How to say 'Peace' in 100+ languages

Peace: a state of harmony, the absence of hostility.

Abenaqui = Olakamigenoka

Alabama = Ittimokla

Albanian = La Paqe

Algonquin = Wâki Ijiwebis-I

Amharic = Írq

Arabic = Salam

Aranés = La Patz

Armenian = Khanhaghutyun

Basque = Bake

Bemba = Mutenden

Blackfoot = Innaihtsi'iyi

Bulgarian = Mír Bosnian

Buli = Goom-jigi

Carolinian = Gúnnammwey

Catalán = La Pau

Chinese = Pingan

Choctaw = Achukma

Chuuk = Kunammwey

Comanche = Tsumukikatu

Cree = Wetaskiwin

Creole = Lapé Haitian

Duala = Musango

Dutch = Vrede Afrikaans

Ekari = Muka-muka

English = Peace

Esperanto = Paco

Estonian = Rahu

Fanagolo = Kutula

Farsi = Ashtee

Finnish = Rauha

French = La Paix

Gaelic = Sìth

Gaelic = Fois Scots

Gafuleya Chontal = Aylobaha

German = Der Frieden

Gikuyu = Thayu

Greek = Iri'ni

Guaraní = Ñerane'i

Gujarati = Shanti Bengali

Hausa = Lùmana

Hawaiian = Maluhia

Hebrew = Shalom

Hungarian = Béke

Icelandic = Friður

Igbo = Udo

Ila = Chibanda

Indonesian = Damai

Indonesian = Rerdamaian

Irish = Síocháin

Japanese = Heiwa

Javanese = Rukun

Khmer = Soksang

Koasati = Ilifayka

Korean = Pyong'hwa

Kurdish = Hasîtî

Lakhota = Wolakota

Latin = Pax

Latvian = Miers

Lithuainian = Taika

Luxemburgish = Fridden

Magindanaon = Kalilíntad

Malgache = Fandriampahalemana

Maltese = Paçi

Manobo = Linew

Maori = Rangima'arie

Mapudungun = Uvchin

Maranao = Diakatra

Maya = Ets'a'an Olal

Micmac = Wôntôkóde

Mongo-Nkundu = Boóto

Munsterian = Echnahcaton

Navajo = K'é

Nepali = Saanti

Nhengatu = Tecócatú

North Alaska Inuktitut = Tutkiun

Northwest Alaska Inupiat Inuktitut = Kiñuiñak

Norwegian = Fred Danish

Ntomba = Nye

Nyanja = Mtendere Chewa

Otomi = Hmethó

Palauan = Búdech

Pali = Nirudho

Papago/Pima = Dodolimdag

Pashto = Amniat

Perce = Éyewi Nez

Persian = Solh Dari

Pig Latin = eace-pay

Polish = Pokój

Ponapean = Meleilei

Portuguese = A Paz Galician

Rapanui = Kiba-kiba

Romanian = La Pace Italian

Ruanda = Nimuhóre

Sa Lao = Kwam

Sa'a = Däilama

Samoan = Filemu

Sesotho = Khotso

Setswana = Kagiso

Sioux = Wo'okeyeh

Somali = Nabad -Da

Spanish = La Paz

Swahili = Amaní

Tagalog = Mabuhay

Tagalog Filipino = Kapayapaan

Tahitian = Hau

Tamil = Amaithi

Thai = Santipap

Tiaykuy Quechua = Sonqo

Tibetan = Shîte

Tlingit = Li-k'ei

Tonga = Melino

Turkish = Sulh

Turkish = Barish

Twi-Akan = Asomdwee

Uighur = Saq

Urdu = Aman Malay

Usilal Kékchí = Tuktuquil

Vietnamese = Hoa Bình

Welsh = Hedd

Wintu = Mina

Xhosa = Uxolo

Yiddish = Sholim

Yoruba = Alaáfía

Zapoteco = Layéni

Zulu = Ukuthula

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dutch84 profile image

dutch84 8 years ago

I love your passion for languages...

...and the fact that you are correct in your translation of the Igbo language. lol.

step 8 years ago

me to i love languages and wanna learn how to say peace this world need to now what peace is all about

Cheryl 8 years ago

I am working on a local peace project, thanks you made my day and put a huge smile on my face. Cheri

qwerty 7 years ago

what about italian?

Pam Harrison 7 years ago

In June 2009 we placed four peace poles in front of the Joggins United Church, it total we have printed PEACE in 50 languages. The youth at the River Hebert High School made and designed the signs. They look great and many tourists stop to take pictures and admire the children's work. Pam

123msmonkeygal 6 years ago

what about russian

witch5525 6 years ago

there's this word that means peace but idk what language it is in but ti starts with E and has a i and r in it plz help to found out where it's from and how to say it

profile image

steame 6 years ago

Peace be on Earth!

beepao 6 years ago

you wrote: Indonesian = Rerdamaian

the correct one is "Perdamaian"

i like your posting bout this peace languages :)

John Paul Montano 6 years ago

Miigwech! Geyaabi bezhig gdaa-zhibii'aan... 'Bekaadendmowin'. Mii e-zhi-kidyaang 'Peace' Nishnaabemyaang. :-)

