How to Write in Hindi Language Online?

Hindi (also called as Hindustani and Urdu) language is written in three different scripts. The popular scripts are Nagari (in India), modified Persian (By Urdu speakers in India and Pakistan) and Roman. The spread of last one script is in initial stages, but Hindi written in it is understandable to most of the world.

However, if you know to write Hindi language in Nagari script, and want to write emails, blogs, comments in it, it is very easy now. Just try following online software:

Google Transliteration at: .

Go to the link and you will see following page on the screen:

Google Transliteration Hindi Window
Google Transliteration Hindi Window

Now select 'Hindi' from the button at left in the toolbar. Then start to type Hindi words in Roman alphabets. Type the letters and words in phonetic way, like a for अ and aa for आ.

To try, just type your first name in phonetic way....

Example: I write my first name in English as: Mahavair. But the phonetic spelling of this name is: Mahaaveer. So when you type Mahaaveer in google transliterate tool, it will convert it to Nagari script as: महावीर

Selecting right word in Google transliteration tool.
Selecting right word in Google transliteration tool.

Another example:

If you want to type the word हिन्दी, just type hindi and then press the space bar. The Google software will automatically convert the word in Naagari script. But sometimes, you will find words other than हिन्दी, like हिनदी, हिंडी, हीन्दी etc. In this case, just put the cursor on the word and left click. you will see all options for the word Hindi in Naagari script. (See the image). Now select the right option by moving the cursor on it and then by clicking on it. Now you have got the right word in Naagari script.

In case you do not find the right word, check the spelling you have typed. Is it phonetic? If not, click on the last option, which is in Roman alphabets. make correction and press the space bar. This time you will get the right conversion to Naagari script.

It is very easy, and you can learn it in few time. Practice makes perfect.

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Mathewson profile image

Mathewson 3 years ago from Germany

Another way to write Devanagri in its complete form is using a program called Devawriter. Here is a hub about it:

Nice writing though.

ken 3 years ago

Using Google transliteration ,one can also write Hindi in India's Simplest Shirorekhaa and Nutkaa free Gujarati script.

One may learn Gujarati Here.

Type English words/sentence here and read translation in Roman script.


jainismus profile image

jainismus 4 years ago from Pune, India Author

Namaskar Mukesh...

mukesh saxena 4 years ago

namaskar hindi mein

jainismus profile image

jainismus 4 years ago from Pune, India Author

Hi Kulin,

Thanks for reading all mu Hubs and the discovery you have made. I appreciate your research. You are the first of thousands of my readers and 600+ commentators who found the facts. Is it a discovery or invention?

Kulin Shah profile image

Kulin Shah 4 years ago from Mumbai, Maharashtra


You just dabble on surface of all topics but do not have any depth. Is it that you are just trying to post too many hubs at the same time ?

Sorry I am not trying to humiliate you or any such thing but I found that your Title phrases are very captive but there is no depth in articles no research behind them apart from a few easy tips which anyone can find on google on first 10 searches.


Kulin Shah

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