get divorced on 11/11/11?

abeth 5 years ago

im getting married on 11/11/11.....

Anonymous 5 years ago

I am going to kill myself on 11/11/11 11:11

lina 5 years ago

it might be the day of my wedding;):d

logan conway 5 years ago

my 14th birthday is on 11 11 11 and i hope that something good will happen and im someone special.

Prakash Ghale 5 years ago

Ahh!! I am having a huge grand party on 11/11/11 & I always feel that my party is gonna be opulent!! So I guess 11/11/11 gonaa be real fun!!

Angela Stanley 5 years ago

I am getting married on 11/11/11 at 11am at Disneyland.

Samantha 5 years ago

I was born on the 11-11-1986 and I too always see these numbers. I think that we who see it are all some how connected..

Samantha 11:11- peace! =)

dothebedn 5 years ago

11/11/11 is when Skyrim comes out. Oh Yeah!!!!

looneyrider 5 years ago

if you take the last 2 digits of your birth year then add them to how old you will be this year the answer will be 111 for everyone, happy 11/11/11

YoMaMa 5 years ago

My daughter will be 11 on 11/11/11! she was born at 12:01 am on 11/11/2000! She is as awsome as they get!

maggie 5 years ago

In my family we would always see 1111 on the clock, and after my Dad died, my sister had a dream about him and she asked him what the 1111 meant. He told her in the dream that she already knew it and that she had just forgotten it. He told her that we had always been taught that the Trinity was the 3 in 1, and that the 1111 means that we are really the 4 in 1~ the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and You. It is a reminder that we are all one together.

Fran 5 years ago

11.11.11 is actually 11.11.2011, no sequence there

stephanie b 5 years ago

very freaky for me. i just had to read this article being that my birthday lands on 11.11.11 and i was born at 11 pm

irshst 5 years ago

My Birth day is 11-11

BB 5 years ago

My birthday also is at 11-11-11 on this day I'll turn 33!! Which is really magical, also because 3 + 3 = 6 which is my favorite number, and 11 is the 6th prime number.

JLJ 5 years ago

ITS MY BDAY TOO . 11-11-11

lynn 5 years ago

for years all i see is 111 or 1111. whenever i look at the clock no matter where i am its the same. the computer at work even counts the seconds. ill see 11:11 with 11 seconds. every single time. when i look to see how much time is left on the microwve i have a minute and 11 seconds left. everyday the same thing.it cant be just coincedence.has anyone else had any traumatic experiences in their lives that might connect to this? ive had several but one in particular.

maggie 5 years ago

i will be 21 on 11/11/11. Gosh! Am so excited. I hope that no weird crazy stuff is gonna happen.

Hoa 5 years ago

11/11/11... day the game Skyrim comes out. Life changing event.

John 5 years ago

Anyone else get here because they were looking up Skyrim? Hoa obviously did.

Tim Ray-Hills 5 years ago

actually there is only one this happening on this day, its my birthday and i was born at 11mins past 11 too wow!

Ritesh Gupta 5 years ago

Its my birthday...11/11/11

liza 5 years ago

I was born @7:31 which equals 11 and my birthday is 11-11-11.

jmjm 5 years ago

ima have sex and loose my virginity on this day!!! :)

PatL 5 years ago

Like so many other posts, the time on the clock of 11:11 has always caught my eye, as well as the number eleven. have enter a raffle for a 2-story house and couldn't remember when the drawing was to take place. so just checked online and saw it was 11/11/11 ! the light goes on and i had to see what significance this was to my positive feelings about winning this house. yes, something good is going to happen....I can hear my name being called right now :)

Carol11-11 5 years ago

11-11-11 is my B-day also. We are having a 49th party and turning it into a fundraiser for our local animal shelter. My hubby dubbed it the "lucky ones" party. We are looking forward to a great time and raising A LOT of cash for the shelter.

Happy Birthday to all lucky 11-11-11's

Brenda 5 years ago

Its my birthday

a strange day 5 years ago

Revelation 3:3 (NIV) "Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; obey it, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you."

Dyllan.. 5 years ago

if it is, as this site says that 11 is the sixth prime number then 11/11/11 would be the same as 666 ?? any one thought about that ??

Margaret 5 years ago

I am going to get married on the 11/11/11 and if anything bad happens on that day then i am with all the people i love including my dogs.....therefor it is going to be a great day.....love to all the ppl.

