Human contact with Aliens through time - The coming of Nibiru!

Are they hiding in the shadows?

Have we always been alone on Planet Earth?

In recent years our curiosity has been drawn to the possibility of the existence of aliens. This has been fueled by reports of sightings of UFOs, crash sites, the recent release of confidential documents to the public and of course the many people who claim to have had contact in one way or the other.

Now lets try and address some logic in this.

If Extra terrestrials do in fact exist, and have for eons been visiting our planet, then whats really up with their agenda? I mean we have historical artifacts, cave drawings etc all depicting what could be previous communication with ET's through thousands of years. We have ancient texts describing in detail what these ET's look like, their abilities and of course what they brought to the planet. If we consider these to all be true then surely our ancestors had some sort of "relationship" with these ET's, albeit it master and slave or teacher and student, there must have been some sort of communication and a developed relationship. How else would ancient man have been able to even slightly determine what ET's are like? If they did live and interact on earth then why did they not stay and continue to inhabit our planet, even if it was just a handful of them?

Don't get me wrong, I am a believer in the existence of extra terrestrial life, what I am trying to do here is determine their purpose?

So, historically, we have these ET's visiting us and either enslaving or educating us in one way or the other. Then they just disappear to rather maintain a cloak and dagger relationship with earth and not be ever present? If these are intelligent beings then why? Why come to earth and influence earthlings, then just leave without leaving a solid trace of their previous existence on earth?

If you haven't already, then do a bit of research into the "Galactic Federation". This is the supposed body that governs space, and travels to other planets with primitive life forms to help them naturally progress to the light form, or the 6th dimension. You will also read that they will only show a species how to do this once this species has found inner peace, stopped our internal wars, and has also agreed to accept these ET's as the light bringers. Not much is mentioned on how to do this though. We are expected to just kind of wait until it happens. The GF apparently monitors our progress and will determine the right time to engage us. They also mention that you, individually, must want and desire their return.

This all sounds very....well....controlling if you ask me. The msg we are getting is kind of what we say or you will never be lead to evolve to your true destiny.

Ok, lets not get off the subject. What I am really writing about is whether or not ET's currently reside on our planet or not and if so, are they doing anything to help us in our ignorance to grow?

Perhaps what has in fact happened is evolution. Perhaps we as humans have evolved to a level that the ET's did not expect. Perhaps our path of self destruction is the reason for their absence or hiding for that matter. There are no solid answers, only questions really. My curiosity is caught up with "Why hide?". What have we as humans done to push them away? Andif they are so advanced then why did they allow us to follow the wrong path, if that be the case?

The point of this hub is to get a response from the community as to how you feel about ET's? Do you think they exist? Do they still inhabit earth in one capacity or the other? If they do then why hide? Why the cloak and dagger? Why don't they come out and show themselves and share technologies, medical or otherwise? Are they afraid of us for some reason?

Please leave your comments so I can write an updated hub with public opinion.

The truth is out there. Keep watching the skies.

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The Ski

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markbennis 6 years ago

I certainly believe we are not alone in this gigantic Universe, just do the probabilities for every Star out there and that puts into perspective, I also believe that we were never alone and are always in contact even share this Planet with them.

I guess the only real problem is why after all these thousands of years do they remain secret to the majority, I mean what is the big picture here, why the secrecy, obviously there is something at work here a greater echelon of knowledge but what could be the reason for such secrecy. Would be interesting to see where this discussion leads, all the best mark.

The Ski profile image

The Ski 6 years ago from South Africa, Cape Town Author

Thanks for the comment Mark. This is certainly interesting as we are now not only looking at the possibilities of alien life living on earth, but also why they are not openly "alien" so to speak. Why the secrecy.

Traveller 6 years ago

I don't think earth is ready to see them yet and they know that. But I think its getting closer. The amount of ufo sightings lately makes me think that they are giving us a glimps little bits at a time. They probably knew we could handle whatever was going on up until now. The earth is a sad state and they know it. I hope they take me with them when they get here.

The Ski profile image

The Ski 6 years ago from South Africa, Cape Town Author

Hi Traveller,

Thanks for the comment.

We are currently in the age of aquarius which is supposed to be the time of enlightenment for us as humans, or when we move to the next stage of our evolution. The time is getting nearer for our governments to disclose their knowledge of ET's and for the ET's to reveal themelves.

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tugbo200-5 6 years ago

Great Hub,I have done tons of research and still confused,reserch Stichin and the Bible,I believe in aliens,and they are here ,all over earth,living in it.Research DIA "Denver International Airport" read accounts of some who have worked there,Denver has an airpot ,why another,and why the stramge murols.

I believe contact will be made when Nibiru is right on top of us,this planets orbit every 3600 yrs,is why aliens here have remained out of contact with us,but nibiru's approach is bringing out more sightings,I could be wrong and quite unbelieveable,but the ones here now ,are planning to battle the ones on Nibiru,which I believe is Armageddon,the battle between good and evil,which leads to all the Secrecy going on in the world today.Toss it around.The scary part is,Aliens may think of us,like we think of cockroaches.

The Ski profile image

The Ski 6 years ago from South Africa, Cape Town Author

Hey Tugbo200-5,

Thanks for the comments. I have researched Denver Airport and Stitchin. I am in the process of writing another blog so please follow me for further interesting reads. At the moment I am reading "Finger prints of the gods" by Graham Hancock. Very good book. Once I am done I will post more on the evidence found in this book of lost civilisations and alien encounters through time.


The Ski

tugbo200-5 6 years ago

Cosider yourself followed lol looking forward to it.

thank you for reply

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Multiman 6 years ago

Enjoyed teh article i will follow you.

The Ski profile image

The Ski 6 years ago from South Africa, Cape Town Author

Thanks Multiman,

I appreciate the comment.

I hope you enjoy other articles in the future.

The Ski

LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

Great points. Why have they not come into the open? Thank you for presenting some great questions!

The Ski profile image

The Ski 4 years ago from South Africa, Cape Town Author

Hi Laurens, Thanks for the comment.

Yes, why have they not come back? Or if they haven't left why do they not freely show themselves and be part of our society? If they have any special skills or knowledge don't you think it would be fare of them to share it with us? Interesting times ahead. Enjoy.

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