Hunting, a Way of Life

All Rights Reserved
All Rights Reserved

Hunting on my Mind (all rights reserved)

In hunting, I find that I can identify, with my father and his family's ways,

A help in the making, of who I am, and the happy moments of my days.

n walking wide fields, to carry my gun, and with a good dog by my side,

Means so much to a hunter, and the sportsman's world, in which I abide.

When I'm out sitting on a stand, hunting deer, or the Turkey that I hear,

Not anything in life is so troubling to me, for I'm keeping the wild, so near.

My keen eyes scan an horizon, wide, for the quarry of feathers and of fur,

Not mattering so much in a harvesting of wild game, or for anything to stir.

That feeling of the cold air upon my face, and to watch the red leaves fall,

The chatter of gray squirrels up in the trees, means by far, the most of all.

As a chip monk scurries, with a sweet bird's song, a big deer hurries along.

Tall grasses sway in the breezes then, and to shoot, it would feel so wrong.

In the silence I experience, besides the wind, there's no place, I'd rather be,

The distant call of baying hounds, breaks the spell, that it all casts upon me,

A new crescent moon in an evening's sky, is rising high up above the far hill,

Soon to be time for my leaving it behind, and In my going, it's against my will.

Tomorrow will be a new Fall day, and in it, the potential, of hunting once again,

I will go home and in anticipating the hours, for new memories that have no end.

all rights reserved
all rights reserved

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whonunuwho profile image

whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States Author

In the last picture I was nineteen years of age and thought that I was a master hunter. Today at sixty-plus, I realized that we can never be master hunters, unless our lives depended upon it for out survival.

BongSantos profile image

BongSantos 5 years ago from Philippines

You made me visualize life in the wild. Really beautiful poem.

whonunuwho profile image

whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States Author

All art and poetry has been copyrighted by artist and author.

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