What about the Date December 12, 2012? The 4-Year Anniversary. Special Meaning. An Archive. 12/12/12

Gong, going, gone...
Gong, going, gone...

December 2016 Update

The original title of this page was 12/12/12 - How to Interpret Date 12-12-12. Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

Links to NASA relating to what they had to say about Day 12/12/12 are included further down the page. And the metaphysics experiment is still open.

Surprisingly, this page is still accumulating views. As of December 1, 2016; the page view count is 187,816. Enjoy the article and the 331+ comments (which are still open).

Will this page see a 5-year anniversary? Too soon to tell.

And for anyone who is interested, here is a page about the base 12 numbering system.

Original Article


"Come Day 12/12/12, this page will be updated throughout the day. Should be quite an adventure..."

"Update: The Day 12/12/12 updates have begun (further down the page)."

From the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

Twelve-vortex array in a rotating Bose-Einstein condensate. About Day 12/12/12.
Twelve-vortex array in a rotating Bose-Einstein condensate. About Day 12/12/12. | Source

Introductory Items

What is 12/12/12?

Welcome random visitor. Many philosophies believe that you somehow ended up on this page for a reason. It is not known if it is the result of karma, predestination, random chance, fate, a higher power, something else, or for absolutely no reason at all.

Time, space, and doom. What does it all mean? And Day 12/12/xx birthdays. And, no doubt, there will be a few people getting married on that date.

This page provides a review of the 12/12/12 date singularity and of the number twelve; followed by a quick metaphysics experiment. It should be noted that day 12/12/12 will not be the end of the world. That's nine days later... Or not.

Reference List: 2K12.

Reference List: Prediction, Predictions.

From the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

The emergence of a 12-vortex structure in a rotating Bose-Einstein condensate. About Day 12/12/12.
The emergence of a 12-vortex structure in a rotating Bose-Einstein condensate. About Day 12/12/12. | Source

The meaning of 12 12 12

Birthday 12/12/12. This page is here for folks born on December 12, ie, 12/12/xx, and for folks interested in the date singularity, 12.12.12.

12-12-12; Wednesday, December 12, 2012: A Mathematical and Societal Overview of the Number 12

The number 12 is a unique, interesting, and very useful number. The unique usefulness of the number 12 has been recognized by mathematicians, scientists, meta-physicists, and society in general since the beginning of recorded human history.

The usefulness of this number derives from its divisibility. There are relatively few small numbers that can be evenly divided into so many subsets. The number 12 can be evenly divided into halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and twelfths. Multiples of 12, by definition, retain this divisibility.

The inherent divisibility is the reason that the number 12, and its multiplies, are so intertwined into our society. We use it here, there, and everywhere for our time logistics. We use it here, there, and everywhere for our space logistics.We use it here, there, and everywhere for other stuff as well.

The roulette wheel and the number 12.
The roulette wheel and the number 12. | Source

12-12-12); Wednesday, December 12, 2012: Games of Chance


Roulette loves the number 36 (3 x 12). It makes for a nice, long 3-number by 12-number table that lots of players can gather around. And the rampant divisibility of this number enables players to get themselves in trouble in all sorts of ways; particularly so when that pesky zero or zero-zero drops by. Players can bet on groups of 1,2,3,4,6,12, and 18 numbers in a multitude of combinations. There's more, but you get the idea.


As far as the game of dice is concerned, the number 36 ((3 x 12) = (6 x 6)), along with it's inherent attributes, is an integral number. You have 2 cubes with 6 sides each, enabling the existence of 11 numbers via a 6 x 6 matrix of 36 combinations. The integration part comes in whereas the probability of any particular combination of dice numbers showing is a direct function of the 6 x 6 matrix.

Aztec calendar and the number 12.
Aztec calendar and the number 12. | Source
Time measurement and the number 12.
Time measurement and the number 12. | Source

12/12/12 (aka 12-12-12); Wednesday, December 12, 2012: Time

The 12 Month Calendar

The general consensus is that the Egyptians came up with the first 12 month calendar. The Romans later modified it, but retained the 12 month format. Both cultures abandoned any attempt to match the calendar with the lunar cycle; all emphasis was placed on the solar cycle.

The innate attribute of 12 months being evenly divisible into quarters and halves has been in use ever since. The term “bimonthly“ is used to define both “once-every-two-months” and “twice-a-month”.

There are no worldwide legal or official designations as to when the 4 seasons start and end. Different cultures and locations have their own designations.

The 2 x 12 = 24 Hour Clock

The division of the day into 24 (2*12) increments (hours) has been in existence since the beginning of timekeeping. Followed by the designation of minutes (1/(5*12)) which equals 1/60 which equals 1 minute. Followed by seconds (1/(5*12)) which equals 1/60 which equals 1 second.

12:00 AM versus 12:00 PM

The best way to remember which is which is to think of 12 as 0; i.e. the beginning of the time period, not the ending. Thus, 12:00 AM is 00.00 AM; which is the middle of the night and the beginning of a new day. Conversely, 12:00 PM and 12:01 PM is 00:00 PM and 00:01 PM which is the beginning of the afternoon. 12:00 AM is the start of the new day; 12:00 PM is noon and the start of the afternoon.

Latitude and longitude and the number 12. Picture is enlargeable.
Latitude and longitude and the number 12. Picture is enlargeable. | Source

12:12:12); Wednesday, December 12, 2012: Space

This is a Tutorial about Latitude and Longitude. If you are not in the mood, you can always return to this section another time.

There are 3 * 12 * 10 = 360 degrees in a circle. This is the basis of our geographic coordinate system. Reference points are defined using latitude and longitude.

Latitude is the 0 to 90 degree angle between the equator and the north/south poles. The equator is latitude 0. The north and south poles are latitude 90 degrees N or 90 degrees S respectively. Latitudinal lines are “horizontal” and parallel to the equator. The latitudinal line “half-way” between the equator and the north/south pole is 45 degrees N or 45 degrees S, depending on which pole is referenced.

Longitude coordinates are the “vertical” lines; they run side side-by-side, but are not parallel due to their convergence at the poles. Longitude 0 is called the Prime Meridian (meridian and longitude are synonyms) and is located in Greenwich (near London), England. Locations to the west of the Prime Meridian (Greenwich) are defined as being in the western hemisphere; locations east of the prime Meridian are in the eastern hemisphere. Longitudinal coordinates are as two half-circles: 0 to 180 degrees W; 0 to 180 degrees E.

By use of the latitude and longitude coordinates every location on Earth has its own unique address.

The 12 Division Zodiac


12/12/12 (aka 12-12-12); Wednesday, December 12, 2012: Zodiac

The purpose of the zodiac is the synchronization and mapping of space and time. This is accomplished by dividing the ecliptic into 12 zones. Each zone equaling 30 degrees of the 360 degree universe that we see. Another term for "zone" is "division". Each division has been given its own unique name and is called a sign.

The zodiac is an actual tool used by astronomers.

For most of us the familiarity comes from astrology and its use of the 12 signs. The synchronizing of time comes into play as the Sun progresses through each sign.

Folks born on 12.12.12 were born under the sign of Sagittarius. The Sagittarius, a.k.a. Jupiter-pics-page, contains links to the other 11 signs; not the usual astrological analysis...


( 12-12-12 ) - Wednesday, December 12, 2012: An Ongoing Compilation of Other Things 12 and 12.12.12

The 12 days of Christmas.

The 12 apostles.

The 12 Federal Reserve Districts.

A dozen of this, a dozen of that, and all the multiples thereof; including 12 x 12 = 144 = 1 gross. This has to do with the fact that 3 x 4, 6 x 8, etc. are very convenient storage and packaging dimensions.

12 inches in a foot (contributed by Matthew M).

The 12 Gods of Olympus.

The 12 Tribes of Israel (contributed by Rob Glus).


12/12/12 (aka 12-12-12); Wednesday, December 12, 2012: the History & Historical of 12 & 12.12.12

Even when taking into account the differences between the Gregorian and Julian calendars:

No significant historical event(s) occurred 1 thousand years ago in the year 1012.

No significant historical event(s) occurred 2 thousand years ago in the year 12.

The Dark Ages spanned the 5th to 15th centuries (approximately 450 -1450).

5,126 years ago was the beginning of the Mayan’s long-count calendar. That long-count calendar ends December 2012.

~26,000 years ago the Sun was aligned with the center of the galaxy. In December 2012 that alignment will occur again.

(A general note: There are only 9 days difference between 12.12.12 and 12.21.12. Given the 5000+ year time span and other factors, calculation mistakes may have been made. So that 9-day thing may be kind of iffy…)

Day12-12-12 : Wednesday, December 12, 2012: Singularity Summary

Most predictions and opinions concerning 12/12/12 derive both from the number 12 being embedded in our societal fabric (both historical and present) and from its mathematical uniqueness as a number. Twelve is indeed a unique number. The mathematical base 12 number system, for example, is orders of magnitude better than our normal base 10 number system when it comes to utility and function. If only our species had been created with six digits on each hand instead of the five...