B.S. 5 years ago

You people that see 11:11 on clocks and other places, realize it means absolutely nothing right? You see 7:14, 5:24, 3:27 etc. etc. etc you just don't place any significance to it and so quickly disregard it, that's all. If your birthday is May 10 for instance, my guess is whenever the numbers 5 and 10 show up, be it on a clock or anywhere else, your going to be more apt to take notice of it the days surrounding your birthday. Not really all that magical. Sorry.

aussielis 5 years ago

My special #2 out of 4 sons turns 11 on 11/11/11 born at 3:53 which =11....hoping these special numbers give him a long happy life xx

Sucasso 5 years ago

My birthday, and my husband's, my maid or honor, my great niece, my great grandmother are all on 11/11. We will have a big celebration this year. I will be 60 my husband 66.

tonya 5 years ago

My B-day is 11-11-71, so I will be 40. I think I've been looking forward to this day as long as I can remember. I must be the only woman in the world happy to turn 40. :-)

Kate 5 years ago

According to "Angel Numbers" seeing 11.11 means "Watch your thoughts

because they are manifesting at the speed of light." Mind your thought process when seeing this number, think positive thoughts. I have been seeing "333" for the past 20 yrs. and finally found out it's meaning 2 years ago. Remember: positive thoughts when seeing 11.11!

fadimata 5 years ago

i was born on the 11.11.91 and i will be turning 20 on the 11.11.11 so i know dat its gona be a blessed day for everyone especially for people like me who ar going to be celebrating their date of birth to...its special

Angela 5 years ago

It's a day (one of many) when the sun will change the codes that it's downloading to us. It's a positive, transformative day as our dna will change yet again to adapt to the higher frequencies (we've gone from 7 hz to now 12, and we're moving to 13). 11/11/11 is preparing us for the upcomins shift when we transform from 3-D homosapiens to 5-D homoluminous. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Jolynn 5 years ago

My bday also 11-11-11 and will be 33. Since the year 2000 my birthdays add to my age a little crazy, must mean something.

karamov 5 years ago

the runing date (20 11 2011) will be intersting too !!

Lana 5 years ago

To those who see 11.11 everywhere, inetersting fact i have found: 11:11 is said to be a pre-encoded trigger placed in our cellular memory banks prior to our descent into matter which when activated, signifies that our time of completion and ascension is near. It is believed that one knows when this particular gateway opens for them by continually seeing the numbers 11:11 in there every day lives as a continuous ocurrence. Activation of other gateways may be symbolized by other digits.

from: Ghana 5 years ago

This number/date 11:11 must be scrutinized worldwide from different angles. Truly, I have seen this number for more than three years frequently, especially on my wrist watch and the time on my laptop and that on my cellphones that I have complained to friends about the real meaning of it. I unconsciously glance at these objects almost on daily basis just see 11:11.

May God help us all!!!!1

boss900 5 years ago

i know what will happen, i have seen what will happen:

europe continues to conflict government--> accidental discovery of portal technology in U.S.(11/2/11)--> china starts WW III (11/5/11)--> 11/11/11 "beginning of the end" total rebelion all over world--> 12/12/12 all neuclear weapons are spent and earth is in ruins--> 12/12/12 12:12 all intelligent life left escapes to a planet called sanlite.

Shobha 5 years ago

hey!!! its ma 25th birthday!!!!.....very excited!!!


dj 5 years ago

an avid video poker player, 11:11 has always been my favorite number/time. FOUR ACES!

Joe and Carol 5 years ago

11-11-11 is our 33rd anniversary!

chingching 5 years ago

reading all the comments here make me relate to everyone..esp to those who consider 11 as significant..

i'll be turning 20 this 11-11-11 and i'm super excited..

whenever i see number 11..i feel so lucky..

so i believe its up to us on how we'll take it..

i gladly share this date to everybody!! happy 11-11-11!

happy bday to me!! :D

Natalie 5 years ago

My 33rd birthday is on 11-11-11. I know it's going to be my big year...I can feel it!!

skeptiktank 5 years ago

So many comments by the same person? Wow!

Es 5 years ago

I am going to be 33 on 11.11.11 also....so many changes in life are all ready to take place! Crazy???? Change, change, change!!

Is there any significance?

michael 5 years ago

i was born on the 11 and notthing good has happen to me

Tori 5 years ago

My street address for the past 31 years has been 1111. I've lost count of the number of people who have appeared at my door over the years, telling me they saw my house and the number "1111" in a dream. It's kind of freaky and a little scary, as some of these people were clearly "not all there." Anyway, my family and I are going to have a little celebration on 11-11-11 at 11:11am. I wonder if any of the nutballs from the past will show up at my door again on that day...

Jas 5 years ago

The number 11 is very important to me. My first born was born 11 weeks early on 11-11, his first birthday is 11-11-11, and his head circumference was 11

Ryan 5 years ago

Born Feb.11/1982. Feel the universe is calling out to me. Ready to accept everything it is prepared to give me.

Jean 5 years ago

I was born on 11/11 and I was the 11th child. My mom died when I was 11 and I see the time 11:11 often.

vilana 5 years ago

i will b 22 on the 11.11.11.......am feeling so lucky :D

ketan bhatt 5 years ago

Hey all readers...

something will happen on 11 november 2011....what i dont know.whenever i m looking nearby me..its showing 11:11.This is going for last 6 months with me...

