"As you think and believe so shall it be done onto you"

What are the implications of humanism and how humanistic is our world society?

Human + ism = Humanism: The word human is an adjective and has several applications. It is used to suggest the meaning of humans, relating to humans, or to describe the characteristic of people or human beings. Ism is a noun, it is an informal chiefly derogatory term, meaning a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement: of all the isms, fascism is the most repressive.

The dictionary implies humanism is a combination of the words human and ism... Humanism denotes the behavior of the masses; or is it meant to be the ideology of the control group that hides behind the rhetoric of the propaganda in the doctrines attesting to what people believe?

Well there you have it humanism is what people are subjected to, it's what they do to each other; but the point is how does this humanism, the philosophy and the behavior derived from these ideologies lead to a better more improved people?

A good many of the people that write on the topic of humanism refer to past practices as if the thinking of the past has bearing on how people might think now, how humanistic they may become.

I understand the correlation of past events to future events, but like any behavior, dwelling in the past will not improve the chances of change in the future. Change will come when it is recognized that there is need for change "what needs changing," and "how to go about implementing these needed changes" for a better future… Most important is knowing how to implement the changes that may in fact improve life for all not just a few as is so often the case with the exclusive purposes of humans. This will all come at the hand of inclusive selfless civility - when humans use their conscience to guide them in their choice, reason and decision as a self ruling democratic republic, a single entity of sovereign people.

To understand the study of humanism, one has to know our humanism is not improved by regurgitating the history of our diseased human ancestry... An analogy for this comprehension would be to compare our humanistic quality with the potential for creating physical disease, it is similar to our potential for the ideological disease of inappropriate, barbaric, and crude behavioral social humanism that people have inherited and then propagate by continuing down the same negative path...

You see people worry about cancer and heart disease and the need for cures while they ignore the fact human lifestyle is that which brings about these diseases in the first place. No mention is made of this fact, truth and belief by the control groups, that it is in the lifestyle of humanity the end of disease is to be found for all social and physical disease cures are not to be found by convolution of life with tricks and drugs masking what ails you. What is it that keeps us from this realization? (Answer:THE FALSE PERCEPTION OF THE NEED FOR THE GREED THAT COMES WITH MONEY AND CONTROL IS A LIFESTYLE THAT DENIES THESE TRUTHS)

One must understand that if we inherit lifestyle diseases, they were brought about by the lifestyle of our ancestors. The solution answer is then to stop the propagation of the lifestyles that propagate these diseases. Guess what? (BREAKING THE REPETITION, ROUTINE AND HABIT OF OUR OLD NEGATIVE LIFESTYLE IS THE CURE FOR ALL PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, SOCIAL DISEASES )

Changing humanities repetitive, routine and habit of business as usual will allow the opportunity for learning the way to a holistic existence based in human sovereignty of inclusive, selfless civility. Then there will be no need for cures; diseases will not exist when lifestyles quit causing them. The same goes with exclusive ideologies created for pandering to the humanistic bent imposed by the repressive control groups of our world society, when self rule of a sovereign humanity is implemented all the decisions will be the choice of the whole people, the people’s decision based on the expert reason of the world’s most prominent authorities; this is how the world will become inclusive selfless and civil; this is positive-humanism.*

Now we might look, see, and come to know humanism is the way people behave and so the ills found in human ideology spawn the ills in humanism and are a direct result of human behavior of those who influence the ideology of the societies of the world. You see the human-mental-psychic, self-health and wellness of people is a product of one's perception, objective and observation. One's behavior results from the humanistic culture that creates the social environment where one lives.

Without analysis there is no awareness and thus no comprehension of what causes physical or social disease. It is only with awareness can cures be found for the diseases that plague the implementation of a positive-humanism because societies create these diseases with their negative activities, deeds and endeavors.

You might understand by observing, that our mental mass-self behavior is controlled by government (GOVERN MENTAL) repression when our positive holistic behavior is not let to flourish so the efforts of the masses can be forced to fulfill the objectives of the greedy few. It is obvious when a few in society prey on the human-resource and strangle the life blood from the people. The masses of society respond in kind to the negative repression of selfishness and greed, in most cases they do not react outright with brute opposition but with resistance and static in their lifestyle behavior; this is why you find stress, its addictions and its other forms of disease rise as one's mental subconscious realizes the disease in the self. As awareness of one’s suppression grows one expresses it as the stress and depression one experiences.

The psychosocial symptoms of depression are the symptoms of the suppression of a repressive societies... Even the users are subject to the diseases brought about by these regimes because as Beings, we are one entity of the same spirit and what is done to one is done to the All. The iterations, probabilities and permutations of the forces of desire are sourced from the same energy and the same power… You see we are Beings of power, Selves of force and Spirits of energy all from the same source... There is no escaping this fact (THERE IS ONLY ONE ENERGY THAT COMPOSES THE MATTER AND SUBSTANCE OF NATURE AND HUMANITY IS FROM THAT ENERGY).

Now lets recognize other indicators of our self imposed suppressive negative-humanism:

1) When the market place fails by the hand that controls it there is a sudden realization by the masses that the powers that be are not as superior nor endowed intellectually as they lead on to be and that they cannot take care of the mass slave welfare they have created by their wrong doing.

2) Economic failure is not the only mass response there is the crime that is the direct response to this mismanagement.

Crime, you see is committed by those who seek to control the control that is exerted on them...