121212: There are three possible outcomes as to when Day 12/12/12 comes around:

1. Something good happens on 12.12.12 — The number 12 has been “good to us”. It helps us in our daily lives and in the functioning of our society. The number 12 can even be interpreted as a gift and positive message from our distant past. Though there is no scientific basis for the belief, and no known logical premise for the belief; it is possible that something good will happen on a global scale on this date. We don’t know everything; the probability is not zero.

2. Nothing happens on 12.12.12 — This is the most likely scenario. An unusual date number sequence doesn’t automatically mean that something unusual will happen on a global scale. Usually it’s a non-event.

3. Something bad happens on 12.12.12 — Unlike other unusual sequence number dates, December 2012 is replete with historical references indicating that something bad will happen. The number 12 has many times been interpreted as a warning from our past to our future. Between the Mayan calendar and the astronomical events of this time period, doomsday predictions abound. There is presumably no scientific basis for these beliefs. There are presumably no known logical premises for these beliefs. However, these beliefs may not necessarily be false. The probability is not zero.

Metaphysics Experiments

M.E.: 12/12/12 a.k.a. 12-12-12; Wednesday, December 12, 2012: Survey One

What do you believe will happen December 2012?

  • 50% Something good will happen on a global scale.
  • 46% Nothing globally significant will happen.
  • 4% Something bad will happen on a global scale.
3899 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

This Poll Still Open

The experiment continues...

M.E.: 12/12/12 a.k.a. 12-12-12; Wednesday, December 12, 2012: Survey Two

Do you feel lucky today?

  • Yes.
  • No.
See results without voting

Don't worry. Be happy.

Not going to happen. Leastwise, not this year.
Not going to happen. Leastwise, not this year. | Source

Speaking of doom, here is a humorously presented Ultimate Doomsday List.

Archive of Pre and Day 12.12.12

Reserved for Day 12/12/12 Updates

Here is where the Day 12/12/12 updates will be; time, space, and bandwidth permitting. There will also be occasional pre-12/12/12 updates. Entries will be chronological rather than blog style. Dates and times are USA Pacific Coast aka UTC-8. Updates have begun.

Update (December 8, 2012)

Here are the survey results to-date.

For the question, “What do you believe will happen on 12/12/12”, the cumulative survey statistics towards the end of the day on December 8th, year 2012 are as follows:

54% believe something good will happen on a global scale.
41% believe nothing globally significant will happen
 5% believe something bad will happen on a global scale.
1382 people have voted in this poll to-date.

For the question, “Do you feel lucky today”, the cumulative survey statistics towards the end of the day on December 8th, year 2012 are as follows:

81% felt lucky on the day they filled out the poll.
19% said they did not feel lucky that particular day.
1197 people have voted in this poll to date.

If previous experiments are any indication, the above percentages could change significantly over the next 4 days; particularly so on day 12/12/12.

Update (December 9, 2012)

It's 6:00 AM. Of course, depending on your time zone, your results may vary. Speaking of which, because of the time zones, Day 12/12/12 will be a 48-hour occasion on this page. As such, when this USA page wakes up Tuesday morning, December 11th, it will already be Day 12/12/12 in some places. The reporting will begin. That's less than 2 days from now.

Update (December 10, 2012)

A.M. Twelve/Ten/Twelve... Has a nice ring to it. Stay tuned.

A.M. As expected, there are media announcements all over the place about the upcoming 12/12/12 wedding boom.

P.M. And Day 12/10/12 draws to a close. No untoward changes in the survey percentages.

* * * * * * * * * * * * Day 12/12/12 Time Zone Sequence * * * * * * * * * * * *

5:00 AM. Although it is Day 12/11/12 for most of the world, Day 12/12/12 has started its march across the planet. Two time zones have already been greeted. It is now Day 12/12/12 in New Zealand, Kamchatka-Russia, and Sydney-Australia. It has begun.

7:15 AM, 12/11/12. Media reports abound as to all the planned 121212 concerts around the world.

7:20 AM, 12/11/12. Japan, the Korea's, the eastern part of China, and more of Australia and Russia have joined the land of Day 12/12/12.

8:00 AM, 12/11/12.The Philippines have joined the party.

9:00 AM, 12/11/12. Russia and their 11 time zones... It's going to take them awhile...

10:30 AM, 12/11/12. India is now Day 12/12/12.

1:15 PM, 12/11/12. Day 12/12/12 has landed on the eastern shores of Africa.

2:10 PM, 12/11/12. 2000 folks have answered the Global Prediction poll. Percentages are virtually unchanged and remain at:

54% believe something good will happen on a global scale.
41% believe nothing globally significant will happen
 5% believe something bad will happen on a global scale.

3:15 PM, 12/11/12. All of Eastern Europe and most of Western Europe are now of Day 12/12/12.

3:30 PM, 12/11/12. Multiple media reports of the Hong Kong / Singapore wedding boom to take place as China's Day 12/12/12 gets into full swing. It's anywhere from 7:30 to 10:30 in the AM as of this post.

4:00 PM, 12/11/12. Along with the year, month, and day are the hours, minutes, and seconds. Resulting in 12.12.12 12:12:12 for a string of 6 12's. Some folks plan to pause and reflect during that moment.

4:00 PM, 12/11/12. Day 12/12/12 has begun its journey across the Atlantic Oceans.

4:00 PM, 12/11/12. Half the world is tomorrow. Half the world is yesterday.

7:00 PM, 12/11/12. Day 12/12/12 unambiguously lands on the east coast of South America. Greenland is swept along.

8:00 PM, 12/11/12. Day 12/12/12 nibbles at Canada.

8:00 PM, 12/11/12. 2000+ folks have answered the Do You Feel Lucky poll. Percentages are virtually unchanged and remain at:

81% felt lucky on the day they filled out the poll.
19% said they did not feel lucky that particular day.

9:00 PM, 12/11/12. Day 12/12/12 unambiguously lands on the east coast of North America.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

3:45 AM, 12/12/12. In 15 minutes 100% of the world becomes Day 12/12/12.

4:00 AM, 12/12/12. 100% of the world is Day 12/12/12. But it only lasts an instant. Then UTC+12 becomes 12/13/12.

5:00 AM, 12/12/12. Day 12/12/12: Asia, Australia, Philippines, etc winding down. North and South America winding up. Europe and Africa right in the middle of it.

6:15 AM, 12/12/12. The wedding boom was, is, and will continue to be a world-wide phenomena today.

7:00 AM, 12/12/12. 3000+ folks have now answered the Global Prediction poll. Percentages have changed a little. Both the Good and the Bad dropped a tad. Nothingness increases.

52% believe something good will happen on a global scale.
44% believe nothing globally significant will happen
 4% believe something bad will happen on a global scale.

8:40 AM, 12/12/12. Online and offline retailers continue to have 12.12.12 specials, discounts, and deals.

9:00 AM, 12/12/12. As the day continues, nothing untoward in the world has happened. Just the usual nonsense.

10:00 AM, 12/12/12. This page received 50,245 visits yesterday.

11:00 AM, 12/12/12. An acknowledgement to the 121212 parties. A mention of the increased lottery ticket sales. And a reminder of 12/12/12 12:12:12 coming up in 1 hour, 12 minutes, and 12 seconds in this page's time zone.

Date and Time is 12/12/12 12:12:12. A shout-out to NASA.

Here's some links as to what NASA has/had to say about/on Day 12/12/12:

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Asteroid Slowly Tumbles by Earth...

First Consensus of Galaxies Near Cosmic Dawn

*End of NASA link list*

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Comments 331 comments

Bee 6 years ago

I know that something good is going to happen on 12-12-12, I am getting married! We met on dec 12 2006 so decided 12-12-12 would be the perfect day for us, so no matter what else happens it will be a great day for us!

Dec12 5 years ago

I was born on Dec. 12, 1972 and will be celebrating my 40th birthday on 12-12-12. Some says Life begins at 40! Great to hear that!

Dec121272 5 years ago

I was born on 12 Dec 1972 too! I expect 'something good will happen' on a giant 40th party scale.

how to survive in 2012 5 years ago

thx God I wasn't born in 21 december, I thought if I had been born in that date, it could be one of the boldest day in the human history. hahaha

karl 5 years ago

i was born 12/12/1965.......i too expect something good will happen, but it will take a number of years for people to realise it..!

Mary 5 years ago

I was born on the 12th of December. On 12-12-12 it'll be my 24th birthday. 12+12=24!. Im definitely hoping something lucky will happen to me on my 24th birthday. I might just go out and buy my first lotto ticket on my 24th birthday and see what happens lol.

andrew 5 years ago

haha 12-12-87 here :)

Ally 5 years ago

My bday is 12/12/12 and I will be 30 years old. So I definitely would look forward to something great.

