How to Promote Scientific Thinking in Kids

Cool Scientific Experiments for Young Kids
Cool Scientific Experiments for Young Kids | Source

Promoting the Development of Scientific Thinking

Kids should be bought up in such a manner that they start thinking critically, rationally, and scientifically from childhood on wards. The support from the side of parents is very essential for this.

Parents must be determined to make their children fearlessly question to each and everything. They should look at the world through clear eyes. Parents should make it a habit to talk to their kids about science and scepticism rather than avoiding their little doubts.

Importance of Scientific Thinking

Scientific thinking is very important as it is the main factor that helps in observing, evaluating and studying the universe with a clear mind. Though all careers do not require specific training in science, scientific skills are very necessary for all to adjust with the rapidly changing environment and to make conversant decisions.

So good training must be provided to children from their childhood onwards to develop the scientific knowledge in them.

How to Think Scientifically

The points listed below will help parents to encourage kids to think scientifically

  • Encourage kids in reading about science
  • Encourage kids in experimenting
  • Encourage kids in developing their own ideas
  • Let your kid know the difference between reality and fantasy
  • Help kids find beauty in real things
  • Get involved in your kids learning process

How to Encourage Kids to Think Scientifically

The points listed below will help parents to encourage their kids to think scientifically.

Encourage kids in reading about science

When ever you see an interesting scientific fact in a book or in a magazine don’t forget to read it aloud to your child. If your kid doesn’t understand it, try to explain it by showing the pictures that may be included in the book or through any other method you think that would be suitable to explain the fact. Kids who are able to read by themselves should be encouraged to read books that contain simple scientific facts. Make sure that the book contains a lot of pictures connected with the topic. It will increase their interest in reading such books.

Encourage kids in developing their own ideas

Children should be encouraged in such a manner that they discover or construct their own ideas rather than accepting readymade ideas from others. It becomes an active process if parents play an important role in encouraging their kids to ask questions. Children usually come up with questions relevant to them. Parents should focus on their active search for knowledge and try to satisfy their curiosity. Rather than providing them with the right answer they should be led to the correct answer through investigation. Providing them with the right answer requires no risk, demand or decision on their part. The ideas formed in kids through their own investigation will remain in them for ever than the ones provided to them directly.

Child's scientific thinking
Child's scientific thinking

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Encourage kids in experimenting

Children are very curious by nature and run about taking part in activities that include, observing, classifying, experimenting, and communicating. These process skills in them should be supported by parents and they should be made to practice and apply these skills in different activities. Allow your kids to study something new by knowing it well. For this parents should show a sincere interest in their observations and predictions. Parents should also supply them with a variety of equipments and settings that help them in experimentation. This will help them test whether their ideas or thoughts were true.

Let your kid know the difference between reality and fantasy

Your children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood by encouraging them in their fondness for fantasy. But at the same time they must be aware of the fact that they are all imaginary. You should be able to make your child live at the same time in the magical world of childhood and also know that those things don’t really exist when thought in the scientific level. I.e. they should be able to differentiate fantasy and reality.

Engaging Children in Science

Get involved in your kids learning process

Parents should involve themselves in the learning process of their children without giving much importance to their age. Parents should help the kids in their homework. If they are not able to understand a topic well, parents can try to make that topic easy by engaging them in some activities or showing them the way that particular thing works. Simply explaining a fact through words may not be easy for all kids. If some interesting things are included in their learning process, the topic will remain in their mind for ever. Moreover if parents note something wrong taught to their kids, never hesitate to bring it to the attention of the school employees. Their scientific thinking can be improved a lot if parents also take an active part in their learning process.

Teach kids ,how to think not what to think
Teach kids ,how to think not what to think

Help kids find beauty in real things

Children are usually made to have a love for nature by giving them many imaginary ideas. It may include the fairies or lanterns in the sky. But this is not the correct way to create a love for nature in kids. Talk to them about the moon, sun, stars and all the living things that make the world so beautiful. If you succeed in this attempt, they will surely find the real beauty of nature in them rather than trying to find the beauty through things outside science.

The points mentioned above will help children think scientifically, which is an early childhood program. For this, well planned activities and encouragement from the part of parents are very necessary. Interesting and challenging situations are to be created by parents that invite children to observe, explore, and experiment. Many of such situations occur naturally in the house or during a trip. Make the best use of such situations that make your child have wonderful ideas and start thinking scientifically.

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