3) Organized crime seeks to outwit the control of the government's legal system. The legal system in turn seeks to outwit its opposition - the people that believe their rights are not being managed correctly; and the mismanagement goes on and on so that police and militias are necessary to control the masses because of this mismanagement. *

4) Even in the most domestic situation, business is trying to control the consumer, and parents are trying to control their kids... The people of humanity are big on seeking to control what ever they can get their hands on. They even try to control the environment. They do not get it, that they need to share in a holistic way the governance of their very Being; most Constitutions and Doctrine note this fact, its in prayers and in our conscience; but we fail to implement this goodwill.*

Why do we fail to act in the way that our positive conscience tells us?

Humanity's physical-sense, ability and awareness is not to perceptive and it is self indulgent in its physicality and so has failed to sense, see and understand its mystical soul nature and lacks the comprehension of its metaphysical nature. Humanity has not come to understand it is a force within the nature of the consciousness it is part of, and as such it is one thing the energy of our spirit-nature.

“When humanity realizes it is this one thing it will know All of Life, Being and Consciousness is but the body, mind, and soul of itself; that humanity is witnessing on every level of existence what one witnesses in itself; we witness other forms of the One Source Energy that creates, evolves and perfects the holistic-reality, existence and experience Itself.”

Back to the hole that humanity has dug for itself:  Now, what does humanity get for all of the controlling eccentricity it exhibits? Nothing except stress and lack of understanding on the physical plane and it looses the control it seeks simply because it is not effective to control anything without controlling Oneself – this goes back to the objective of Being is Its purpose; Its purpose is to love Oneself, which includes everything else.

The way to begin the correction of the humanism expression is to change human-temperament, attitude and behavior to be constructive, effective and prudent in the management of the energy budget of human emotion's power, this is done by applying inclusive, selfless civility to the choices, reasons and decisions in all that is going on in all actions, deeds and endeavors as a lever to guide the decision process. By using the leverage of our positive-mental resource we provide the means for guiding humanity to harmony, balance and symmetry in every aspect of temperament, attitude and behavior through reward stimulus.The leveraged goodwill guidance teaches the art and science of inclusive, selfless civility to the people of humanity. Using this management-process of the goodwill lever provides a means for the transition from a self centered society to a holistic society that can then focus on the duty, task and responsibility it is occurring here for (WHY ARE WE HERE? Answer: To evolve thought) …

The plan, goal and objective of Being can be realized: You see if all good acts where rewarded and bad acts not rewarded then people would learn to do good acts by this positive routine, repetition and habit. You might note, if the positive path is the only path society travels, then the members of the society only have the one good path to choose from, as it is today the path is obscure and treacherous because it is left to chance and poor decision-making of negative-exclusive, selfish behavior.

I have mentioned it earlier that society is so intent on controlling it fails to see this control limits the freedom to employ good acts and thus it inflicts punishment by virtue of its negative-choice, reason and indecision nature. Current human societies restrict the positive-human ability potential which is a disincentive to sharing and thus causes the greed and corruption found in these repressed societies' negativity...

Sharing in all aspects of value, wealth and worth is the key to incentive stimulation for a positive-humanism, the opposite has taken place in this current negative-humanism of greed, humanity has grown accustom to by its rote repetition, routine and habit of selfishness. A positive incentive of sharing and receiving would promote responsibility and allegiance to the social structure without controlling anyone.

Look at it this way, it has been realized that gentling a horse is by far the more superior way to train than trying to break them; and starving or brutalizing a dog does not make it obey. Well the same goes for humans; most of the psychosomatic illnesses are the result of some traumatic mental abuse imposed by our repressive social standards...

People are inadvertently trained to do bad things by the way they are treated. They are treated as if they have less worth than some others that have only apparent worth but have no more actual worth than any thing else... It is so obvious it is pathetic that it has not been noticed; that this is why people behave badly... It is said but it is not respected; "TO GET RESPECT YOU MUST GIVE RESPECT" the problem is there is little or no respect given to the fundamental Being, Self and Spirit without which all the mouthing of respect is hypocrisy.

The big lie is when some one says, there is nothing wrong in the world its each individual's responsibility to fend for themselves and there are only a few bad apples not everyone needs to get better. Then they go on to say, "Well, why is it that everyone is not acting badly?" The response to this big lie is, "Everyone is acting badly, simply by their ignoring the issues that some are being tortured by the lack of good positive action..." You see child abuse and all other abuses are the result of neglect by the general-public’s negative unproductive behavior. You see it is let to be more important to have a driving license than a license to parent. Dogs and cats are killed wholesale on a daily basis, yet stores sell pets that will be added to the list of the soon to be killed. The list goes on and on from war weapons to junk foods and toxins in the air we breath water we drink and the food we eat... No one is minding the store; church, state, and all the puppets that represent the public’s ill will are out to lunch stuffing their faces with their ego's lies...

Now tell me; why do we fight? Why do we have wars we so aggressively participate in to defend ourselves from aggression? The people we fight are fellow human beings who feel we are the aggressor, a threat to them and their faith... Why would this occur, if not brought about by some sort of instigation by those who are controlling them and us...

Lets use a bit of sense, thought and awareness here; "what is the purpose of life?" Is it to propagate the animal behavior that has overwhelmed humanity thus far? I think not, the outlook must be better than that I should think. So when does the savage user in us begin to change for the better from the survival of the ruthless Shylock mentality to the gentle Shepherd mentality that is capable of comprehending shared value, of wealth and worth? When will humans stop acting like animals? When will humanity really practice the humanism it likes so much to brag about?*

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