How to Redo Your Rooms On a Budget

Rooms On a Budget

I have an addiction, every house I have ever lived in I have an overwhelming desire to redo my rooms, redecorate, paint, rearrange, de-clutterand update. I love to look at an out dated room and make a plan of how to make it better- on next to no money. I guess it's the challenge of it all, if you are reading this hub you know what I am talking about. I love taking an awful room that everyone ovoids and turning it into a favorite area in my house.

I recently redecorated my dinning room. It was drab now it's fab okay I watch to much TV. I am the kind of redecorating freak that I will almost certainly bite off more then I can chew, work load wise the majority of the time but I love it none the less. I will be the one spending hours repainting small shapes or designs in an item just because I think it will look better even if the design is in an area no one will hardly even notice that it is there. I am in it for the satisfaction of knowing I have changed every thing to make it better in the end.

Dinning Area Before
Dinning Area Before
Dinning Area Before
Dinning Area Before
Light after
Light after
Dinning Area After
Dinning Area After

Caught the Decorating Bug

I caught the Decorating Bug and thought wow there must be an easier way to do this besides spending a lot of money.

I worked out some steps that I could use in my rooms that do not take much money or time. 

I hope these steps will help you as well.

1. Remove all your accessories in the room including throw pillows, wall pictures, vases, lamps, nick knacks, curtains and any item that can be removed.

2. Evaluate your needs for the room. If the room is used as a family room or a bed room your focus will be completely different. For a bed room the mood will be to relax, for a living room the mood may be to entertain. Consider what your activities are and if your room accommodates your needs. If you need more storage address that area first. If you need more seating address that area first. Go through out the house and look in every room for the items you need, don't forget the garage or storage areas you might be surprised at what you find.

3. Repair any item that needs it. I know this is my most dreaded task in redoing a room but you might get some much needed inspiration from the time you need to take to repair items or furniture in the room. See the tips below for carpet stains or furniture repair.

4. Rearranging your furniture is one of the easiest way to change a room. If you have a large amount of furniture in a small room you might want to take out one piece of furniture to make more room. Try using your furniture in a new way. Place your couch away from the wall and use a small table behind the couch to anchor the couch. Try using an uncommon piece for a coffee table piece or side table accent. Go into your kitchen look at your bowls, vases, glass items, pots and pans. You would be surprised what you might find to match your colors. You can fill it with potpourri, find big leaves outside and rinse them off in soapy water layer them in your vessel. 

5. Decide on what color you like as a accent color. Most people make the mistake of using their accent color on the walls which is not as easy to change as say a throw pillow. If you want to paint consider a color that will go with many other colors that you like so you have more choices as your tastes change.

Go through the house look for any shade of the color you choose as your accent color. Any item in your color or even containing your color will do. When you search for your items of color even if the room you find an item is in is one you do not want to take an item from consider which room is more dominate in your house then decide which room needs the item most. Gather up your items in one area now look at what you have. Distribute the colored items through out your room until you are happy with the look. Try using more then one color you might like it.

6. Don't underestimate the power of the curtains.Changing your curtains can make a huge difference. For instance I changed my white curtains to dark blue curtains. I looked at the light level in the room after I changed the curtains and surprisingly enough I hated them. They did not let any light through at all my living room felt smaller and more depressing. Needless to say I changed them back the next day, the difference it made in the room was shocking to me. It made me realize that curtains are very important. 

7. Make a list of what items you want in the room. One way to decorate your rooms easily is to go to yard sales or garage sales. You might be surprised to know that every week in your area some one some where will be having a yard sale. After Saturday people will practically give things away. I have been told many times pick some thing out and take it we want every thing to go so we do not have to take it back into storage. If yard sales are not your thing you might check out Craigslist.

Craigslist is a website that brings people together in your area who have some thing to give away for free* my favorite thing of all time. Just like this Freebie web site FreeStuffRockz you never pay for things that are listed for free. Also there are things for sale or trade. It is a great site if you have never checked it out you might want to read my Hub on it I have given out many free items and I have received many free items not to mention sold a few items I didn't want any more. I love Craigslist.

8. Get advice from friends and family. I was a bit disappointed with a few things in one of my rooms and asked a friend for advice. I was amazed at the advice I received from my friend they told me things that I had not even thought about. Advice can be very useful when you are stumped for ideas. Do not forget to ask your friend and family what they think the room needs or does not need you might be shocked at the answer to that question.

9. When in doubt take it out. I had an item that was just driving me crazy. I loved the item but could not for the life of me find a place to put it where it looked right. I moved it so many times my back began to hurt. Finally I decided well I will just take the item out of the room all together. After reevaluating the room with out the item I decided to use it in a completely different room and it works so well people comment on how good it looks there all the time. Funny how it changed not only the room I was doing but it change the item to some thing people now notice all the time.

10. Don't be afraid to redo your rooms as often as you like. After I began doing my rooms I decided I liked to change my rooms often I get tired of using the same colors or items all the time. I also like to decorate my living room according to the time of year. For instance I have a hanger on my door I use for my Christmas weather but I also use it for just a large ribbon with bows tied in it for summer time. Then I can hang any thing I want on it at different times so I can enjoy different things at different times. 

Pick a room

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Money Saving Tips & Tricks

The first step to redoing a room is to take a close look at things that can be change with little or no money but by using elbow grease-hard work. There are many ways to fix problems you may come across in your rooms. One of the main problems I come across is wall condition and carpet stains.

Live in an apartment where you are unable to paint

Fix white walls with white toothpaste *

Just dab on a small amount of the tooth paste where there are any scratches, scraps or marks make sure you smooth it out. You can even use your finger to smooth the tooth paste out. Next let it dry fully before applying a second coat if necessary. You will be amazed at how well this works try it.

Need a stain out of your carpet

Try using a moist towel rise and dab not scrub the stain with warm water that has a small amount of dish soap* not with bleach if you have colored carpet. Depending on the stain substance this works well on most stains.

If you want to spend a few bucks on a great cleaner try Joe's. I love the hand cleaner for any kind of stain. For chewing gum, paints, grease and kool aid as well on just about any surface there is a wonderful product on the market called Joe's Hand Cleaner, no I do not sale it but I stand behind this product as one of the best cleaners for all things. Try rubbing a small amount of Joe's on the stain, rub with your hand to warm the area you will see the stain begin to dissolve rinse with warm water by dabbing a cloth or towel on the stain.

Furniture repair

Furniture repairs is a real problem. One of the best things I have found for a quick fix to furniture fabric is hot glue, gorilla glue or super glue. The type of glue you choose will be based on the type of repair you need to make.

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