How to attend a job interview - dress code

Do you know that a proper interview attire is essential to increase your chance to get a job? I am a Human Resources manager in a company that has 5000 thousands over employees for the past 10 years. Within this long period of time I learned that most people failed for a job interviews because they are NOT ready for the interview and they don’t even know the proper way to groom. You can be a very good candidate but if you fail to impress your potential employer, you will fail.

Therefore, here I would like explain to you what are the steps to be taken and what you should know before attending a job interview. Hopefully this article will help you to get your dream job.

Proper dress code

Be formal as possible according to the dress code specified by the job advertisement. For most interviews, a blue suit is the most appropriate attire and you match it with black pant. According to a survey, blue color gives the best impression to the interviewer. If you don’t have a blue suit, we can wear a light or dark grey which are also proven to be effective.

Always wear a dark tie, don’t wear bright or conservative color like pink. Choose a solids or small patterned ties. For your shoes, you can wear black or brown shoes. A pair of black oxfords or cap-toed oxfords is the best choice. Get ones that don’t have super thick soles so they won’t look like boots. Wear solid, vertically ribbed socks in black or grey.

Get socks that are long enough to cover your legs when you sit down in your suit. Socks should always match the color of your trousers.

It is imperative that your clothes are clean and pressed. If you never iron your clothes, iron just this once for your interview. You could also drop your clothes off at the dry cleaners.

Make sure your dress shirts’ tails are long enough that they stay tucked in. Refresh your tuck right before the interview in the nearest restroom: unzip your fly and reach in to pull the front tail downwards, to align the placket with your trouser hitch and belt buckle.

Wear unscented deodorant and no cologne.

Please bear in mind that the above tips are very important especially if this is your first job interview. Another thing that you should learn is to calm and relax. When you are in state of relaxation, your mind will rest too. This will help you to focus during the interview. Another good points about proper dress up during an interview is that you can actually cover up your nervousness. You appear to be smart and professional and usually an interviewer will forgive small mistakes.

Listen to the interview questions carefully. Answer questions confidently, short and simple, don't talk about something off the topic. Be friendly and smile always but never laugh. Some interviewers might think that you are not respecting them.

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