Valerie 5 years ago

Wow!! I keep seeing 11:11 everywhere!! I'm glad to know that i'm not the only one.

Pretty interesting. :)

Atish 5 years ago




i will be 22... Great day!!!

so lucky to share this Day with friends and family!!!

ankit 5 years ago

i will be 25 on this historic date .......woooooooooo!!!!!!!

Diana 5 years ago

I been seen 11:11 for 3 years now on the clock, car tags etc... hope is something good...

Kitkat 5 years ago

I will turn 65 at 11:11 on 11/11/11~! I like the number 11 but don't attach any special significance at all except that it's my birthday.

Jinnie Toliver 5 years ago

I am looking forward to moving into a new age and embracing the opportunities presented at this time as a 'once in a life time' moment in time, individually, as well a, collectively. A change for life as we know it on this planet, the needs of the many outweighing the desires of the few.

Paul 5 years ago

I will celebrate my 50th Birthday on 11/11/11. I can’t deny that I’ve become increasingly reflective about the date and all that it might mean. The optimist in me says that it will be a monumental day for everyone. I hope that anyone reading this enjoys the most magical day of the year (nothing wrong with a little magic!). 11/11/11.

Maggie 5 years ago

Weird and kinda scary to see so many posting about seeing 11:11 on the clock all the time..happens to me almost daily...for over a year now. have been wondering if there is any significance. Also..my daughter will turn 29 this year on 11-11-11.

taiwo 5 years ago

i turn 21 on that day, n m pretty sure its gonna b cool so y'all should just chill out kk. ;)

Tracy 5 years ago

I'm turning 44 on 11/11/11 I see the numbers 11/11 everywhere I look everyday ....I feel protected by it for some reason when I see it I always say I love you Jesus .......

Stacey Cowen 5 years ago

I will be 44 on 11/11/11. :)

Kenzie 5 years ago

I was born 11/11/89 and will be turning 22 which is the sum of 11+11, on 11/11/11... Had I only been born 11 years earlier... Haha. I see 5:55 & 5555 & such everywhere... Weird huh? 0_o

Kathy 5 years ago

I am getting Married to my best friend and my youngest son is coming to Florida and maybe seeing there is hope and fun and a better life.

Carli 5 years ago

Who the hell cares if you see this number on the clock or microwave. You see a lot of numbers everywhere - why is 11:11 such a big deal? Its not at all, its just something people wish on. I wish on 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 5:55, 11:11 etc but whatever

sharebear405 5 years ago

My daughter Lily was born on 11-11-2000 she weighed 11 lbs even and was 22 inches long, we were also on room number 11!! This year on 11-11-2011 she will be 11 years old!!! This will never happen again in her lifetime so I am planning a huge party for her this year!! I personally believe that there is something special about the number 11 and feel there is something special in her also!!!

Bob 5 years ago

My son and I first noticed 111 and 1111 on our first road trip (1992) across country. We finally decided to accept it as a message of comfort.

Amy 5 years ago

I also see the numbers 111 1111 my birthday is 11/01 my brothers first dorm room # was 111. My Dad also has this happen to him frequently. I'm also getting married on 11/11/11 !!

gianna 5 years ago

I don't think bad or good...both depending on who you are & where you are..

Barbar 5 years ago

My son's birthday is 11/11/11. He will turn 11. We are having a beach party at 11:11 and serving food at 1:11 of course. Can't wait to buy 11 lotto tickets to see how lucky we are. Enjoy the day everyone!

Haha 5 years ago

i'm turning 11+11 on 11/11/11!!!

Jesus Sanchez 5 years ago

Judgement day is coming folks. I'm pretty excited. And that means whatever you want it to mean. God bless :)

mcgladdery 5 years ago

it takes 11 min to hard boil an egg

annemarie 5 years ago

my library books are due back on 11/11/2011.The library assistant told me that is a very special day.I've read we should do something special on that day as there will be a world wide shift in consciousness.I wonder if the library assistant was an angel with the message that I must go to the library that day because it will become a portal allowing us to pass through into higher realms.I must be sure to return my books before I go through.

mary 5 years ago

I am a ten plus one. 73 years on 11-11-11.

Captain Swashbuckler 5 years ago

I will be turning 15, my second favourite number to 11, on the 11-11-11. It is a very special day for me, as I am turning 15 and 11 means a lot to me due to my date of birth. I also happen to be born at 1:11pm and weight 6.11 pounds when I was born. :) Can't wait.

Moongazer 5 years ago

If the earth were slower, or a few hundred miles nearer or farther from the sun, that date and time, 11/11/11 would be an entirely different number...

