How to Make New Friends in School

Learning how to make friends at a new school can be intimidating. After all, you're the new person and it's difficult trying to fit in with everybody who is already there. Making friends at a new school, however, can be rather easy if you have the right attitude and if you're willing to make the first move. Use the following suggestions and you can learn how to make lifelong friends at your new school.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s not easy being outgoing when you’re the new one at school. Introduce yourself to people, smile and make eye contact. Start out with small talk maybe mention the weather, or compliment the person on their outfit or purse. Some people may be a little hesitant at first but will warm up if you keep your tone light and friendly.

Invite Someone to a Function

Once you’ve made introductions and feel more comfortable around your new friends, plan some time of a gathering. Find out if you have any common interests and suggest an activity in the area. If you both like drinking coffee and just hanging out suggest the local café or jazz club, or if you both enjoy movies, try and catch the latest flick. Inviting new friends out to a function helps break the ice even more and develops friendships based on common ground.

Join Organizations and Extra-Curricular Activities

This is probably the best way to make new friends at a new school. There are always plenty of clubs or organization on high school and college campus’ that bring people with common goals and interests together. Whether you joined the yearbook committee or a political group, there will be plenty of new friends to make.

Be a Good Friend Yourself.

The most important thing in a friendship is trust. Once you’ve established friendships in a new school it is important that you treat them with respect. Some very important things to remember when being a good friend is to be reliable, trustworthy and to just be there. Friendships that are based on these principles can last a lifetime.

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jeanie.stecher profile image

jeanie.stecher 6 years ago from Seattle

SMILE! will gain more friends more than you expect.

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Chad A Hagy 6 years ago from California Author

True! Very good point :D

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