How To Make An Erupting Volcano Model

Making A Working Volcano Model

When I was in school I had a science project to make a exploding volcano model. What I came up with worked and was pretty cool to me as a sixth grader. I took a mason jar and used it as my base. Next I took a paper mache mix and worked it up along the jar to make it volcano shaped making the mache work into the mason jar edge. You want to make a lip on the edge so that when the volcano erupts and pours out it does not go on the floor. The next step was to color the mache making it look like a real volcano, you could use marker or model paint, and even put clay or play dough around it to give it more depth. Now you take and mix equal parts of baking soda and vinegar, when you combine them in the jar you can add some food coloring to give it the lava look, it will spill over the edge and flow down. This should make a nice erupting volcan model and the more effort one puts in the better result and grade you will get. I hope this makes a fun project.

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chantelle louise smith 9 years ago

hi hello sir . i would ike make model volcano i love made it all myshelf with clay . yes sir i help need to . my name is chantelle louise smith . we had christmas prestian . from books shop

kabir 9 years ago

very god

BOB 8 years ago


good morning 8 years ago


Sunny 8 years ago

Great very cool.

yo... 8 years ago

uh that's cool, but very original. what ever happened to the mentos trick?

lachlan  8 years ago


karla 8 years ago

im 11 and im doing a science project and need to no how to make a volcano

student of iisjeddah 8 years ago

thanx it was very useful for me

that is science exhibition

Emylee 8 years ago

Thanks for the help. I have a volcano to make IN SCHOOL and ill buy some supplies today. Thats really cool.

P.S thanks for the help ♥♥♥♥♥

Panorama student (phil.) 8 years ago


that was a great help for our

science fair

M.Rahim Iqbal 7 years ago

you ROCK! Thanks by the way.

nicoleluhvsscience_08 7 years ago

hi..this was really useful for my science project. im just wondering, ahmm, will the volcano really erupt when i add baking soda and vinegar to it?? or should i just test it here at home first before the final science fair??

TOGIA 7 years ago from OHIO Author

I would put the baking soda in the cavity of the volcano - then add the vinegar. It will start to foam and work its way up and over the sides of the volcano. I have heard of people using food coloring to make the actuall foam look more like lava. Just use your creativity and have fun.

T-Mac 7 years ago

that prettty off the chain my gangsta

Sana 7 years ago


stephany sanders 7 years ago

i loove u cause ur volcanos awesome . i got double a+


ur the best

vtryfgfh 7 years ago

thanks =]

tina 7 years ago

wat a nice volcanoe but to me is lolofeo

Tasha 7 years ago

I am making an erupting volcano in the uk in my geogrpahy class and hoping to blow everoyne away with this awesome experimenting thinggggg lol

nitya 7 years ago

pretty cool! thanks for your idea i came first

iluvbrad4lyf 7 years ago

OMG I Love volcanoes (and Brad) they r soooooooo awesome!

annonamuas 7 years ago

it is great but how do you make the foamy part?

Zoila 7 years ago

This is very intresting .I am going to make it as my science model.Thanks a lot.

Zoila 7 years ago

This is very intresting .I am going to make it as my science model.Thanks a lot.

apes 7 years ago

this is intresting

robert 7 years ago

ths rely wrks tnks.......

madhaviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 7 years ago

your projects are awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee.. its a lie

its Angel 7 years ago

this is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

michel lord 7 years ago

i do not know how to make a volcano model erupt please explain

Kevin Chen  7 years ago

that dumb:)

Kevin Chen  7 years ago

that stupid

mara 6 years ago

i love this idea u should become a science teacher because i am positive that i will get first place

jenny 6 years ago

thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ur rock i got a A on my volcano

Mr X 6 years ago

I got a volcano model for school and know its gonna be AAAWWWSSSMMM

Roichoi 6 years ago

How man clay do u need to make a volcano

james 6 years ago

it is rubbish to use


this is total AWESOMENESS

mysterious man 6 years ago

That sucks thats the worst experiment i've ever heard

bad boy 6 years ago

Wuz up man that awesome

butt head 6 years ago

I like nachos

butt head 6 years ago

i like nachos bitch

beaves 6 years ago

i like boys and im a boy

bigdicknick123 6 years ago

i like chocolate bars ho andget me nachos bitch i love them

samah 6 years ago

wat are yous going on about i neeed to make a model of a volcano with the demonstartion of how rocks form

help me if anyone knows

TREVOR bAILEY 6 years ago


ghhhhhhhhhh 6 years ago

ugly and boring

ghy 6 years ago

that must have been cool

charmer boy 6 years ago

ddddddaaaaammmmnnnn this is cool

corey 6 years ago

how do you make it erupt

sanya 6 years ago

hey thnx it really helped me for my science holiday homework..!!!

nivedita 6 years ago

thank's this helped me a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

Reagan  6 years ago

This is good ,when we done this at school we used red food colouring to make it more effective x

garima 6 years ago

thanks yaar its gr88

Kartik 6 years ago

it is good but i knew this project for over 4 years and i am using it now in my 7th grade

someone 6 years ago

this sucks u don't even tell me how to make paper masha

anshaj 6 years ago

its good

Anshaj Goyal 6 years ago

its bad not useful bakwass

tiya 6 years ago

yr awsome.i m in 10 .n i was vry upset wht to make as an working model.whhen i saw this that we can make errupting volcano.......then i just make it.....n teacher really appreciate

aishwarya nayar 6 years ago

iiiiiiitttttttttsssssssss ggggggggguuuuuuuuudddddddddddddddddddd

twinke 6 years ago

ixmainly good

Ravi Ji 6 years ago

This trick is awesome or else you can try with pouring a mentos(mint) in a cold-drink the same reaction will take place. Another trick is if we add some salt in coldrink then also it will do the same reaction...