Relax! Do the math, it's all RELATIVE

denecia 5 years ago

my birthday is on 11/11/11

Diane 5 years ago

I see 11 all the time as well as double digits..its drives me crazy

Anwar 5 years ago

I will always see 9:11 in the morning or at night. I always wake up at this time or look at my watch at this time. I always wondered what this mean.This has been doing on for years.

Carrie 5 years ago

Take you year born and age and Everyone is 111.

the time keeper 5 years ago

11.11.11 get erady ppl .

father joseph edward 5 years ago

playwright larry myers plunged himself into catholicism

baptised catholic raised methodist converted to buddhism

explored sufi spiritualism blavatsky cayce studied with chopra edward van prague in touch with shirley mcclaine

wrote 16 'occupation' plays in box

"occupation preocupation"

rumor is myers major channel

certainly wrote lots of different souls

his " 11/11/11" staged ll/ll/ll in phily

for select seers prophets believers

Debby 5 years ago

Happy Birthday all 11.11 people! I will be 59 on 11.11.11 I am so excited to see so many other people born on this day. May it be a glorious day for all of us!

Ricky Cadilli 5 years ago

i was also born 11 -11-76 at around 11 pm ..always felt special..dont we all...check out my music on youtube..type in ricky ridiculous..or black market butchers..let me know if you relate

blessings to all.. wish i had some sort of healing power to cure my children from muscular distrophy..11-11-11

melanie 5 years ago

My daughter will be 11 on the 11/11/11 very special

YeSiK 5 years ago

I´ve got my message. than you

Ed Gonzalez 5 years ago

Join the 1's party on 11/11/11!


Old Ben Kanobi 5 years ago

I've got my bags packed and I'm ready to go home on 11-11. I've got a flight ;)

rachel b 5 years ago

I have a scheduled csection on 11-11-11 at 11 am

melanie 5 years ago

i will be getting married on 11-11-11, YEAH!

vic 5 years ago

All we need is love

John 5 years ago

I have more than 2 years looking 11 11 in the clock, cars. Radios out of hour..

Ron L 5 years ago

I did not even think about the date because my dry date is actually on Nov 5 but due to circumstance the celebration of 1 year of continuous sobriety for me will be held on 11-11-11. this means that on a personal level something good will be happening on that date for me so it will forever be a date to remember in my life regardless of what happens globally.

Kai 5 years ago

My 23rd birthday is on 11.11.11

and I would like to have a party with other 11s yay!

So what do you guys think ???


raniah 5 years ago

My son's golden birthday is this year.... he will be 11 years old on the 11th month 11th day and the 11th year... So excited

nuno 5 years ago


vishnou 5 years ago


PeterM 5 years ago

Shall we call this Musketeers Day.

"All for one and one for all".

Funky 5 years ago

11/11/11 will be a great day as it's our wedding day 11/11/11 at 2:22 can't wait

Tomas A, Montoya 5 years ago

My B-day is also on 11-11-11 this year, and I will be 31 which adds up to Seven one's how very interesting for me?

Tomas A, Montoya 5 years ago

Fyi to all those whose B-day lands on 11-11-11, there is a full moon on the 10th. Very powerful!

John Hayward 5 years ago

I was born on 11/11/1945, how cool is that

visu 5 years ago

i had see always 11 11 on my watch un excetedly 11 11 evey were in mobile also may i no why it is like this please

Becky 5 years ago

my bday is 11-11-1980 im nervous and excited at the same time everyone is saying do something special luck is on my side im not sure but i hope so i sure do need a little luck right about now i also believe i was born on veteran's day because my life has been a battle but a war i have survived either way i think its really cool my bday is 11-11-11 happy bday to all that share yhis day!!!

syl 5 years ago

my ex husbands birthday coming 11-11-11 when he turns 40.. awwh!

Merilee 5 years ago

Same here... 11:11 is the magical time for me. Almost every, night, I make some sort of wish. They're all small. And mostly all of them have come true, even the ones I never thought were the least bit possible. Definitely not something to ignore.

sara 5 years ago

11.11.11 in this day my son 5th birthday so i m so happy

Meetrra 5 years ago

11.11.11..11 years old. Yes my daughter will be celebrating her 11th year birthday on this auspicious 11.11.11...what more can I ask..its such a special day for me and her and I m definitely celebrating it. Happy birthday sweetie :) and thanks for the so many 11's....

Deepika 5 years ago

Its my bday on 11.11.11 n i wil be turing 25..auspicious day for me..hoping to get a surprise..:)

Nolan 5 years ago

I believe something bad will happen since the big disasters like the twin towers,the japan tsunami, and other stuff (Check the date list of the disasters on google) happened to be on 11, sometimes month,sometimes date, Now the last disaster that was really harsh was the japan tsunami 11 March 2011, it seems like its X2 damage now imagine Date 11...Month...11...and year 11!!! that makes it x3 damage! ok my mind gets really carried away but anyway its my suggestion...

sbw 5 years ago

My daughter was born on 11/11/97 at 11:11 PM and her birthday this year is 11/11/11. That is 7 11's. I know she is a powerful young lady. Does this have any significance : )

El 5 years ago

Strange to see all these comments cos i was born 11/11 and i always see the 11.11 more often times than not when i check the time on my laptop or phone. Been happening for a few years now.

