How to Learn a Foreign Language for Free

So many of us have the desire to learn a second language. This desire comes from many different sources. Whether the need comes from work, society, or just plain enjoyment, some of us need to learn to be bi-lingual. For those of you who need to learn a second language for work, your employer is probably paying for the classes. Those of you who live in a polycultural enviroment, your local Hospital or Job and Family Center may offer something. But for people like me who live in a little town in a state that most think of as having nothing but corn fields and cow pastures, there is a solution.

Stepping back a bit, a little about me. I come from a family that came from Germany. Some of us speak that native tounge and some of us don't. Of course one might say, "why don't you have a cousin teach you?" Well in today's hustle and bustle there are not enough minutes in the day to have each person dedicate free time, at the same time. Plus they live back home in Germany. Lol!

I have been searching for a few years on the topic. I would be impressed if you have not seen those commercials for that big language company. They boast high success with little effort on the users part. As well, the United States Government uses this big company language program to teach their recruits and officers. But let's talk about cost. To learn at such an effortless and vast amount it will cost you a months mortgage! Holy cow!!! Are you kidding me? I will just sit here and flip through the pages of my German to English Dictionary for that price. Until one day...

My wife, kids and I were spending a Saturday afternoon at our local Library when the Mrs. points out to me this bookmark. Mango, an online learning program that teaches you a foreign language and not just one, many! You may choose to learn several if you like! Eureka! What a wonderful sounding program. But, at what cost? Well, free. Holy cow! Are you kidding me? What joy I felt. One catch though, you must have a valid Library account. No problem there. It's free too! Just follow the weblink from you local Library's Webpage and voila!

It's been several weeks now and zero dollars spent. I have learned a few hundred new words and speak partial fluent German. My Grandmother, my Oma, is very impressed. Mango you have my vote for the best language learning software money well, can't buy!

Which Language Methods have You Tried?

  • Mango
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Miriam Webster
  • Reading self hep books
  • College Courses
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JoeOmnicient 5 years ago from Ohio Author

My first Hub! I'm sooo excited!

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