WARNING:be careful it can blast your home too...

abhishek 6 years ago

what a fabulus job u hv done man iam proud of u............

namisha 6 years ago

i dont get any thing of use

imma_star! ♥ 6 years ago

imma make a volcano for my science project!...i know that imma get an A+!!... (P.S 4 all u ppl that are sayin trashy things here go and get a life... for real wat need do u have to be on the computer and say stupid things.)

swati gandhi  6 years ago

wowwwwwww. it helped me alot to do my science project

rebbecca  6 years ago


this is not even useful you loser

i want how to make volvanoe and i dont care when u were at school you did this i just need how to make volcanoe in steps ok bye sucker

arushi 6 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

helped me much.................

ayush 6 years ago

badhve kuch bhi bana do madar chod gand mar apni

V Kid 6 years ago

Lets see if it works for my volcano

I$H  6 years ago

nice !!!

saloni 6 years ago

not at all interesting better than that is of mine POOOOOOOOOOR!!!!!

NATHAN 6 years ago


christina 6 years ago

paper mache???

maxima 6 years ago


Vigi 6 years ago

It was cool ?????

Ravi roshan pandey 6 years ago

Hi. Sir iam ravi your comment on working modle of volcano is good prefer this techniqe and iam from india ok thanks sir

ar 6 years ago


rom 6 years ago


ankush 6 years ago

it was superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

jinson 6 years ago

OMG thank tou sike I wouldnt

ary 6 years ago

Thanx now i know wat 2 do 4 my science fair

remya 6 years ago wsa very useful for my chemistry assignment,,,,once again thankssss a lot

yoryana 6 years ago

not wat i wanted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so its not that cool and nobody cares wen u were little.:)

YourMom101 5 years ago

this is wicked awesome guys even though you little kids need to learn to spell....

yourdickblad 5 years ago

Rubbish dickhead

amber 5 years ago

how do I make it thicker?

mya 5 years ago

how do i make it erupts

chicken dumpling 5 years ago

wasup drinking the bandages so awesome go volcanos

worldy 5 years ago

i am 11 i have a science project and im going to do this but i need to know how to make but now i no it

haha 5 years ago

reely god

borborit 5 years ago

that was the best

prachi kaushik 5 years ago

thanks this idea is really helpful and it helps me a lot in making my science model for the exhibition thank you and thanks a lot for helping me

dechen sherpa 5 years ago

i was so upset and i was thinking what to model on my science prjocet.than when i was looking in enternet i saw volcano eruption model and followed the same instruction and was able to model volcano eruption.

dechen sherpa 5 years ago

i was so upset and i was thinking what to model on my science prjocet.than when i was looking in enternet i saw volcano eruption model and followed the same instruction and was able to model volcano eruption.

hehe 5 years ago

ill try this if u want:)

himavarsha 5 years ago

even im just lyk u evn for me in sixth grade i got this science project thanks for posting this!!:)

manaswi 5 years ago

this is too good model for me and plz add me on facebok , my id is

{} becoz i like to make many friends

tanya 5 years ago

yoooooooooooo coool man

MANSI TIWARI 5 years ago


atul 5 years ago

hahah coool....

sidddhuuuuuuuuuuu 5 years ago


nehaaa 5 years ago


kbs 5 years ago

can do it wid pepsi n mentos

wania 5 years ago

thank you

Krasha 5 years ago

i dont understand didnt help me thanks, tho?? I guess??

hugsandkisses 5 years ago

its looks weird !!

sakshi jain 5 years ago

that's a good idea

hhghg 5 years ago

oh my god!i got 1st rank in this model

senorita 5 years ago

its juss cool....thnk you vaee much...:))

miley miley 4 years ago

i need a model of volcano plzzzz hlp me gvng sm hints sir.........

suhani 4 years ago

yup it's a helpig model........ to score good grades.:-)

Dylan 4 years ago

How the hell is that going to helpme with my project. Mine isn't for science anyway. Tell me how to make Mount Vesuvius

Dylan 4 years ago

Hi again.

Every one thinks your cool and you didn't tell me how to make an erupting volcano

rachel123321 4 years ago

hi Dylan why don't you just search what you want

Richard 4 years ago


sunita 4 years ago

Its really work for science fair

harish 3 years ago

valcano a nice model and some what hard to make it but done. a grade.

Vaibhav 2 years ago

I like it.. .. ...............most..................


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