Judyful Cook 5 years ago

My Body, Mind and Spirit Club is going to have a celebration on 11/11/11 at 11 a. m. filled with songs, poetry and personal numerical meanings and chrystals and ending with a prayer circle.

me 5 years ago

my birthday is 11/11, my nans birthday is 11/11 my mums birthday is 12/12 my grand daughters birthday is 7/7 and my best friends birthday is 10/10

Mallen1 5 years ago

I will be 50 on 11/11/11 and I just booked a chartered fishing trip to take sail at 11am on 11/11/11. How cool is that!

SANE 5 years ago

you should drink the kool-aid that day, then something global would happen...we'd be rid of all the quacks in the world

gabriel 5 years ago


MrNibiru10 5 years ago

I would like for positive changes to happen and for happiness love unity for all with respect in all levels of life. to have opportunities for anyone that has never got a chance to be who they always wanted to be. to have access to anything and to change whatever is necessary. along with traveling learning experiencing other planets and life forms and i can go on for ever. cheers we wait for this amazing time 11-11-11 :)

Disciple 5 years ago

Some United Nations meeting. Its time people accept the Lord Jesus as their Savior. The signs of the times are pointing to teh Rapture. The clock is ticking. Jesus is waiting...

anneke5025 5 years ago

I will celebrate my birthday at 11-11-11 at 11.11 hours, so it will be a nice day.

Fancy11 5 years ago

I will Bethe big 40 on 11-11-11 The # 11 has been a huge par of my life, and for anyone who is close to me stars

ts to see the 11-11 on clocks, buildings more common than not! Ive always wanted to know why maybe its all leading to this upcoming day 11-11-11.

karen 5 years ago

I was born on 29/11/1960 which adds up to 11 again, I have been seeing 11.11 everywhere for years. I always get a spooky feeling that maybe someone is trying to tell me something, I feel good and bad things can happen around this number.

brian 5 years ago

I was born at 11/11/1997

i heard that when you see 11 your gurdian angels are talking to you.

Karmen 5 years ago

I was born 11-11-89, 11 minutes past 3am, turning 22=11+11... Hope it'll be a great day for everyone!!!

Chad 5 years ago

7 billion people on this planet, which means if you take the average of number of people celebrating birthdays every day, that is about 19 million people. And for those of you that see 11:11 on clocks, you only notice it because it stands out from all the other times you look at the clock and see other numbers that don't mean anything. And besides, not all clocks are accurate. I think 11/11/11 is just a fun day and nothing special will happen. I do plan on getting my first tattoo that day though just for fun so I can always look back and remember the day I got it on.

Mike 5 years ago

I will be 33 on 11-11-11....not sure what it means...but we'll see :)

Archfiend93 5 years ago

The world will not end on november 11, but social life will. Skyrim comes out on that date.

Jen 5 years ago

1977 - Mother dies

1988 - Split from husband 1

1999 - Split from husband 2

2011 - Nephew killed in Afghan 5/6 sister dies exactly four month later on 5/9. Split immenate frm husband 3.

I'm a 47 year old (4+7 = 11) believe in evidence & empirical methods, but still dreading 11/11/11

Mr. Liberty 5 years ago

If a major earthquake happens on 11/11/2011 in California, you'll know it was predicted. If not then a false prophetic insight.

Jen again 5 years ago

BTW I'm an Aquarians

Ketut in Ubud-Bali 5 years ago

I can't wait for the day of 11.11.11!! this is my special b'day!!!

Addition 5 years ago

Anyone in the world. Take the year you were born; Example: 1988 and add your age.. 88+23=111

1958 -- 58+53=111

Teej 5 years ago

Just another reason to be prepared and have a plan for anything. Get a kit setup with everything you may need just in case... Better prepared than left running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

too much hype 5 years ago

It's 11/11/2011, not 11/11/1111. And nothing happened on 11/11/1111, or the year 1911, or 1811......

yardticket 5 years ago

11/3/11 earthquake in San Francisco. That's my prediction.

not really logical 5 years ago

You can't drop the 2 in 2011 and call it numerology. You can find a great explanation about this in an article on numerology called "The Answer Is No."

bob 5 years ago

Im going to sleep in on 11/11/11 at 11:11am

Norb 5 years ago

Just googled the date 11/11/11 to see if anything special happened on this date. It's my wifes birthday and she will be 67. From what I see it looks like it will be just another day.

Mithra 5 years ago

11/11/11 It's my sis Birthday and I wish her the best Birthday ever I'm far away from her but she is always in my heart.