Janice 5 years ago

I know something GOOD Going to happen that day as I'm getting Married to the LOVE of my LIFE!

Janice 5 years ago

On 12/12/12

laura 5 years ago

i was born 12 12 91 :)

hluga 5 years ago

i have read a lot about these things, i believe that only God knows what is going to happen to us.

sam 5 years ago

I saw in my visions tat on 12.12.12...12/12 am/pm....d ancestors of all humans will join force in unity of one faith in one God to settle their difference in diversity and curse d earth to do away commercial sense (origin of evil) to foster freedom, peace, progress and eternal glory. My vision is very details tat confirms tat date.

mare 5 years ago

It is going to be a great day, because is my daughters 12 birthday, as she was born on 12/12/00 at 12:00 noon.

sam 5 years ago

Yes is indeed a great day but d event is spiritual and may have effect on the solar system. But I am very sure tat the effect will manifest in physical form within 7years of human calendar staring from 12.12.12 12/12 am/pm.

Carlos 5 years ago

my birthday is in 121212 i was born on 12121980 my license renewal date says 121212 lol i will be 32. I not to found of the number 12

Tanzee 5 years ago

on 12/12/12 it'll be my 23rd birthday.

i wish an unforgettable stepping on (12+12=)24 for me :)

so excited!!!

Patsy 5 years ago

m birday is on 12-12-12. I was on born 12 12 1961 i will be 51 my license renewal date 12-12-12. Twelve mean Perfect or perfection. I think every one have a bday on 12-12-12 needs to appear on Oprah Show.

Jackie Marie 5 years ago

My 40th birthday is 12/12/12, can anyone say armagedeon...just kidding...I believe it will be a spectacular day!

KrisG 5 years ago

I was born 12-12-66 (if you add 66 we get 12) which is an unbelievable coincidence. It will be a good day!!!

ZiZa 4 years ago

i was born 12-12-88 .. S.th Go0od Will Happppennn :)

Moira 4 years ago

I would like to meet up with fellow l2.12.12 birthday people. I live in Worthing, England; anybody out there nearby with same special birthday?

chris shipley 4 years ago

I will be 51 on 12/12/12. Hoping its a lucky day for all us 12/12's!

Arletta Fontenelle 4 years ago

I was born on 12/12/1956 and on 12/12/12 I shall be 56. How incredible is that. This has to be my lucky day.

Ole Schnor 4 years ago

I was also born on 12/12/1956 and on 12/12/12 I shall be 56. How incredible is that.

This has to be my lucky day.

Jem Lewis 4 years ago

I was born on 12/12 at 12:24am. I was baptized on 9/11/94, which was my thirteenth year of life (9+4=13), at 9:11am; seriously, I was in line at 9am, and I was drying off just before 9:30am. Life gives us a bunch of cool coincidences. It's up to us to have an imagination when sharing those coincidences. Enjoy the day, folks!!

ty gordon 4 years ago

the only thing i deffinatly know about 12.12.12 is it will never happen again for another 1000 years.

Kannis 4 years ago

12/12/1975 vs 12/12/12 hmm an outstanding combination.

allaine 4 years ago

My daughter will be celebrating her 12th birthday on Dec. 12, 2012.. I feel something good will happen.

Connie 4 years ago

On 12/12/12. I will be 56. I was born in 56.

Lorna 4 years ago

Will be 55 on 121212. Im excited! Shall we celebrate together? Shall we organise ? Any ideas? What about raising funds for charity? Please let me hear your ideas we do something for us , for the needy in the whole world. My e-mail add


MartinUK 4 years ago

I am 36 on 12.12.12 and I am the only person that feels that is special. How many times does that happen, 12+12+12=36!

Time to build an underground bunker I think.

Noelle 4 years ago

12/12/1975 :)

Lianne 4 years ago

I was born on 12.12.66 :)

nel 4 years ago

I was born on 12/12/72 @ 12:12 am

chris 4 years ago

I will be 37 on 12/12/12. Odd I just realized this year 2012 I spend the whole year being 36 (12* 12* 12= 36) crazy. Something great is going to happen! I can just feel it!

kook 4 years ago

I was born 12/12/63 and will 49 this year. My dad was born and died 04/20 @ 4:20 pm and it was Easter. I don't believe this is just coincidental...God is mysterious and has plans!

natalie 4 years ago

6+6 6+6 6+6 how many number 6 do you see? 6 not a very good number.

amber 4 years ago

I was born 12-12-88 i will be 24...12×12=24

Dude i cant freakin wait...

nicole 4 years ago

I was born on 12.12.84 :)

teddy bear 4 years ago

hey chris 12*12*12 isn't 36!!!

megatron 4 years ago

im 12/12/82

hope by the time 12/12/12 comes the world will be a better place 2 live in

ashish 4 years ago

ill do marrage on 12.12.12 @12.12pm in 12th city in INDIA

Vasisht.. Arvndh.. Adam.. 4 years ago

I want to see many things in my life now only few girls have proposed me.. so please God do save the world...save us too.... thank God.. loving your son...

Mellies Mum 4 years ago

My daughter was born 12/12/91 which means she will be 21! On 12/12/12 ~ it's going to be a Fantastic Day!!!

Liana 4 years ago

Im getting married on 12-12-12! It will be the happiest day EVER!!! And for everyone else :)) Wish everyone luck and happiness :)

Reanna 4 years ago


JUJU 4 years ago

I was born 12.12.46 and will turn 66, 6+6= 12

Rachel 4 years ago

I was Born 12/12/72 I also will be turning 40. AMAZING my whole life I have never come across anyone that shared My Date of birth, cant say that now.

AJ 4 years ago

This year I will turn The big 50 on Dec 12 2012. Someone help me. I really want to find out what % this happened to and what it might mean. Aj1262@MSN.com

Pauline 4 years ago

My daughter was born on 12/12/91 on the 12/12/12 she will be 21 years old

Lewis Firth 4 years ago

My birthday is on 12/12/12, I hope to be happy about it.

Andrea 4 years ago

Feel fantastic to share my 40th birthday with so many beautiful people on the 12/12/12. Is already the Best thing could happen. Enjoy :)

vishal gupta 4 years ago

hi, guys we r specialone in this whole world be happy and lets enjoy d every moment of yourlife

evan 4 years ago

I was born at 12 past 12 on the 12/12/1972

lou_113089@yahoo.com 4 years ago

I know that no one can perfectly predect on what will happen in the future... anaway... God Bless and Good luck to us... enjoy life... take care..

Gregorious profile image

Gregorious 4 years ago

Can't wait for 13/13/13. Wait, something's wrong here!

MsHlywd 4 years ago

Funny thing is I was born on December 12 so I think that 12/12/12 will actually be a good day and hopefully something good will happen.

kssme75 4 years ago

My birthday is 12-12-12 I'll spend most of 2012 being 36 and so far great things have been happening every month. And have been doing things I've never done before every month on the 12th. I can't wait to see what the b-day will hold.

andrea 4 years ago

My son was born 12/12/99. And will turn 13 - it will be a great day!

Jd12 4 years ago

I will be 16 on 12/12/12

Aldo 4 years ago

I was born on 12/12/1957. This year 12/12/12, with the last two digits reducing to 12, and the birthday this year a double-nickel for me, 55!

Feeling like the luckiest person alive!

Corrina 4 years ago

My daughter was born 12-12-2000. She will be 12 on 12-12-12, this will be a great day! Not only that, but her name is Zoe which means Life in Greek!

Nascha 4 years ago

My birthday is 12/12/12 and I will be 50 years young!!! I hope something awesome happens on that awesome day, especially with it being my 50th birthday. I plan to be out of the country, preferably on a cruise, my first, and partying like there is no tomorrow!!!

kath 4 years ago

Great im getting married on this day. lol

MayanMamaw 4 years ago

i'm expecting my 12th grandchild! I wish they would name it Maya, that would be cool

Vandana Aggarwal 4 years ago

I born on 12-12-1970 at 11.55PM. Great to be born on this day and last day of 121212. Pl start an blog for the people who born on 1212 , so we make friends and club of people 1212 born celebrate this great event jointly on 121212

donna 4 years ago

12-12-54 :-)

Robert 4 years ago

I turn 50 on 12-12-12, looking forward to spending time with friends and family. I do plan to invite many friends and family that we have not spend time together for some time and rekindle these relationships...happy birthday to the rest of you that share this unique birthday date...as for good or bad things happening on this day...I belive in God's will, so there is no sense in worrying about it...it will be what God's will is. If the people of the world lived more with God in there lives then there would be no need for concerns.

As for my B-Day party, I and my friends and family will have a great time, with God's Will. That's my plan.

Javier 4 years ago

I was born on 12/12/1962 I´ll be 50 years old by 12/12/12. I'm curious about the numerology around that date.

