How to Write College Admissions Essays

When applying to a university or college, you will probably be asked to write an admissions essay or personal statement as part of the application process. These will take the form of answering several questions in essay form. If you are applying to more than one school, each one will have a different sets of questions, so be sure to customize these sections of your college admissions essays to meet the specific institution's requirements.

The institution's admissions committee wants to know your reasons for applying to the program, and how you will benefit from and contribute while you are enrolled. Therefore, admissions essays are not something to be taken lightly; the way you organize your thoughts and the case you make on behalf of yourself is vital. Do take this part of the process seriously and your chances for admission to the school of your choice will increase significantly.

College Admissions essays are intended to show your interest in your area of study, and describe your involvement with specific issues. In other words, the essay should cover topics that go beyond your academic accomplishments. Mention previous experience, summer jobs, volunteer positions, and research projects, as well as your hopes and dreams. Whether it is a general admissions essay requested by an undergraduate program, an MBA Admissions Essay, or a Graduate School Statement of Purpose, you will want to highlight what you learned from these extracurricular activities and how you intend on continuing your learning.

The College Admissions Essay for Tough Times

Write an outline for your essay and jot down the main points you want to cover. It is important to demonstrate superb writing skills, so if you need help in that area, hire an editor to help proofread and edit your university or college admissions essay. In these austere economic times, educational competition is tough, so give yourself the edge by presenting a superior college admissions essay. It could be the deciding factor.

Do not just write about your favourite subjects; answer the questions directly by following instructions and staying on task. Be sure to avoid irrelevant tangents. Stay within the word count requested. If they ask for 700 words, don't write 500 or 900.

Often you will be asked to explain why you want to enroll in your particular discipline and what you will bring to the institution. Discuss your academic interests in ways that connect key issues within your area of study with your own accomplishments and future goals. Describe meaningful life experiences or previous academic work that is relevant to the program in which you want to enroll. How were these events beneficial to you and to your intended course of study? Explain what you intend to do when you graduate by describing the person you want to eventually become: for example, journalist, high school physics teacher, environmental biologist, business editor, etc.

Your college admissions essay must communicate a sense of your own uniqueness. Do not beg to be accepted, but do convey confidence when you express your sincere conviction that you deserve acceptance into the program. In today's tough economy, more and more people are furthering their education by seeking to return to school to upgrade their marketable skills. Thus it is worth the very reasonable price of hiring an expert to proofread your draft copy and give you feedback.


Think of your college admissions essay as equivalent to an important job interview. Or even more so, because where you end up going to college or university will help determine your future in ways you can't begin to foresee.

You can really set yourself apart in this area of the process, so take this part of the application ordeal seriously. Remember that there are many other eligible candidates competing for your spot. The good news is that you have complete control over this section of your admissions application. Take advantage of it!

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Hayes Hall University at Buffalo
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