How to enjoy college life without losing focus.

Free and young in a new place....

One of the things my Dad had me do when I first went off to college was to tally up the cost of the tuition, room and board and divide it by the number of hours I thought I would spend in class and spend studying.That produced a horrendous number 20 years ago, and it's gotten whole lot worse since then.

Even so I doubt any parent would want to you spend 100 percent of your time in study, as there are undoubtedly a variety of experiences to sample, no matter where the college is located.

This is a time when you can try all kinds of new experiences, both academically and outside in the world of extracurricular activities, but you probably need to keep in mind that for this period of your life, your JOB is going to class and learning the content of the classes you have chosen.

You have to figure out what the work and play balance is for you. It varies so much on what you are studying, and where you are doing that, and who you are, that there are no generalities or platitudes that can be thrown out and have any relevance whatever.

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rhondakaye profile image

rhondakaye 8 years ago from Wichita, Ks

Oh my goodness I would love to rate this article more than once. I work with students and I am going to send this too them. I did the same thing in college and I continue to show students how to do it. I wanted to play and work on my academics so I made sure that I did not have any classes on Fridays and Mondays which gave me a lot of time to study and a lot of time to play. Great article.

shuba anantharaman 5 years ago

ur ryte i also agreee dat u need 2 understand how 2 balance our studies n enjoyment but sometimes it also happens dat we get carried away

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