Happy Birthday Faraham

T mangi 5 years ago

Hey there! A couple of you have mentioned your bdays on 11/11. My birthday also lands on 11/11/11 and will be turning 33 this year!!

Jack 5 years ago

ok so.. 23 on 11 11 11 /:)

amira jaber 5 years ago

do u believe in this ?

aracely 5 years ago

I'll be 33 on 11-11-11 :-)

tribhuvan narayan 5 years ago

my fife is pregnant and expected date is 13 Nov 2011, i want to know 11 Nov 2011 is good for delivery or not .............suggest me

11 5 years ago

For me this 11:11 has a meaning. I feel it coincides with 11/11/11. Whether you believe in something other than mankind, or what isn't known, changes your perception of an expectation of the relevance.

I have been syncing or seeing this pattern, 11:11 for years, i do see this as something symbolic.

Whatever 11:11 brings, maybe it is our time to stop, think... and listen to the world.

Bonnie 5 years ago

If your seeing triple numbers,, starting out with 111.. google " triple numbers and their meanings" look for Joanne Angel numbers.. they are angel scribes!! Been seeing so many numbers since janurary its unreal!! I finally looked it up!! check it out if you really want to know what they mean!!

Sukiii Baygnuzdrile 5 years ago

super cute

skycaptain95 5 years ago

I'm pretty sure the most memorable thing that'll happen on 11/11/2011 is Skyrim.

If you want to call it a cataclysm for *social lives*, I'm with you on that.

Not the REAL end of the world, people.


skycaptain95 5 years ago

I'm pretty sure the most memorable thing that'll happen on 11/11/2011 is Skyrim.

If you want to call it a cataclysm for *social lives*, I'm with you on that.

Not the REAL end of the world, people.


Fatima 5 years ago

My wedding planned to be on 11/11/11 and I'm 33(11+11+11)

Day Day 5 years ago

.......hmmmm let see I think I have a vision i can see and feel people fear of Doom Doom Doom Boom Boom Boom Kaboom brushing out like a broom wake up people i know you don't wanna wake up from but ya gotta wake up and wait wait wait. It just funny how people think of triple 111111 lol. Only lord jesus know end times, because the bible says behold i am coming. So everyone please enjoy life let the lord take care of the times. Trust in Lord God and Lord Jesus. Have a nice day God bless.

NATO 5 years ago

Why when you add the last two digits of your birthdate, to how ok'd you are currently, its 111....1996....15....96+15=111...my bros Bday, 92+19=111...my sis's Bday, 92+18=111, my dads Bday 66+45=111, moms Bday 69+42=111.......so what's up with the number eleven?

Bernd1964 5 years ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the Illuminati would start the Third World War on 11/11/2011 in the Middle East by attacking Iran or Syria. Remember that George Bush sen. held his New World Order speech on September 11, 1990, which is exactly 11 years before 9/11/2001, when the WTC was brought down.

Joejoe 5 years ago

This can be everything or nothing. Free will, remember? Choose the path of an Angel Warrior, Destroy the evil that holds this planet captive with the truth of the one and only God of all creation. Love will send these demons back to hell, for eternity. 11-11-11

Hazel 5 years ago

My birthday is 11-11-11 and I will be 44! Good info - thanks for the page! Will be back.

kyenre 5 years ago

i will be 18 on 11.11.11 i am hoping 2 hve sum fun

flora 5 years ago

My birthday is 11/11, and in 2011 I'll turn 47 (4+7=11). I live in Utah and just learned that we live in the 11th Ward in our Stake (I think Stake is right - obviously, I'm not a church member, having lived in this house for 3 years and still not known which ward we're in). We're going to have a big party. I hope all of you are well.

ana 5 years ago

my friends birthday is 11.11.11 and it =33 her age this birthday

Sandy 5 years ago

11/11/11 at 11:11 AM or 11:11PM. Be aware and enjoy, make a wish! Life is beautiful !

Dean 5 years ago

I keep seeing the #911 everywhere for years now. I have been separated from my wife for 8 months now and I'm hoping that this day will help save my marriage by having a new start.

Anthony 5 years ago

11/11/11 11:11:11 HURRAY!

Anthony 5 years ago

I plan to go see Immortals that day. as I am Immortal. I am the best. I HAVE WON. Everything is going to be the best. I have had amazing revelations, Now is the time to Live/Love!

Anthony 5 years ago

I have always connected amazing numbers. I have won. GO!!!

scottie murray 5 years ago

I am getting married 11/11/11 at 11:00

Donch 5 years ago

11/11rocks, 41 st bday that day, happy birthday fellow 11/11's, we're all a little blessed.....

Roni 5 years ago

My husband is a believer in ##'s and meanings behind them..

Me, not so much, but I must admit, there are some coincidences in our personal #'s..

