How to Learn Spanish Fast

There are many reasons for wanting to learn Spanish. Perhaps you are planning a trip to Spanish-speaking country; maybe you live in an area where Spanish is widely spoken like Miami or Los Angeles; learning Spanish may put you in a position for a promotion in your job or give you an advantage if you are looking for a better job; or maybe you want to learn Spanish just for fun. Whatever your reason, there is one thing that is certain: tackling a foreign tongue as an adult is a challenge. Your brain long ago grew out of that amazing sponge-like phase that young children enjoy. But never fear - with these tips, you can indeed learn Spanish fast.

Learn Spanish Fast by Taking a Course

First, check out your local community college for a Spanish language course that fits your schedule. Being able to interact with a teacher and with other students definitely makes learning a new language easier than trying to do it on your own.

Learn Spanish Fast with Spanish Language Software

But don't stop there - a great supplement to your formal class work is doing home study using Spanish language software program. Most of these language learning programs - there are quite a few, but see below for the best ones - can help you fine tune your speaking accent, which is a great confidence builder. And if you cannot fit a formal course into your busy schedule, some Spanish language software programs are so comprehensive that you can use a good one to teach yourself.

Learn Spanish Fast by Watching Spanish TV

Whether you do take a course or just do self study with a program, this next tip will help you learn Spanish fast: start watching Spanish language programs on TV. Listening to Spanish will help train your ear, and you will find that you absorb some of the language just from the context. Context makes watching the news in Spanish easier because with the visuals and graphics, you can usually figure out what the news story is about and that makes it easier to make more sense of unfamiliar Spanish words. And try some telenovelas, too. If nothing else, they're a lot of fun!

Learn Spanish Fast with Spanish Flashcards

Make use of all those little spots of otherwise wasted time during the day by carrying Spanish flash cards with you. Then when you are waiting in line Starbucks or for a doctor's appointment or have a few minutes after lunch before you have to get back to work, you can use the flash cards to test yourself and speed up your learning. Also called memory cards, you can buy a set or simply make flash cards of your own with plain index cards to get a handle on tricky verb conjugations or reinforce additional vocabulary. 

Learn Spanish Fast with Labels

Another great, easy tip to help you learn Spanish is to label items in your home with its equivalent in Spanish. As you come across them, repeat the words in Spanish. Get in the habit of doing that and before you know it, you won't need labels to know how to say painting (el cuadro), shoes (los zapatos) or carrots (las zanahorias). Put these tips into action and you are sure to learn Spanish fast!


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