Martie 4 years ago

Yipeeeeeee I am also one of the lucky ones who's BDay is on 12/12/12 Born in 1967 so I will turn 45

debbie 4 years ago

I was born on 12/12/58 I think it s really to have a birthday on 12/12/12

Claudia 4 years ago

I was born on 12/12/53 I think it will be a great day . My daughter also born 12/12/1976 and I will be having a big party.

Patty 4 years ago

Want to be on a pinnacle somewhere to celebrate my 60th 12/12/52 birthday. With birthday tiara of course. Grand Canyon rim, Seattle tower, NYC Empire State building, any ideas???? :)

Nancy 4 years ago

I too will have a Great Day 12/12/12

Angela 4 years ago

I will be 37 on 12/12/12. All of those numbers have great significance...3 completion...7 perfection...12 foundation. 12/12/12 will be a complete, perfect, foundation for me! New beginnings! I'm so excited and glad to be sharing this special day\date with so many others! :-)

neda 4 years ago

in my culture my birthday is on 22 Azar(our 9th month) that is 13/12 except for leap years that is on 12/12 . so last year it was on 13/12/2011 and this year it's on 12/12/2012 !!!

wondertoilet 4 years ago

my birth was on 12/12/1994 at 00:00 or 12am. so, at 12/12/2012 i'll be 18... This is a great year! Just a pity it's going to be soo short...

presidor 4 years ago

my birth was on the 12/12/81, will be 31. God coordinates the affairs of men, so whatever he has destined for that day will come to pass

Emma 4 years ago

Im getting married too!!

I can't wait

Lynn 4 years ago

I was born on 12/12/56 and will be 56. How many of us are out there? We should get together!

molometer profile image

molometer 4 years ago

Well researched and detailed exposition of this 12/12/12 issue. I will be in Vegas for a wedding on this date so at least I will be having a good time.

Another thing for your 12 compilation. UK currency was in multiples of 12 up until the 1970's when we went to the decimal system. In the change over the 'public' really got taken for a ride by shopkeepers gouging on prices.

All the votes and tweeting

Beau 4 years ago

I was born 12/12/78 & will be turning 34 (3x4=12) You want to know something funny my best friends birthday is Nov. 11th so last year was his special one 11/11/11

dhana sekaran 4 years ago

12/12/12 that day is my birthday so i have go to hospital then i have donate my all body parts.

part donation is best of life to all humans.

please donate parts & save other humans.

part donation best. by dhana (lighthart)

JenBeth72 4 years ago

It is so cool to know there are so many people out there who were born on 12/12. I will was born in 12/12/72, so I will be celebrating my 40th this year! I'm hoping to have a big party or go on a special trip. This very special date needs to be commemorated.

AopapaMaiava 4 years ago

My husband was born 0n 12/12/1956. He will be celebrating his 56th (his birth year) birthday on the 12.12.12. It's going to be great.

Gabriel 4 years ago

I was born on 12/12/1952 (year of the chinese water dragon) 5:00am in the Philippines.

holli 4 years ago

wow lots of 12-12 bdays, my bday is 12-12-76 so im going to be 36 12-12-12 (adds up to 36) so definitely want to do something unique and special for this one!!

Karen 4 years ago

I was born 12-12-1957 and will be 55 on 12-12-12, and am hoping something really great happens for me and all the others celebrating on this special day. Looking forward to it!!!!!!!!

cathy 4 years ago

born 12/12/56 @0120hrs 56 this birthday. I was supposed to be a birthday present for my brother who turned 7 on the 11th but I was 1 hour and 20 minutes late:)

Shawn 4 years ago

On 12/12/12 I will turn 36, or 3*12

SANTOSH 4 years ago

would like but how and wryness so i like it and i see djjs ghab nnh

windsorsong 4 years ago

12/.12/55 will be 57 5+7=12

Jean 4 years ago

I too will be 57 on 12-12-12. Thanks for pointing out that 5 + 7 = 12. It is very exciting to have this birthday, and to know so many others are also thinking about our upcoming birthday.

Jonathan 4 years ago

I am getting married on 12/12/12

Shane 4 years ago

Born 12minutes to 12 on the 12-12.

My mother was the 12th born child in her family.

Family (12 or Dec) Birthays;- Great Granfather 1-12, Grandfather 6-12, Me 12-12, Father 18-12

First house of residence 12 Dawes St Little Bay Sydney.

Matriculated Year 12 ..

First Tax paying job, 12 Lower Palmer St.

I am a Musican playing a western 12 note repeated system of notes.

It has no meaning to me...just lots 12 numbers because it is so prevelant in our society...coincidence...that's all!

Gail 4 years ago

My fellow 12/12/12 birthday people....warm congratulations to us all!

Wonderfully fascinating to be linked together...worldwide...in time,

and beyond boundaries of birthplace and age.

Happy Birthday my kindred spirits, and may the years ahead be magic!

Muslim boy 4 years ago

i don't believe

there is no thing happen in 12/12/1212

Does not know another world, but God is the creation of heaven and earth and the creation of human, animal and make the human mind thinks to make from scratch and figures made ​​of dirt houses and iron and Aluminium including but accomplished a lot and a lot and I are from does not know that there is one single person survived notWilde not born and did not have who can come with something like a summary of my words this Tgalo not from the words of the people obsessed with the same just think before working

I wish all success in his Mahdtkm Muslim Ahmed (Saudi)

danie 4 years ago

I was born 12-12-1990- feeling like this could be my lucky year and very supertitious so maybe my lucky star will be following me :-)

Shawn Miller 4 years ago

I was born at 12:12pm on 12-12-58 on 12-12-12 at 12:12 pm i will be 54.

god 4 years ago

just do our own jobs the will safe 2012 is not last last year so be happy don't irritate another

FARROKH 4 years ago

End of the World

tamchinh 4 years ago

I was born in 12.12.89 :D

Kelly 4 years ago

I was born 12/12/62 and on 12/12/12 will be 50. There are very few people who can have such a special day so in advance I wish all Dec 12 babies a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day !!

ed 4 years ago

i was born dec 12, 1955..... excited i reach this far... thanks.....il be 57 comes 12/12/12/........... cheers!!!!!

RENUGA DEVI 4 years ago

10/12/12 is my 19 year birthday don't worry be happy 12/12/12 and 1st do doing,thinking,watching all is want to good want..........god will bless you to go sorga

milena 4 years ago

iam born on 12.12.1956...and i will be a 56,,it will be a very special happy birthday for me...cheers...

Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

Jo_Goldsmith11 4 years ago

Well I married my honey on 12-12-08. So this 12-12-12 we will have been married 4 years! I am not sure if I unconsciencely picked this date or how it came to be. I think, I had the thought of 12 -21 and I wanted at least one more annivsary with him before something did happen. Kind of weird now I am thinking about it. we have 8 then 12 and 4. God help me. voted this up and shared

By the way for a person like myself who is a little below average in math to really enjoy numbers is beyond my thinking. An anyalist? Sounds like fun, I love research.

ceemaame 4 years ago

looking for ideas for 12-12-12 party invitations, wording for the invitatin

lynn 4 years ago

I was born on 121262 and will be 50.I am hoping it will be a very lucky year. everyone else celebrating on that day i hope is very special for you!!!

laila mina 4 years ago

Hey this was an awesome hub!! My birthday is on 12.12.12 and I am turning 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And even crazier, if you add 12.12.12 plus 12.21.12 plus 21 its 102. 10+2=12!!!!!!

o.O We are all special people!!

Maggie 4 years ago

I am turning 60 on 12/12/12!!!!! My husband is turning 60 on 12/21/12!!!

We are excited to both be having birthdays on such special days!

Goni 4 years ago

12/12/83 here , 12/12's Unite! 12/12/12 shall be great !

lindalegs 4 years ago

I was born on 12/12/48 (4+8 = 12) I will be 64 (6 and 4 both divisible into 12) I am excited and feel very special to have this very signifigant birthday this year of 12/12/12 !!! ARE ALL OF YOU SHARING THIS BIRTHDAY FEELIN' LUCKY? I AM! Here's wishing all of you the most SPECIAL Happy Birthday! along with Health, Wealth and most importantly Happiness!

laja 4 years ago

I was born 12/12/1942 and will be 70 this year.. I seem to be the oldest one here.

Hope all here live long and healthy lives..

Franco 4 years ago

I was born 12-12-59 and I am very excited about 12-12-12. Planning to celebrate at 12:12 am and continue to 12:12 pm. I too hope all of us enjoy this special day. I also hope that when the galaxy aligns with the sun on the 21st, a new and happy force will overtake all of mankind!

Good luck to everyone!

Nancy 4 years ago

Born on 12-12-47. Hope my greatest dream comes true on 12-12-12!