We were married on 9/11/80. No matter what the year, the #'s add up to how many years we are married! IE; 9/11/10= 30.. 9/11/01=21... Then, he believes he is going to die at the age of 60 b/c he was born 5/30/60. All derivatives of 5..And some other # equation he figures into it.. IDK, as I said, I am not into #'s so much.. Maybe you all can figure how he gets to the age 60 to die.. But.. There must be something to it,as I, too see 11 everywhere.. But, I have also been seeing 00's a lot. Especially at the store, when a total rarely comes up even! ? who knows?

ysaura 5 years ago

jhmmhmjngfihtiu hruyhshfiuseg fiysdgrifsd

damphe 5 years ago

You people are CRAZYYYYY


damphe 5 years ago

You people are CRAZYYY

11 of November is just another day in the man-made calendar...

and by the way 11:11pm doesn't exist the, clocks work on a 24hour cycle so its 23:11...

if you're seeing 11:11 too much on everything its because you notice it more cause your obsessed by it


best 11 5 years ago

am getting married at 11;11 am on 11;11;11 , 11 reasons to celabrate .

Kim 5 years ago

This is for RONI AND HUSBAND: Stop telling yourself that you're going to die at age 60. Each time you do this you are setting your body clock - and it WILL respond. Luckily, it is not too late to change it. Tell yourself you'll live to be 100! It'll give you a lot more peace of mind and lower your anxiety level as well. Good Luck.

Jiff 5 years ago

I too keep seeing the number 11 on a clock every time I look at it - and its always in the same place - just between the 10 and the 12

michael 5 years ago

my name is 11, my b day is 11, my mob number when you add all numbers is 11,my car number is 11 ,my track number is 11, just enjoy the day .LIVE THE LIFE THAT YOU LOVE, AND LOVE THE LIFE THAT YOU LIVE ..

Scorpio 5 years ago

birthdayz on 11~11~11

Josh 5 years ago

Elder Scrolls:Skyrim comes out as does Minecraft 1.0! I call that something good on a global scale!

Ron 5 years ago

I'm hoping that something great happens on 11-11-11 especaially to me seeing as november 11 is my birthday it would be pretty cool to findout i'm a prophet or i get psychic abilities i mean it probably wont happen but its nice to dream

Bael Zebud 5 years ago

there will be a spiritual awakening for so many people regarding 11 11 ! there is some thing to do with spirits guardians contacting us trough the components of mini circuits that has so much blood spilled over making them! using coltan a necessary meniral found only in one place in this earth that has known only wars and death and international abuses and so many crisis.

marie 5 years ago

born on 11/11 at 11:11 a.m, this year my birthday will be on the 11.11.11 and party start at 11;11 a.m till 11;11 p.m. Will see what happen bring me luck my favorite number 11..............but kind of scary aye

youluvtigger 5 years ago

I was born on 11-11-66 this will be my 45th birthday on 11-11-11 ...and lets not forget this day.... I thank all those that have serve our country! Thank you for our freedom! Veterans Day ..whooo Rawww!!!!

clayton 5 years ago

I will be 27 on 11-11-11. In 1984, I was born and weighed 7 lbs, 11 ounces. I was named after a dead relative and my parents found out later that day from his widow that he had the same birthday.

jon 5 years ago

11*11*11 = 1331

:o its the unlucky number normal and inverted.. this cant be good!!!!!!

Rob. 5 years ago

11-11-2011. A woman learns to fly as in a dream.

brian 5 years ago

does this happen every year? we got December next year 12 12?

Peter 5 years ago

Hey guys

I have birthday on this date¨GONNA BE 17, so its gonna be awesome...YEAHHHHH

11.11.2011 ----;;;;)))))

SpiritualWanderer 5 years ago

Thanks for the detailed scoop on 111111

me 5 years ago

I will be 44 on 11.11.11! Gonna be a good day!

Scorpio 5 years ago

My birthday is 11-11-11 and I will be 33yrs old

Prasanta Roy 5 years ago

I wish a very GOOD DAY for all on 11.11.11

Fred 5 years ago

My birthday is 11-11-11 and I will be 69. Will have a steak with wine on 11-11 AM or PM. Expect a very nice year ahead.

kamor 5 years ago

But we men created dis number §? I fink it sukz attaching stuffs ??? it

fjr 5 years ago

My oldest son's birthday is 11-11. Intresting enough my only grandson will have his 11th birthday on 11-11-11. WOW

Bob Lee 5 years ago

I pretty sure this day is the end of world.

