How to teach children with great books

The pleasure of reading to your children

It's late and the kids should be asleep but there they are, snuggled in their pajamas, wrapped in blankets, begging you to read one more chapter. And no it's not because they are avoiding bedtime, it's because they are genuinely interested in the book you are reading. What a beautiful sight!

Kids love to learn, even if they wont admit it. Most dont even realize they are learning. But each chapter you read to them plays out like a movie in their minds, stretching their imagination, strengthening their vocabulary and teaching them of a world outside of their own. Kids not only enjoy the story, but they also enjoy the special attention and time you have given them.

There are so many books to chose from and more appearing in your local bookstore and library every day. Even if your child isn't interested in reading himself right now he will benefit from your reading to him.

Dont worry if the book you are reading is for older children. As long as the content is appropriate for your child it wont matter if there are many words the child doesn't understand at first. Reading books that are a little over your children's level will strengthen their vocabulaires. Just make sure to pause when you come across a word you dont think your child knows. Ask him what he thinks the word might mean. Reread the sentence and see if he can figure out what the meaning is.

If there are several words he doesnt know just tell him up front that there will be words in the story he might not know and he can interupt the story whenever he feels he needs an explantion of a word. That way you are free to continue reading. Many times I will come across a word I dont think my daughter knows and when I ask her about it she gives me the definition. She knows more than I thought she did.

Reading is not only great for your children but also for you. It is relaxing and a stress reliever and you will most likely get caught up in the story as well. It's a wonderful thing to be reading to your children and then to peak over the pages to see all eyes on you, hanging on your every word with wide eyes and to hear them say "Please! Just one more chapter!"

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"Quill" 6 years ago

Well written, a blessing to read and a learning tool for the many years they have ahead of them.


twogroce profile image

twogroce 6 years ago

It also creates memories for them. Being snuggled next to their parents as they read gives great comfort. When they are older reading to their little ones they will remember those special moments with you. Great Hub Space Age!!!

MomCrafting4Fun profile image

MomCrafting4Fun 6 years ago from Sunny Califronia

Ever since they were young we have read books all day long.

Because my husband works during the day and can't be there throughout the day while we read, we have made bedtime reading a special time for him and my girls.

All three of them look forward to this and this gives me a little break for some me time!

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