Lori Tarot profile image

Lori Tarot 4 years ago

I'll celebrate my 46th birthday this year on 12/12/1966. I can't wait for this particular birthday :-)

tsen 4 years ago

since grades-school, high-school and now i'm a college i'm insecure in my classm8 who have a same birthday neither with my friend, now i realize that i'm very special bcoz i'm unique and I am also one of the lucky ones who's BDay is on 12/12/12 :D lUCKY ME!

daniel ortiz 4 years ago

what a glorious day this will be , God bless jesus christ for the wonderful grace and bleessings he's been in my life . im also cellebrateing 12/12/12/12/ at fifty two i think im entitled to a little lee way of my own ,all you boomers and just bleesed sagiterians have a special day of your own good day to have everyone go out of their way to party it up :) ill check back to fill you in on the gooddies xoxoxoxo

Songsarae Harley 4 years ago

I was born December 12, 1990. My birthday will be 12/12/12 and I will be 22!!! Too bad I have finals on my birthday :(

epicGenius 4 years ago

How i got to this page today. .. After waking up From a dream... Ffirst let me say this. . I have been on my spiriTUA L journey for years. To the point where i now understand that i am a spirit on a human journey... In my dream I was in a class with other students. And the professor had an equation on the board that was seem unsolveable even to him. .. I scream to him. .. Its missing something and i know what it is. ..

epicGenius 4 years ago

Before i could finish my pc went wild & wouldn't let .me finish. ..so i have to take thAt as a sign. ..meanings not. Now...

Mike H 4 years ago

OK, so born on 12/12/57 (5+7 =12). I am getting together with 11 other friends at 12:12 PM at Perkins and we are all ordering ...wait for it... The Tremendous 12!!! Channel 12 news will be there to cover it. We're calling it a GROSS birthday party (12 twelves) but I think Perkins wishes we'd call it something else!

By the way, I was married on 6/6. My parents were also married on 6/6. SO on 6/6/6 at 6:06 AM we went out for breakfast then too.

Beth Pierce profile image

Beth Pierce 4 years ago

My due date is 12.25.12, which is interesting, but how great would it be if I gave birth on 12.12.12. What an epic birthday for my little guy.

SA Makhado 4 years ago

i will be turning 40 on 12/12/12. my mom made me aware of this owesome date of birth sometime last year. She wrote me an SMS to say are you aware that you will turn 40 on 12/12/12/. something i never thought about. am now feeling the speciality in the day. my husband and kids have organised a cruise for us during that week. i can't wait. God bless you all who were born on this day.

Pam 4 years ago

My son will be four on 12/12/12 and I'm just so excited for him!

I bought him special coins from this year and planning a big party for him. I was hoping to take him somewhere memorable like Disney World but he's too short and too young! He'll certainly have a lot of photos from his party though! All the best to all of you on 12/12/12!

mom 4 years ago

this is an amazing year for us we are learning sooo much i am excited for my son who will be 21 on dec 12 2012 and in university (last year but wants to do more)

Nic 4 years ago

I too will be turning 30 on 12/12/2012. So I hope that it is an auspicious date!

Julia 4 years ago

I'll be 42 on 12/12/12 - born 1970 - so good to see so many share the feeling that this is a special date. Can't wait to see what the following 12 months will bring. Love to all 12s!!!!

SCOOTER SMITH 4 years ago

Was born on 12/12/1950 which will be my 62 birthday.Looking for a party to attend or something special.I have had 62 lucky years and love living on the edge!

walter 4 years ago

we will be enjoying our fourtyth wedding day on this day of the 12/12/12 that is a miracle in itselve

Trish 4 years ago

I will be 38 on 12/12/12 and i know something great will happen on this day

Lorna 4 years ago

I will be celebrating my 121212 Birthday by organising an event "Run/Walk for Health for Charity" if you happen to be in Cagayan de oro city Philippines come and join. Send me note to pamageng@gmail.com

Cha'Von 4 years ago

I'll be 36 on 12-12-1976! I don't know what will happen on that day but I'm quite spiritual (not religious) so I'm prepared for it. I've lived a great life so far. :) Be safe, everyone!

4 years ago

My birthday is on 12/12/12 :D

Harry V 4 years ago

Don't sweat the small stuff, what will be will be ..... Its my sons Birthday on that day, I will choose to celebrate!

preethi.B 4 years ago

creator of the world should decide the day of expiry!..."HE" is coming soon..but it is not going to happen on 12th...holly secret is inside the BIBLE..i hope i will wake up on 13th December..

louise 4 years ago

my twin sister and i were born 12/12/76!

Timber64 4 years ago

I will be 48, a multiple of 12 on 12/12/12.

phunthavy 4 years ago

i was born on 12/12/92 :D

rebecca 4 years ago

12/12/12 Happy Birthday to me! this is the day the Lord has made let us rejoys and be glad

yogesh 4 years ago

I think 12-12-12 is not a date of power....but something will start with effect..... world will be change to thrive but a liitle shock is anavoidable...be cool and calm..nothing will end... but nothing will be left unchanged.. I am DAMN sure... not webites but it is a demand of time

Tracey O'Keeffe 4 years ago

my son will be celebrating his 11th Birthday on 12.12.12 ! Not sure what we'll do yet but it will be special.

AJ 4 years ago

My son was born in 2005, so he will turn 7 on 12/12/12! we are so excited..... I plan to have a big party for him, not sure how many will show up for it thought since it falls on a Wednesday! I guess as long as he's having a wonderful time, that's all that matters!!!!! ;-) I love you Tijani!!!!!

Shikha 4 years ago

I will be celebrating my tenth wedding anniversary on 12-12-12 as I got married on 12-12-02.it will be a nice big party and I am looking for some theme ideas.any suggestions?

ronnie 4 years ago

12/12/64.i will be 47.40 is completion.7 is probation.12/12/6x4=24.12/12 /12/12... 20/12.i will be 48/4+8=12

Sally 4 years ago

My birthday is 12/12/12 and I live at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I would love to meet some others whose birthday is 12/12/12 and perhaps we can get together and have a celebration together. If you are such a prson and live close to Cape Cod or at Cape Cod, please contact me.



zerry john 4 years ago

i am happy to say , that day something will happen because god say in bible when these thing will happen u just remind u r self my time has come to justice, because u put much deceive impression so this is my request to all correct u r self ,u r work........... prais the lord ..................

chikanele Alozie 4 years ago

i know i am special and wonderfully made cos God ordained it that i should be born on the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the year 1978 of which i would be 34years in the land of the living cos December 12th 2012 won't be around for another 100 year. so am happy for all of us born on that day and i know Gods will would be done in our lives. Happy to me and everyone!

Maria 4 years ago

I was born 12/12/1967 :-)

Pamela McCullough 4 years ago

I was born 12/12/1963 (^‿-) ...

SPBengtson 4 years ago

Another 12/12er here! Happy Birthday to all of us. I will be 55 on 12 12 and I think that's kinda cool. I have a brother-in-law who is a 12/12er too. He is in Melrose, MA and I'm in Hudson, MA


grammargirl12 4 years ago

I'm psyched for the day. I'm turning 42 on 12/12/12.

Hitchhiker Guide for the Galaxy fans know that 42 is the answer to the meaning of life, so I think it must mean something good.

I'm asking all my friends to give me twelve of something.

Dr Roberta Cone profile image

Dr Roberta Cone 4 years ago

Very Funny! Must be good karma! Your helping me to smile... Wink! Wink!

Lava 4 years ago

will turn 42 on 12/12/12

Linda Lee 4 years ago

Was born in 12/12/66 will be celebrating my 46 birthday this year

Ron 4 years ago

Born 12\12\55

Denise 4 years ago

My daughter was conceived on 5-12-00 and born 12-12-00, 12hrs labor, 4lb 12oz, and will be 12 on 12-12-12.....it's going to be a great day:)

Meghan 4 years ago

My daughter is also turning 12 on 12-12-12. Lots of fun.

Suzanne Fane 4 years ago

I will be a mid centenarian (50 yrs) on 12.12.12.

Born on 12 December 1962.

Mary 4 years ago

My grandson is also turning 12 on 12-12-12. Its going to be a super golden birthday!

Mtncasuco 4 years ago

Wow! Happy Birthday to us all! I will be 63! And it is also my older brothers birthday. Loved this site and comments....nobody knows... And more will be revealed! Stay tuned!

Loyd24 4 years ago

I was born on 12-12-88, a... oh my, I will be turning 24, if you will divide it by 2 will have an answer of 12. I hope something good will happen to me and to all of us.... Advance happy bday to everybody....

Bday Girl 4 years ago

I will turn 42 on 12/12/12... I was born Dec. 12, 1070... Lets see what is in store on this day!!!!!

seasue 4 years ago

BLESSED On 12-12-12 at 12:12 AM also at 12:12 PM my partner and I will be physically connected in the moment. With deep thoughts of respect and appreciation of the gifts of LOVE as ONE...The Perfect Trine

I'm 56 born in 56 = 112 he's born 48 + is 64 =112

3-18 birthday=12 him 7-5= 12

the extra 1/2 for both would = 13..GOD

Movingly aware....

tracey 4 years ago

12/12/75 here :))) Something great is going to happen!!!