The world order is set, and we all gonna die.

think friends, it is a friday, it is eclipse, it is number of devil, if nothing meta physic dont happen at least a tragedy made by human hand.

yamet 5 years ago

why not?every thing is ready i wish the big change take freedom for worlds.

mlb1990 5 years ago

as i am looking at these i look at the clock and it says 8 11.... i only try to hope for the best but when all the facts come into play i start to think of the beginning of the end. key word the beginning, jesus says no one will know the exact day of return. but i can only imagine he wont be happy with what we have done.

mlb1990 5 years ago

add your age to the last two numbers of your birth year . = 1 1 1

blue-moon-ogre 5 years ago

I'm so spooked out! I feel like I can't predict the future!

al 5 years ago

what a coincident, the sun, sun spot which is 17 time bigger than the earth is rotating toward the earth. The sun spot is going to face earth on 11-11-11. This spot where are the major solar flare occure, wow! are we going to get hit by a major energy wave on this day? They say fresh energy is going to enter earth this day and it going to affect everything. Only time will tell.

Marilyn 5 years ago

My birthday is also 11-11-11. Everyone told me it was the Devil's day etc. Feel a bit better now after reading some comments. Thanks to all!!

Richard 5 years ago

I was born 11/11/1948 at 11am.

All the 1's scare my wife.

Lets hope people are aware of this date every year as this was a declaration of the end ef the 1st world war in which millions of people were sensessly killed due to a country's drive to overthrow other nations.

Terri 5 years ago

I am having an 11-11-11 party. I want to be surrounded by my best friends, no matter what happens that day. I want to live, as I believe you all do also; SO, let's DO IT!!! Party, love, live and have fun. Sounds pretty basic, but I think life is that simple. Best of luck to all for 2012.

Leo 5 years ago

On 11.11.11 I will turn 40 and will spend the day with all my family. I wish everybody who is having birthday on 11.11... a very happy birthday!!!!

annrael 5 years ago

everyday i always look at the clock by 11am and 11pm exactly ,don't know why? 11am for me to eat lunch and 11pm to sleep..its that a coincident or something weird..then i realized, every people's birthdate and age was significant to 11 ex. if you were born in 1978 and your age is 33 just add 78+33=111 and 8+3=11 i try it also to my other relatives, and it was same..try it to yourself, its really weird..

divineplumber 5 years ago

11-11-11 [...] 11+11+11 = 33 Cross [...]

Anonimus Demo 5 years ago

There's one thing i am sure! Quarteto de Bolso is going to play in Teatro Aveirense!

evonne 5 years ago

i am going to make 11 wishes

The time keeper 5 years ago

8;11;11 , 7.50 pm in australia by 11am wed morn most ppl would have began to notice a change , what kind of change am unsure about but it will be gobal , at 11;11 am on 11;11;11 thats when there will be no point of return , out with the old in with the new , so to speak . ppl will wounder what happened , within a blink of an eye . i prey every day i'd be a part of change , be careful what u wish for it just may come true .

mike 5 years ago

maybe a fourth option should be addae in Survey One:

Fanatics and believers will "make something happen"!

k11 5 years ago

i'll be 20 on 11/11/11 :)

Jude Lethorne 5 years ago

Put your faith in Jesus Christ and you wont need to worry about the outcome of 11.11.11 or 12.12.12 or any other date for that matter .... for whenever it is that you die you will be taken back home into Heaven and you will feast with our Father in Heaven for Eternity.

Zara Janjua 5 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm writing an article on this - does anyone want to speak to me about their thought on 11.11.11? you can email me on zara_pj@hotmail.co.uk or call 07725832071. Thanks.

Jake 5 years ago

So, on 11.11.11, we're going to experience a 'shift in consciousness' ... does anyone actually have any evidence for this!?

mohamed aslam sulaiman 5 years ago

i think this day 11/11/11 will be the total highest human population live on earth.as per mathematical calculations:nothing will significantly happen on this day. but human population will start to decrease, day by day.,world will get rich(god is forgotten day by day because human population decreases) .after 2011/11/11.

see mathematical calculations;

1 X 1= 1

11 X 11=121

11 X 11 X 11= 1331

Max 5 years ago

Something great WILL HAPPEN...Carnival season will start in most of Europe:-)

terry 5 years ago

ill be 51 on 11.11.11 time to have a big party with my friends here in wellington,new zealand.full moon as well!! at least we have the rugby world cup to keep!! happy birthday to all the people born on this day.

Jon 5 years ago

Meditation for world peace on 11/11/11 @ 11:11

If enough people do it, it may help (Hundred Monkey syndrome-very real).

Get involved

Fear nothing,

Marilyn Joan Hadey 5 years ago


Joanna 5 years ago

Intuitively I feel that 11/11/11 will mark a transition in human consciousness. Perhaps nothing spectacular will happen on the day but it will mark the beginning of a new cycle. Moving away from selfishness/ego centeredness and into unity consciousness. Away from war between people and towards peace and understanding. A raising of vibration into an awareness of our true being as reflections of The One.

CazMac 5 years ago

My son is 11 on 11.11.11.....woop woop...

Leven 5 years ago

Our 11th wedding anniversary on 11/11/11, a few drinks to celebrate will be the order of the day...

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