How to Obtain a U.S. Student Visa for Students from India

U.S Students Visa Requirements For Students From India

College-level education at American universities along with other international students is a dream of many Indian students. Students wish to go to such universities in U.S.A because some colleges there are ranked among the top universities in the world.

A U.S.A. student visa from a U.S. Embassy is very necessary for Indian student who intend to study in U.S.A. There are five U.S. Embassies in India. They are located at New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai. Acquiring a U.S.A. student visa from one of these embassies can be relatively easy if you are more prepared and faster at putting together your documentations.

Student Visa Types

There are different types of visas depending upon the purpose of your visit to U.S. F-class U.S.A. student visa is compulsory for academic purposes. The undergraduate or graduate level full-time degree programs are covered in this type of visa.

Most universities in USA insist on GRE scores for admission to graduate programs and hence you must pass the GRE test. Take the TOEFL test and have the grades ready with you. The cost of education, accommodation and other expenses comes to about Rs. 50 lakhs for two years of graduate studies. So you should be financially strong to bear these costs. An amount equivalent to one year's cost and the source to fund the second year's cost should be shown in the form of fixed deposits or other investments.

When to apply for the Visa

You must be a bonafide student (one who has been accepted for admission into an American college or university) to apply for this visa. Apply for the visa up to 120 days before the beginning of the academic year when you receive an I-20 from the college you are planning to attend. But you can enter U.S not more than 30 days before the course begins.

U.S. Student Visa Guides

Details of things to carry out before the Visa interview

  • Complete Form DS-160 before the interview for U.S. student visa.
  • Print out the confirmation page with the barcode on a laser printer.
  • Pay the visa application fee in Indian currency at an approved HDFC bank. Carry your passport to the bank. Save the receipt after the payment.
  • Confirm that you have the I-20 form approved and signed by the university authority. (It is a form issued by colleges in U.S.A. for affirming enrolment)
  • Pay the I-901 fee online through the U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement website. Save this receipt too.
  • Through the VFS website, make an appointment for the Visa interview. You will require your DS-160 barcode number and the HDFC fee receipt for it. Select the date from the dates available and download the form. Fill the form completely without any mistake and then submit it.

Documents required for the Visa interview

  • Valid Indian passport at least one year before your planned travel along with the previously issued passports if any.
  • A (50mm x 50mm) recent passport size photograph, having a white background.
  • DS-160 confirmation page with barcode.
  • HDFC visa application fee receipts.
  • VFS appointment letter.
  • SEVIS receipt and I-120
  • Provide your original degree certificates along with mark sheets and relevant test scores i.e. TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT or LSAT.

Visit the website of the U.S. Embassy near you to check if any changes are made in the list provided above. For the Visa interview reach the place 15 minutes before the appointed time. Wait patiently till your turn comes. Be relaxed and answer all questions with full confidence.

Learn more about the student visa process and get useful tips from a U.S. Vice Consul and the U.S.-India Educational Foundation (USIEF). (Video recorded by the

Postponement or disapproval of the visa

If your visa is postponed or not approved wait for further response or contact the consulate. Yet if you cannot appeal your case, reapply by paying the visa processing fees once more and schedule another appointment. More information will be provided to you from the U.S. Embassy.

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Fulfilling the dream of studying in U.S.A involves dealing with legal and governmental aspects of travelling to U.S.A rather than being accepted academically as a student. More than 100,000 of Indian students are currently studying in U.S.A. Usually admissions are open for students twice a year. The details mentioned above will definitely help a student to acquire this visa very easily.

US Visa Interview Process -See what happens inside the consulate when you go for a US visa interview

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Ya, most students in India find it very difficult to obtain a US visa. The instructions included in the hub would be really useful for them. Thanks for your comment.

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