Larry 4 years ago

This is wild. I found this site doing a google search for people who have birthdays on 12.12.12. Happy Birthday! I was born on 12.12.56 and I will be 56. Yes something great must be going to happen!

Beverly 4 years ago

I will be divorced on 12-12-12. I will remember it no matter what day it falls on. 12-13-12 will be a new starting point in my life and for others born on that day.

Rah363 4 years ago

Born 12-12-80, so I'm turning 32 this year. I'd love to talk to others born on my exact Birthday, please email me or comment with a little about yourself, I've always been curious what career paths people with my Bday have chosen. Best wishes to all! :)

Ben 4 years ago

I will be 66 on 12-12(-12). Divide 12-12-12 by 2 and you get 666.

Mmm, maybe something bad IS brewing.....

Anyway, I'll celebrate my birthday in a casino.

parth arora 4 years ago

i was born on 12/12/98 and time was 12:00 noon !!!!!

and this year its gonna be 12 on 12/12/12

manoj pv 4 years ago

i was born on 12/12/1985

Zahid 4 years ago

I was born on 13/12/2081 .So may be ,i am not reaching that time.My sons only one year and My wife also born on December.

Rasik Tank 4 years ago

dont worry.......you are all is safe .......

Earh,Moon,Sun Is Safe Don't Worry Be Happy & All memer To Happan.....

srinu 4 years ago

I was born on 12-12-79 . Am soooooo Happy!!!!!

Arshad 4 years ago

it'd be only a memorable day in humans life, so try to do sth good and useful to ur nation, ur around, ur family,to ur life partner, even to urself, its a big chance !!! just pray and u'll see a fabulous day in ur life!!! good luck

rama 4 years ago

i too born on 12 dec 1985 and expected taht life will be smooth from this birthday

Sally 4 years ago

I will be 72 on 12/12/12 and lkive on Cape Cod, MA. Anubody of any age with birthday on 12/12/12 on Cape Cod or nearby? We should celebrate together. I would love to meet others with same birthday.


Deb 4 years ago

My daughter was born 12-12-00 at 12:12 am. So she will be turning 12 on 12-12-12 at 12:12. Big celebration!

Sher 4 years ago

My birthday is 12/12/12 and I was born at 12 p.m. My birthday will be on the same day of the week that I was born...Wednesday

jenris 4 years ago

My son will be turning 12 on the 12/12. Sadly, he doesn't think iit is as special as i do. Still have plans to clelbrate!!!

Julia Whatley 4 years ago

I am 57 on 12 12 12 I was born on 12 12 55. Looking forward to this b day..

Rhonda 4 years ago

My birthday is 12 12 I will be 50 years old - a half century!! Whooooohoooo!! 12 12 12 means completion, blessed and highly favored!! Lets all celebrate!! "12 12 12" God bless you all...!!! : )

Brian 4 years ago

My wife and i married on the 12 0f Dec. 1981. Never thought about the date until last year. Its gonna be a great day, We hitch hike in eastern canada for our honeymoon, I plan something a little nicer for our 31st, but if anyone has any suggestions ,Much appreciate . God bless all and it is a great date.

Jeanne 4 years ago

I was born on 12/12/1963 I will buy some lottery tickets and scratch off ones on 12/12/12.

Chris 4 years ago

I was born on 12/12/66.. so 6+6=12. I might play the lottery ;)

jacinta 4 years ago

I was born on December 12, 1958 , on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe...to me ...a glorious and wonderful day. " Oh Happy Day"


Eugene 4 years ago

I too was born on 12/12/12 I'll be 72 Did you know that the next time this happens, it will be 100 years from now in 12/12/ 2112 ? Most of us will not be here,but if you accept Christ and are faithful unto Him you will live forever in the new heavens and the new earth. See Bible Revelation 21: 1-5 HAPPY BIRTHDAY

kay 4 years ago

was born 12/12/69. will be 43. 4*3 =12

something magnificent is going to happen. most importantly God is in control. I am looking forward to this extremely special date. we are chosen people. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all 12ers

Clayton 4 years ago

Going to be 50 on 12/12/12 .. so Cool!!!!

Malia 4 years ago

Getting married on 12/12/12 :) Can't wait

ashley 3 years ago

hey im turning fifteen, im born on the 12/12/97 and my birthday is next week on the 12/12/12. My dad called me and said that somethings bothering him about the date he thinks something significant is going to happen. We'll see!

nice 3 years ago

12[12[2012 is 2024 , 2024 Divided by 12 is 168.66666,7. omg that means we will live till 167...maaaan that sucks

superGameDev 3 years ago

was born on 12/12/1980, will be 32

have a happy bday to all fellow 12/12/12 bday people

have fun and enjoy life!!!


Peace to the world !!!!!

Kim12 3 years ago

I will be 36 on 12/12/12! 12+12+12=36! Has to be a great day!

Don 3 years ago

I will be 65 on 12/12/12. This will be a great day.

Jack 3 years ago

I was born 12/12/1979 which was a Wednesday.

12/12/12 is also Wednesday.

Will be celebrating 33 years

Namo 3 years ago

I was born 12/12/1969........ Yay :)

Ron 3 years ago

I was born 12/12/53....my son was born 12/13/84....12 minutes after midnight. I was dismayed

jmariegirl 3 years ago

I have already had great things happen- I believe I will feel complete on 12 /12/12 :)!

Ali 3 years ago

My birthday is on 12-12-12. On that day I will be of 20 yrs but there is also my B.C.A exam on that day....

Lynne 3 years ago

I was born 12-12-56 I will be 56 on 12-12-12

Theresa 3 years ago

I was born on 12/12/85!!! I'm hoping 12/12/12 is going to be a good one!

Jada 3 years ago

This date has meant nothing to me until recently, it keeps popping up! Feel something is going to happen ? Hmm

actionbronson profile image

actionbronson 3 years ago

very interesting hub! A lot of people think 12/21 will be the day of human transformation. Would be interesting if something good happened on 12/12/12.

Steph1212 3 years ago

I was born on 12/12/70, my son on 10/10/01, and my nephew on 8/8/06...we have our own little club. Here's to all the 12/12 birthday celebrator's and our once in a lifetime/century birthday this year!

Janet 3 years ago

I was born 12/12/57 will be 55 and I have a gut feeling that something good will happen on this special day 12/12/12 ... I will try my luck with the lottery ... never know and if I hit the jackpot I will donate some to St.Judes Children Hospital.....

ina 3 years ago

12.12.90 on wednesday.same as this year on 12.12.12 wed

ex house number 12. house number now 24=12x2

first interview in the uk on 12 at number 12..where i ended up working and lived in the builduing for a while.

anything i encounter in life seems to come around 12. and I'm not seeing stuff, i actually stop mentioning to close people when it happened because they might think 'i'm looking for it' .

i live in england, london so if any of you fancy chatting don't hesitate to contact me(just write my name in a comment ) best of luck to all of you

Glendy 3 years ago

My daughter will be 12 on 12/12/12 - trying to research how many people that actually happens to!!!!


I was born on 12/12/1971 . i know something good is going to happen on 12/12/12 . All good , calm , cheerful , happy and positive people was born on this date . Email me : mervpat1212@yahoo.com

bhavesh 3 years ago

was born on 12.12.77, sure its going to be great for all of us

joan london 3 years ago

I am 66 on 12.12.12 6 + 6 = 12 should be lucky for me.

Velumayil 3 years ago

Born on 12/12/1989 ...Hope something special will happen on this special day :)

rita 3 years ago

born on 12-12-82, expecting something really great........

COUNTDOWN begins......... n a celebration tym starts for 12 / 12 /12

tandaa profile image

tandaa 3 years ago from UAE

my sis was born on that day, i will forward her this hub!

Ron 3 years ago

12-12-55 and will be 57 5+7=12

Puso 3 years ago

12.12.1973 I can wait for this day as I want to renew my life with my wife and two kids.

Gwen 3 years ago

I was born 12/12/64 and will be 48. 4+8=12

MOMIN71 3 years ago

{(6+6)+(6+6)+(6+6)= 36 Runs} +1 Over = 6ball . I'm turning 42 on 12/12/12.


Peace to the world !!!!!

KaraGrace 3 years ago

I'm turning 12 on 12/12/12!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shari 3 years ago

Yep, 12/12/12 is my birthday. I'll be 56 and I was born in 1956. That is a good year to be born and a good age.

Happy Birthday to everyone born on December 12th. Bravo!