- - - -

Thank you! You might write one more... 'Bekaadendmowin'. It's how we say 'Peace' in our Nishnaabe language. :-)

ramaraobobby 6 years ago

howbout the most famous Indian languages - Sanskrit, Hindi and Telugu. Adding them is no hurdle to the patient becoz in all those the word for peace is the same - "SHANTI"

also in the above list there is a small correction, for Gujarati = Shanti Bengali

Gujarati is an Indian language in which also Shanti means peace and Bengali is the name of another language spoken in West-Bengal(calcutta), its not equal to peace as mentioned, correct that.

edgar diwaten 6 years ago


Prashanth 6 years ago

Great work I must say!! Better to make this a list and keep adding languages that you get as user comments :)

NewHorizons profile image

NewHorizons 6 years ago from Gozo, Malta, EU.

Very interesting. The Maltese: Pa?i should be written with a dot on the C and reads 'Pah-chee'. I have a video on Hubpages on how to pronounce the Maltese Alphabet

Jaqueline Angel 5 years ago

In Portuguese, the correct way is just: PAZ (:

Лера 5 years ago

what about Russia??!!


Klipeshnik 5 years ago

in Russian it's Mir ;)

Лера 5 years ago

Klipeshnik, ? ????, ? ?? ??? ?? ???????? ???!)

Юлія 5 years ago

And what about Ukrainian???? Not nice((((((((((((

Jane 5 years ago

In Croatian it's MIR

blerta  5 years ago

in albanian is just "paqe" without "La" :P

iuliana 5 years ago

In Romanian is just "pace". There's no "la" or "italian".

Vinod 5 years ago

WHAT??? U have few translation of "peace" in few Indian regional languages but not in the national language (Hindi)????

Vinod 5 years ago

LMFAO on ramaraobobby's comment :

"howbout the most famous Indian languages - Sanskrit, Hindi and Telugu."

Since when did TELUGU become the most famous language in India???

U must be the guy who is fighting for Telengana....Learn to be Indian "not Telugu".

Gita 5 years ago

Vinod: this post helps folks translate the word "peace"...but you've chosen to be political and snarky here. Absurd.

Lana 5 years ago

Thank you for making this list. my take one P.E.A.C.E.=People Enlightened And Changing Evolution : )

Eniac 5 years ago

What's up with the Portuguese one? It's just "PAZ". Makes me doubt the rest now =P

cherylbinstock 5 years ago

Fabulous post and great photo, love the composition!

Lana, I love that! I hope you don't mind if I share that around! ;-)

5 years ago

Well, as an albanian i have to "inform" you that it's PAQE and not "La Paqe".


mbreti3gut 5 years ago

In albanian the correct is just "PAQE" not "LA PAQE". There is no propisition of "LA" in albanian.

kelly 5 years ago

You left out the word in Assyrian (neo Aramaic) language: Shlama. I hope you add it.

Mike 5 years ago

...and in each of these listed/unlisted countries, what of the indigenous sign language of it's Deaf community, e.g. 'peace' in Russian Sign Language, Italian Sign Language, Indonesian & British Sign Language & so on? Kinda missed a lot if folks out! :)

tsesci 5 years ago

Hi In Mongolian language

peace = ??? ?????? (enkh taivan)


gurka 5 years ago

swedish = frid

GENUINNO 5 years ago

Wolof - Jamm

sarfy 5 years ago

the gujrati version is crap :)

5 years ago

The Turkish word is Bar??. The way you wrote is the English pronunciation. Great work and Peace...

gmuthanna 5 years ago

More than a billion, or over sixth of the world’s population live in India; and it certainly deserves a mention in your commendable collection. The word for peace in Hindi is “Shanti”.

Balkan Boy 5 years ago

Croatian = Mir

Bosnian = Mir

Serbian = Mir

Russian = Mir

John 5 years ago

Good work. I guess that where the final word in the line is another language the implication is that the same word is used in that language?

For example:

Creole = Lapé Haitian

Dutch = Vrede Afrikaans

Gaelic = Fois Scots

Gujarati = Shanti Bengali

Norwegian = Fred Danish

Portuguese = A Paz Galician

Romanian = La Pace Italian

Carmen  5 years ago

What about "Pace" in Italian? They are all beautiful way to say peace, anyway! *O*


Nowelyn 5 years ago

Kapayapaan in Filipino (Tagalog)

metasebia sisay 5 years ago

Selam lealem hisb(Ameharic)...peace to the world

Cinta Damai 5 years ago

In Indonesian and Malay: DAMAI

Tam 5 years ago

Papiamentu (Dutch Caribbean) = pas

Yerdos 5 years ago

Kazakh - Beibitshilik

Mher Mkhitaryan profile image

Mher Mkhitaryan 5 years ago

Armenian = Khanhaghutyun is incorrect!

Armenian = Khaghaghutyun

Ulfat Hajiyev 5 years ago

Azerbaijani - Sulh

Turkish - Barish

frances hall 4 years ago

May I use your pic of hand with peace written on it for Queen's Jubilee day

cdog 3 years ago

i find this is very helping and cool and interesting.


cdog 3 years ago

For what i've read so far i find this very,very fascinating.

cdog out.

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