Cheryl 3 years ago

Happy Birthday Day ! I was born on 12-12-72 this year 12-12-12 i will be 40, I meet a man the other day born 12-12-40 and ond 12-12-12 this year makes him 72 years old. Kinda ironic hes only the 2 person i have every meet born on 12-12

Noel A 3 years ago

Cant wait, I will be 51 on 12-12-12. The energy is rising here in the west of Ireland. All you 12ers have a great day and beautiful life.

briv12 3 years ago

I knew being born on 12 12 was not just all about luck....and to boot, my son was born on 12 21....can't wait until that day either. To all people celebrating a birthday on 12 12 12, Have an enjoyable birthday! This one will go down in history!

tmtcoy53 3 years ago

1 plus 9 is 10, 10 plus 5 is 15, 15 minus 3 is 12. 1953 12/12 so, 12/12/12/12 for me. Happy Birthday to me this Wednesday

cckid000 3 years ago

my daughter will be 12 on 12/12/12 at 12:05. yeah i know, i shoulda waited 7 more minutes...LOL

farhad 3 years ago

i will be 20 on 12/12/12 im really happy sach az special date ..

Bruce 3 years ago

My psychically-gifted friend says that a new dimension of consciousness will bubble up on 12-12-12, precisely at the 12th second of the 12th minute after 12 pm. Just say "Welcome"! (between bites if you are eating lunch).

Suzanne 3 years ago

Happy Birthday to all my 12/12/12 soul mates. I was born 12/12/65

Mary 3 years ago

I was born on 12/12/1962 - so I'll be 50 on 12/12/12! I normally wouldn't have a birthday, but how can I not?

jonathan 3 years ago

my birthday is too on the 12/12/12 and according to gnostic prophecies marks the day of great change, I can't wait to see what happens...

Mark 3 years ago

My son Collin's birthday is 12-12-12. He was born 12-12-2000, therefor he will be 12 on 12-12-12!!

Debra 3 years ago

I too was born 12-12-56 and this year will be 56 years old. A friend pointed out that 12+12+12+20+12 = 56 21-12-20-12! I love my birthday and will be celebrating with friends. Praying for good things..I feel special and blessed!

loida 3 years ago

I was born on 12-12-1972 , I'll be 40's on this coming dec 12, 2012.. im very much waiting what will be happened on my special day.. I know some Good things will come.

sekar sundaraj 3 years ago

I was born on the 12th of December1962. On 12-12-12 it'll be my 50th birthday. I’m definitely hoping something lucky will happen to me on my 50th birthday. But i believe that only God Jesus wills knows what is going to happen to us.

Randy Lockhart 3 years ago

I was born on 12/12/56 ,On that day I will also be 56! I believe it will be a sacared day, and we have so much to be thankfull for. I thank God for letting me be a faithfull servant to him and blessing us to live on this beautifull Earth we call Home,along with Man and Woman-kind and the beauty of Mother Nature. I plan on spending time with my family and friends and share my day with those i love.And then eat cake and celebrate!

bonnie 3 years ago

Happy Birthday fellow 12/12/12 people! And may the gentle glow this season brings....wrap around our hearts like wings.

Born 12/12/52

tjoegrind 3 years ago

My son will be 3 on 12/12/12. 1+2=3, 1+2=3, 1+2=3. Also number of 12s on that day is also 3. Born 12/12/09. (His age) * (the number of 12s) = 9... The square root of 9 is 3; and 9+3 =?? yup you got it, 12. His name came to me several months prior to his birth (Noah).

According to the Mayan Calander, the end of the era is on 12/21/12. Also 1+2=3, 2+1=3, 1+2=3. This day is 9 days after his birthday which is also his birth year 09.

Happy Birthday to all 12/12/12ers

hemakasamsetty 3 years ago





murali gupta

i feel grate t


clebrate to as special dayon 12.12.12.

Sharfie 3 years ago

12/12/93 :D

Muskan 3 years ago

My dad will be 45 this 12.12.12. He is a lucky boy!!!!!!

gkques 3 years ago

nice info

Kanwal 3 years ago

I hope 12.12.12 brings in peace all around our world... :)

LILIAN SEALA 3 years ago

My only daughter Tshepiso is turning 9 on 12 12 12 adding up 1+2+1+2+1+2 total 9. Unfortunately I will be at work and daddy is gone to Kimberly work related but we will be enjoying with her on Sunday a Big Party for her and friends happen at Macdonald and after we are celebrating with her at home Big Big Party for her.

Jody 3 years ago

I was married 1/19/2000 ,so married 12 years. my birthday is 12/12/12 and born 12/12/56, will be 56 and I have 12 grandchildren !!!! I love the number 12!!!!

rose mutimba 3 years ago

Am alsways lucky and 12/12 is ma birthday....the divisibility of the number describes that Wauuu!

arun rawa 3 years ago

i was born on 12.12.1992

Jaafer Huusien S/o.Ismail khan Patha. CM of SSE 3 years ago

I'm proved of to "Allah" for seen that days of (dd-mm-yy) 12-12-12, (HH-SS-mm-pp)12:12:12.12.

I will'n see that day of any generation... I'm praying of our God Allah bless All of our World humans.

anya rao 3 years ago

hope for good ins.,

deepak agrawal 3 years ago

hope the day will bring sum thing good for me..........

Kannika 3 years ago

I wish for Wisdom :)

gee 3 years ago

happy birthday and happy anniversary to all born on this great date, month and year. happy day forever and ever to every single being in this world :)

Rahim Rosenfeld profile image

Rahim Rosenfeld 3 years ago

My birthday is tomorrow. I was born precisely at 10am on 12/12/75.

NO doomsay 3 years ago

Born 39 years ago on 12-12-12, 3+9 = 12 so yet another twelve... May people of good intentions have an epiphany on that day and resolve their disagreement peacefully.

Prakash 3 years ago

12.12.12 is a lucky day....

I wish for my friends for sucessful & happy life.

dharmendranagina7@gmail.com 3 years ago

hope the day bring something great and unremarkable for me :)

Yetunde Ogudo 3 years ago

I was born on 12/12/1956. I will be turning 56 years to the glory of God. Also wishing my birthday mates all over the world a very happy day.

Yetunde Ogudo 3 years ago

Incidentally, for those of us born 12/12/56, that day was a Wednesday, and we all now turning 56 on another Wednesday 12/12/12. Will like to link up with my fellow celebrants - yetundeogudo@yahoo.com

Samson BDVT 3 years ago

Am not celebrating my birthday still am so happy to wish all over the world who were celebrate their birthday ..( Happy Birthday all )..

YOLANDA 3 years ago


Darko Vrnovic 3 years ago

I'm another 12/12/56 56er on 12/12/12. Nothing will happen, of course. But it's pretty cool ya gotta admit.

john 3 years ago


49 tomorrow.

all 12/12/12 enjoy your day and hope all have good luck. (lottery tickets for sure)

NIA 3 years ago

i thing only it is a nice numbers 12-12-12

Kimmyroxberry 3 years ago

DOB 12-12-69 (6+9=12)

12-12-1969 (1+9+6+9)= 25 reduced to 7

12-12-2012 (2+0+1+2)= 5


WOW! All good things to come!

Winni 3 years ago

Happy Birthday 12/12/12

sanjeev koundal 3 years ago

This is the most important day of my life,,,,,/ 12-12-12

Rhona 3 years ago

Me too -- born on a Wednesday, December 12 (not telling what year!) Happy birthday to all my fellow 12/12'ers and a Happy 12/12/12

michele 3 years ago

Getting MARRIED TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!

kato12 3 years ago

it is my birthday today also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all fellow 12/12, this is fun, so many of us born on this special day,YEEEEYYYYY

Julie 3 years ago

Happy Birthday fellow 12/12/12's, I too was born on a Wednesday 12/12/62, My mother always told me I was special, never quite knew in what way she meant. ha ha. Anyway, as we all share this special day in history enjoy!

Herla 3 years ago

Happy Birthday to all of us! hope its a great year ahead!... I to was born on December 12, 1989 at 12 midnight!

Binoy George profile image

Binoy George 3 years ago

GOD has yet more plans to end....

World end is far from his thought....finally ihave to write board exams ..12/12/12:p:p

Swarna 3 years ago

The Day will go on as normal as any other day.

connieconehead 3 years ago

My husband be will be 55 on 12.12.12 Happy Birthday to all you lucky 12.12.12 's :)

Marilyn, Eden prairie,Minnesota 3 years ago

I was born in the year of 1956, I am 56 years old, and birthday is on 12-12-12. So my numbers come out like this: 56-56-12-12-12! Cool! I love that! And that numbers will comes again in 1,000 years. I feel lucky on mu birthday tomorrow, awesome!

Peto D 3 years ago

my bedroom is cleaned, rearranged and wendsday i'm getting my "dream"-computer :) and i'm getting big money that day as well, yes 12th december 2012 is magical ..and i'm born on the 12th :)

pochu 3 years ago

Thought to spend some good time with my 12 year old friend, life partner,husband, But as my mother become hypo at the beginning of the day. I have changed my plan. But My love, faith 143


Sheryl 3 years ago

I will be 66 on 12-12-12 and 6+6=12

Jyoti Sharma 3 years ago

This day is very special for me because today is my husband birthday 12-12-12.

Randy Lockhart 3 years ago

I was born 1956---- tommorrow i will be 56----Im going tommorow at 12:00 and purchase 12 lottery tickets with my last 12 dollars!

Bless you all & Happy Birthday! Im posting at 12:00 !!!!!

Sean 3 years ago

I saw this was happening at 12/12/12 12:10:00. Just in time!

Jasvant singh 3 years ago

Day 12.12.12 is very lucky for me

snakeslane profile image

snakeslane 3 years ago from Canada

Paradigmsearch, congratulations on being in the right place at the right time! Location, location, location! 12 12 12 is looming...Thanks for putting it in perspective. What a gorgeous page, and full of thought provoking duodenaries! Regards, snakeslane

bbqsky 3 years ago

It`s my birthday today,12/12,it is the second anniversary of my 40th B~Day,HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all other 12/12ers

Awaiting greatness 3 years ago

My wife is 9 months pregnant, ready to deliver. We're hoping she goes into labor tonight to deliver our son tomorrow on 12/12/12 (perhaps even at 12:12. Maybe so, maybe not. We'll see. (If she had it her way, he'd be here already -- She's ready to be done being pregnant.)

Sagmom 3 years ago

My son was born on 12/12/00... Tomorrow will be his 12 th birthday! Does anyone know what that means? We have heard its a lucky birthday...anything else?

achim 3 years ago

My lovely daughter Sofia celebrates today her 12 th birthday.

Happy birthday Sofia, ... and happy birthday everybody celebrating anniversary today.

3 years ago

My parents were married 12-12-1980

I was born 2 years later to the date on 12-12-1982 after about 12 hours of labour at just past 12:00 a.m. (I like to think it was 12:12 am).

My parents are both 56 (56+56= 112)

I was born in 1982 and just turned 30.

My last living grand parent was born on 5-6-1930 (5x6= 30) and turned 82 this year.

All the numbers are very auspicious and somewhere I always felt it meant something.

Either way it's 12-12-2012 as i'm typing and it's my 30th birthday.

Nothing special happened and I don't expect it too.

Just another sucky day, but I do plan on commemorating it by doing something fun or at least having a drink.

We'll see by the end of the day.

Everyone and all 12-12 babies have a wonderful day and do something to remember it by.

Raj 3 years ago

My Kid Master Anirudh Birthday today. He is 12 years old now on 12-12-12. Gr8

Happy Birthday Anirudh.

snakeslane profile image

snakeslane 3 years ago from Canada

Happy Birthday Anirudh!

Matthew M 3 years ago

The author forgot to mention that there is 12 inches in a foot.

Bikram Das 3 years ago


Dr E Laxmi Narsaiah 3 years ago

I was born on 21/12.Thrilled to see,so much of discussion going- on....

Tobe Nnama 3 years ago

your 12.12.12 will be what you want it to be. if you see it as a special day and so shall it be, if you see it as misterious day and so shall it be.

for me is a special date in my calinder...

Bhupali ,Guwahati assam 3 years ago

nothing is special this are all human perception....every day is equal for me....god creation ..creator and destroyer....HE is ....we have to accept the fact only....

Malcolm Rawlins 3 years ago

Well it's gone 12:12 and 12 seconds, and I'm still here, and alive ... how about you??

ron 3 years ago

The asteroid missed us.

Rob Glus 3 years ago

Don't forget the 12 Tribes of Israel

Lewis 3 years ago

myu bday is on 12-1288

Rob Glus 3 years ago

Do not learn the ways of the nations or be terrified by signs in the sky, though the nations are terrified by them (Jeremiah 10:1-2).

No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father (Matthew 24:36).

Rochelle 3 years ago

I am 46 today on 12-12-12 - Hooray!

Dave Morton 3 years ago

Not to worry yet, folks. E.T.'s evil neighbors won't be turning us into one giant, smoking crop circle for a few days yet. Plenty of time to go buy a Nomex® suit, grab up the spitwad shooters and Kleenex®, and head for the hills. :) "extinction level event", my aunt fannie! :P

Connie 3 years ago

I am a 12/12/49 and am 63 today! Aren't numbers fun?

Ryan 3 years ago

Today is my 36th birthday. 12+12+12=36. Pretty Cool!

I have spent most of my life working for peace. I hope that today brings lasting peace to the people of Earth. We need to get past all the hate and fear and exist with love and understanding.

Mary Ellen 3 years ago

I am going to win the Lotto today, it is going to be the best day ever! Congratulations to all the marriages and Happy Birthday to all!

Human Fools 3 years ago

Were already here, your fate has been sealed.

Chet 3 years ago

Happy 60th Barb. You are special and this day proves itt

SweetBride 3 years ago

I don't know what to think of all this, i'm a spiritual person and cannot see that this date means the end of the world however I can believe that if the whole world focuses on it in a positive manner it could change the world as we know it...the power of the mind is that awesome. It's hard to stay positive in the face of so much doom and gloom but doing so really will change your life it makes your life easier and much more fulfilled believe me i know.

Ma La Py profile image

Ma La Py 3 years ago

my name Ma La PY(2) I was born 1982 I wish at the special day 12/12/12 12:12 give me forward to get happiness, success, health, wealth, love, achievement the gaol, Long live, Be accepted of my performance, to help people around the world from difficulty

Avi 3 years ago

12/12/12 awesome day today...... wowwwwwwww........

Lakshman 3 years ago

12.12.12 only God will know what happen



neyel8r 3 years ago

chances are nobody reading this will ever see a 12.12.12 again...

neyel8r 3 years ago

the % of people who agree with me about feeling lucky today just so happens to be the year i was born... strange!

Luce 3 years ago

The more harmonious your thoughts are today, the more love and light you bring to the universe. Om Shanti Om

Catherine 3 years ago

I thought that I had better get my comment in before 2013. I might not live that long. I was born 12/12/25 and celebrate my 87th birthday today. I feel fine today and lucky enough to have lived this long.

Jade Myri 3 years ago

I believe that something good happens everyday on a global scale, but people are just to blind to see it.

selig 3 years ago

I was born on 12/12/36 today is my 76th birthday and it is just like all my other birthdays. Nothing special. Just thankful to be alive.

Bob Dreyer 3 years ago

Today is my 12-12-12 BD. Hope the Mayans were wrong since I did the grocery shopping yesterday and probably bought too much food. I also filled my gas tank.

logoquiz profile image

logoquiz 3 years ago from London

I got genuinly scared today when it was getting to 12:12, but nothing at all happened and the day carried on as usual. I'm still slightly worried for what will happen on December 21st (i'm a sucker for those stories), but there is nothing we can do, cept sit tight and wait and see!

longreeno 3 years ago

I was born on 12/12/62. Today I turned 50! I was born on a Wednesday and today is Wednesday. My question is, mathematically I was wondering if everyone's 50th birthday is the same day of the week as when they were born or was this just another crazy coincidence for me? Not sure because of the leap years. I"m happy my special milestone birthday landed on 12-12-12. It seemed like everyone was celebrating today!

Glass-Jewelry profile image

Glass-Jewelry 3 years ago from Presezzo, Italy


We may not have thought of yet, but this year is the last time that we can see the triad month-day-year with the same values.

We who are still alive were lucky enough to see in the past the days 01/01/01, 02/02/02, 03/03/03, 04/04/04, 05/05/05, 06/06/06, 07-07 -07, 08/08/08, 09/09/09, 10/10/10, 11/11/11, 12/12/12 but unfortunately we can not see the 13-13-13.

What a pity !!!

geetha 3 years ago

The great day we can't experience hereafter.

Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama 3 years ago from New England

Fun article. Bought a lottery ticket on 12/12/12 but did not win. Oh well.

Still feel lucky because I had a chance to spend time with my daughter and to sing with the choir that I belong to. :0)

Melody Anna 3 years ago

I was born on the 12 day of the 12th year. My birthday bowling party on Wednesday 12-12-12 I turned 56, born 1956 on a Wednesday! Lands in the middle of Chanukah. The middle of the celebration of light. The special passage in the Old Testament on this day is the Book of Numbers!

Happily married 3 years ago

We were married on 12/12/12 @ 12 Noon. He is 88 and I am 66. Wondering if anyone older married on that day.

Dave 3 years ago

My son was 15 on 12-12-12.

He was also 13 weeks old on Friday the 13th, my birthday.

I also was 13 on Friday the 13th.

On 3-13-13 (a Wednesday ) I will be 56

No, I do not have triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13)

emr 3 years ago

My dad died on 12/12/12. Strange date to pass away on. I had a strangely feeling around the 1230 pm hour in the afternoon and the day had a strange feel all together

Andrew 3 years ago

I was born on 12 Dec 1972, at 00:12 after midnite.. since 12 12 2012 passed.. nothing happened.. just happy getting older..

Holly & Eric 18 months ago

our son jaxson was born on 12/12/12. R.I.P Jaxson 3/15/13 We love you buddy. You will always have a place in our heart.....

Nicola 12 months ago

I was born at 12.12pm on 12.12.1978

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